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  • Anyone sell FW Corp standings in EVE Gameplay Center

    What the OP is asking for is if someone would take cash to run a bunch of lvl4 fw missions and share rewards to boost the OP's standing to 5+(heck, go for 9+ :P) so that he can accept missions without having to trudge thru lvl1-lvl3s

    I do think you have to be in militia to get shared rewards from fw missions, so joinup and spam militia channel to grab a missioners attention? =)

  • "ICE" is gone!!! for the Mom and POP..... Walmart has taken over! in EVE Communication Center

    Vaerah Vahrokha wrote:
    Claude Maximillian Dibbler wrote:
    Join a corp in 0.0, where there is still to much ice.

    That's the whole message being constantly showed down our throats.

    That's some fine "sandbox" game we got here.

    Resource scarity/competition in High security "newbie/casual" space??? Security=Not so much resources to mine. Risk=Resources not yet exploited by others and rainbow fudge all over your cargohold.

    It'll balance out over a few weeks when some give up ice mining and some go to null or low to mine their ice and then the ppl that stayed in high will have enough ice to mine between them, then more ppl will start to mine ice and some will go to lower security to find their precious and some will find other routes of revenue.

  • Chinese Minmatar militia corps in EVE Gameplay Center

    Someone should petition the corps involved, just in case to give ccp a heads up to look where the isk goes after they've destroyed the market.

  • ECM is Killing Solo PvP in EVE Communication Center

    No worries, ecm will be there for a long time. But soon you'll get to enjoy gangs fielding TDs en masse rather then ecm birds. You'll keep your lock, but you'll hit nothing. It'll still be more enjoyable getting shots that go nowhere off then not getting to shot a single round, right?

    solo is paper, rock, scissors, blob. Dont engage what you can't beat.

  • Planned lowsec sentry "fix" - you guys serious? in EVE Communication Center

    ...Ive had fights that lasted an hour on lowsec gates against pies and as being a pie. They were great.
    They wouldnt have happened with higher sentry fire.

    A fight in eve happens when both sides think they can take the other on, with minimal losses; noone likes to get new ships.
    If the outcome is to uncertain, the fight wont happen. Unless one side gets the drop on the other or catches it through manouvering. Usualy as one side is moving through a gate. Also thats a tactic, catch a few stragglers to turn the main group around to get the fight. Hopefully still with minimal losses on your side. Usualy at a gate.
    With this a pie force cant even force a high security group of the near perfect safety they'll have at the gates.

    Lets take em! Send the bait in, get them aggressed. Rest gogo swoop down and lets kill what we can in 4 minutes before we cant offset gategun fire!
    Oh? They cynoed a triage in that can rep them np. Lets drop our own to even the odds. What you say cant rep us because you'll die in 4.5/10/15/20 minutes mark a gcc triage dies and we are unlikely to be able to break their triage down with what we have in that time? Balls, guess our bait just died. Nice gank highsecers! Great fight.

    Lowsec will never warrant the risk for true highsec dwellers unless they'll profit enough each time they undock to buy a new ship, 99 times in a row. And with profit margins like that, the low security people will be profetering madly so cant have that. Whats this? Tie the profit margin to sec status so -5 get only 10% of the payout? Np. Got my +5 sec alt right here.

    Frigates under gateguns... waiting for the scout nextdoor to give the go for it to warpdown from its pounce ontop the gate. The rest of the horde warping down shortly after. The prey is tackled and made to debris. The fleet returns to its pounces, but now its Heinrichs turn to be initial ceptor tackle since he didnt gcc.

    Introduce a new resource only in lowsec? the low security people will take it. They'll be forced away from it if its profitable enough by nullsec blobs that'll want it. If its just right, it might make one or two highsec alliances try to move into an area for profits. But why should they be in lowsec (The pies will try to get one or two of them when they are isking. And if you just try to fight at gates vs the pies where they now stand no chance, why should they bother to come? Maybe they'll have three guys dedicated enough to go recon in a system near 24/7 for a week or two but thats more like work) when nullsec is out there? Fresh and sharp always needing more cannonfodder in exchange for free ship replacements the land of great blobs and no meaning are.

  • New dev blog: Clothing and Aurum additions for Inferno 1.1 in EVE Information Center

    excellent *\o/*

    now give me the 500k guristas LP and 500 aur geneticly enhanced bunny to have as a pet.

  • Pod implant KM's the end of LOL Frig roams? in EVE Communication Center

    Killmails for pods or ships. Same deal: Killmails makes the game less fun.

    Because nowdays its all about how much you killed. Its about efficency, cant fight if it would hurt your efficency.
    All fits are basicly the same, streamlining & cookie cuttering becamse easier with the killmails.
    Dont get me started on the actual intel you get from the mails. Oh, who ? Let me just check the kbs see if he/they killed something recently so we know the opposition. can we take it? No? Ok, lets dockup/dodge out.

    Killmails lead to stagnation and less fun and more numbercrunching. With all space being more or less the same. The old players gravitating towards clusters of themselves making it even more cemented. Stagnation everywhere.

  • New Dev Blog: DUST 514 Closed Beta Signup Now Live in EVE Information Center

    Indahmawar Fazmarai wrote:
    Liu Ellens wrote:
    Yldrad wrote:
    DUST 514 Mordu's Private Trials are only available in NA and EU English speaking territories
    It's stupid.

    Shocked -- Cry -- Evil

    Shocked -- What? -- Lol

    Inviting your customers to a private party: sweet.
    Forget to warn them that there will be a silly entry requirement: funny.
    End up telling half your customers to tough up for living in the wrong countries: priceless.


    Oh dear. English speaking territories in the EU would be: Ireland, Scotland, England? =(
    Thats no good at all =(

  • New Dev Blog: DUST 514 Closed Beta Signup Now Live in EVE Information Center

    Should I logon all my accounts and apply for the beta to stand a chance vs people that will do that to enter 'several' times into a lottery? =)
    I think I even have three different emails registered and one thats only plexed. ^^

    ...Yes... I know, I wont do it, but other will and thus gain an unfair amount of advantage for getting a beta, limiting for the rest of us =(
    It always makes me q_q alittle but nothing can be done to stop it so...

    Everytime you try to get ahead of a line by being metacreative your mom is out buying you yet another shirt you dont realy like.

    dear Katla that sits on iceland, keep ccp hq safe and sound and wake not this christmas eve.

    there, alittle goodwill prayer. *holds thumbs and starts franticly checking email for beta*

    If you need to be a PS+ customer. I can be that in a jiffywillydiwonkatonk!

  • PCO griefing in FW. CCP confirmed intended mechanics in EVE Communication Center

    CCP Nullarbor wrote:

    Transferring ownership after a POCO has been put into reinforce for example is still valid and while this does allow owners to force an aggressor who they are at war with to take a security hit they will still be able to decide before hand if they want to do this and not unknowingly engage an owner they are not at war with.

    Great... we can decide beforehand if we want to go gcc as we return to the poco of a corp we wardeced to find it in new alt corp hands.
    We place a new wardec on the alt corp, get the pleasure of shooting it from 100% to reinf again. Comeback next day to finish it what will we find? That its been transfered to a new or old alt corp we are no longer at war with.

    You fix the sudden standing hits, it dosent take away the problem with the poco hoping.
    No. People that RP 'No GCC Ever because its against the law!' or FW people that will receive WTF standing hits and unable to fight an enemy because they gone gcc and cant remote rep etc eachother? People that play it by the books by using wardecs should not have to sit back and watch things hop around freely in an neverending tail of wardecs.
    No its not the security hit iam arguing against or the rpers pov or even fw peoples pov. Its the principle that the mechanic as you intend it is broken. GCC means your a lawbreaker and you should NOT have to be that to perform an action against an enemy.

    Do away with gcc or make it mean nothing! if going GCC is required in order to accomplish a task in the game it shouldnt come with the downfalls currently associated with it. Patchwork Fixes Aint Fixes when the Mechanic remains broken.

    The simplest soloution for the 'Valid reasons to transfer':


    If(MyCorp.InFactionalWarfare==Yes )
    If PocoToTransfer.IsDamageD or isReinforced
    Return "No you cannot transfer a damage or reinf poco while in factional warfare, ride the storm out chicken"

    If Poco.TransferToCorp is InList(MyCorp.AtWarWithWho)
    return "Yes, you can transfer poco to a corp your currently at war with, nevermind decshields thats a separate and hard cracked issue"
    return "No, you cant sadly transfer the poco to that corp since its not one your at war with"

    That would in essence, with littleish coding make it so that you cant transfer a poco around madly. You can give it as tribute to a corp/alliance your at war with, long as your not in fw(because then you transfer it to militia alt corp :P).

    That or a 36hr transfer timer when at war could be simple things to sort the problem =)

    Thanks. Peace and Good Night Iceland.

  • PCO griefing in FW. CCP confirmed intended mechanics in EVE Communication Center

    CCP Nullarbor wrote:
    Rixiu wrote:
    Sounds simple enough to fix, in order for it to be transferred it has to be at 100% health and most defiantly not in post-reinforced mode.

    I can see valid reasons for people wanting to transfer ownership after it has been put into reinforce so instead we might just guard against transferring when it has been attacked recently.

    But like I said, I'm not giving any answers just yet because it is a Sunday and I need to talk with a few people first.

    ...Valid reason being to save their poco without a fight. Forcing the aggressor to wait 48 hours for their new wardec for the corp the poco got transfered to? Coming back to shooting a 100% health poco that can be transfered again to a new corp that needs a new wardec? That you can shoot things in for instance lowsec and take gcc does not mean it should be required to beat wardec dodging.

    I would like to see a single valid reason posted that Trumphs the wardec dodging effect it will be used for.
    ...this means that once a wardec gets delivered to you the: you have 24hours till its open season; you cannot simply transfer a poco away from the corp receiving the wardec.
    If you can transfer a poco after a 24hr notice been delivered no poco will ever fall to people playing the game by the books and using the wardec system because they do not want to go GCC be it for RP reasons or be it for FW reasons.

  • Alloys vs Mins Hordes vs Sanctums– An imbalance that needs fixing? in EVE Gameplay Center

    wait wait wait

    "W prices (I took the bottom value of the realist buy prices supported by at least 5000 quantity) they are worth about 39.5mil isk. Selling at max prices it is possible to get 65mil isk."

    So... alloys etc are worth 39-65m isk per site if you sell them in jita eh

    "I have found that selling at the locally set up prices for Alloys means each horde is worth about 25.5mil isk. If refined at 100%, and when subjected to a 10% tax, this equates to 23.5mil."

    So the localy setup buyorders for alloys etc dont match jita price by a longshot? Like someone is taking one third of your isk. and then taxing the remaining 2/3rds with 10%?

    Sounds like you got perfect landlords right there; They are the once setting the local buyorders up and they are taking a huge chunk of your isk! You should try overthrowing them, they are not giving you good deals at all.

    Make sure to spread the information to as many grunts as possible before confronting leadership. You may have to do shady things like getting into positions where you and your sneaky team can do things like:

    Offline a ton of towers, disband alliance(s), accidently 'miss' to pay sovbills, negotiate with strong exterior forces willing to help mop up your current landlords.
    Then you need to get all the upset grunts/ratters to reform into a new alliance painitng a better future for you all.

  • High Sec Level 5's in EVE Gameplay Center

    Lvl5s are no longer worth doing with the risk for gank they do have or the rigorous area control you need to invest in and maintain to 'safely' run them. Note: Thats a prolonged team effort with serious risk of losses.
    Could double their rewards and it starts getting worth the effort compared to incursions. But doubling their current rewards would only mean even more lp to the market, and we all know how much we love lp compared to raw incursion isk eh?

    Since I like lowsec, we got a team going at lowsec incursions now and then, quite profitable and not a risk for a quick gank with modest scouting. (Cyno blocked, anything that sneaks into local and into your site and decloaks to scram you for the rest of the wolves will quite simply be trippel or quadwebbed and dpsd till its dirt in short order, tackling cloaky proteus as last contender to no likey ^^)

  • New dev blog: My brain was equipped with the following implants in EVE Information Center

    Crap change.

    * Even less secrets on how the hell did you get that thing on there togheter with that.
    * Killmails from the getgo leads to more streamlined fits and everythings fitted the same. No secrets if they go to boom to try figure out how it was fitted.

    * Wow. Now you can earn isk efficency killing pods if they have implants. My 30m isk clone says that in the past, people wouldnt worry about pods warping away as first priority in a fight, with this... theres gonne be podhungry suckers with sebos.

    Every now and then you get podded, but with this change as outlined above, more pod snipers. more pods lost.
    My 30m isk a pop clone is moving to highsec or atleast not going out unless I know I wont have the slightest chance to lose my ship anymore. I dont have any 10s of B's saved up. A pod cost is half an hour of isk grinding for me. or a fitted cruiser or af. Even a fitted bc if you include my usual 2 +3s now needing more frequent replacement.

    Frell this.

  • New Dev Blog: Player-owned Customs Office in EVE Information Center

    Liandra Xi wrote:
    Highfield wrote:
    [quote=CCP Omen][quote=Dr Mercy]Any comments on HP levels?

    I'm not going to comment on the specific HP numbers, but I would like to echo the request to make these things basically invulnerable to fighter bombers and doomsdays. I have no issues with dreads and carriers being used to RF these, great opportunites for small cap fights, but make it so that Titans and Supercaps cannot themselves damage them within 2 minutes would make these a lot more fun.

    No supers on the field at all. Supers mean lowsec/npcnull can't do anything, getting dropped by 5 carriers is "ok". getting dropped by two mums eating your everything with an additional 12 waiting for you to even consider attacking the two supers they are showing, yäj. Or even: Oh they brought 5 carriers, we can actualy fight that if we field 4 of our own. Lets do this it'll be fun pewpew over planet with this entitiy that has about the same as us. ...3 moments later your caps are dead to supers you can't hope to hold down unless they dont have support at all. a possible fight ruined for everyone.

  • New Dev Blog: Player-owned Customs Office in EVE Information Center

    X Gallentius wrote:
    Like the "invulnerable to super capitals" idea.

    1. The warp in acts like a warp in to an anomoly
    2. No cynos directly at customs office. (unless people do this already for PI ? )

    Anomaly would mean you cant warp to fleet members >150km off. This would only encourage nanofleet and put other means at a disadvantage.
    +15 for not allowing supercaps ^^

  • New Dev Blog: Player-owned Customs Office in EVE Information Center

    How will this work with aggression in lowsec?

    I see militia corps, with the access to the bpcs dropping customs gadget on some planets.

    Now imagine it happens, I would assume the bad boys go gcc.

    As the office is coming out of reinforce time, the militia has gathered a defense.

    The bad boys show up, they are not blinky/pirates by default.
    If Militia fires first to try to lock down gates or keep the offending force from setting up on grid: Militia goes GCC.
    GCC militia cant be remote repaired without getting huge FACTION standing hits, a signifcant disadvantage there.
    (The Faction standing hit for remote repairing a pirate or GCC member of your corp or militia says: For assisting enemeis of your faction... meanwhile: If your in the militia, remote repairing A GCC/pirate out of the militia thats shooting a militia member: The remote repper gets no standing hit. Its screwed on backwards... completly: Its an often raised point about militia mechanics that needs to be fixed: If one guys in your fleet screws up and goes gcc, that easily spreads across the entire fleet going gcc with remote assistance etc: Resulting in massive standing hits for every pilot.)

    Also ofc applies to regular corps/players that dont want to go gcc. You must wait for the bad boys to gcc.
    Or they can just wait for you to bring shiny RR ships on grid to rep office shields up... and volley them, since you cant counter them setting up on grid without going gcc if they are not pirates.

  • [Cry for help] DT in EVE Communication Center

    i go away as server goes down. iI start heating some lunch. I comeback, launch a client and status is ok after 12 minutes...

    how am I to eat lunch with such short dt's? Right now my stuff is in the kitchen and thx to how things usualy workout itll be burnt =(

    plz longer dt ccp, you promise half an hour and chumchum layer cant handle lack of lunch =(

    and seriously: Wow. Soon no DT at all \o/

  • Machariel in EVE Gameplay Center

    you seem to forget in your 'thermal drones most damage multiplier' praise forget the important factors such as drone speed, tracking and thermal being a commonly high resist. take berserkers and valks, the average resistance profile have you doing more damage then thermal, but also delivering that damage faster because your drones aint fast as a caterpillar on a hangover.

  • Stealth ship maintenance bay nerf in EVE Gameplay Center

    just a shame they didnt take the time to fix the scoop tactic as well, if a ship is aggressing you should not be able to scoop the ship to sma