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  • The vexor's name. in EVE Communication Center

    OP, I had similar questions a while back and did some searching. I was trying to figure out what Earth plants and creatures exist in New Eden, for super-nerd fanfic purposes. Here's a list of ship and items names and where they come from. Your list matches mine, pretty much.
    Some notes:
    -I see now that Velator is not on the list. At the time I think I found something like Latin, 'traveling merchant.'
    -Right, Tristan is Sir Tristan from the King Arthur stories and Tristan und Isolde.
    -Thrasher is actually a bird, in the bug-hunting shrike family.

    If you post the same question over in EVE Fiction, you might get some more thorough responses from us resident otaku types.

  • Outer Rim watering Hole in EVE Communication Center

    Stopped at this backwater station, because tired as hell. Not because of any dramatic combat or explosions. Getting into a new clone takes care of that. Because has been moving his pile of accumulated junk from Hek to Rens. Solo. What the heck, all of your friends suddenly get busy on moving day? Well, it's a tried and true universal law: Moving day is what separates your good friends that are unreachable from your even better friends that spend all day help you doing the dread deed of packing and moving. Also, the corollary to the law: If you own a big hauler, watch for hints and clues about moving. Lest you unexpectedly spend all day some Saturday being the primary truck on a moving op. No way to say no, once you're tackled, hand to hand.

    "Outer Rim watering hole." Hmm.... Looks like just the place for a grog after a laborious day melting junk into minerals, unfitting ships, trying not lose one's arse while doing that, and slow shuttling back and forth between Hek and Rens. Could use a couple of fermented or distilled beverages, then offf to bed. No drama (even though this is a kazillion ISK space station (Who am I kidding except myself? There's always drama in station bars, but maybe this time. Just a fermented beverage, relaxation spot on the way to standard hotel captain's quarters).

    Walks in, eyes take second to adjust to the dark. A Gallente buff commando-type at the bar, talking to barkeep with a mechanical arm at an awkward angle. Strangely relaxed and charismatic Amarr guy-- in a hood-- there too. WTH? Pan across this tableau to the next immediate eye attraction point-- incredibly HOT GIRL, over the right, alone and diddling around with a beverage glass and a little stir straw. Pans back-- yeah, she must have come with the strangely open Amarr dude. Ah crap, this was just supposed to a winding down and relax stop, on the way to CQ. No drama. Right?

  • Faction Warfare Plexs. in EVE Communication Center

    I can imagine that crafting stories about navy ships and their crews would be pretty bleak. It's one thing if there's a full-blown war between states going on, as in The Empyrean Age. But just patrolling plexes and getting blown up in space, ship after ship--
    that's hard to work into a reasonable backstory. Of course, some crew members do escape in crew escape pods. Maybe the crews in plex defense ships are especially quick about abandon ship procedures? : ) They know it's coming and probably inevitable, after all. Maybe the navies have established crew escape pod rescue patrols? There could be a story in there maybe? Navy plex personnel and navy "coast guard" rescue personnel. Might have to be either an absurd humor story, or a pretty grim story.

    (BTW, I have some FW lossmails with navy NPCs on them, along with the capsuleer(s). At least once, the extra DPS from the NPC in a close solo vs. solo fight. The fight wasn't close enough for the NPC damage to be what decided the outcome, but... it wasn't welcome, and the invading capsuleer died and the defending navy ship and same-faction capsuleer survived. So maybe something there?)

  • Is Guiding Hand Social Club still active? in EVE Communication Center

    Along the same lines, who could ever know where the Smiling Friends Social Club are, out there in the cluster and interspersed among the player populations?

  • Volunteering for New Eden Correspondents? in EVE Communication Center

    Could NEC members let us know what's involved in volunteering? Personally, I'd be interested in helping with organizing the new Fiction Portal. My own specific questions:
    -What duties are involved?
    -Can volunteers pick which areas they want to help in?
    -How much time commitment is needed (e.g., hours per week).
    -How to volunteer (whom to contact)?

  • Choice of race based on Lore identification. in EVE Communication Center

    ISD Archetys Traum wrote:

    In response to Victoria’s call for assistance in compiling a Minmatar lore compendium can we direct you to the new EVE fiction portal. Those of us in the newly formed New Eden Correspondents (NEC – combining Mercury with the Interstellar Correspondents) share the same desire for something that will bring all elements together as well as continue to present new, enriching resources. I’d also plug the ISD itself here and ask you to consider applying to NEC if this is something you’d consider contributing to long term.

    Archetys, could you let us know more about what's involved in being an NEC volunteer? It sounds interesting and I'd like to join in, if the time commitment isn't too huge. So as not to further sidetrack this thread, I've created a Volunteering for New Eden Correspondents? thread here in EVE Fiction.

  • Choice of race based on Lore identification. in EVE Communication Center

    Victoria, thank you much for that excellent article! As you said, going through all of those sources would have involved suiciding a lot of free time. And that's assuming anyone would find all of them. I hope you save that article for sharing again.

    I'd agree with your final conclusion regarding the existence of psychic forces, the paranormal or spirits in New Eden-- maybe, but probably not. Partly because I don't think it's likely that the writers who originally developed the lore believed in the existence of such things themselves. The various old Chronicles stories point to a kind of grimly realist, existentialist outlook. And the whole Amarr church + slavery thing kind of hints at cynicism toward RL organized religion and believers subjecting themselves to the control of superstition.

    And, as you said, the lore is pretty artfully vague about with things such as the Tulraug are the result of spirit, technology, hallucination/mental suggestion, or just myth. But to me, it seems that the writers are ever so slightly hinting that it is technology, combined with the power of suggestion and group belief.

    So, for my little story, I suppose I'll try to copy that model. An event may appear to be paranormal or spiritual. But elsewhere in the story, there may be a little event that could put that in doubt, so that the event may have just been a normal cause and effect result after all. Mission accomplished-- thank you!

  • Choice of race based on Lore identification. in EVE Communication Center

    Victoria Grey wrote:
    Ah that makes sense. Thanks for pointing me to that page, most of my reading from that website had been about the Elders and the Vherokior.

    At some point, I've been meaning to make a call out to anyone interested in helping me compile all the CCP and player created lore and RP resources from language(s) excerpts, to spirits, to geography, to legends, to rituals, to "day-in-the-life-of-a-___" into a sort of Minmatar lore compendium or something. We see so much about Caldari (from their structure, the personalities of every CEO, to their language), Gallente (from the member races, to in depth military practices and ranks, to the structure of their entertainment sector), and Amarr (from the succession of the royal families, the secret orders of governments, to practices and families of holders and various religious rules) lore but yet it's a little harder to piece together Matari lore as it's all kind of scattered about. I'd like to remedy that.

    That's really great. I'd love to see a kind of encyclopedia or sources list for Matari lore.

    Regarding the animistic beliefs, a question: What does everything think about mystical events in New Eden? For example, clairvoyance, psychic premonitions, that kind of thing. On the one hand, it seems that the lore only supports a physical universe-- purely cause and effect within ordinary physics, "supernatural" things do not exist.

    But on the other hand, the Minmatar are animistic, and they have professional shamans.* And at the same time, the Minmatar are advanced scientists and engineers, and able to build space stations, stargates, and design FTL ships that are competitive with those of the other three races . If the animistic and shamanistic beliefs produce no observable results, arguably an advanced technological/scientific society would stop believing in them.

    (In a way, the same is true for Amarr and their church and religion. But it's a little different. The lore hints that Amarr religion is a kind of opiate of the masses, and also a means for unifying the Empire and helping the power elite keep themselves in control. But animism and shamanism are different. There's no church, tithes, religious hierarchies, or written doctrines. They are just home and hearth beliefs that people hold, or don't hold. So the politics and power motivation isn't much there. So it would seem that they exist only because Matari individuals, families, and communities choose to continue to believe in those beliefs. Is it because of just stubborn superstition, or because 'supernatural' things do happen in New Eden?)

    I ask because I've got a story plot in mind. If shamanistic intuitions/foresight exist in New Eden, it will go one way. But if not, it has to go another way. (Which probably is not near as interesting. I've got a vested interest in what everybody thinks. Smile)

    *There's a two- or three-stage agent mission that involves retrieving a shaman hermit.

  • DEVs in EVE Communication Center

    CCP Falcon is overall lore manager. But he's also the general community development manager, so he has to run around dealing with P.R. announcements, attending local gatherings, all kinds of stuff. But he started as an Eve writer, and he's a fiction writer and loyal fellow writer supporter at core. Falcon and co-conspirators very likely comes up with the themes for the various seasonal ingame events, and the evolving plot of the backstory.

    CCP Delegate Zero's main job is as a game designer-developer. But he also writes Chronicles that move the lore forward and give hints about how various ingame clues tie together. In a kind of byzantine and baroque style, with sly references to ingame things and hints pointing to possible inferences intertwined into them. He's another supporter of fiction writers who write within the Eve milieu.

    Both Falcon and Delegate Zero are sly dogs, and crafty. They don't just lay it out for quick and obvious digestion by the masses. And they're just two of the most prominent writers. :)

  • The CCP storyline is not your friend. in EVE Communication Center

    FW kind of has the best of both: the RPing loyalty to a fictional faction, and the in-game ship explosions. And if you hang around in FW awhile, you may become loyal to your fellow system-capturing and enemy FW-shooting teammates. And a little hostile to your rivals on the enemy faction’s team. Who happen to be your fictional faction's arch-enemies.

  • Dev blog: New EVE Fiction Portal Launches in EVE Information Center

    'Patience, me pretties.'
    -Wicked Witch of the East
    If flying monkeys can be a little patient while things get fine-tuned, we can too, right?. Smile

    We need a sticky over on EVE Fiction forum. Going there next....

    o7 and thanks ye guys

  • Dev blog: New EVE Fiction Portal Launches in EVE Information Center

    Thanks for this!

  • New Eve fiction portal in EVE Communication Center

    Looks very nice. In case anyone missed it, here's the dev blog announcement.

  • How Can I Submit a Short Story for Eve? in EVE Communication Center

    Bataav wrote:
    Post it in the Fiction Forum.

    Right, Fiction Forum for posting fiction, or asking lore questions before writing, or getting feedback after posting. Also check out Backstage fiction + fiction discussion for additional inspiration. Eve Fiction for across the whole player base (good), Backstage for hanging with writer community (also good).

  • How do you think the speak? in EVE Communication Center

    According to the Language Translators Chronicle, there is no common language in New Eden. All different groups speak different languages, and can't understand each other without interpreters. The exception is pod pilots. Their ships have translator modules, which translate any written or spoken language into the pilot's preferred language, and transmit it to their minds via the pod neural interface. But if they're outside their pods, they're just like everyone else-- they don't know what someone is saying unless they speak that language.

    (This gets overlooked in Eve fiction, maybe even in the Chronicles or official novels themselves. Seems the multilingual aspect could add some color to a story. What's it like with people speaking X number of languages in Jita 4-4?)

  • Code got robbed? Can anybody confirm this? in EVE Communication Center

    I thought loyalanon got permabanned awhile back?

  • Amore Tank you Hearts fiction writing contest in EVE Communication Center

    Some of these works so beautiful!

  • RvB moves ‘home’ – 100% New Management Team in EVE Communication Center

    RVB has given a lot of us some really great times. Perfect stepping stone for people who've kind of mastered EVE's pve intro, and are looking for some low-commitment pvp.

  • What are you listening to today? in EVE Communication Center

    When you need a really just fine jamming song: The Stranglers, 'The Raven'

  • Average wage in ISK? 💰 in EVE Communication Center

    This old thread discussed and did calculations based on the ISK price of Wheat, Tobacco, etc. Some of the posts are pretty well thought out. One poster's conclusion: Average planetside annual salary is approx. 1,400 ISK. Another one's: Space station resident's daily food cost is maybe .02 - 3 ISK.

    This thread from 2012 links to an EVE News story saying: "To put this in perspective, an average family living on a planet might, in the course of a lifetime, accrue savings of about 10,000 isk." (The link doesn't work though-- it goes to the current edition of EVE News).

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