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  • Choice of race based on Lore identification. in EVE Communication Center

    As a role player with a tabletop background, my characters - no matter the game - would have to have a background with context behind every action, and one thing to look at prior is the game's lore. I'm relatively new, but what I have done in so many previous games should apply to Eve Online as well. The approach I'd have wanted to take before structuring a character but after looking at Eve (a supposed pure role playing game where you can take on literally any role that's not necessarily a dungeon delver) was that I wanted them to be some sort of businessman or trader, with a compatible family backstory. So I had a look at each race's background.

    The first race I looked at were the Amarr, because they seemed like quite the faction: size, life span, empire, and it had become my initial choice for a character. Shortly after, I looked at the Caldari and I almost immediately felt as though it suited what character I had in mind. It reminded me of one of my old play throughs of Stellaris, where I played an oligarchical society strong with materialistic possessions. After a look at Gallente (which was a close alternative) and the Minmatar (which was impressive, but was not the community I was looking for) I had finally picked one of the Caldari races based mostly on cosmetics, though I did pay attention to descriptions, eventually building up the final backstory behind Terran, one of the Deteis. I felt that it suited what individual I'd imagine him as as well as what a Deteis male is described as. I plan to make it more in depth, but this is what I ended up with.

    Thus far, I'm satisfied with the decisions I've made since starting the character, though I don't deny that - for the sake of getting agent missions out the way - I have done several things that Terran wouldn't have done.