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  • FYI, Eve China already did daily log-in rewards for SP in EVE Communication Center

    I despair for the future of this game...

    And maybe I shouldn't keep that as "long-term" as I'd previously thought Sad

  • Recurring Opportunities coming soon in EVE Technology and Research Center

    This makes what you people originally did to exploration back in Oddity --pardon: Odyssey-- look like the cutting edge of brilliance.


    Just, absolutely no.

    Stop this already, for Gods' sakes, will you.

  • Ninja-Salvaging as a Soloist: Still a Thing? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Thanks for all the replies, guys/gals, cheers <3

    Apropos Stasis Grapplers:

    I wonder how many missioners are actually using them --the overall consensus seems to be "situationally very useful, but meh," unless I'm mistaken.

    'Course that might make the "reeling in the catch" easier :)

    It seems that a lot fewer people mission in BS/Marauders these days, at least wehere I've started probing. T3 is almost the norm (can't say I blame 'em, I do missions on occasion too when I want some quick easy ISK/mindless entertainment --yes I know what not to do if I get visited :)-- and T3/HACs make missions a bit less boring.)

    Hmmm....looks like Ishkur or Vengeance it is, for now.

  • Ninja-Salvaging as a Soloist: Still a Thing? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Ozzie Udan wrote:
    Code loot and salvage is available after a gank, T2 fitted battle Cruisers, bombers, and endless cata, think I have picked up about 45 Mill in T2 blaster and I'm not even trying

    Good luck and welcome back

    Ty mate...They're ganking in bombers, too?

    Interestingly, a lifetime ago, I tested that on SiSi with an alt.


    Not really viable with a solo bomber (although it was close, and so I'd say, situationally possible), but even a small group could do one Hell of a lot of damage without too much trouble.

    Also, the psychological factor --murder appearing literally from nowhere, as far as most less-attentive-than-they-should-be 'bears are concerned-- just delights me :)

    (@CCP: Please allow the lighting-off and bridging/jumping to of Covert Cynosaural Fields in hisec. <3ulotskthxbai)

  • Ninja-Salvaging as a Soloist: Still a Thing? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Sabriz Adoudel wrote:
    I don't really consider ninja salvaging all that viable. What does work is probing down MTUs and blowing them up while taunting their owners. Sometimes they will shoot you.

    Anything hard to hit with neuts and drones can do the job.

    Yeah, that's what I've been hearing/reading, too

    Everyone just goes to blap the MTUs (they're pretty easy to probe out, by the way) and let the "social engineering" do its work.

  • Ninja-Salvaging as a Soloist: Still a Thing? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Yeah, what the title says, basically.

    (I've been away for a loooong-ass time, but came back recently.)

    Once upon a time ago --when Siebestor males still looked liked pointy-headed cartoon freaks, let alone before Suspect/Weapons/Limited Engagement flags-- Tarryn was a ninja-salvager. Although he didn't get many "bites," he got his share of hate and tears, and learned how to probe and synergise DScan + probe (<---arguably the most important thing to learn how to do in busy systems, IME) .

    In time, Tarryn --admittedly, a little bit of a carebear at heart-- got into exploration, before CCP utterly ruined that, too.

    (They'd already ruined ninja-salvaging by then as a way for a new-ish character actually making "legitimate" money without the awful tedium of mining and/or low-tier missioning, although it had paid for my first cov-ops/Sisters equipment and bear-killer Hurricane several times over by that time, so I can't complain too much.)

    So yeah, I'm now thinking of getting back into ninja-salvaging.

    In a word:

    What's changed?

    What ships and fit-outs do current-meta-experienced ninjas favour, and why?

    (I've heard/read it implied that the Ishkur is something of "go-to" now. Cool and fun ship, but it seems a little small --IE, relatively little/no neuting-power for breaking missioners' active tanks. I'm thinking of a Sacrilege or HAM + Neut Legion, or HAM/Neut Nighthawk, myself. Two free highslots in the 'Hawk plus total beast-tank if things go pear-shaped! Plus I've the most skills in shields and missiles, sooooo....yeah.)

    Is it still worth doing?

    How have the new mechanics affected you, and how have you adapted to same?

    Please note:

    By "Soloist," I mean actually solo --just you and your own ship/s, not you + small logi-alt army.

    I don't begrudge others doing that, and those who make it work have my respect on general principle (not least of all because it can make for some hilarious "come back from near-death" stories/tears), but that sort of thing has never sat well with me.

    Cheers and thanks, C&P <3

  • Stratios: how is it working out? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Sooooo, basically:

    They pre-nerfed it?

    ****'s sakes, man :(

    Oh well, I'm still getting one, and will do my utmost to make it work --that CovCloak, I just cannot resist those no matter how I try.

  • Capital Ship, Blops and Bridging rework in EVE Technology and Research Center



  • A Idea how to Nerf Black Ops / Stealthbomber in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Over a year away, and what do I find...

    Christ, it never changes.

    Go away, OP.

    Just go away.

  • So how's Odyssey exploration panning out? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Hehaw Jimbojohnson wrote:
    Pretty much everyone that tried it on the test server repeatedly told them to not go live with the new "exploration" in its current state. CCP, being CCP, ignored everyone and released with it half finished anyway. Exploration as a profession pretty much crashed as a result, and probably won't be recovered for years at this point.

    The "good" CCP was fun while it lasted, but now we're back to the usual.

    The loot can pukie-pukie is beyond stupid, and how the f am I supposed to re-size the mini-game window so I can actually see the rest of my screen --you know local + D-Scan-- in losec?

    Oh, that's right, I can't.


  • EVE 2023... here's your road map for the next 10 years CCP. in EVE Communication Center

    Caviar Liberta wrote:
    Looks like a mesh of BSG, Eve Online, Blade Runner and most futuristic space based sci-movies.

    That doesn't mean it can't still be good, though.

    I mean, let's be realistic here:

    EVE-O itself is basically a pastiche of a great many old, old sci-fi tropes, but that doesn't prevent it from still being great.

  • EVE 2023... here's your road map for the next 10 years CCP. in EVE Communication Center

    OMG, do want.


  • Bacon in EVE Communication Center


  • TEST Speaks: The view from Aridia is Wonderful in EVE Communication Center

    Guys! Guys!

    THIS MATTERS TO ME!!!111!!!oneeleventyone!!

    Supa-cereal, it really, really does!

    [/Sigh] For ****'s sakes, you people...Roll

  • Buffing Hi Sec: Civil Courts in EVE Communication Center


    It's only non-zero because of the responses elicited, I might add.

    Really OP, you should be ashamed of yourself Roll

  • EVE decade 2 tactics: buy PLEX, buy toon, hire mercs, pay to win in EVE Gameplay Center

    Grace Ishukone wrote:
    Title says it all. I'M A FAIL TROLL!


    There, all fixed up for ya.

    I'm not normally one to request TL/DRs, but I mean, really...Roll

    2/10, needs more...well, everything.

  • We Were Ganked .................. Again. in EVE Communication Center

    masternerdguy wrote:
    Tuxford needs to stop debating and upgrade the server's low grade slaves to high grade slaves. He won't regret it.

    Servers need burst-tank, not buffer.

    So, Crystals.

  • Exploration Sites in EVE Gameplay Center

    Crularii wrote:

    I do not mind the mini-game either, though it is a bit too distractive in low-sec / null for my taste. The loot spew is atrocious, really. CCP should really consider to remove that part.

    The scanning down of signatures is far too easy now. Making it easier to place probes is of course okay with me, but it should be consideably harder to probe down sigs. As it is now even my father, who isn't able to figure out how to hold a mouse the right way, could prolly probe one down.

    Yeah, that's my one real problem with the mini-game:

    The window takes up far too much screen real-estate on an UI where space is already at a premium (did nobody on the dev-team think of this? At all?), and apparently can't be re-sized or stacked/nested with other windows.

    I just kinda "shove it out of the way" so I can still easily check D-Scanner and local when I'm in lo-sec, but obviously this is hardly ideal.

  • Exploration Sites in EVE Gameplay Center

    I actually don't mind the mini-game, although it can suck major balls if you've low skills/equipment (Get those profession skills up ASAP so you can use the T-II versions of the prof-mods, and invest in some "Prospector" series implants, I misremember the exact names, but you know the ones I mean, and use a CovOps frig. Huge difference.).

    I find it makes the game more immersive.

    The loot pukie-pukie, though....Revert this, CCP. Now.

    Given how likely ^^that^^ is, though --because us proles need to remember that CCP can do no wrong when they fix something that isn't in the least broken!-- this might help:


    (Massive respect to Nar Tha for this, by the way, o7)


    Am I the only one who wonders if probing/scanning itself has become entirely too easy, by the way?

  • The Start of Incursion World War II in EVE Gameplay Center

    Paikis wrote:
    Charadrass wrote:
    you don't make jokes about that Topic.



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