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  • New Refinery Structures and Future of Low Sec Moon Mining? in EVE Gameplay Center

    TheGuy Akachi wrote:
    Do you think miners will actually go into low sec? I doubt it personally.

    "Lowsec mining" is an oxymoron.

  • Implants and implant sets for rorqual pilots? in EVE Gameplay Center

    * Slot 6: Capacitor
    * Slot 7: Shield Management
    * Slot 8: Mechanic
    * Slot 9: Shield Operation
    * Slot 10: ORE Mining Director Mindlink

    The other slots don't really matter (+5 attribute).

  • Old Account Non-Steam Wanting Premium Edition in EVE Communication Center

    You can bypass STEAM login:
    Setting an account name for Accounts created through STEAM

    I've never heard anyone wanting to move their account to STEAM.

  • A Question in EVE Communication Center

    EvEmon reports days remaining.

    However, multi-character training is not. That's probably an API issue.

  • What is the general "health" of this game? Subs? New players, etc? in EVE Communication Center

    Whenever I read "EvE is dying", I can't help but to think of poor Chloe.

    With this sort of an EvE community, EvE can't help but be immortal.

    My friend needs clothes...

  • PI have i got my math right? in EVE Gameplay Center

    For what it is worth:

    Doing extraction in hisec is not very profitable, but building stuff can be if you have decent POCO rates.

    One of the most common mistakes is quality vs. quantity. The higher tier PI products may sell for more, but their output quantity is very low. It is often more profitable to sell lower tier PI products, if the market can support the sales volume.

    You need to look at the prices at every tier, and factor-in costs like import & export taxes.

  • New Refinery Structures and Future of Low Sec Moon Mining? in EVE Gameplay Center

    My crystal ball is as accurate as any.

    One-man passive income operations will be gutted, regardless of security. There are a LOT of these, arguably nearly all of the current installations.

    What will really make or break the system will be the yield, and whether a single moon will yield multiple materials (that's desperately needed in nulsec).

    I can't imagine any way to phase the structures in without affecting the market, and the market could go either way depending on the above.

  • Beam Laser/Missile Decision in EVE Communication Center

    You can train to level 3:
    * All T1 frigates, destroyers, cruisers, battlecruisers, and battleships, for all 4 races.
    * All the T1 weapon systems for the ships.
    * All the support skills for the weapon systems.
    in less than 45 days. As a bonus, you also get access to all navy and faction ships.

    Of course you'll want additional skills, many of which apply to all ships.

    There really is no need to find yourself stuck in a line of ships or weapons.

  • Reprocessing modules max efficiency? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Zhilia Mann wrote:
    And you know better: there are no scrap rigs :P

    Actually, I didn't realize at the time that rigs were material specific.

    So only outposts can give higher scrap yield.

    Steve Ronuken wrote:
    You _can_ get more minerals. With an outpost refinery, or a POS, or a citadel, you can get a higher base refinery, up to 60%, which means 20% more minerals.

  • What's the best way to move large amounts of minerals? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Brometheus wrote:
    What are all the things I can do/ train to increase my reprocessing efficiency? Right now I am at 72.4%, good/ bad? What can I do to get it higher? Do social skills effect it?

    Reprocessing modules max efficiency?

    Reprocessing yield: Station Equipment x (1 + Refining skill x 0.03) x (1 + Refining Efficiency skill x 0.02) x (1 + Ore Processing skill x 0.02) x (1 + Refining Implant %)

    Beyond that facilities (station equipment) are very important. Citadels & EC offer the highest yields:

    Unrigged Citadel / EC (in all areas of space): 50%
    T1 rigged Highsec Citadel / EC: 52%
    T2 rigged Highsec Citadel / EC: 54%
    T1 rigged Lowsec Citadel / EC: 55.12%
    T2 rigged Lowsec Citadel / EC: 57.24%
    T1 rigged Null/WH Citadel / EC: 58.24%
    T2 rigged Null/WH Citadel / EC: 60.48%


    max ore yield in hisec = 54% x (1 + Refining skill 5 x 0.03) x (1 + Refining Efficiency skill 5 x 0.02) x (1 + Ore Processing skill 5 x 0.02) x (1 + Refining Implant 4%) = 78.14%

    max ore yield in lowsec = 57.24% x (1 + Refining skill 5 x 0.03) x (1 + Refining Efficiency skill 5 x 0.02) x (1 + Ore Processing skill 5 x 0.02) x (1 + Refining Implant 4%) = 82.83%

    max ore yield in nulsec = 60.48% x (1 + Refining skill 5 x 0.03) x (1 + Refining Efficiency skill 5 x 0.02) x (1 + Ore Processing skill 5 x 0.02) x (1 + Refining Implant 4%) = 87.52%

  • Space seams overcrowded in EVE Communication Center

    Tormen Soth wrote:
    I'm only 30 days into the game so my view might seam silly, but on the weekends it seams there is very little quiet space anywhere.

    What is your definition of "quiet space"?

    As examples, my definitions of "busy" based on systems I call home:

    * hisec system: more than 2 others in local
    * lowsec system: anybody else in local
    * nulsec system: more than 9 in local

    Example: when mining in hisec, I go to systems where there are less people in local than asteroid belts.

    Tip: Amarr space is really empty (it is the largest hisec space). I "grew-up" there, though I'm Caldari.

  • 27-inch iMac with Retina 5K display in EVE Communication Center

    FWIW, a 42 in. diag 4K (3840x2160) wide-screen16:9 monitor is equivalent to four 24 in. diag. (1920x1080) monitors

    I really wouldn't bother with 4K or higher on a smaller monitor. You won't notice the difference, and it just makes the GPU work harder displaying pixels you really can't discern apart anyways.

    I work in the live-production (real-time) video industry, where people stare at monitors all-day looking for the slightest artifacts. I can never see anything wrong, even on 65" monitors.

    Don't get sucked-in by the bigger numbers ("I want the one with the bigger gee-bees!")

  • Industry idea. in EVE Gameplay Center

    Note that citadels and EC have vacuumed-up a lot of salvage for rigs.

    In fact, there isn't enough salvage in EvE to rig them.

  • Plexes on steam in EVE Communication Center

    For what it is worth, you don't have to login to EvE through the STEAM launcher:

    Support Article: Setting an account name for Accounts created through STEAM

  • BPO research / selling in EVE Gameplay Center

    As a follow-up:

    The Rorqual changes gave a great boost to capital manufacturing.

    Many BPO were purchased and researched as a result. Some by speculators in advance before the changes went live.

    Then the Rorqual was nerfed, twice, and some BPOs have since been shed.

    This has likely led to a lot of capital component and ships BPOs, and their copies, leading to the dwindling sales market I mentioned.

    I've been seeing more and more 40 run components below 8m, which is my limit. This is also often below the cost of 8x 5 runs.

  • Orca Command Bursts in EVE Gameplay Center

    how the hell do I get that boost?(for miners)

  • How many times you can fix negative faction standings? in EVE Communication Center

    Rexxar Santaro wrote:
    It is extremely difficult to get high faction standing (e.g. 5 or 6) with two opposing factions. It is almost impossible to achieve standings that high with all the Empire factions simultaneously.

    DMC is ~7 with all player factions

    Probably a lot of effort, but not impossible.

  • BPO research / selling in EVE Gameplay Center

    I stopped making BPC for sale a few months ago, as the markets have become rather saturated.

    There are still a few that sell well, but the number is dwindling.

    Unless your BPO are 10 & 20, I wouldn't bother making BPC.

    BPC kits are more niche and lower sales volume, but are - for the moment at least - still doing okay.

  • CCPlease let us lockdown BPOs in ECs in EVE Technology and Research Center

    BPO lock-down was never really secure (re: Bad Bobby and Titans4U), nor was it without bugs.

    It was also extremely tedious for large collections, and lock-down in containers wasn't possible, causing one to hit the item-count limit.

    Lock-down would mean CCP keeping the shares and voting system, which I think they may want to scrap.

    I also would like a way to secure my BPO collection, but share it with the corp as well, without having to give it to the corp (in a corp hangar).

  • Inertia Modifier and Deceleration. in EVE Communication Center


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