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  • Dev blog: Strategic Cruisers and You in EVE Information Center

    Ramius Decimus wrote:
    Team Five 0 wrote:
    T3 Cruisers overlap too much with other ships (especially Heavy Assault Cruisers and Recon Ships) and their dominance can reduce ship variety.

    But isn't that the point? Isn't Tech III supposed to be better than Tech 2?

    Other than general balancing between each class, Strategic Cruisers do not need to be nerfed. Rather, if you want them to be more uncommon, make them require additional skills or up the difficulty by increasing the 'Training Time Multiplier' of all of the subsystem and spaceship command skills.

    The same goes for the Tactical Destroyers, they are rediculously easy to train into for Tech III....

    Now I know this would make some people disgruntled, but the fact being is that T3 is suppose to be the elite state-of-the-art technology and shouldn't be a cake walk to qualify in operating. Even worse if they're surpassed by lower tech level starships; what's the point if any T3C configuration can't even match it's ship class counterpart?!

    Just my 0.02 kredits.

    If you wanted to make t3dds harder to train into, just add 3 new skills, one for each mode (tank, sharpshooter, propulsion) that you can train to both unlock (at L1? L3?) and increase the efficiency of each mode.

  • Increasing demand results in increased price in EVE Communication Center

    Bjorn Tyrson wrote:
    multiboxers are also a minority of the eve population, but I would be more than willing to bet that they make up the majority of people who plex. which means that the people who ONLY use plex with zero accounts subbed, are a minority of a minority.
    and even if "some" won't come back if plex prices drop again, thats now a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of the player base that you are debating for.

    Sure, if plex prices get so astronomically high that my alt accounts stop making me a profit (hasn't happened yet, and there is some considerable room before that would happen, prices would need to double without the injector market moving at all to keep up before that would happen) then yeah, I might start trimming some of my accounts. and if the reduced demand and increased supply from people wanting to cash out on 3b plex pushes the prices back down to the point of making sense again, well then i'd re-plex them. and i'm sure that i'm hardly alone in that.

    so the actual impact on sub numbers, both long term and short term, is going to be much MUCH less than you seem to be implying. out of all the things that could be making sub numbers go down, plex prices are hardly one of the bigger ones.

    (as an aside, I find it interesting that the plex price scare seems to keep popping up every 2 years or so almost like clockwork... does this mean that the game is actually GASP getting new players who don't remember the last big price scare? almost like the majority of the player base isn't actually just a handful of bitter vets and their alts sitting on mountains of plex)

    I don't know how many people in EVE have 2 or more accounts. I believe someone once estimated the average # of accts per player... can't remember the #, tho. 1.8? 2.1? somewhere around 2, I think. Not that every single person has 2, ofc, there's people with 10-20 or more who tilt the average upwards vs. 20 newbies with just one account each.

    But part of my point was that while someone might say "well, if it's too hard for these multiboxers to support all of their accounts with PLEX due to the rising prices, why not just scale back down to 1 account?" there are a lot of multiboxers who are only playing the game because of how useful it is to have more than one account. And if faced with the choice of downscaling back down to one main and no alts... or just not playing/subbing/plexing at all... some (not sure if most or not) will decide on the latter choice.

    Even if that's a minority of the playerbase and a relatively small impact, it still seems like a bad outcome. Have you seen the average players logged in graphs for the past few years? Ever since 2013, we're on a downhill side. I actually started my first account in June 2013, so I was never here before the top of that hill and can't compare the feeling of now to back then, but... it does feel like EVE is getting emptier and emptier a lot, outside of Jita and Amarr's populations at least.

    I don't mind it in some ways, but a lot of people do, so just wanted to point out that PLEX inflation might have a little something to do with that from a multiboxer POV.

    Full disclosure: I was a dualboxer who became a tripleboxer due to needing a booster toon, I'm perfectly happy with just 2. But I'd never want to drop back down to 1. Ever. Too many useful things you can only do with 2 or so much more easily with 2 that doing them with 1 once you've experienced it with 2 is painful to contemplate. I've never had more than 3 accounts so can't speak to the super dozens+ acct multiboxer experience, that's a whole other shebang.

  • Dev blog: Strategic Cruisers and You in EVE Information Center

    Cypherous wrote:
    DeadDuck wrote:
    yes please remove the skill loss. I dont fly the ships because of that. And dont even start with the skill injection crap...

    Thing is, its risk vs reward, you get a high versatility high performance ship but you risk losing 4 days of training time if you die, i'm fine with it remaining and i don't touch injectors

    Skill loss makes them less fun to fly (dangerously)... for many.

    Don't we want to fly dangerously and have fun? Despite EVE being real, isn't this a game we want to have fun with?

    I agree, it would be nice to remove the SP loss. They already removed clone/pod insurance/SP loss... this is the next step. t3dds don't have skillpoint loss on death.

    Jeremiah Saken wrote:
    Nothing to do with risk vs reward. SP loss was there because they were OP (high versatility is debatable), they won't be now from what we seen so far.

    And exactly, if the balancing is going to be overall a net nerf... then removing the SP loss will (somewhat) balance that out for t3c users.

  • Drifters v CONCORD in EVE Communication Center

    Chainsaw Plankton wrote:
    the typical concord ship in highsec is designed to be unfarmable, they cheat in pretty much every way to ensure you explode.

    and yea there is supposedly some mission concord that shows up in pirate missions

    I've seen the Concord wrecks on d-scan in HS... but never had a mission that featured them myself. Always been curious about what corp those missions are for.

  • Increasing demand results in increased price in EVE Communication Center

    Jenn aSide wrote:
    The reason people explain (and constantly have to re-explain) the fact that PLEX makes CCP more money than other forums of subscribing is because so many people demonstrate that they don't get it. They think that somehow them using PLEX is costing CCP money because they aren't personally giving CCP any money, when (again) PLEX use means MORE money for CCP.

    True, but... that said, there are people who just will not sub. And if the PLEX price in-game becomes too expensive for them, they won't be PLEXing or subbing. If the demand for PLEX falls then the supply will stagnate and there will be less and less incentive for the people who make ISK out of buying PLEX for real cash to buy more of it... ofc, that's supposed to lower the ISK price enough to make it attractive enough for people to buy it to PLEX their accounts with again.

    But some people just aren't going to come back. At least not anytime soon. The player count will continue to dip as people get turned off by the boom and bust cycles.

  • Increasing demand results in increased price in EVE Communication Center

    Marika Sunji wrote:
    Don Pera Saissore wrote:
    Sonya Corvinus wrote:
    I don't see why anyone would ever actually buy plex in game....

    I wish i was stupid and privileged like you

    First off, way to escalate, wow.

    Second, where I live, a ****** minimum-wage job pays for subscription in under half the time it would take to grind a plex in-game, and that is with currency conversion.

    However, some people keep more than one account going. If paid entirely in real world cash, that can add up fast. A lot of multiboxers use a mix of subs and PLEX to balance that out a bit, if they make enough money in game that they don't mind buying PLEX with some of it, that is.

  • My Total Net Worth Jumped From 700mil to 4.5 BILLION - But Why? in EVE Communication Center

    Cuthbert Giliad wrote:
    First time posting here, though I have learned a lot from the forum.

    So yesterday I noticed my net worth jumped almost 4 Billion.

    Naturally I got excited and started looking for the reason. The total net worth indicator says it is because of my assets, so I started looking through my assets in every station (using the assets tool). and nothing I saw was explaining this.

    Is there any possible way a stranger (I dont know any other players) gave me something (I checked redeemable items).

    Is there somewhere else I could look that wouldnt show up in the assets tool?

    It probably is bug with the new net worth thing but Im not seeing anyone else mention this, and honestly I am hoping it is correct because all of a sudden I have big plans to rule the universe with this money Evil

    Thanks for any help.


    I had the opposite problem about a month ago. I discovered in the patch notes a week later what it was. They had accidentally been including the market value of injected skins in our net worth from March till late April. Then in late April it was shut off and so the skins we have injected no longer counted in our assets any longer.

    Dropped my 3 main accounts value by a few billion ISK each, ouchies.

  • Salvager twos? in EVE Communication Center

    Yes, OP, it's very sad that the unique salvager II model went away some months ago (can't remember which update did it, but I remember noticing it when it happened). But as someone else mentioned, almost all the t2 modules that are visible outside of our ships have been homogenized as well... sadness.

    Maybe at some point the art team will update the models for all guns and utility modules that show up and we'll get new t1 (AND t2) tractor beams, salvagers, mining turrets, gun turrets, missile launchers... wouldn't that be grand? (sigh)

    Barrogh Habalu wrote:
    Kathern Aurilen wrote:
    Speaking of which, why is all the equipment on the outsid my venture white instead of the color in the preview? Mining lasers and salvagers.

    All turrets change their colour depending on the hull/skin they are used with. Now, I'm not sure why turrets would be white on a Venture...

    Unless it was using the Yoiul Festival skin from last X-mas, in which case I think it'd be white, yes. Maybe they switched skins a few times but the turrets "stuck" with the old color?

  • New Plex System, false "plex for free" by CCP in the current offer ? in EVE Communication Center

    Wanda Fayne wrote:
    Chainsaw Plankton wrote:
    the however many "free" plex is just a marketing gimmick. people see "free" and think that's a good thing, even though it is the same price it used to be.

    honestly it seems extra silly to me as people that can't compare the various packages probably won't last long in eve anyways.

    FREE Antimatter! Come Get some! Twisted

    Ooo, ooo! Yes, please! :::hops up and down:::

  • Stable?! in EVE Communication Center

    Teckos Pech wrote:
    Can anyone who has an alt in Perimeter post the current PLEX price (sell order and buy order)? I'm at work and can't log in and EVE-central does not report citadel prices.

    At first, EVE Central didn't report Citadel prices... as of a few months ago, it now does.


    I don't see any Perimeter buy or sell orders... and in fact, there seems to be very few sell orders from citadels. But there ARE buy orders.

    Someone at Frarn - 0% ☆ IChooseYou (near Rens) is trying to buy 1190 nuPlex atm and someone at Azer - YOUR EVERYSHORE (INVENT & BUILD) (near Dodixie) is trying to buy 5557 nuPlex atm, for instance.

    As of now, the above citadel buy orders I just mentioned are the top buy orders (2.705m and 2.701m-ish), above the next few (which are in Jita at the NPC trade hub station).

  • Dev blog: Strategic Cruisers and You in EVE Information Center

    Ralph King-Griffin wrote:
    be nice to the legion, please.

    be nice to the legion AND the tengu, please. Need mah lazers AND missiles.

  • Dev blog: Increased Skill Injector Flexibility Coming On May 23rd in EVE Information Center

    Milla Goodpussy wrote:
    how bout dis..

    100mil SP for 19.99 and a free injector-much t-shirt with a pod skin for free :)

    Only if those of us who've never injected can get something we can show off that confirms that status, plllllz. Maybe in our show info -> decorations area?

    Cartheron Crust wrote:
    Sylvia Kildare wrote:
    GOB III wrote:
    Give mini skill injectors a chance to drop whenever you kill a tech 3.

    That is such an epic, simple, and fitting idea.

    Could be as a chance to get from salvaging a T3C wreck instead too.

    I do so love stumbling upon t2 and t3 wrecks to salvage. mmm.

  • Dev blog: Increased Skill Injector Flexibility Coming On May 23rd in EVE Information Center

    GOB III wrote:
    Give mini skill injectors a chance to drop whenever you kill a tech 3.

    That is such an epic, simple, and fitting idea.

  • Advanced Audio Settings Changes in EVE Information Center

    WildStrawberry wrote:
    After some testing i came up with results which do not satisfy me but are a compromise between insanity and temptation to throw speakers out the window.

    BYE BYE Audio

    Thanks to such low granularity my settings show my appreciation to the hard work of CCP's audio guys which effects i won't hear anymore. So yeah, nice little effects you made. Really good work. Too bad they play together with some awfull noice. MUUUUUUTED!!!! Bye, next please.


    Based on what a dev said earlier in the thread, Jump Activation is an advanced audio option under world level, so since your world level is like 40% and that's 100%, you're golden.

    But Warning Sounds is an advanced audio option under UI sound level, and since your UI sound level is set to 0%, I believe it won't matter that your Warning Sounds is set to 100%... the 0% UI sound level should make it where you can't hear the warning sounds at all.

    Should probably doublecheck that, tho. Don't miss out on shield/armor/hull alerts!

  • Advanced Audio Settings Changes in EVE Information Center

    Wow. I had heard something about things changing with this, but I only just today went and checked my audio tab of my escape menu in all 3 of my main toons and... all my custom settings are gone. I really enjoyed being able to set separate sliders for warp-in/out sounds, shield, armor, hull, cap warning sounds... losing that level of granularity in our ability to control the game interface is really crushing.

  • Sansha's Nation Pirates - DEDs and Unrated Complexes: Ship and Tactics in EVE Gameplay Center

    Zack Azthor wrote:
    DeMichael Crimson wrote:
    I'd like to point out that T3 Cruisers are going to be rebalanced / nerfed by CCP in the near future so I'd hold off on getting one for now.


    I tried Googling about this, but couldn't find it.... Could you please link it xD? Sorry.


    Fanfest "Game Balance" panel from around 15:05 to 21:55 (links above go to ~15:05) = all about their plans to rework the t3 cruisers...

    tl;dr: they're going to reduce the subsystem types (and slots on each strategic cruiser) from 5 down to 4 and they're going to reduce the number of specific subsystems within each type from 4 to 3). Also, rigs will be able to be unfit on t3cs (yeah!).

  • What to expect when doing lvl4 combat missions? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Chainsaw Plankton wrote:
    #4 mjd aggressively into the mission completion group and clear them out with close range high dps weapons for fast mission times. I have a few setups with MWDs and MJDs to get to the spot I need to get to asap.
    #5 mjd out of trouble, if an NPC has you pointed you can align out, mjd, and then warp when the point drops. Although at 100km due to the reduction in incoming damage you can probably stabilize and pick off whatever targets remain.

    Re: #4) Amen to that use for the MJD. My most fun moment in L4ing lately has been to MJD both my blaster Kronoses from the warp-in of Dread Pirate Scarlet room 4 directly to the battleship group, bastion up, start webbing/firing Void L x 8 NBC IIs at every battleship or battlecruiser in web range, rinse and repeat x 2 more battleship waves right on top of the same spot, and THEN deal with the cruisers/frigs/sentry guns afterwards (Null L or CN Anti L as needed). it's given that mission new life for me, what a thrill. ;)

    Re: #5) only thing is Guristas missions. MJD will not stop you from taking full damage from those damned Guri battleship missiles, though it will get you out of elite frigate points (for a time), at least. Be forewarned, newbs going into Guristas Assault and Guristas room of Worlds Collide. (and Guristas Extravaganza final room with all triggers tripped to a lesser degree)

  • Mach blitzing: Worth it taking two BS skills to V? in EVE Gameplay Center

    The Larold wrote:
    Assuming all gunnery support skills are maxed, implants as per stated in that guide, and large AC spec. is at IV, I am wondering if the 2-month train to take Minimater and Gallente BS from IV -> V is worth it. (Mach bonuses: 5% extra damage, 10% falloff.)

    Since this is BLITZING, I'm killing as few ships as possible. Am I going to notice enough of a difference that this training time is worth it? (Yep, I get that this also would open up blackops and marauders of those factions, plus give bonuses to many other BS as well. Just curious about value relative to the specitic activity of blitzing via Anize's guide.)

    Yeah, like Shiloh said... would you like to ever try out the Kronos or Vargur? Then go for it. ;)

    Also, black ops BSes... in your case, Sin (ooo) and Panther (so quick).

    --dual Paladin/dual Kronos pilot, yet to try Golem or Vargur but looking forward to them once I get around to Cal/Min BS Vs.

  • 6/10-10/10 Guristas DED's still worth doing? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Overall I hear that Angel trumps Guristas. But when it comes to shiny shield mods, you can't really go wrong with either.

    One thing I'm wondering about... they're changing Sansha slaves from armor to shield... and introducing the new armor implants as Blood Raider ones... at the same time, all armor-related Sansha faction and deadspace modules (but not nos/neut/web/etc.) are going to change to their Blood Raider (or Serpentis? nah, probably just Blood Raider) equivalents.

    So there should be new faction and deadspace Sansha shield modules upcoming. we'll see how they compare to Pith and Gist.

  • SOE - Dagan in EVE Gameplay Center

    Zarek Kree wrote:
    Sobaan Tali wrote:
    You're reading the stats wrong on cap: the capacitor recharge rate is not how much you get per second, it's how many seconds it takes to fully recharge from 0. They just never use their cap tanks, though it's been commonly rumored that using neuts on NPC's adversely affects their repper use.

    Perhaps. But nobody has ever presented a well tested explanation of NPC cap use. The only thing we know with certainty is that cap warfare is not an effective tactic against NPCs (except for nos maybe). Everything else is pure speculation based on age old rumors.

    Different rats are sometimes different, but my last experiment with nossing rats ended up with 0 GJ returned per nos no matter whether I was attempting to nos a frig, cruiser, or BS rat (from my BS, admittedly) and no matter what my own cap level was at.

    You used to be able to nos beacons and structures, too... no longer.