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  • The Like and Get Likes Thread, Renewed in EVE Communication Center

    Erica Dusette wrote:
    Sounds like you were planning something diabolical, Mr Ronin! Shocked

    Kaaeliaa wrote:
    Hey there, good-looking. :3

    'ello lovely ♥/

    Diabolical regarding you? Never dear lady.
    I am just another one of your no doubt numerous smitten fans.
    The heart always aims high and I believe we are better for it. Having pleasant aspirations inspires the internal eternal hope that one day just maybe that special someone might also notice you.

  • Rate the Avatar above you in EVE Communication Center

    Casual confidence is projected with an undertone of responsibility based on the crisp military look with just a hint of swagger. 8 out of 10.

  • The Like and Get Likes Thread, Renewed in EVE Communication Center

    Erica has returned how very nice.

  • What is the avatar above you thinking? in EVE Communication Center

    Yeah I'm a dwarf, you got a problem with that?

  • POSes: I am a small portion of the community in Council of Stellar Management

    Of course no design is final until it's announced and rolled out but thanks so much for sharing the direction of the ongoing work. They are surely on the right track in my opinion. Might have to buy a ticket to fanfest in Iceland when they get this right!

  • Hey there, CSMX in Council of Stellar Management

    How about a monthly or quarterly CSM Twitch EVE round table?

    You could answer questions that have been posted here in the forums.

    I do not want to have to search blogs and podcasts to know what my representatives on the CSM are up to or considering.
    I fly internet spaceships so just tell me what is going on. Thanks!

  • More than 100,000 missing, feared dead after battle over Delve system in EVE Communication Center

    Knowing how many crew are at risk every time a ship explodes gives a new dimension to the gameplay, especially if you like role playing.

    Good to see others making notice of the rest of the inhabitants of New Eden.

  • "Crew Mutiny" (a Video Story created with EVE Online game content) in EVE Communication Center

    lol baseline pilots defeating capsuleers in combat? Now that is real fiction at it's best.

    A mutiny of the crew against a capsuleer would result in a self destruct sequence. The capsuleer would only lose a ship and cargo which we lose everyday if fortune does not smile on us.

    I think a story should be told of how it feels to crew a ship controlled by a distant capsuleer that you never see face to face.

    Capsuleers are rich beyond the working crew member's imagination in most cases and I think the notion of mutiny against someone you could never kill and who has the resources to exterminate your entire bloodline would make it very unappealing for the average crewmember to risk.

    Capsuleers are to be feared.

  • Buffing a 500 dollar play right out of EVE. in Council of Stellar Management

    There will always be an argument as to how much backwards compatibility should be maintained by a company whose product is used by online subscribers for hopefully many years.

    I started EVE as a MAC user and the old upgrades almost always meant a week or two of no access until they got around to fixing the MAC bugs.

    My solution was to not upgrade for the first couple of weeks, that of course is no longer an option. The new more frequent upgrades inspired me to buy a cheapo ACER laptop, which runs EVE quite well, to my great surprise and pleasure.

    My MacBook AIR can not even load EVE which boggles my mind.

    I would like the devs to prioritize thinking about keeping long time subscribers ability to play even if they do not have bleeding edge technology with an eye on backwards compatibility. Perhaps CCP could publish a list of low end computer "fits" that will still work with each new step forward in glitzy releases that happen so often now.

    Logging in requires new patches seemingly on a daily basis and that also reduces the enjoyment that immersing in the EVE gaming experience should be. In this case less might be more CCP.

    The fact that EVE is running on a cheapo ACER laptop means they are doing something very right with the upgrades path, the fact that so many people are having trouble keeping the game going on their computers tells me something is not going so well with how a lot of people have their computers set up to play EVE.

    That is a potential huge problem for CCP that "fits" could address with each release.
    Just a thought because not everyone can or should have to buy a cheapo ACER laptop to keep playing EVE.

  • Hey there, CSMX in Council of Stellar Management

    CSMX it would indeed be nice to hear your thoughts on how things are going from your POV, as much as you are allowed to reveal of course.

    It is always nice to see which CSM members respond to forum questions that are not thinly veiled attacks.

    Legit questions should merit a response time permitting.

    A lot of us rank and file players are in the wait and see mode and it's making us very curious.

  • POSes: I am a small portion of the community in Council of Stellar Management

    Cautiously optimistic CCP might actually implement a good new version of the venerable POS.

    But knowing full well how easy they can screw up good things I will wait and see how the roll out goes.

  • [Petition] Release of The Scope employees in EVE Communication Center

    DED & Concord should not operate "Above the law", I sense a growing threat and would like all the time and information available to prepare.

    I suspect the attempts to maintain public calm have over ridden common sense within the upper echelons of the DED and Concord.

    As capsuleers we all can see a fight is coming. The time has come to organize a "law enforcement auxiliary" that functions as effectively as the Militias do. We capsuleers have to be free and informed to fight the growing threat on the horizon.

    Yes I sign the petition to free the journalists!

    Join me in demanding that DED and Concord organize a "Law Enforcement Auxiliary" made up of volunteer capsuleers that will take the fight to the Jove, Drifters, and whoever else wherever they pop up in New Eden in whatever class ship is required.

  • Wormhole town hall 16th August 22.00 UTC in EVE Gameplay Center

    progodlegend wrote:
    I should be able to attend to help with mediating and to lend a theorycrafting hand.

    I know I'm not the CSM wormhole rep, but I'm a 2nd year CSMer who's been locking horns with CCP on changes like this for over a year now, so I'll pitch in where I can and help guide the conversation towards constructive feed back if need be.

    Sounds like a great town hall meeting, first some want to have only CEOs and Alliance leaders speak and now we'll also have a CSM member moderating to keep us inline to give what he solely determines is "constructive feed back".

    Silly me I imagined a town hall meeting was for all the towns people not just the brass and those who give the politically correct constructive feed back.

    I'll try to be there to listen to what you wise and powerful wizards of oz have to say that impacts all us little insignificant subscribers.

    No doubt any thing I'd have to say would be ignored because I am no CEO and certainly not politically correct. Just a paying subscriber, because I'd ask why are you parading out this massive nerf for small wh corps giving them potentially "lots more risk" without a corresponding "lots more reward"?

    It's not constructive feedback to ask CCP to live up to it's risk vs reward mantra is it?

  • Hyperion Question: Total Number of Wormholes To Increase? in EVE Gameplay Center

    It seems like getting a direct answer from CCP is not too much to ask for, however asking and getting are two different things.

    Thanks for the lack of clarification CCP, it really makes me feel like you do not really check these forums except for the chances to seed the info you want, not the info players/ subscribers want.

    I understand English is not the primary language of most CCP employees but a straight answer would be great, are you creating more systems as well as more connections to the currently existing systems?

  • Hyperion Question: Total Number of Wormholes To Increase? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Lloyd Roses wrote:
    It pretty clearly says 'wormholes', not 'systems'. Read the dev blog for questions.

    Perhaps I misunderstood the dev blog when they said

    "We will be significantly increasing the spawn rate of all the existing wormholes that originate in W-space, as well as adding a whole new class of random wormholes with unique properties."

    Somehow I got the feeling that might mean more wormhole systems. So your belief is that clearly means a whole new class of wormhole entrances to the same existing wormhole systems, thanks for your clarification, My bad!

  • Hyperion Question: Total Number of Wormholes To Increase? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Bob Artis wrote:
    Temba Ronin wrote:
    Rroff wrote:
    AFAIK they mean the wormholes themselves rather than the systems those wormholes lead to - so more wormholes (connections) to the same number of systems.

    You may well be correct. Clarification from CCP would be nice.

    No clarification needed. They are adding more wormhole connections to already exsisting wormholes. This includes:

    • Class 4 wormholes gaining a 2nd static
    • New low jump mass W-space only connections that regenerate and are intended to be nearly impossible to roll.
    • Additional wandering wormholes that connect between W-space systems.

    If you are correct that answers my question. Can you post a link to where you obtained the information, since you are not labeled as a CCP employee?

  • What Should I Use To Kill Sleepers In WH? in EVE Gameplay Center

    To the OP ...... Many thanks for starting this thread!

    To the contributors thanks also. I am having a good time using the different fits on the test server.

    With the Hyperion changes just down the street I'll be ready to try them in the new situations that will come from the changes/ updates.

    I hope my lust for Sleeper loot and wormhole ores can be satisfied with the info you all share here, again thank you all very much.

    Glad to see this got a sticky!!!

  • [Hyperion Feedback Thread] Random WHs and the New Small Ship WHs in EVE Gameplay Center

    Phoenix Jones wrote:
    The point is wormhole space never revolved around frigates. It has always been cruisers , t3's and battlecruisers maxed out for survival.

    Frigate play is an entirely new meta. You want to make wormholers play, you have to give them a way to swap out their heads because of the new meta.

    (This isn't something like a flavor of the month, CCP wants entirely new gameplay in total.
    Smaller ships
    Faster ships
    Cheaper ships

    Wormholers have revolved around the meta of t3's and support for them.

    Highsec, lowsec, nullsec has no issues at all with this because they have both the stations and the facilities to change everything at a moments notice.

    I want people to play with implants in their head, but people are not that risk adverse to risk more than 50 to 100 million isk of implants in a frigate and/or destroyer with the ehp of wet toilet paper.

    I cannot contemplate why I would put on the field my pilot in a interceptor or assault frigate fit at around 50 million isk, when I have a billion isk clone. And the only way to fix that issue and for me to commit something more appropriate to the ship I am flying is to find a space station (goodluck with these holes only having a capable nullsec), that I can dock at, then jump clones (probably halfway across the galaxy) then make my way back in anytype of acceptable timeframe.

    I live in wormholes, let me store my clone in wormholes. And if I get sieged and evicted, I can kiss all my clones in my wormhole goodbye.

    Because I can't see how the hell I'm going to get them out before someone blows up the pos.

    Risk is already there. Reward, blow up my pos.

    Heck I wish I could blow up the space station you keep your pod in.

    You present a good case sir!

    I want CCP to be true to their "Risk Vs. Reward" mantra. They need to keep it economically feasible to run a small corp in a wormhole without going broke. I see a lot of potential more risk, still waiting to see the reward side for small corps that already inhabit wormhole space.

  • Hyperion Question: Total Number of Wormholes To Increase? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Rroff wrote:
    AFAIK they mean the wormholes themselves rather than the systems those wormholes lead to - so more wormholes (connections) to the same number of systems.

    You may well be correct. Clarification from CCP would be nice.

  • [Hyperion Feedback Thread] Random WHs and the New Small Ship WHs in EVE Gameplay Center

    Phoenix Jones wrote:
    Temba Ronin wrote:
    Phoenix Jones wrote:
    Would you commit a billion isk clone to fly a t1 frigate? A t2 frigate? A destroyer? A Interdictor?
    How about a 500 mil isk clone?
    200 mil isk clone?

    Its a frigate, a destroyer.

    We laugh at people who lose multi million isk clones while flying frigates and destroyers.

    You want people to make the commitment to flying lightly armored ships that may explode in moments.. Then allow them to swap clones.

    Else people will flat out say "no I can't I have 600 mil in my head".

    Unless I am mistaken the second rule of EVE is don't fly what you can't afford to lose. The first rule is that no place is truly safe. Did you not understand these two rules when you bought your implants?

    If you have expensive implants it's because you need them for their effect I hope, if you have them for bragging rights only then getting blown up could be very bad for you. If they are functional then they should have paid for themselves many times over by now.

    The third rule of EVE is unless you are the biggest null sec alliance accept your role as prey and no whining, see rules one and two if you are still confused.

    I'll apply the logic.

    Frig roam everybody.

    Half of wormhole space would say. "Sorry applying rule #2. I can't afford to lose my hundreds of millions of isk clone to fly in a stupid fking frig roam using ccp's new frig holes because I have to fly to kspace, find a station, jump clone, fly back, enter wormhole, get into my friga... And you've decided not too because everybody in the wormhole has to do that".

    Scheduling doesn't work because our entrances and exists are random. We may not have a viable kspace to jump clone, and join the roam.

    That is less pew, and no fun.

    Give wormholers the method for swapping their clones in holes and you will see more people committing themselves to smaller frig and dessy roams.

    So what is your point?

    Everybody knows life in a wormhole is not for the faint of heart or of mind. You have to have the guts and the brains to understand the habitat and succeed.

    Do not risk your implants by not roaming , cool, just do not whine about it. Lots of visitors to wormholes swap clones before going in, you freely choose to live there deal with it.

    I think CCP needs to sweeten the pot for wormhole residents, as in more reward for the more risk they are opening. Just saving your expensive implants is not nearly going to sustain small corps when medium to massive frig roams become frequent occurrences, in my humble opinion.

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