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  • CSM Guest Blog: "Reasonable Things" Voting Phase in EVE Information Center

    [Spudzeebee], 01, 06, 09, 11, 35, 33, 42, 38, 43, 51, 37, 84, 56, 61, 78, 79, 82, 87

  • [CSM8] Ripard Teg for CSM8 in Council of Stellar Management

    As one of the more eloquent and prolific commentators on the asylum we all visit I for one cannot wait for you to be handed the keys to your very own padded cell on the top floor.

    You have my votes.


  • POSes: I am a small portion of the community in Council of Stellar Management

    As the owner of a wh-based alliance I can also echo the sentiments of so many of the people in this thread.

    POS's are a necessity for us, and yet in almost every area of their initial setup, configuration or subsequent operation they are a source of irritation, soul-sucking tedium and hassle.

    None of this is new. The gaping security holes have been known for some time. Whole threads have been devoted to the analysis of areas that need improvement and suggestions on how to fix them.

    I don't particularly want some POS-based Jesus feature in 18 months. What I need is CCP to actually commit to doing something about this mess now, and in a timely manner.

    I'd happily take immediate iteration on asset security for example even at the expense of some major revamp that might be many upgrade cycles away. We need improvement right now on so many areas that putting all of it off is simply a bad decision.

    As for the rest of the wh-based stuff, Klokvarg (Post #85) summed it up for me most succinctly. Wormhole dwellers have had the ****** end of the stick now for far too long. Fixing POS's in some way would go a long way to improving the daily Eve experience for all of us.

    [ISEN Leader who would rather visit the dentist than deal with POS]

  • Wormhole alliance looking for individuals and small corps in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    The Imperial Senate, a C5 based wh alliance is looking for mature individuals and small corps to join our operations. We span multiple timezones and operate predominantly from a C5 wh.

    What you can expect from us?

    - A fun & relaxed atmosphere, free from excessive drama, bureaucracy or stress.
    - A management team experienced in all aspects of high-class wh operations
    - Various alliance funded ship programs (logi, T3 etc)
    - Regular C5 site running and PVP
    - Significant opportunities for isk generation and support with indy, pvp or pve activities etc

    What we expect from you?

    - A similarly relaxed and mature attitude.
    We are all old hands and as such don't tolerate immature BS or behaviour.

    - A willingness to step up and participate in alliance activities.

    - An ability to be self sufficient.
    Whilst the alliance will provide support in numerous ways, we do expect individuals and corps to be able to maintain themselves without continual assistance. Corps should be able to field their own POS, and be able to fuel/maintain it. Individuals should have an income source and be able to support their PVP and/or indy activities.

    - Armor skills
    We operate predominantly armor-based fleet doctrines and as such you should be able to field an armor-T3 and/or one of a variety of gang-support ships. We can offer assistance both in terms of fitting advice as well as ship procurement.

    Next step.....
    If any of the above sounds attractive then please join our public channel 'Gigaverse' or contact Spudzeebee, 060606 or Kiithnaras for an initial discussion. We expect a high standard from our recruits, whether individuals or corps, but this is matched by the potential rewards of joining The Senate.