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  • Scylus Black for CSM XII. Faction Warfare, PVP and Low-Sec. in Council of Stellar Management

    Yeah scylus, why don't you post that schedule?

  • Scylus Black for CSM XII. Faction Warfare, PVP and Low-Sec. in Council of Stellar Management

    Been in and out of templis over the years. Scylus has been a great leader throughout it all with a level head (which was rare for caldari militia). Even when the going got tough against impossible odds (such as when galmil kicked everyone out of the warzone on multiple occasions), Scylus worked to overcome those odds. Many leadership types in caldari militia over my 7 year tenure as a blackrise/FW resident have simply quit, made excuses or even try to pass the blame to others. Instead of this behavior, scylus asks "how can we do better?" and empowers everyone to strive towards doing just that. Even when almost all caldari corps/alliances have left templis remained due to scylus's leadership (lowsec for life!), which is why templis is one of the longest standing caldari FW alliances. Never have I witnessesd or even heard of Scylus behaving in an unprofessional manner, even behind closed doors.

    All of this is a strong indication of his good character. You won't find a more professional, experienced, level headed lowsec candidate capable of hearing all sides to a discussion and making informed, balanced decisions. Scylus would be an extremely valuable asset to the CSM. I fully endorse this candidate.

  • Eha falls to Caldari WTF ? in EVE Gameplay Center

    It's time to cut the umbilical cord.

  • Eha falls to Caldari WTF ? in EVE Gameplay Center

    So camera is code for pvping without links these days? Crosi i'll be honest with you, your front about why you don't play anymore isn't believable lol.

  • The Socket Was Closed - AGAIN! in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I get a black screen when attempting to log in after selecting a character in character select, will then state socket closed. Have to re-attempt 3-5 times to be able to log in. US, Comcast. If that means anything.

  • Solo PvP tips in EVE Gameplay Center

    Some of it comes with experience, so getting out there and losing ships is a start. Get familliar with the rock, paper, scissors that is frig combat and then start to come up your own fits. If you keep to the same area try to learn about the locals, who will blob you, who will not fight you unless they're in a bling mobile, and who will actually give you a good fight.

    Also I'd recommend one of two things, either kiting so you can gtfo in event of blob....or balls to the wall dps brawling to end the fight before the blob can backup the one guy that tackled you :P

    Don't be afraid to ask people who schooled you for advice, if you dont sound too bitter they'll probably give you some pointers.

  • (CalMil) FW Evaluation in EVE Gameplay Center

    X Gallentius wrote:
    Super Chair wrote:

    And all I got was this crappy JUSTK T-shirt What?

    I feel swindled
    Blame your agent for agreeing to such a bad deal.

    You're right, chatgris is fired.

  • (CalMil) FW Evaluation in EVE Gameplay Center

    X Gallentius wrote:
    IbanezLaney wrote:
    X Gallentius wrote:
    Glitch Lampshade wrote:
    I am no leader, Just an FC.

    I am hoping a change of attitude will happen, because right now ... its awful. Nothing i have done has changed it. So fingers crossed IF we loose again... It may change.
    I have a confession. The first time Gallente took the warzone was mostly accomplished by planting a spy FC into your ranks: The "Don" Bolsterbomb. He destroyed Caldari militia cohesion by welping several fleets into us. This time we have inserted Glitch, and although his means are somewhat different, the overall goal has been the same. Glitch, your rather large pension will be available to you after we accomplish our goal.

    Three times is a charm. Let's do this!

    Does his pension consist of 2000 derptrons?

    2000 Comets. We're flying blingy these days, and LP is cheap at Tier 3.

    X Gallentius wrote:
    First, CCP chatgris recruited Caldari FC Super Chair into QCATS. Once indoctrinated in "The way of the Mew”, he went back to Caldari militia. But from that point on he was our man and it was his job to destabilize the Caldari State Capturing alliance and their allies. He had some success, and eventually he took his alliance and his friends off to Amarr space so that we could capture all the systems more quickly.

    And all I got was this crappy JUSTK T-shirt What?

    I feel swindled

  • GalMil: RDRAW wardeced in EVE Gameplay Center


  • [December] Command Destroyers in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Literally garbage if these are removed from lowsec. Such a fun feature (and especially if T2 logi are allowed in smalls in FW these need to stay TBH).

  • [Feedback Plz] Logistics Frigates and Small FW Complexes in EVE Technology and Research Center

    The raw dps output of dessies, new ewar frigs (and old ones too, <3 maulus, griffin, keres, and kitsune) combined with the new command dessies micro jump field means there are so many tools available to counter logi in smalls (Not to mention recent logi nerfs...). It'd be a complete waste of a ship class from a FW player perspective if they were not allowed in smalls (since you can just bring a t2 cruiser logi into a medium rather than a t2 frig). So yes, let them in.

  • Current Ship Trends in FW in EVE Gameplay Center

    Anyship with warpcore stabs. I recommend also learning russian or french and joining one of gal mils many farmer alliances dedicated to blueballing.

  • What happened to the Galmil circlejerk threads? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Dread Operative wrote:
    I will bankroll the wardec if GalMil would have a civil war.

    Sounds like a job for gunnyt31 Smile

  • What happened to the Galmil circlejerk threads? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Due to a recent shortage of mountain dew and hotpocket's, all gal mil services are currently unavailable. Big smile

  • Akidagi and the Dust-EVE link; Changes need to be made. in Council of Stellar Management

    The beacon in space for a district should become visible when a battle is taking place, not only when someone warps there.

  • Counter to worm in novice plexes? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Yuri Antollare wrote:
    Waffle Nips wrote:
    perhaps a possible ships that could compete vs a worm. Can be specialized as hell if need be.

    a) Nothing beats a worm but a worm in a novice, even shitfit worms will sneeze and you will die.

    b) The type of player that sits in a novice in a worm will also have boosts/crystals and quite likely a cloaky bantam.

    I've had plenty of goodfights with jimbob in my worm in hyk. No boosts, no special implants (unless you count talons because of falcon :D) just good plain fun. He even killed it once with a comet.

  • Winning the faction war? in EVE Gameplay Center

    You only win faction war if you're having fun Big smile

  • 46 Mil PVP'er LF YOU! in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    If you want to shoot things to make more money to shoot things i'd recommend faction war. I'd also recommend that if you want things to shoot to join caldari militia as we have endless targets. If you want to brawl with merlins, blaster corms, moas, eagles harpies etc sign up with me. If armor stuff is your flavor i'd go with mira's corp up above.

  • 3,175,800 skill points Looking for recruitment in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    You'd like small gang pvp instead of being a F1 monkey in a large fleet if you want to learn. Project Cerberus has been herding cats and turning inexperience pilots into confident welpers for a while now Big smile On a more serious note if you wish to learn small gang, don't mind hanging out with a crew of US dudes, get drunk on fleets and don't mind learning the ways of caldari-fu (we use a lot caldari ships in our gangs) then hit us up.

  • Reality check on Frigates for FW in EVE Gameplay Center

    There's definitely been a proliferation of drone boats since drones were rebalanced. Tristan, comet, worm are all really popular. I'd say the kings of brawling are the tristan (neut fit is much stronger than blaster fit), comet, and merlin.

    As far as T2 frigs in novices, i'd say no. A t1 frig stands a better chance to kill a comet/firetail than an enyo/wolf due to resists and additional bonuses.

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