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  • So how do these newfangled skins work? in EVE Communication Center


    Super Kerr-Induced Nanocoatings Blink

  • Refinery Refining Rigs in EVE Communication Center

    Brigadine Ferathine wrote:
    P.S. I cant find the feedback thread so here is my feedback.

    Click on "Comments" at the top of any Dev Blog.

    Introducing Upwell Refineries
    2017-03-22 14:59 By Team Five 0 | Comments

  • Dev blog: Introducing Upwell Refineries in EVE Information Center

    Orakkus wrote:
    I didn't see it in the posts (might have missed it), are reprocessing facilities going to be removed then from Engineering citadels when Refineries go live?

    Yes. Rigs will be refunded. The service module can already be removed.

    You can then choose to put the rigs back on, at likely a reduced reprocessing yield (no rig bonus from structure).

  • Dev blog: Introducing Upwell Refineries in EVE Information Center

    Question: Will this mean an end to regionalized moon-goo sourcing?

    Right now, T2 production in nulsec is virtually impossible, as it requires a wide assortment of moon products, from all over the universe. The materials are only reasonably obtained at a major trade hub, like Jita, which also means that manufacturing T2 in hisec rather nulsec is more convenient than importing moon products.

  • Be a miner or be a killer? simple in EVE Technology and Research Center

    A single Scorpion in the belt is very effective to protect several mining ships.

    I'm a miner, and a killer (just not a very good killer).

  • What is the name of the bronze and black combat suit ??? in EVE Communication Center

    Tau Cabalander wrote:
    Looks like the Amarr drop-suit for DUST 514.

    CCP has made some drop-suits available in EvE already. Maybe in the future ...

    [I think the Sisters Of EvE drop-suits were the first in EvE, but there are others now.]

  • What is a "logical" extension of a Logistics Cruiser pilot? in EVE Gameplay Center

    The only thing that really matters for bazaar sales is SP, not necessarily where the SP are spent.

    Most get stripped of their SP, and the SP sold as extractors.

  • Is there a reason my armor compensation skills arent taking effect? in EVE Gameplay Center

    All attributes are cached now, for better performance. It is called Brain In A Box (BIAB).

    Flush your queue for immediate results.

    Some things can be update by forcing a session change, which includes logout-and-login, dock-and-undock, using a stargate, etc. Many of the 5 minute updates, for example.

  • 3 best feature additions to Eve since you started playing? in EVE Communication Center

    1. Removal of learning skills.

    2. Skill queue of max 24 hours.

    3. Skill queue of max 50 level.

    Apocrypha was by far the best expansion since 2009. Only the Citadel expansion has really been noteworthy for me since.

  • 0% tax but still pay taxes? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Player tax is paid on the NPC tax amount.

    Ya, it is stupid, but the SCC (Secure Commerce Commission) gets a cut of everything.

    Only the player-tax amount can be changed. The NPC amount cannot. This ensures that there is always an ISK sink.

  • 100% Reprocessing of mines ores. in EVE Communication Center

    One of my biggest complaints about reprocessing, is that one cannot tell the facilities efficiency for player-built structures:
    * Outposts
    * Citadels (Keepstar, Fortizar, Astrahus)
    * Engineering Complexes (Raitaru, Azbel, Sotiyo)

    The reason for this is because they can all can be upgraded, and CCP has no way to show that in the UI info; it is only available upon attempting to actually reprocess something. The reason for this is simple: that's when all the calculations are done.

    All of the above player-owned structures have a 50% base reprocessing. This includes conquerable stations, which are not upgrade-able. Outposts are a special case, as the upgrade level efficiency depends on the race of the outpost.

    NPC stations can have 50% or lower base (30% is common for research corporations, like Lai Dai Corporation). This information is statically encoded into the game database, so it doesn't have to be calculated, and it available via the data dump. [CCP was supposed to make them all 50% with Crius, but I've had reports that this is still not the case.]

    I expect few outposts to be maximally upgraded, as that costs around 14 billion ISK or so. Citadels and EC can be upgraded via rigs, but T2 rig cost is very expensive, so that often only the smallest, Astrahus and Raitaru, are likely to be upgraded.

    It is expected that by the end of the year when Drilling Platforms are introduced, everything could change again. Until then, if you don't know the efficiency of a player-built structure, your only hope is to dock and test it, or hope the owners mention the efficiency in the structure name.

    Reprocess All The Things! wrote:
    After the summer expansion, all outposts will now have a default 50% reprocessing rate (on all items, including ore, ices, ships, ammunition etc…). However:

    * Amarr, Caldari and Gallente outposts can be upgraded to further increase ore and ice reprocessing by 2%, 4% and 7% (for a total of 52%, 54% and 57%)
    * Minmatar outposts can be upgraded to add further 3%, 7% and 10% on ore and ice reprocessing rates (for a total of 53%, 57% and 60%)

    CCP Fozzie wrote:
    We are also making an adjustment to the plan for reprocessing rigs in Citadels. The earlier plan had two security bands for reprocessing rig bonuses, one for highsec and another for low/null/wh. We are separating lowsec into its own band with intermediate reprocessing rig bonuses to preserve the advantage of nullsec refining.

    The new values are:
    * Unrigged Citadel (in all areas of space): 50%
    * T1 rigged Highsec Citadel: 52%
    * T2 rigged Highsec Citadel: 54%
    * T1 rigged Lowsec Citadel: 55.12%
    * T2 rigged Lowsec Citadel: 57.24%
    * T1 rigged Null/WH Citadel: 58.24%
    * T2 rigged Null/WH Citadel: 60.48%

    Then there are 3 applicable skills, and a 4% reprocessing implant:

    Reprocessing Yield = Reprocessing Facilities * (1 + Refining Skill * 3%) * (1 + Refining Efficiency Skill * 2%) * (1 + Ore or Ice Processing Skill * 2%) * (1 + Reprocessing Implant %)

    Maximum Yield (nulsec) = 60.48% * (1 + 5 * 3%) * (1 + 5 * 2%) * (1 + 5 * 2%) * (1 + 4%) = 87.52%

  • Skills anchoring citadels in EVE Communication Center

    As far as I know, no skills are required to anchor a citadel or engineering complex.

  • noctis or not want to be noctis no more in EVE Communication Center

    Check the Primae.

  • What is the name of the bronze and black combat suit ??? in EVE Communication Center

    Looks like the Amarr drop-suit for DUST 514.

  • Maximum number of true targeting number of items error in EVE Gameplay Center

    Food for thought: Marauders can lock 13 targets in bastion mode.

  • Strange question in EVE Communication Center

    Kayjay Dee wrote:
    I've recently returned to playing around in EVE however it seems my original character born on date (2006) is preventing me from meeting people or joining corps. Trust issues.


    Stop associating with stupid corps, or overly paranoid corps (typical of w-space corps - they have reasons).

    Kayjay Dee wrote:
    Even basic help questions or requests in local lead to the same problems. "it's a trap don't help him".

    Nothing good ever come of talking in local.


    I often help people complete the SoE mission by advertising in local, or responding to calls for assistance.

    In my alliance, CO2, it isn't odd to have someone call-out for assistance in local. ["There is an NPC dread in this mining belt. Could someone please come kill it." or "There is a wormhole in this system. Could someone please probe it." or "Does anybody need help salvaging?" etc]

    Kayjay Dee wrote:
    What would you do as a noob with an old 77mill sp char that you dont know how to use?

    Join an active group, that has plenty of people to mentor you, and would be thrilled to have you.

    Have you tried: Dreddit, Brand Newbros, Brave Newbies Inc., or even EVE University?

    There are even zero-qualification groups like: Pandemic Horde, Karma Fleet.

    I joined Circle-of-Two about a month ago. I'm somewhat of a nulsec newbie, but I'm not shy about asking in alliance chat or corp chat for help. It is one of the perks of being with a larger group.

    I arrived in nulsec with barely an ISK to my name. "Join Fleet", I'm told. "I can't. I don't own any doctrine ships yet." I'm then asked, "What would you like to do?", and I reply "I want to try Logistics eventually." So I'm given a doctrine-fit Guardian (some 400 million ISK or so, I guess), which I can pilot but have never used before, and told to join fleet and ask the logi guys in their channel about anything I need to know. I initially messed-up when I misunderstood the cap-chain command "Feed cap to the two below you", and one of them (alphabetical order logi pilots after me) was a cap-stable Oneiros. Did I get yelled at or anything? Nope. I was simply instructed by the logistics FC to feed cap to two named other Guardian pilots. No muss. No fuss. Learning by doing.

  • Ice Harvesting Drones idling after few cycles in EVE Gameplay Center

    Bug report, and post in 119.3 - Issues (PC)

  • Newbie looking for Corp to join in EVE Communication Center

    Also the reddit group:


  • Trying to learn, just starting out in EVE Communication Center

    When all else fails, ask us! Blink

  • Where does the game save settings to? in EVE Communication Center

    Scroll-down to "Backing Up Profiles":


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