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  • Project Discovery Newbie Questions in EVE Communication Center

    Yeah, I don't know how to do it exactly, but when the samples seem scrambled, i just take the measure that seems the furthest off the trend and try to fit it with the next one. Then after folding, just try to somehow align the discrepancies. - works about 60% of the time. But a decent tutorial would be awesome.

    Honestly, I don't understand what are we doing here. It seems that all the samples are already pre-analysed. Like, if you are wrong in your readings, then there is the right answer already in place. I'm not exactly sure where do the players come in for this. There should be some extensive research done by players, an article by EVE devs or the research facility that was the initiator of the mini-game. But I am not that serious about it find the motivation to search for these things. After all, even if you are wrong you get the 50k ISK. hah

    Edit - maybe this will help https://meta.eveonline.com/t/a-simple-exoplanets-project-discovery-guide/10314

  • Project Discovery Newbie Questions in EVE Communication Center

    sometimes they seem extremely random, but you should try using 'detrend' function, as it makes the graph less scattered all around the place. maybe that would help!

  • Ship Simulation Graphics Glitch in EVE Technology and Research Center

    hey! Anyone has an idea why all the ships simulated appear to be white models?



  • Goodbye Captains Quaters in EVE Communication Center

    Oh, I didn't know you can switch to hangar view! Great article Lol

  • New Recruit thinking of comeback - is this game for me? in EVE Communication Center

    Hey, instead of starting a new topic, i was thinking I can drop my question in this one!

    Basically, I see that people are advocating for joining a corp, to get a kick-start for the game experience. However, what size is good for starters. I kinda feel that if I join a large corp with large alliance, i will get lost in the ranks and duties there. If I join a small corp then there are no new-recruit benefits (no ships, scattered play times, smaller insurances). Is it really the best way to join a corp as a beginner? I kinda feel that I will be so busy with corp life that I wont be able to explore the different aspects of the game (like if the leader says that I need to mine now this asteroid and bring home the stone to reprocess, I will probably see that its profitable, but I wont get the pvp experience).

    And an additional question - what is the point of making alts on the same account? your main char will probably be anyway more developed with more xp, thus more versatility.

    Thanks again!

  • New Recruit thinking of comeback - is this game for me? in EVE Communication Center


    Thank you all for the replies! I guess I shouldn't be overthinking this and just get right on it. Sounds like everyone should be able to find something to do in EvE!

    I am going to try to learn from your stories and advices!

    Safe Flying!

  • recovering email from a character name in EVE Technology and Research Center


    Basically I remember making an account in EvE online couple of months ago, I am not sure why i abandoned it, but I had made some progress with it and if I remember correctly I had also paid subscription. The thing is, I am fairly sure that I made a new email for that account and now I can't recall what the email was. Is there any way on getting to know the email registered to the account. What if I can prove that I have paid for two accounts with the same credit card or something?


  • New Recruit thinking of comeback - is this game for me? in EVE Communication Center

    From your replies I can deduct, that I should find a corp that would fit my needs and game time? How are corporations looking at the fact that you are not devoting all your time and resources towards their goal, but sometimes try to pursue your own things? Also, what is the general attitude towards new players - are they a scam material or more like students of the game? And how do you find a corporation that is a fit for you?

  • New Recruit thinking of comeback - is this game for me? in EVE Communication Center


    Basically, I started the game about half-a-year ago and played it for a month or two. I liked the complexity and the presentation of the game, but I had no time and RL took over.

    Now I have some free time on my hands and I am thinking that I might spend it on EVE. The thing is - I am rather quiet type and I have a hard time making friends online. I am not complaining about it, but I kinda see it hindering my game experience. Is the regular chit-chat necessary to actually do something in this game, or joining a corporation doesn't incline the small talk. Is the game still enjoyable without having in game friends? :D

    And also, is it worth playing if I can devote only couple of hours every week. I mean, wont I have extremely slow progress trough out the game - with resources, ISK and such?