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  • Cloak HUD button doesn't make it very clear when your cloak is active in EVE Technology and Research Center

    During the little things roundtable at fanfest, I made the proposal to add a module state tooltip to the module icons so you wouldn't have to rely on the green halo.

  • [IDEA] Introducing the STING in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Indeed, my mistake.

  • [IDEA] Introducing the STING in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Perhaps I should explain myself first. I have nothing against active cloaky camping. If a pilot is in a system cloaked, when the pulse would come, the pilot has had plenty of time to make safes and bounce around during the interdiction phase.

    AFK cloaky camping itself, however, is not what I would call an engaging type of gameplay. Not necessarily for me, mind you. But if you prefer to spend you $20 a month to stay cloaked in a system, who am I to stop you?

  • [IDEA] Introducing the STING in EVE Technology and Research Center


  • [IDEA] Introducing the STING in EVE Technology and Research Center

    A.k.a. the Stellar Terawatt Interface Generator, a new Upwell concept that interfaces with a star's corona to produce various system-wide effects... among other things decloaking everything.

    This structure would need to be anchored within 1 AU of a star. As per the usual Upwell anchoring mechanic, the structure will take 24h to anchor at least, or more. Unlike other Upwell structures, however, and more like ESS'es, the structure will only allow tethering but no docking.

    Once online, the structure will be inert, and visible on the overview of every visitor in a system. Using access lists, a pilot can interact with the structure as follows when he or she is tethered to the structure.

    • The structure has a fuel bay, takes a non-trivial amount of various fuels to activate. So far my idea revolves on having to use 2000 Fuel Blocks, 10000 Strontium Clathrates and 50 Broadcast Nodes. (About 220 million ISK at current Jita sell).
    • When the fuel bay has the minimal required amount, the pilot can assume control of the STING and activate the structure's main module (the "Stellar Plasma Operational Ordinance Launcher").
    • Once the SPOOL is activated, the pilot will be scrambled by the STING until the SPOOL cycles. The activation time must be significantly long enough. Perhaps somewhere between 5 minutes and 30 minutes.
    • If the pilot breaks tether (or is bumped outside tether range), the SPOOL will deactivate (and the fuel still be consumed).
    • Once the SPOOL has cycled, it sends a "pulse" through the entire system that causes every cloak in the system to fail.
    • The pulse prevents all recloaking for a few minutes (e.g. 5 minutes)
    • As the SPOOL warm-up cycle begins, a message will be displayed in Local. Something like "CapsuleerMcPilot has activated a SPOOL module. Warning, evidence of tremendous coronal activity is reported by solar observatories".
    • During the cloaking interdiction period, all ships in system will suffer a doubling of their lock times (same effect as if a cloak was activated).


    • Gate cloak remains unaffected
    • Limited to K-space, perhaps only in LS and 0.0. Sorry, wormholers, the chaotic nature of J-space renders the STING inoperable.
    • Only one per system.
    • Can only fire once every 4 hours. Once the SPOOL pulse has been sent, the magnetic fields in the stellar corona need to reverse their polarity.

    This is so far a very vague idea, but I'm working on refining it. Let me know what you think of it?

  • Stellan C. for CSM XII in Council of Stellar Management

    DeMichael Crimson wrote:

    My question - what is your viewpoint regarding Faction standings and as a CSM member, what changes will you propose to CCP pertaining to game mechanics for Faction standings ?

    Good luck to you in the upcoming CSM election.


    From my understanding beyond having to "flee" from NPC Police when in low standings, there are no real advantages to having a high standing to a Faction. Back in the day, if I remember correctly, you needed a high standing to an empire to place a POS in high-sec, alas no longer. I have unfortunately no answers ready-at-hand, but I believe that having worked a high standing should give something back (maybe a reduction in fuel costs for structures?)

  • Stellan C. for CSM XII in Council of Stellar Management

    Cochise Chiricahua wrote:
    07 Candidate!
    As a member of the CSM, would you present such an idea to CCP? Would you push for its adoption? What other game changes might you consider to make high-sec ganking more difficult and less profitable?

    Cochise Chiricahua.

    An interesting idea. There should be no "free lunch" in the game.

  • Stellan C. for CSM XII in Council of Stellar Management

    Yes, EVE should also come en Español. I was actually surprised that CCP chose French over Spanish as their latest localisation effort when the Spanish speaking community is several times larger than the French one.

    I support this initiative.

  • Stellan C. for CSM XII in Council of Stellar Management

    Juvenius Drakonius wrote:
    Stellan Crendraven realmente eres dominicano?
    vives en la Republica Dominicana?

    No, this was a mistake on my part and have asked CCP to correct it. I apologise for the confusion. Hopefully, the error will be fixed soon.

  • Stellan C. for CSM XII in Council of Stellar Management

    I recognise that there has been issues in the past, and I’ll admit my doing then. I apologise for the issues. There’s been water under the bridge since.

  • Stellan C. for CSM XII in Council of Stellar Management

    And here's an itemised list of what things I would like to see implemented by CCP together with the CSM.

    • Game mechanics should encourage dynamic PVP and PVE play styles.
    • Add an option to share character information when applying to a corp. (e.g. mails, wallet, assets, etc.)
    • Every mechanic should have a counter play.
    • System security should change depending on the activity. The more ratting is done, higher sec. More PVP, lower sec. System security band shouldn't change and should remain tied to the static base security status.
    • Third party kill boards are great, but there should be an in-game ability to search killmails one has participated in.
    • The market window should allow CamelCase and word search. "Scourge missile" should return all scourge missiles (rockets, light, heavy, assault, cruise, etc.)
    • The drone UI needs a revamp. Drone health bars should update while tethered and repairing.
    • Proper beards and long hair for male characters.
    • The New Eden system should have a memorial to lost friends.
    • Right-clicking on a corpse should have a "Show Character Info" option.
    • Contracts need to show which corpses are being contracted.
    • An ESI endpoint to collect character sheet notes.
    • Hovering over the IG clock should also display the local time according to the PC settings.
    • Communications officers should be able to send IG notification pop-ups.

  • Stellan C. for CSM XII in Council of Stellar Management

    Greetings, capsuleer!

    Or as the old intro used to say dare to be bold! So here’s my being bold.

    I am a member of Brotherhood of Spacers, a sov-null alliance currently holding space in Perrigen Falls. While a member of an alliance, I am not being a candidate for this alliance only, although my focus might be weighted towards 0.0 as it is the area of the game I am most familiar with.

    I am a candidate for you the players: the real strength of EVE Online.

    Through my years of playing this game, I have really come to realise that the primary strength of this game is the social structures that exist within the game. I’m not necessarily speaking of alliance or corps, but also of communities like the Incursion communities, groups like Bombers’ Bar, Spectre Fleet, or channels like Broadcast for Reps.

    I would love for those community aspects to be strengthened even perhaps through in-games means, perhaps UI/UX-wise.

    My second point is that this great game needs to remain dynamic. While groups can start a chain of events that lead to great content like the recent Tribute War, I feel that CCP could help motivate this kind of change. I will not claim that I have any ready-made answer as to how CCP could help the ball moving, but I will gladly participate with my input of whatever changes CCP might present to the CSM.

    As your CSM, I will strive to be your voice. While I do not keep a blog, or host a podcast, I am an ever present part of my alliance’s online and offline presence. My alliance mates, and people beyond the confines of my blues, know that they can count on me when the need arises.


    I have played EVE since November 2012 when I created my first character. Less than a day in the trial, I chose to subscribe as I found the scenery beautiful. After spending some time in my newbro days in a small corp, I went my own ways towards highsec missioning in my solo corp. While I didn’t take part in massive fights, I followed the EVE metagame on Twitter, Reddit, and through forums and blogs. I am an active member of #tweetfleet and will gladly partake in any discussion about the future of the game (hence my candidacy).

    Following the 2014 “This is EVE” trailer, I decided to shed my HS hem and join with Brave Newbies Inc. where I learnt so much. I have forged some of my strongest friendships with the people with whom I have shared space, corp, and comms.

    I am currently fulfilling some non-critical roles in my alliance. I have worked with recruitment, diplo, and some light small gang FC’ing. I think that being a CSM would not impact my current roles.

    In my real life, I work for the Main Library of Copenhagen in the logistics dept. My work hours allow me to dedicate most of my free time to EVE.


    Finally, I’m always available on Twitter @minustar or in game. I pride myself in answering every eve-mail I should receive. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

    And with that,
    Fly safe, dangerously, or however you like.
    o7 Stellan C.

  • PRIVATE Sale in EVE Marketplace


  • Drone aggro bugged? in EVE Gameplay Center

    I'm in no way condoning AFK activities, but this bug is getting on my nerves as it applies to a couple solar systems only so far, and on only one character out of several.

    So far I have tried to following:

    * Logging in Bugged System 1, warping to Gated Haven, 7x Wasp II and 4x Geckos get aggroed within a minute even while ECM burst or Warfare Link is active.
    * Jump out to Bugged System 2, repeat, same observations
    * Jump out to System 3, repeat, no problems.

    Drones are set on aggressive with focus fire.

  • Let's talk about Capitals and Supercapitals in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I might be entirely wrong, but this proposal has already been made some (long) time ago.... I do, however, think that the roles you propose are an interesting idea.

    As for caps and supers in high-sec, why not, if some roles are limited in some fashion, e.g. logistics and support only.

  • CSM9 Winter Summit minutes in Council of Stellar Management

    A good read. Next time, the minutes will come before the summit.

    I really like Mike's idea of "Societies", however if these get bookmarks, why not also make it possible to create fleet bookmarks (plz CCP).

    I really liked the cat, she is a beauty.

    7o, dear CSMs & devs.

  • Emoticons in EVE Technology and Research Center

    It is a well known fact of human communication, that images may sometimes be better than a thousand works.

    In short, WTB Big smileSmileShockedOopsPirateBear

    Please, CCP make this happen!

  • New Notifications - official feedback thread in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Awesome feature! Had it activated on all my accounts.


    1. Moving the widget is unintuitive. Let the user use the LMB
    2. In the notification history, it would be nice if one could right click on visible items and get a menu letting the user disable notification of the same category, e.g. right-clicking on a Agent Mission Expired entry gives a menu Hide similar from History and Do not show in popup. The user clicks on Hide similar from history and get a (discardable) warning "Agent Mission Expired notifications will not be listed in your notification history. This option can be re-enabled from the Notification Settings window." [OK]
    3. Please add a "Clear history" option.

    Again, thanks for a great feature. Let's hope the future brings more of these opt-in betas.

  • ISIS for tablets in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I would love if someone made an ISIS app and/or HTML5 webapp designed for tablet use.

    Many of us may have one or more tablet devices. These handy little machines have already great apps such as Neocom for iOS and Aura for the Android platform but AFAIK these lack an ISIS clone. The touch interface would surely be great for dragging things around and looking up some information such as ship traits and information. There need not be any need to design an UI from scratch as the ISIS UI and UX is great IMHO. It just needs to be ported to our mobile devices.

    A simple Skill API link could also be used to lookup the mastery levels for any ship. CCP permitting, 3D models of the ships could be integrated in the same fashion as we get previews in-game. (I am here thinking of the video Chribba posted on Youtube with the SOE ships.) This option would not be a requirement; however I regard it as a great use case as I would love to show non-capsuleer friends what can I fly.

    UI and UX ideas:

    • The main screen displays the whole ISIS tree for any race.
    • A menu with the faction icons to the left does the same thing as the faction palette in the game. Note that if the app is linked with an API, the app will by default display the ship tree where the character's current ship can be found. If the card is larger than the screen, that ship should be as close to the centre of the screen as possible.
    • A menu to the right gives the user the ability to filter the tree to only display ship hulls of a certain category, e.g. battlecruisers, industrials, etc.
    • Tapping on a ship will display its model to the left of the screen while the right side gives a quick summary like the icons displayed when hovering the mouse pointer over a ship icon in the IG ISIS.
    • Swiping this card to the left will expand the view and display further details in a fashion similar to the attributes, fitting, requirements and mastery tabs of the IG info card.
    • Swiping this card to the right will return to the main card.
    • Zooming in on the ship preview will display a full 3D model of the ship with the racial nebula in the background. The nebula may be replaced by a view from the rear-camera of the device when the user presses a button or performs a gesture. (Who'd not take a picture of an Avatar about to DD the neighbour's car parked in one's spot? Twisted)
    • The general colour palette should be as close as the colour palette used in-game.
    • 3D capability in the ship preview may be disabled on older, or more limited, devices.

  • Installer/Launcher idea in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Since the launcher seems to be a webpage, could at least the installer play an introductory video from the official CCP/EVE Online channel during the download and the installation?

    The player would only play the video in 360p unless there is enough bandwidth to not affect the overall download and then upgrade to higher resolution.

    The CDIA videos such as this one could be extended upon. They might provide a better experience to new players.

    I know that this might deviate from the NPE vision as exposed during Fanfest 2014. The videos may also redirect the user to the EVE reddit, the forums, and perhaps the website of newbie-friendly alliances selected at random and supported by a, hopefully, troll-proof rating system (some math may be required here with variables such as player retention in the first 3-6 months, and so on).

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