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  • [March] Balance Tweaks: Fighters, Supercarriers & Burst Projectors in EVE Technology and Research Center

    CCP Larrikin wrote:
    This bug has now been fixed, and NPCs will more often shoot at fighters.

    I think you made a typo there. Should say less often.
    They already aggro my fighters all the time when ratting.

  • Ideal setup of two accounts? in EVE Communication Center

    Myriad Blaze wrote:
    With other players also having cap alts, your FC gets the option to escalate while you are already in a ship with your main. It could mean to be able to log on dreads when you and your buddies have an enemy super tackled with your roaming fleet. And so on.

    To add to this: having your cap and subcap pilot split also makes managing jump fatigue easier because you don't have to balance between taking titan bridges and jumping your capital.

  • Simulating skills in Simulator mode? in EVE Communication Center

    Yes, by using a proper fitting tool like pyfa.

    The ingame one is nice to have, but can't really replace the third party tools.

  • No missiles for Alphas? in EVE Communication Center

    FQPW wrote:
    Isn't missiles restricted to Caldari only as Alpha clones?

    No. Minmatar also get missiles. Amarr and Gallente don't.

  • Alpha Clones serious mining restrictions... in EVE Communication Center

    Mining in a venture is the exact same thing as mining in a barge: you sit next to a rock and watch the lasers fill up your ore hold.

    The numbers you will be seeing with a barge are slightly higher but not to the point where you would get rich from it.
    Mining is one of the lowest paying "jobs" in Eve.

    The restrictions regarding combat with alpha accounts are also pretty severe. Mining isn't really any more limited than combat - it's just that combat in Eve is a lot deeper (and better paying) than mining.

    People mine for profit because it is an activity that requires little to no interaction and thus can easily be scaled up to multiple accounts - which requires omega anyway.

    The manufacturing side is severely restricted to prevent people from abusing the system by making hundreds of accounts for manufacturing. It's passive ISK and thus could be easily scaled up without having to login multiple accounts at once. Alphas can't do planetary interaction for the same reason.

  • skill training speed difference between alphas and omegas in EVE Communication Center

    For subscribed accounts nothing changes.
    Alpha clones train at half speed.

  • Is CCP helping or hurting Industry players with the latest changes? in EVE Communication Center

    You are getting the new Rorq - the most f**ing OP ship ever since the Svipul and yet you still complain that you need to put it on grid. Shocked
    CCP will never be able to shut up the carebears until they let them mine while docked in Jita.

  • Gameplay design reason behind needing to spam d-scan? in EVE Communication Center

    If you've lived in w-space for long enough you don't even notice it anymore that you are smashing that button. Lol

    CCP has actually said that they are not happy with the instant perfect intel from local - so expect that this will change at some point. (probably when the observatory arrays are released)

    When you hit d-scan the server needs to calculate the distance between you and every ship and object in system. If the server had to do that for every player in system the workload would scale with N^2. The server nodes already have trouble keeping up in big battles - hitting them with another N^2 problem would not be a good idea.

  • Sun damage ? Mining damage ? in EVE Communication Center

    Our ships are build to deal with people firing nukes at them. That little bit of thermal radiation from the sun pales in comparison to the stuff we throw at each other.

  • It's goodnight from me...... and a goodnight from them. in EVE Communication Center

    Choo Mi wrote:
    ppps I know that was rubbish, but can you see my point?


    Can I have your stuff, please?

  • Structures aggressing illegally in highsec in EVE Communication Center

    They can't illegally aggress in highsec. They have their safety locked to green.
    Same with citadels.

  • Refund of Leadership SP? in EVE Communication Center

    Tjak Erattic wrote:
    I certainly wouldn't have spent all the points in this tree having known that it would become on-grid boosting only.

    CCP has said for many years that they want to make boosting on-grid at some point, but needed to finish some tech first to be able to do it. The change really shouldn't have surprised anyone.

    Extract the skills if you think you really don't need them.

  • Lost ship? in EVE Communication Center

    You did WHAT?! ShockedBig smile

  • Oh noes, muh acids in EVE Communication Center

    They don't get auto-delivered to citadels.

  • [November] Rorqual Changes in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Zappity wrote:
    And you are stuck in place with no propulsion, warp or jump capability for 5 minutes at a time.

    So is a FAX.
    And a FAX doesn't do 2000 dps, doesn't have 10LY jumprange with only 10% of the fatigue and certainly not a 7 minute invul button.

    You don't even have to use the industrial core and it's still an insanely strong ship. (mines as much as 1.5 Hulks,better boosts than an orca, does 1000 dps, 10LY jumprange with 90% fatigue reduction, insanely large ore hold and cargo hold+fleet hangar, etc...)

  • [November] Rorqual Changes in EVE Technology and Research Center

    So it mines as much as 8 Hulks, is the perfect mining booster, a jump freighter, a carrier and a FAX combined, with double the jumprange, 90% fatigue reduction and a 7 minute invulnerability mode.

    Is it just me or does this sound maybe a little bit too good?

    It can do pretty much everything. The only thing missing is an exploration bonus.

  • My current struggle... in EVE Communication Center

    Barnabas Fresante wrote:
    Also, I've given in to a little bit of the paranoia that comes along with this game. Is there a way to share my current learned skills without giving account information or whatever so that someone can see where I'm at and help me go from there?


    Btw. T1 frigs are cheap. Don't wait until you are "fully established" before you get into PvP, or you never will and just end up like those highsec carebears.

  • Some questions/issues coming from a new player in EVE Communication Center

    1. right click is used all the time

    1.1 yes, the map is incredibly bad. Pretty much everyone I know uses http://evemaps.dotlan.net/map

    2. You don't always want to have stuff stacked - if it did that automatically it would be pretty annoying. Packaging exists because items can be damaged or (in case of ships) fitted and renamed. Packaging removes any "uniqueness" from them and allows you to stack them.

    3. You rarely want to shoot stuff from nearest to furthest. E.g. if you are in a big battleship you don't want to shoot the frigate that is orbiting you at close range, because you can't hit it anyway with your big guns. (you'd use your drones for that and put your guns on a target that is further away)

    4. I don't think there is.

    5. No idea what you meant with that.

    6. You're not blind. It's not there and it annoys me every time I use it. (it used to be there - then the forums got redesigned and it went away)

    6.1. Idk. I mostly use reddit. The official forums are pretty awful.

    7. No one knows. You can drag them to whatever position you want them in though.

  • EHP ? what is it ? in EVE Communication Center

    Cara Forelli wrote:
    Major Trant wrote:
    A Guardian for example will have an EHP of greater than 100K

    This I have to see.

    There you go (without links and heat it sits at 101k)

    If you plug in some implants, it gets slightly ridiculous.

    EDIT: or a more standard fit

  • What would you do with an Alpha Clone account? in EVE Communication Center

    Exploration. You can make a ton of ISK with it and it doesn't require much in terms of SP.
    No, you don't need a cloak for that.