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  • Of heroes, villains, Goons, and EVE. in EVE Communication Center

    Satav wrote:

    Let me sum up for everyone else.......... "I hate goons."

    Yes, so do a lot of people in eve.

    This was actually not the point of my post. I think the Goons add something valuable to the game. They add something dispicable, detestable, dare I say villainous. For that I respect them, and in every way defend their existance. Will I do everything in my power to ensure their destruction? Absolutely. But they are not the enemy I'm trying to confront here. That enemy is apathy. It's not to say, "Goons are icky, we should squash them". It is rather to say, "If you want something to change, do something about it."

    Lots of people say they hate Goons. Or gankers. Or Ice miners. So far, the Goons are the only ones acting on it. Goons hate ice miners, so they come out of null sec, buy up ganking ships, and kill ice miners. What do ice miners do? Watch d-scan? Fit a tank? Mine somewhere else? Nope, "CCP should make ganking impossible because I don't like it!". The tools are there. Use merc contracts, fund war decs, PvP alts, avoidance, tanking, survival.

    It's not about Goons, or ice miners. It's about apathy. Less whining, more playing. Innovate, adapt.

  • Of heroes, villains, Goons, and EVE. in EVE Communication Center

    Mirima Thurander wrote:
    At least im not alone in seeing that the biggest problem with eve is the way people are playing it.

    I hate to nitpick semantics, but I think this is an important distinction. There is no wrong way to play EVE (or there shouldn't be). That's the Sandbox. It's not the people who are playing EVE that are the problem, it's the people that are not playing EVE. Most of the things people complain about are things they have the tools to fix themselves. Not using those tools, and whining to CCP is saying, "I don't want to play this game, I want you to make it a different game." There is no reward for apathy, change comes from action. EVE is a wonderful, dynamic, player driven world. You are a player. Drive it.

  • Of heroes, villains, Goons, and EVE. in EVE Communication Center

    5. War Decs.
    If the Sandbox exists, and you can declare war on another corporation, there should also be some way to avoid war. You can always just dock up for a week, but if a war dec can be sustained inevitably, if you have a corp who doesn't want to fight, you prevent them from playing the game. The biggest argument I see against war dec avoidance is the money it costs to dec someone. It doesn't make it impossible to dec someone, it just makes it expensive. And yet there are threads everywhere about how everyone has so much money, high sec is rich, null sec is rich, pirates are rich. If everyone has so much money, and you want to dec someone, who cares how much it costs? If they jump alliances, they no longer have the same support. Dec them again, chase them. If you're doing it for a cause, the cost is irrelevant. If you're just doing it to be an ass, yeah, it should cost you. And obviously, if you can’t afford a legitimate dec, simply see above and suicide gank them.

    6. Boredom in null sec.
    Everyone talks about how the combat in null fuels the economy. They also talk about how they go on long roams and never find anyone to fight. If you look at the map, all of null sec is allied with each other. Here’s an idea: if combat is good, null seccers like fighting and want more targets, UN-ALLY each other. Fight people who like to fight, instead of demanding that CCP move high seccers out for you to pick on. Get the combat engine in Null churning again. Again, blobs are a problem, and so are super caps. Changes are coming to both. Prepare, shatter alliances, pick fights. If you want action, it’s all right there waiting for you. Stop crying and make it happen.
    You want more people in null sec? Give them a reason to move out there. CCP isn’t mandated to supply that reason, YOU supply that reason. As it stands, most offers to move to null sec are scams, traps, or skewed rental deals. That’s not attractive, find something that is. Why are you in null sec? Why did you come? Why don’t you want to leave?
    For those waiting on the changes to go out to null, start preparing. Make a corp, set your sights on a system in null, get funding, people, resources. Move, act, adapt.

    TL:DR - I see so many threads that are basically, "I could fix this problem myself, but I would rather CCP do it for me". Are there things that CCP needs to fix? Yes. But a lot of things PLAYERS could fix. Stop being lazy. You want everything to fall into your hands by the graces of CCP, WoW and Blizzard are --
    Sandbox, people, play or GTFO.

  • Of heroes, villains, Goons, and EVE. in EVE Communication Center

    There are so many topics on Goons, Mittens, and the future survival or destruction of EVE that I'm truly loathe to add another one. But I see so many posts going back and forth on these issues that simply make no sense to me. I'm hoping to drudge up some intelligent, constructive clarifications from players who care. Which is a lofty goal, I know, but bear with me. Big smile

    All of the arguments to follow are premised on the existence of The Sandbox. The Sandbox seems to be at the core of almost all arguments about the game, but in each case twisted to suit the needs of the argument presented. To me, the existence of The Sandbox means that no matter how you want to play the game, you can. For The Sandbox to truly exist, there can be no exceptions to this rule.

    1. Mittens and the Goons.
    There are no CCP created villains in this game. At the risk of using WoW examples, there is no Scourge, no Demons, no raid bosses. There is no force created by the Devs that unites the game in a common cause. And yet, there are the Goons. So reviled and despised are they that the posts they generate here are endless. But the situation as I see it is the equivalent of WoW players saying "Deathwing is ruining our game, ban him!". The number of players who will come to the forums and complain about the Goons soars daily, but ask even one of them to lift so much as a single finger against the Goons, and all you hear is silence. If this is the case, the Goons deserve to rule EVE. They're the only ones who are acting, doing, fighting.

    Now, I hate the Goons. I hate seeing one corporation or alliance with so much power. I hate their policies, the things they say, and their general disposition. But they provide something in this game for players to stand against. For that, I respect them. Goons, step up the interdiction. Stir the masses. Coming here and saying "Goons are poopy heads!" accomplishes nothing. They feed on your tears. Stop crying, and put some effort into it. The Goons are organized, organize a resistance. The Goons have funding, put some money into it. The Apostle, if you hate the Goons, lead fleets against them. Yes, right now SOV mechanics and powerblocs are broken. CCP heard this one, and it’s on the list of fixes. Which makes this the PERFECT time to start preparing. I’ve starting this account with one purpose: getting into null and causing hell for the Goons. Do I have a high sec missioner for funding? You betcha. Did I make a weapon too? You betcha. Watch out Goons. When the time is right, I’m coming for you. Big smile

    2. Goons in the CSM.
    If you don't want Goons in the CSM, vote them out. The key word being VOTE. If getting the Goons out of the CSM isn't important enough for you to find candidates, help gather support for them, vote them in, etc, then it isn't important enough for you to come here whining on the forums hoping someone else will do it for you. The Goons are not a majority. Judging by the voting numbers from the last CSM, they're quite a small part of EVE. Find the rest, gather support.

    3. Ganking.
    There is not a single high sec player I've seen who wants suicide ganking to go away. Suicide ganking should stay in the game. The issue being raised isn't that suicide ganking shouldn't happen, it's that there should be consequences for the ganker. Right now, insurance covers everything, and the bounty system is broken. High sec players don't want you to stop ganking, they just want you to pay for it. Which is exactly as it should be, even according to the gankers. Gankers say, "no risk, no reward". With insurance payouts, there is no risk to the ganker, and yet they reap large rewards. Low sec status simply isn’t that big of a threat.
    And even if it were, there is no mechanic for lots of players to fight back. Some say, “oh just go hop into a combat ship and come back for them”. “Oh, what’s that? You don’t have a single SP in combat skills? It’s okay, I’m sure it will still work out for you”. Fix the bounty system, and they can at least hire mercs.

    4. High Sec.
    If the Sandbox exists, and you can play the game however you want it, there should be a place in the game where you are safER from PvP, pirates, gankers, etc. There are people who want to play in the sandbox without PvP. High Security space should be, by its very definition, Highly Secure. This doesn't mean aggression is impossible, it doesn't mean the area is safe, it simply means it is Highly Secure. The one thing high sec players, null sec players, and pirates all agree on is that high sec shouldn't be completely safe. It should be safER.

    This also means that high sec players should be able to earn a decent living there. Should null sec/low sec/wormholes be more profitable? Absolutely. But the "nerf high sec income" mentality won't get you anywhere. Everyone should have the opportunity to fund what they want to do, even if that means eventually getting rich in high sec.

  • [Proposal] Bounty system reform in Council of Stellar Management

    Supported! +1

  • [proposal] Bringing CONCORD to lowsec (it's not what you think!) in Council of Stellar Management

    There are a lot of mechanisms in this game for being a "bad guy", it would be really nice to see a system in place for the opposite. And I don't think the effects on the piracy business will be as grave as some suggest. Instead it adds depth to the piracy system. Instead of just jumping into a low sec system and killing the first ship you see, it would require you to check out systems, see where CONCORD militias are active.

    Similarly, if "good" players can gain control of a bunker to become deputies, pirates should be able to "kill" the bunker to remove that ability. As far as the GCC beacon following pirates around, I think this is a good mechanic. If you're just one ship, you'll have to keep warping around, again "running" from the deputies. If you're a gang, there are a lot of different approaches you can take. Have one ship agress a player, and draw out the deputies, while you have a group go hit the outpost. Kill the bunker, and the GCC beacon goes away, since it is only available to deputies, and there would be no deputies in a system without a bunker. Or agress with a smaller ship, and warp to a large gang. CONCORD deputy shows up and gets popped. This encourages not only small group piracy, but small group anti piracy. If you're just one ship, and warp to the first GCC beacon that pops up, you risk jumping into a trap. On the other hand, agressing the bunker would generate a GCC, so the deputies in the system could warp back to defend it. Again, preparation, coordination, fun.

    I think this system adds some great things to the game. For one, it makes it possible for industry/PvE type people to live in null without taking away the PvP aspect of the systems. It also encourages larger scale combat for low sec systems. There is no "X corp controls this system", but rather "there is or isn't a CONCORD presence in this system", and that control is something contended for by pirates and deputies. Pirates want no bunker present so they can kill freely, deputies want a bunker so they can hunt pirates at least provide some semblance of protection for small corp/solo industry/PvE players. It also adds a great mechanic for small group PvP which is something a lot of people have been asking for.


    EDIT: Another note about encouraging the population of lowsec, I will freely admit to being a carebear. I like my highsec missions. On the other hand, if there were some lowsec systems that popped up as having a CONCORD presence in them, I would venture out for some lowsec missions/exploration. It doesn't make it safe, you can still get scanned down and jumped by a gang, but it provides at least an attractive feeling of safety. And honestly, if you can implement a system to get more 4bil Tengus roaming around your systems, who would say no?

    Which is all besides the fact that you can still gate camp the systems leading to the CONCORD deputized areas. You can use the illusion of "CONCORD safety" to bait people attracted to it. Ultimately, it adds another level of challenge to piracy. It's not actually harder to gank anyone, it just adds the potential for conseuence for doing so. Plus, if you're prepared, getting one gudfite practically guarantees another. Kill your target, in pops another.

    It basically escalates PvP in lowsec. If you want to solo PvP, roam the unoccupied systems. If you want gang PvP, fleet up and kick out some CONCORD deputies, then gobble up whatever miners/mission runners are left in the system. Or fleet up and kick the pirates out of a system.

  • CCP Hillmar Interview in EVE Communication Center

    One thing I think is very important to note is his comment on the shift to FiS. It wasn't "no one wants WiS, so we're not going to do it any more." It was, "right now the players really want FiS. If that's what they want, we will listen." As the winter expansion comes, and lots of FiS things happen, the player focus can shift from "FiS is so broken, why aren't you fixing it?" to "Hey space is pretty cool right now, how about that station stuff?". As fixes are made, and the player focus shifts, we can see the development of both.

    Ultimately, this is a great sign from CCP, to say "we're listening to what our players want, and focusing development on that." If they are true to that statement, continuing to voice the opintion that players do want WiS features should communicate to CCP that we do want to see the development of both. As the collective player voice balances out, we should eventually see equal co-deveopment of FiS and WiS. I'm very excited about a game with both space and stations. Say what you want, but I would love to dress up my space barbie, hang out with other players in player run establishments, and then hop into my spaceship to go blast pirates. When you fly to a certain system not just because there is a good agent there, but also a really cool bar that you hang out in, or a player shop with good prices. That synergy I think will be a ton of fun.

    Fix space, right now it needs it. But don't forget Incarna!

  • CCP Focuses on EVE Universe - A CCP Announcement in EVE Communication Center

    SHAMESHAME wrote:
    To each and every person who whined their way through the last few months, congratulations. You got your pixels, database entries and pretend warfare. Real people lost jobs. There was nothing so wrong with the game that it should have meant taking real food off the real tables of real people. It is my sincere hope that you too find yourself in the unemployment line.

    At the risk of attracting fiery bullets, this wasn't the gamers' fault. The outrage on the forums and in the game was valuable information to CCP that their product was not succeeding. It wasn't idle threats either, subs plummeted. The reason these people are losing their jobs is that someone on top decided to continue to neglect their core bread winner. The head in the sand approach is what cost these people their jobs. Most of the outcry on the forums is from people who genuinely want to see this game succeed for a very long time. Ignoring your customers, making big financial risks while hemoragging income, and continuing down courses of no gain are the mistakes here, not feedback from your playerbase.

    To all of CCP, former, current, and soon to be former, I wish you nothing but the best. I hope that this move leads to the success of CCP in all of it's current and future endeavors, as well as those who have contributed to that success along the way. Fly safe!

  • This game is great. Scammed before I even subscribed! in EVE Communication Center

    The Officer edition cannot be used with a buddy invite. As far as taking a buddy invite, or opting for the Accelerator, both options have advantages and disadvantages.

    If you take the Accelerator, you get an automatic +3 to all stats to help learning times, as well as a +25% damage and rate of fire bonus. For the first 35 days, this speeds up skill training, as well as making PvE combat missions a breeze. The downside is that after the 35 days, the bonuses are gone. This means your training times come down, obviously, but it can also mean that if you've learned to rely on your boosted combat stats, you may see some ship losses in the near future when the boosts are gone and you damage output drops.

    If you take a buddy invite, most players will pay out around 300 million ISK. Some will simply contract you the Plex which is currently selling for around 415 million ISK. If you go this route, you can afford a full set of permanent +3 implants, or possibly a combination of +3s and +4s. The advantage of this route is that you can, in some areas, get even faster training times than with the accelerator (wherever you plugged in 4s), and those bonuses are permanent (as long as you don't get podded). The disadvantages are that you lose out on the damage bonus from the accelerator, and that having that much money in your pocket can lead you to be unconcerned with ship losses, or to buy and lose ships you aren't ready to fly.

    Ultimately, the "best" option is to do both. Get some cash for permanent implants, and tack the accelerator on top of those. You'll get +6 or +7 stats for 35 days, making those initial skill hurdles easier to overcome. This takes two accounts, obviously, but most people in EVE run multiple accounts. I started out intent on just one account. I just activated my third. The important thing is to decide what you want an alt for before you just activate another account. I have my mission character, as well as a science and industry character, for example. In either case, don't let the bonuses to the new character experience spoil you. EVE is a harsh place, and requires learning, diligence, and toughening up. Don't rely on any crutches, they will cripple you in the long run. If you have 400 million ISK in your wallet, remember you are broke and can't afford to lose your ship. Learn about your encouters before you charge in, guns blazing, letting boosted damage plow you a path.

    Also, if you do find someone who will just contract you a Plex, be careful how you go about claiming it. Ask them to redeem the Plex in a major trade hub (Jita, Rens, Dodixie) and contract it to you there. If they contract it to you in some random station and you try to cart it to a trade hub in a noob ship, you will get suicided and go home with nothing. =) Welcome to EVE!

  • This game is great. Scammed before I even subscribed! in EVE Communication Center

    Baneken wrote:
    Scamming with invitation PLEX is definitely not allowed as it directly influences subscription numbers.

    I suggest you contact you friendly GM about the issue.

    Confirming this. There have been a couple attempts of late to scam people using buddy invites, and the GMs have stepped in to enforce the rules. Petition a GM, and they will get your payment.

  • Shield/armor compensation and passive hardeners in EVE Communication Center

    Thanks for the info! I'll have to toy around with some Abby fittings, and see what I can get out of skilled up energized membranes. I'm sure that C-type membranes will be pretty pricey. While I'm sure I would make it back in missions, coming up with the initial investment might be tough. Overall, I'm hoping that some decent faction/deadspace membranes combined with the Abaddon's natural resistance bonus will get me to enough resists to stay alive and keep the fireworks show going full time.

  • Shield/armor compensation and passive hardeners in EVE Communication Center

    I feel certain that this question has been asked before, but I couldn't find it in a forum search or on Evelopedia, so I figured I would ask here. =)

    The compensation skills say they add 5% per level to their specific tank and type. Is that a direct addition? Like, if I have a passive EM hardner that gives 37.5% out of the box, will training to rank 5 Compensation make it 62.5%? Or rather is it multiplicative, making it (weak math-fu) ~44.5%? I'm assuming it would be multiplicative, but would love to be surprised.

    Also in regard to passive hardners, is the stacking penalty the same as it is for active hardeners?

    Just for some context, my goal over the next couple months is to get into an Abaddon, and I know they have issues with capacitor usage. With active hardeners giving 50% resistance, it seems to my newbie mind that I could get close to the same out of passive hardeners with skills, and free up more capacitor for pretty lazers. I also feel like I can't be the first person to think of that, and must be missing something. If someone could fill in the pieces I'm missing, I would appreciate it!

    Edit: D'oh, must always specify. This would be for Lvl 4 missions, purely PvE. XD

  • Buy and sell and Plex as a noob to get a good start? in EVE Communication Center

    Some of this has been said before, but as a new player with the same considerations, I'll offer the following:

    The things you can do in EVE are usually more limited by your skills than by your money. For example, I could buy a battlecruiser right now (~10 day old char) but I couldn't fly it. Even if I had the related ship skills to step into the pilot's chair, I wouldn't have the support/gunnery skills to make it effective at anything. Flying ships you're not skilled for or ready for will only lead to the loss of your new shiny.

    The progression of skills and income actually go really well in this game. By the time you're ready to fly something, you can afford it. If you can't afford it, you probably can't fly it anyway. By the time I had the standings for Level 2 missions, I could afford to buy and fit a cruiser, as well as fly one with decent skills. By the time I have the standings for 3s and the skills to fly a battlecruiser, I will be able to afford and fit one.

    Granted, this is largely from a PvE perspective. PvP is a bit different inasmuch as you will lose ships. In PvE, if you're doinitrite, you won't have those losses. Marketing, I just can't comment on.

    There is one argument for buying a PLEX from the start, though, and that is implants. Attribute boosting implants can significantly cut down on your training times. With skills being your main limiting factor, selling a PLEX, training up Cybernetics, and grabbing some good implants early can be a great boost to some careers. This should be read as "safer" careers (no career is truly safe, ask the high sec ice miners). If you grab a full set of implants and run out to PvP, your investment can vanish quickly if you're podded.

  • Why Tengu over the other T3s? in EVE Communication Center

    Thanks for the info! I may have to look into missles after all.

  • Why Tengu over the other T3s? in EVE Communication Center

    Oops, I should have been more specific. For the time being, I'm really looking at a high sec pve/mission/incursion plan. I know I'll be going for Amarr battleships, and cross training with Minmatar. T3 cruisers are something I definitely want to get into, but I think I'll probably have to get myself in a position to be running L4s with something to afford one. Missles just aren't a concept I'm fond of. I know they're awesome, and can't say what I have against them, but there it is. Loki/Legion keeps me in the races/weapons I prefer, I just don't see them mentioned as much.

    So the question then comes from the speed/range differences you mentioned. Is the Tengu able to achieve this by some mechanism unique to the ship, or is it a factor of using missles?

  • Why Tengu over the other T3s? in EVE Communication Center

    So I love the idea of the T3 cruisers, but I really don't want to get into Caldari ships. I much prefer the Amarr and Minmatar route, but lurking around the forums the Tengu is the only T3 I see mentioned at all. Does the Tengu offer something that the other T3 cruisers don't? Is the difference so large as to make the other T3's really fall behind the Tengu, or are they for the most part comparable? I really like the Loki/Legion, but I hate to invest a lot of training time into something that just can't perform.