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  • nullsec and lowsec // carebear systems in EVE Communication Center

    It's a legacy decision. Keep in mind there was no w-space when the game released. I'm not sure that they would make that same call if the game were released again today.

    As it is, changing it would cause a fundamental shift in the way things work, which would be very disruptive. I suspect changing the relevant coding would also be a challenge.

    Edit: There is so much that can be done with this.

    It would make total sense for low sec to have no local channel, but perhaps in FW space there is a forced local that captures everyone except pilots from the controlling militia. And null sec would have no local channel by default, but sov holders could install some kind of comms array that creates a forced local channel, which would be part of their defense network. That would make for some interesting game-play variations.

  • Solo play does it exists anymore? in EVE Communication Center

    Ptraci wrote:
    So many people have made that assumption. Usually right before they get evicted. So how is J114905?

    In all fairness, I've made no effort to cover my tracks - I've even gone as far as publish the system number I live in on my blog. I'm fully aware that, like anyone in w-space, my hole is my own only until someone bigger comes along and decides that I have something they want. Which is why I make sure that I never have anything worth the hassle of bashing a large POS in a C1 sitting around in w-space. Pirate

    My point is I don't know where I'm going to be tomorrow, which makes it very difficult for someone else to know where I'm going to be tomorrow.

    If the OP is looking to shake some people following them around, w-space seems like it has something to offer. And unlike me, the OP could be far more nomadic if they wanted, flying a T3 with a mobile depot around, refitting on the fly.

    You know, that actually sounds kinda cool...

    And Vanaheim is working out quite nicely, thank you. Decent PI income to support my idiot losses. Most recently that would be discovering Ghost Sites for the first time (with my face) and getting ganked hauling fuel because I'm still training for T2 haulers.

  • Solo play does it exists anymore? in EVE Communication Center

    Have you considered moving into a wormhole?

    I live in a C1 with a lowsec static. This means that every 24 hours I'm in a completely different part of New Eden. I imagine that would make it fairly difficult for anyone trying to track me, and because of the mass limitations on a C1, they can't even bring any big stuff to my home system.

  • Let's talk about Suitonia's suggestions to improve FW in EVE Gameplay Center

    LouHodo wrote:
    My major issue with FW is it feels hollow.

    There is no real lasting effect on the rest of the universe. It is like fighting a war that no one cares about and has no effect on anything you know.

    If I capture a system with my corp mates, it has NO effect on the rest of the faction. Not like the Minmatar or the Amaar gain or lose a system that effects anything. There is no coverage of the FW in anything for the games news. There is MORE news on some 5 man corp going to war with another 5 man corp than anything to do with FW.

    CCP has given us null sec for wars that actually impact the people involved. FW is intentionally static, so that people can relax and find fights. Otherwise, the wars would have ended long ago, as one side in each conflict became dominant and crushed the other. We don't want the Caldari State going the way of Band of Brothers, for example.

  • Small vs. large WH (solo wh living) in EVE Gameplay Center

    Terrorfrodo wrote:
    If you close all open holes, as you should, then a big system is better. Without a new sig, nobody can come in unseen, so you are safe. If there is a new sig, they may be out of range, so have no way to know you are there, but you do know that there may be danger because you see the new sig.

    In a C4 or C5 where you farm with a Marauder and/or are scrammed by sleepers, this is most important. If the incoming hunter does not see you when entering system, he'll go through the usual routine first and you'll have enough time to exit bastion mode or kill scrammers after you see the new signature. If he sees you immediately, you'll probably have no chance.

    C3s shouldn't have so many holes open all the time, having just the one static. Sure, it happens, but not like every day. Some holes are also easy to close, like the X702 from Hisec with only 1b mass.

    It helps to keep the system bare of content, so farm regularly. If there are no sites, or just one or two, people connecting to your system may even close the hole for you because your system is useless to them.

    This. A 'well groomed' wormhole is far less likely to be camped or to have someone else put up a POS when you are not looking.

  • Tons of Bugs in PI since last deployment in EVE Communication Center

    Amanda Creire-Geng wrote:
    Taurean Eltanin wrote:
    It's also great how distances smaller than most people can judge or control have a meaningful impact on the efficiency of your colony via the link cost mechanic. Try as I might, I just can't get all my (supposedly right next to each other) factories to be the same distance apart, and thus have the same link cost. Even just getting close often means placing and deleting the factory multiple times.

    Place your structures in a honeycomb pattern, starting with 3 in a triangle formation, and then adding any new structures so that they're always adjacent to 2 already existing ones. Maximizes your link efficiency with relatively little effort, and it looks pretty, too.

    Technically, any side-by-side arrangement will work just as well. I tend to use lines because I do P2 production, and that lets me stretch my extractor control heads towards the two different hot-spots without spending any extra link.

    My problem is that the difference between 'overlapping, can't build' and 'minimum possible distance, most efficient use of link' is smaller than the smallest movement my hand/mouse is capable of making. So I have to keep going back and trying again and again until through pure luck I manage to hit something close to the minimum.

  • Tons of Bugs in PI since last deployment in EVE Communication Center

    It's also great how distances smaller than most people can judge or control have a meaningful impact on the efficiency of your colony via the link cost mechanic. Try as I might, I just can't get all my (supposedly right next to each other) factories to be the same distance apart, and thus have the same link cost. Even just getting close often means placing and deleting the factory multiple times.

    I have noticed that despite having Planetology and Advanced Planetology at IV, I'm now seeing large discrepancies between what I'm told I will extract and what I actually extract. Sometimes this difference is in the order of several thousand units per hour. I'm now having to set, check, and reset all my extractor heads multiple times, now, when I was not having to previously.

  • C1 in EVE Marketplace

    These days there are not a lot of those.

    Under the POS system, an inactive player would have their POS run out of fuel, and the contents looted. Under the Citadel system, you don't have any good way of knowing if the system is active or not, and since taking out a citadel is a multi-day exercise, they tend to sit there until someone else moves in and decides to knock it down. At no point during that chain of events does the system look empty.

    So you may want to consider taking a chance with a 'lightly occupied' system. I did, and it worked out well.

  • New(ish) bros, Would this work? in EVE Gameplay Center

    And that, boys and girls, is why you don't shield tank a Stratios. I know it feels oh-so-clever to ignore the armor tanking bonus, but you are going to feel oh-so-silly when you die in a 2v1 to a T1 battlecruiser.

    Congratulations on the solo kill. No other video game is going to give the shakes the way Eve pvp does. And for a number of reasons, w-space pvp is the most intense pvp Eve has to offer most players.

    Don't feel too bad about the 'view in planet mode' thing. When I made that mistake it cost me a full set of Halos. Ugh

  • Pls tell me which blockade runner in EVE Communication Center

    Blockade runners in general are a poor choice for delivering bulky items. My suggestion would be to base out of a quiet low sec system with a high sec connection. Have your alt deliver ships to high sec. You then collect the ships you need, as you need them. Or simply haul them that final jump when it's quiet.

    Worked pretty well for me when I was based out of Hevrice.

  • Life in Lowsec - How to start? in EVE Communication Center

    I live in a wormhole with a low sec static connection, so I get to see pretty much all of low sec on a revolving basis. And the different regions are very, very different.

    So my advice would be to start by figuring out what your priorities are, and what you want out of low sec. Black Rise, for example, is super busy, and is part of the faction warfare zone. Great for an FW corp, less great for people who just want to run sites or mine.

    Khanid, on the other hand, is almost always empty. System after system of nothing. If you want to be left in peace, you could do much worse than Khanid. But you may find that a little boring...

    Why not go on some roams? Get into some light, cheap, fast ships, and run around low sec looking for a spot you like.

  • How to transer commodities to planet in EVE Communication Center

    Generally, you want to avoid P3 manufacture until you have five colonies. Until then, P2 production is more efficient.

    This is because you need at least four different P0 sources for your final P3 product. Five planets gives you one for each P0 and one for the factory planet. At fewer planets you are asking some of your planets to harvest more than one resource, which requires multiple extractor control heads. These are VERY resource intensive, and not having to have multiples is what makes the standard five planet arrangement more efficient than simply making P2.

    Remember - a factory planet means giving up an entire planet worth of resource harvesting in favour of refining, and that only works out when the overall effect is to allow your other planets to harvest more effectively. And as soon as you add a second extractor control head, you are better off ditching the factory planet and just working on P2 production.

    Here is a comparison of P2 v P3 production, and you will see that the numbers are very close.

  • Medium ship mass wormhole rolling question in EVE Gameplay Center

    Others have dropped hints about doing this more easily than you would expect.

    Does prop mod mass, for example, not get taken into account for the purposes of entering the wormhole? So can you have an 'effective mass' of more than 20 million kg, as long as you have a 'ship mass' of less than or equal to that amount?

  • New(ish) bros, Would this work? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Congratulations on the kill. And on making your money back so fast. Fun in Eve is good. Sustainable fun in Eve is better.

    I think the HS static is a good choice, to be honest. And if nothing else the C2 will give you constant exposure to other wormholes in case you decide you want something quieter. Best of luck to you both.

  • WTS C2 with c3 and HS static in EVE Gameplay Center

    Wrong forum.

  • New(ish) bros, Would this work? in EVE Gameplay Center

    EOLOS TRYUA wrote:
    guys actually i m newbie wormholler to and living c3's and travelling, but taurean pı theory's really interesting and really experinced player about wh's and pi. if u want we can crate new public channel for this and we can communicate easier than here. Taurean can u do that for us or i missed any channel created for this purpose?

    In the nicest possible way, when I'm actually in game I really don't want to be talking about PI. I'm looking at roam maps, system maps, and my D-scan in the hopes of generating non-consensual explosions. I'm already monitoring local, intel, corp, alliance, fleet, and corp public chat channels, as well as the corp slack account and voice comms; yet another channel to monitor is not my idea of a good time.

    So for me, forums work best because I can check in every now and then and see what's been happening. I can take time to answer, and that's alright.

    That shouldn't stop you from starting a channel, though. I'm told that people with social skills enjoy that sort of stuff. Pirate

    I can create a channel for New Wormholers where we can share our fails and any experienced players can join and share advice?

    We moved in 2 days ago and we are having a blast!

    Nice! Did you use that C3 I sent you, or did you end up going with something else. How's it working out so far?

  • WH Corp / activity / politics advice. in EVE Gameplay Center

    I agree that your expectations are not very realistic. They simply don't take into account how pvp corps generally, and w-space corps in particular, actually work.

    By expecting the corp to fight with caps, you have automatically excluded all the corps based in low class wormholes. And C2s are the most popular system for pvp corps!

    Your expectations regarding typical fleet sizes runs into a wall when you consider actual w-space mechanics. You think 30 guys can cruise around in caps and never have a wormhole close on them? Even battleship fleets can run into difficulties, and tend to be used only for system defense.

    Pvp corps of any kind go where the fights are in the ships that generate fights. That typically means fast, light ships that look engageable, and that are good at catching things. Rather than running around in a massive blob, we spread out, only forming fleets when necessary.

    Might there be some C4-6 based large corps that do what you want? Possibly, although that level of organisation (managing a 30 man cap fleet, etc) tends to be the opposite of 'chill'. It sounds to me like you are actually looking for a null sec corp that occassionally crashes a wormhole when one is handy.

  • New(ish) bros, Would this work? in EVE Gameplay Center

    With just two Mallers you probably could do it, but it would take longer than it should. Probably better to keep looking for a C1.

  • Are people gone from WHs in EVE Gameplay Center

    Liafcipe9000 wrote:
    Kosomot wrote:
    Edward Harris wrote:
    Eve is dying, folks

    Eve is Dying(tm)

    there i fixed that for you.

    EVE is Dying™


    Okay, that was just showing off. Lol

  • Fifteen minutes of fun in EVE Communication Center

    Faction warfare.

    Pick a busy system. Jump into a 'plex. Wait for the fight to happen.

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