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  • CSM XII - How to contact your CSM members in Council of Stellar Management

    Are you asking yourself how to get in contact with a CSM member? Good! We want to hear from you!

    CSM XII has opened a public discord to solidify another line of communication directly with council members. If you're interested, please use this link to join: https://discord.gg/twVgWMF

    Here are some more ways you can contact members of CSM XII. We are here to represent you, so feel free to contact any member you see fit through their preferred platforms.



    Twitter: @JintaanEVE
    Reddit: /u/jintaan
    Slack: jintaan
    Discord: Jin'taan//Sanctity [CVA]#9801
    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/jintaan
    Email: Jintaaneve@gmail.com

    Twitter: @NoobmanHK
    Reddit: /u/NoobmanHK/
    Slack: Noobman
    Discord: Noobman#1307
    Email: noobman@csm.eve.com

    Reddit: /u/rhiload
    Slack: rhiload
    Skype: rhiload
    Discord: rhiload#1247
    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/airforcelol
    Email: johnrichard1@live.co.uk

    Steve Ronuken
    Twitter: @fuzzysteve
    Reddit: /u/fuzzmiester
    Slack: fuzzysteve
    Skype: fuzzysteve
    Discord: Steve ronuken #4681
    Website: https://www.fuzzwork.co.uk
    Email: s.ronuken@csm.eve.com

    Twitter: @Suitonia
    Reddit: /u/Suitonia
    Slack: suitonia
    Skype: matthew.dance1
    Discord: Suitonia #9514
    Email: matthew-dance@live.co.uk

    The Judge
    Twitter: @_thejudge
    Reddit: /u/_thejudge
    Slack: TheJudge
    Skype: TheJudgeEVE
    Discord: The Judge #1886
    Email: thejudge@csm.eve.com

    Vince Draken
    Twitter: @vincedraken
    Reddit: /u/vincedraken
    Slack: Vince Draken
    Discord: Vince Draken #9354
    Email: vincedraken@csm.eve.com

    Yukiko Kami
    Twitter: @yukiko_kami
    Reddit: /u/yukiko_kami
    Slack: yukiko_kami
    Skype: yukiko.kami.san
    Discord: Yukiko Kami#6627
    Email: yukiko.kami.san@gmail.com


  • sold in EVE Marketplace

    Woodooo wrote:
    The Judge wrote:
    3.5b isk ready.

    accepted.pls send isk and mail acc name


  • sold in EVE Marketplace

    3.5b isk ready.

  • 5.2m Extracted Char, implants, skins, cap skillbooks etc in EVE Marketplace


  • The Judge for CSM XII in Council of Stellar Management

    Over the term of CSM XI we managed to conduct a ganking round table with both the ganking and anti-ganking communities. We managed to get a lot of useful input that we took to CCP at the first summit. This included the kind of changes mentioned by Cochise and many others (on both sides of the fence).

    I'm not one to pander to the masses to gain votes, so I'm just going to tell it how it is. The question Cochise posed is a bit of a loaded one. The CSM can make proposals, float ideas and discuss topics with CCP. What we don't do is "push for a changes adoption" or make changes. If the question is "do you listen" the answer is obviously "yes". I can't promise changes will come within CSM XII's term, and I can't say they won't. That's up to CCP devs, not the CSM.

    I barrack for Hawthorn, for the record.

  • WTS 2005 Stripped char 5.9M SP in EVE Marketplace


  • WTB 8/10 or better Nyx / Hel BPO in EVE Marketplace

    Found a Hel BPO, still looking for a Nyx!

  • ☼ Sullen Decimus for CSM XII ☼ in Council of Stellar Management

    Speaking from experience, Sullen is one of the hardest working members of CSM XI.

    Before last years election season I'd never talked to him before. Almost immediately after our term started he had proven himself as a knowledgeable guy with a great work ethic. I don't think I could ever say enough good things about how he has presented himself on CSM XI. He has without a doubt earned a second term on the CSM and would be an asset for the CSM, CCP and the player base. If you don't have Sullen somewhere on your ballot, you're making a mistake.

  • WTB 8/10 or better Nyx / Hel BPO in EVE Marketplace

    Lowering my standards :)

  • WTB 8/10 or better Nyx / Hel BPO in EVE Marketplace

    Updated OP

  • WTB 8/10 or better Nyx / Hel BPO in EVE Marketplace

    As title says, looking for a 8/10 or better Nyx and Hel BPO.

    Ingame evemail is the best way to contact me.

  • The Judge for CSM XII in Council of Stellar Management

    Utari Onzo wrote:
    How do you intend to continue your work in outside communication, Judge?

    Do you have any new ideas on ways of gathering feedback and disseminating it to CCP, or do you think the tried and true methods of townhalls, threads and direct contact work?

    You say the relationship is in a better place, how specifically would you use that this year if re-elected to improve your feedback? Could you give us a bit of an 'in an ideal world' example to elaborate?

    I think we've struck a good balance with townhalls and direct contact (be it contacting subsections of the community directly or being contacted by the public) and I'd like to continue those moving forward... there is always room for improvement. I'd probably like to see townhalls used more than just pre-summit too. I did put together a nullsec focus group before the first summit, consisting of leadership and FC's from all over nullsec (I think we ended up with around 30 people). I believe we did get a lot of useful information and pain points to bring to CCP out of that focus group, but I'm not convinced its the best way of collecting information. Townhalls collect roughly the same information in a much more effective and immediate way.

    I can't say this enough. CSM XI has taken the damaged relationship we started with and with help from CCP transformed it into a fruitful cohabitation of sorts. There were devs who had been burnt by previous experiences which didn't want to talk to the CSM for many months (which is completely understandable) and we were able to both integrate ourselves into their work and integrate them back into the CSM as an institution. This speaks more (and highly) about the personalities of CSM XI members than anything else.

    Being able to continue this relationship and help the next wave of CSM's acquaint themselves with the very complicated world that is CCP, while continuing the current workload with as little downtime as possible, is something I strongly believe is important. The perfect example is Steve Ronuken who cut down what I would estimate as 3 months of catch up at the start of our term into a few weeks. The shorter the catch up period the more work a CSM group can do with their term.

    Other than that, showing up to every meeting CCP has called or scheduled has shown me the use of doing just that. While not all meetings will have a lot to talk about, some are vitally important, and you never know when those will pop up. I don't think anyone could argue my commitment to the CSM, CCP or the community with how much time and effort I've put in over the last year. I want to continue doing all of this for the betterment of the game and the community. Hopefully this helps make me worthy of your vote.

  • Band of Backstabbers - Systems for rent in Feythabolis in EVE Marketplace

    Liafcipe9000 wrote:
    this is completely legit 100% not a scam.

    You're right, it's not a scam.


  • The Judge for CSM XII in Council of Stellar Management

    Otto Bismarck wrote:
    I would like to also endorse Judge. Every time I have poked him with a complaint / question / suggestion he has it onboard and either come back to me with an answer, or even just a sympathetic ear. I feel that he has the best intentions and best actions at heart for the game.

    I am going to ask the same questions as I asked Fawlty7

    1) How do you feel about Timezone Tanking and what can be done to address this (if you think its bad)
    2) How do you feel about 'Tanking til DT'

    Best of luck with your re-election campaign mate.

    In a perfect world we wouldn't need downtime at all. Obviously this would be the outcome I'd like to see the game move towards, and something CCP has expressed interest with in the past. It is arguably the most elegant solution to the "get out of jail free" nature of downtime mechanics.

    If you are talking about structure (more importantly, sov) timers that is a bit of a different issue. Within the confines of the current mechanics I don't see an easy fix. But more importantly, it's not for the CSM to find a fix. CSM members point out the issue and then it's on CCP to either a) agree there is a problem and think about a fix or b) disagree and take no action. I've brought up the overall issue of timezone fragmentation with CCP though, so developers are aware, if that makes you feel better.

  • Jin'taan for CSM XII in Council of Stellar Management

    Jin is a bloody hard worker. He is one of the people I was most surprised by on CSM 11, and not just because he can drink a surprising amount for guy with a small frame! He will be on my ballot without a doubt. #csm11forever

  • Steve Ronuken for CSM XII in Council of Stellar Management

    Steve is an amazing man, and it's not just because he has the beard of a god. I pity anyone running on a market/industry/highsec platform, because you will never find a better candidate than Steve. I can't imagine a CSM without Steve Ronuken! He will be on my ballot!

  • The Judge for CSM XII in Council of Stellar Management


  • The Judge for CSM XII in Council of Stellar Management

    My name is The Judge and I am proud (and excited) to announce my candidacy for CSM 12.

    Who am I?

    I am The Judge, Judge or TJ. I am one of the 4 Permanent Attendees from CSM 11, and the only person to ever hold true perfect attendance in a CSM term. That isn't easy coming from Melbourne, Australia and playing in the AUTZ!

    While I have rolled many characters and been known by many names since late 2003, I have been playing EVE full time since 2008. I strongly believe what makes EVE unique in a ever changing universe is the community that shapes and guides the universe we all take part in every time we open up the launcher and log in. EVE is a massive game fueled by the experiences of its players. It is you, the player, that I would like to represent for another year on CSM 12.

    I am currently a member of the leadership team for the alliance Circle-Of-Two. I am also a proud member of the Circle-Of-Two Alliance Tournament team. I have lived for large amounts of time Null, High and Low security space. I like to think I have my ear to the ground on the issues facing pilots from all over New Eden. I come to you not only as a candidate for Nullsec, but as a person who wants nothing more than to see EVE continue to succeed, evolve and grow.

    Why should you vote for me?

    My platform is quite simple. I want to continue to be the person you can voice your concerns and issues to. I want to make sure that every every concern that the EVE community has makes it to CCP and the rest of the CSM. CSM 11 has shown that with mutual respect between the CSM and CCP we can work together to bring EVE to a better place.

    CSM 11 has been arguably the most successful CSM for both CCP and the CSM as an institution. We, as a group, have pushed through the negativity and distrust from the start of our term to bring the CCP-CSM working relationship into a better place than its ever been. This is in no small part due to the personalities of CSM 11. This is why I support the reelection of my fellow CSM 11 members who have decided to rerun.

    With the change bringing the total number of CSM members down to 10 it's more important than ever to vote for the candidates you would like to see continue moving the CSM forward. Lowering the total members means bloc votes can only bring a candidate so far. Be an informed voter. People who promise you the moon are more often than not pandering to the masses. The CSM is a representative body for the playerbase, not something that can force the hand of CCP or bully developers. If you want to help EVE continue in an upward trend, please consider voting for either CSM 11 members or candidates who understand the function of the CSM. I will continue to be a staunch advocate for the playerbase and the CSM. This is why you should vote for me and the rest of CSM 11.

    Closing remarks

    How can you contact me?
    Twitter: @_TheJudge
    Ingame: Mail or convo The Judge
    Skype: TheJudgeEVE
    Reddit: _thejudge

    In closing, I urge you to vote when the time comes, but be an informed voter. There are lots of candidates that promise you fixes or changes to your style of gameplay, and in all honesty, that's not something the CSM has control over. We are a sounding board, a focus group, consultants... not elected junior developers. The CSM needs mature people who can talk and act professionally in a business environment. I hope you find me worthy of your vote to again represent our amazing and unique community. Thank you.

  • Thermal Damage for CSM in Council of Stellar Management

    Steve Ronuken wrote:

    I tend to keep away from campaign drama, but in this case I think I'll wade into the cesspit of bad candidature. Thermal, you are promoting the embodiment of exactly what is wrong with public perception with the csm. While I don't always agree with what certain eve personalities do, your behaviour towards others within this community can only be viewed as reprehensible. Not only that, but you are consistently making a mockery of the very idea of the csm, be it a troll or not, a group that you claim to want to be a part of and represent. I strongly believe that people will vote with their feet and completely ignore your excuse of a candidacy, but I still wanted to make my opinion on actions like this completely clear and transparent.

    I'd rethink your platform and behavior if I was you.

  • CSM Weekly Review & Attendance Sheet in Council of Stellar Management

    Jin'taan wrote:
    Mordachai wrote:
    I must say that the attendence of CSM is quite pathetic, attendence is merely 55% on average where ONE CSM has attended all meeting and according to that summary hes in AU tz, well done id say to him.

    The Judge also had an (I believe) 3 week stretch where his internet died, and had to drive half an hour at 2am to a local McDonalds to attend meetings. He is a ******* trooper.

    For the entire months of June, July and August. 3 months. Near the end of August I had the epiphany that mobile data existed and started remoting in that way. Thankfully at the start of September I was able to get ADSL installed in all its 1 down 0.1 up glory. This was all down to unforeseen circumstances, which I'm glad for the most part has cleared up.

    Personally I put a high value on the meetings, so I do everything I can to make meetings. Don't get me wrong, some weeks there isn't a lot to talk about and I could (or should) have stayed in bed. Weekly review meetings however are not the be all and end all of a CSM's ability to be effective though, so I wouldn't be so quick to write off CSM's that have jobs and/or children. I have one of those and it isn't ankle biters. It's not easy when meetings that need to fall within CCP's working hours also fall within your own. If I was in a different timezone I know I'd struggle to make meetings in the middle of the work day too.

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