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  • Planetary Interaction Factory Planets in EVE Communication Center

    Personally, I'd prefer to farm P2 and then wait until I find convenient wormholes to ship it all to market. But assuming you've run the numbers (and included import/export taxes), then what you have suggested can and does work. Just be aware that you are very much at the mercy of the markets, and a change in prices can turn your profit into a loss. This is why I prefer extraction - while my profits might drop, they never turn negative.

    If you like this approach, by the way, consider manufacturing as well. It's the same thing, really. You buy mats off the market, and try to turn them into something you can sell at a profit.

  • WTS C1 with low sec static and Astrahus in EVE Marketplace


  • WTS C1 with low sec static and Astrahus in EVE Marketplace

    J114905 is a solid little system with a low sec static and good PI. As a C1, it's going to primarily of interest to players new to w-space, or to those looking to set up PI or industry alts.

    My citadel is the only active structure (there are a number of dead sticks), and although I do not own the POCOs, they all have very reasonable tax rates (about 5%, if I recall correctly).

    PM me with offers, if interested.

  • some PVP advice in EVE Communication Center

    While that part of my blog (see sig) is pretty dated, that's basically how I started out. I called it 'the Punisher Plan', and the blog was a learning journal of every fight with those first 20 Punishers.

    By the time I had lost the last Punisher, I'd earned a spot with the Tuskers, so it seemed to work for me!

  • How to get re-started. in EVE Communication Center

    Interesting. You and Sulei don't share any corp history, but the Tuskers have historically been happy to help new players learn to pvp. There are many examples of us blowing someone up and then inviting them to come roaming with us. Pirate

    Checks killboard: https://zkillboard.com/kill/20856865/

    Yep. That's probably what happened, back in 2011.

  • Could someone point me in the right direction with PI in EVE Gameplay Center

    I would have thought you could be doing much more with your planet than that.

    With skills at IV, and assuming a 24ish hour cycle, you could be running six basic factories and three advanced factories on a decent PI planet. That's basically the gold standard.

    Of course, longer cycles, or poorer planets, mean needing more extractor heads, which force you to drop some factories. That's fine, but it does mean that you are only making about 66% of your potential income with this setup.

    When I run direct to P2 planets, I tend to use a 't' formation.

    Resource 1


    Resource 2

    Extractor, Basic, Advanced, and Spaceport, obviously.

    This is an efficient link setup (although no more so than any number of other decent arrangements), but because direct to P2 colonies tend to sit between two different resource hotspots, I get a little more coverage by stretching the 'arms' between the two hotspots, as shown.

    You may want to check out my blog (see sig) for some PI posts. In particular, I've got some posts comparing P2 production to P3 production, including the pros and cons of each. They should all have the 'planetary interaction' tag, so you don't need to wade through the pvp stuff if you don't want to.

  • Can I access my assets in a citadel after I was locked out? in EVE Communication Center

    Linus Gorp wrote:
    Taurean Eltanin wrote:
    Archibald Thistlewaite III wrote:

    You can move your stuff to a location you do have access to.

    Unless that citadel is an a wormhole. In which case it will be a location that everyone has access to. Pirate

    Asset safety also works in wormholes. The stuff just won't be moved, but will instead be ejected into a can on the citadel.

    Which would be the 'location that everyone has access to' that I mentioned. But yes, the standard 'there is no asset safety in wormholes' is not strictly true, even if it is functionally true in most cases.

  • Can I access my assets in a citadel after I was locked out? in EVE Communication Center

    Archibald Thistlewaite III wrote:

    You can move your stuff to a location you do have access to.

    Unless that citadel is an a wormhole. In which case it will be a location that everyone has access to. Pirate

  • Can I access my assets in a citadel after I was locked out? in EVE Communication Center

    You can contract them to someone who still has access rights and they can haul them out for you.

  • How to get re-started. in EVE Communication Center

    Well, you can check out my blog (see sig), in particular my posts starting from around September, when I too came back to the game after a long absence.

    What I ended up doing was joining faction warfare for a while. You make a little isk, and you lose some cheap ships. Eventually it all comes back to you.

  • Trying to maximise my passive isk/ph. in EVE Communication Center

    As a general rule, skill point farming characters need to be the 'main' character on the account. PI farming characters can happily be 2nd/3rd characters on an account.

    So an ideal money making account would be a skill farming main with PI skills, plus two more PI characters. Of course, there is a time and ISK cost to getting this set up, but you'll turn a tidy profit from that once everything is running smoothly.

  • Best legal way to turn US$10 into ISK? in EVE Communication Center

    There are two ways of looking at this.

    The first is to see what you can buy from CCP with $10, and how much you can sell it for in game. This gives you an amount of capital to play with. An example of this would be buying skill extractors and selling them on the market.

    The second approach is to buy a one month subscription and use it to train skills that generate an income. An example of this would be training PI skills to III on three characters across your account. With a small additional ISK injection at the end of the first month (because some of those characters will have just finished training their skills), you can probably then generate enough income each month to maintain Omega status (and all the benefits that flow from that).

    In the long run, the second approach is more profitable. But the rewards are delayed, and sometimes you just want cash right now.

  • Mining (ore) in wormholes in EVE Gameplay Center

    If you roll your static and then DO NOT WARP to the new signature, there is no K162 generated for a certain minimum period. It therefore cannot be accessed from the other side, and your system is locked down until the K162 is generated, or a new signature spawns.

  • Advice for a begginer in EVE Communication Center

    Well, why not try out everything?

    While Eve is serious business, it's still just a game at the end of the day. Pursue the things you like and enjoy, and stop doing them when you no longer like and enjoy them.

    Now that we have the hippy-dippy baloney out of the way, let's talk strategy.

    First, everything in Eve is more fun with friends. Seriously consider joining a corp. Eve Uni is welcoming to new players, and won't require you to narrow your focus, but if you decide to go in a particular direction, there are numerous other options. Faction Warfare for pvp, for example, or Brave Newbies for null sec.

    Second, everything in Eve is easier with ISK. Think hard about developing a skill set that brings you in cash. Make sure this is something you enjoy, or at least don't hate, as you will do A LOT of this. Mining is easy, but dull. Exploration is exciting and rewarding, but the income is erratic. Mission running lets you develop your combat skills. And so on.

    With a good corp, and a fat wallet, you are half way to winning Eve.

  • Review this PI setup and advise, please in EVE Gameplay Center

    Beast of Revelations wrote:
    Then level 5 upgrades will be one of my near-future trains.

    How long does it take to fill up your spaceports?

    For wormhole PI, this is the wrong question. The right question is: 'Is it safe to make a collection run?'.

    I collect product every 3-4 days when I know that there are no wandering wormholes leading to my system and I have no 'visitors'. That's more often than I need to, but I don't ever want to be in a position where I have to make a run despite the possibility of being intercepted.

    That's the main reason I went back to P2 production (at a slight loss); being forced to make that daily run to fuel the P3 factory meant losing Epithals from time to time (but not product - as soon as the bubble goes up you dump everything into the POCO).

    You wouldn't wait to the last minute to refuel your POS, and you shouldn't wait to the last minute to collect your PI.

  • Exploration Career in Lowsec in EVE Communication Center

    Your fit looks pretty reasonable. Other than using Sisters of Eve Core Scanner Probes and training your skills (which I appreciate are capped as an alpha clone) there is not too much more you can do.

    That said, you can speed things up by fitting more scanning mods (alpha clones can fit two, I believe) and then using a station or mobile depot to switch to your analyzers after you have scanned down the signatures. But as the mod you are not using only affects scanning speed, it won't help you scan down something you otherwise couldn't.

    Some signatures are harder to scan than others, though, and what you've got ought to let you scan down most things. I have an alpha clone scanning alt for w-space emergencies, and I've not encountered much she can't pin down eventually.

    Oh, and you could also look into skill hardwiring implants, assuming those are available to alpha clones.

  • How to get money fast. in EVE Communication Center

    Smileysimle D'zev wrote:
    Elena Thiesant wrote:
    Side note: What do you plan to do with that Talos? Because it's not a general use ship.
    I want to use it to protect miner oporations in wh or lowsec. Maybe to some missions too. I'm also thinkng of a 4 railgun 4 blaster fit. If there is a better ship to this with, please tell me.

    Okay, this clearly a troll post.

  • Multiple Character Training or new sub? in EVE Communication Center

    Alpha/Omega status affects all characters on an account. So if I train up two PI alts, for example, I can pay for one account, but benefit from three Omega clones, generating a nice PI income.

    If I were to put those characters on separate accounts, I would need to pay continuously for those accounts as I would lose access to the PI skills if those accounts revert to Alpha status.

    So if I want to train certain specific skills on a character, and then not train that character any further, it makes sense to train them on the same account as my main, so that (once training is complete) there are no additional costs for using that character, because I would be paying for Omega status on my main account anyway.

    In other words, training on a separate account is cheaper (especially if you use a buddy invite to create the account), but you are committed to paying for the account in the long term. MCT is more expensive at first, but once you have finished training the skills you want, that character is essentially free.

  • A Question for PVP People: How do YOU fund your Internet spaceships? in EVE Communication Center

    PI. This is a link to a blog post comparing two different PI systems. You don't need to understand the difference, but seeing the actual numbers (around 3 billion ISK per month per account) can be useful.

    Some caveats. First, I'm doing wormhole PI, and while some quiet null sec or low sec systems can hit those numbers, high sec, generally, cannot. Second, you need to be an Omega character to even start training those skills, which is an issue for some people. You probably need about a month to get three characters to III skills, and another two months to get those characters to level IV skills, which is where the money is.

  • Faction warfare/military career in EVE Communication Center

    I congratulate you on your career choice; FW is a great way of getting into pvp. You might want to check out my blog (see sig), especially from around September, as I was doing some FW stuff that you might find interesting.

    But really, you have a lot of work ahead of you. That's not a bad thing; it's what makes Eve such a deep game with such a long term attraction.

    First of all, don't start off by looking for fights. Get some cheap, evasive ships - kiting Condor's are a good choice for Caldari - and run some defensive plexes. This will do a couple of things for you:

    1) It will give you some LP so that you can fund the many, many ships that you will lose;
    2) It will teach you the 'plex mechanics that dominate faction warefare;
    3) It will get you used to operating in FW low sec;
    4) It will ease you into the FW community; and
    5) It will teach you what the 'other guy' is doing when you get to the point that you want to start jumping into occupied 'plexes.

    Do that for a while, and look for a FW corp to join, as they can show you the ropes much more thoroughly that we can on the forums. Also, this game is more fun with friends.

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