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  • Has suicide ganking become a problem? Empty freighters being ganked. in EVE Communication Center

    I mean if you honestly think "I spent more isk / spent more time pouring skill points into a thing therefore I should win" is a valid design, then you really don't understand balance or the ethos of this game.

    Smarts, effort and teamwork win, it's always been that way. The good news is there is nothing that prevents freighter pilots from using smarts, effort and teamwork. The bad news is they dont WANT to, they just want to cry on the forums

  • Has suicide ganking become a problem? Empty freighters being ganked. in EVE Communication Center

    E-2C Hawkeye wrote:
    Lady Areola Fappington wrote:
    E-2C Hawkeye wrote:
    I have always said that hi-sec ganking should be possible just not profitable. There should be a higher price to pay to gank just for the lolz or the tears.

    When you can quickly train disposable toons to throw away with a negative 10 sec status, or use a ship that has high dps and minimal cost you will always have the imbalance of ganking favoring the ganker over the gankie.

    Quick FYI, rolling disposable toons for ganking will get you banned by CCP. They frown on people biomassing neg sec status characters, then rolling new.

    I'm pretty sure not being able to fly anything much bigger than a cruiser, getting chased by facpo wherever you go, and being a legal target for anyone to shoot at is a pretty high price.

    Yea I am sure getting banned on a free disposable account really stops them from from biomassing.

    The price needs to be in line with the target and its not. Some one flying a multi billion isk freighter that took several months to train should not be able to get ganked by toons that get bio massed and made over and over in high dps low cost ships.

    There is no price.

    The concept you're talking about - that is, the higher the price on your ship, the higher the price it should take to kill it - is an incredibly flawed and unworkable idea. ISK Tanking is not even worth discussing

  • Has suicide ganking become a problem? Empty freighters being ganked. in EVE Communication Center

    epicurus ataraxia wrote:
    CCP Falcon wrote:
    Some men just want to watch the world burn.

    There's space for us all in New Eden.

    Fair enough, but did this event not show that whether you were at the keyboard, carrying no or low value, fully fitted with every possible module pilots still got killed?

    All the defences and claims of the ganking profession as to how to survive, and pilots were doing it wrong were shown to be meaningless?

    So why are the same arguments being made when they are proven conclusively to be false?

    I cannot imagine that his is either good for freighter pilots, or the game in general.

    Possibly the world that burns will be your own company CCP falcon, It may be fun now but later on?

    Ganking has always been something I am uncomfortable with, but an understandable game choice.

    It does seem to have crossed a line, and when the predator prey balance gets disturbed so strongly in favour of the predator, the numbers of prey crash, and one has starving predators. Most predators do not kill wastefully.

    This is for the gankers to sort out in their own best interest, burning the fields and salting the earth does not lead to a full and rich hunting ground.

    I still find it amusing that people are yelling at CCP that their game and company will die if they don't drastically change the game to protect clueless carebears and prevent their dumb ships from exploding. Ships killing other ships has been part of this game for ten years, how long until you realise that this wont change and that it isn't the game for you?

  • Has suicide ganking become a problem? Empty freighters being ganked. in EVE Communication Center

    To answer the topic title: No, it hasn't become a problem.

    Destroying someone elses ship, either for direct personal gain, or to cause losses to them, or just because it's fun is not and never will be a "problem", unless of course you're someone who fundamentally doesn't understand this game.

    And if the tearspillers in this thread spent half as much effort learning the game as they do crying about it, they'd be safe from ganks anyway.

  • Dev Blog: Alliance Logos & You - Clarification on submissions in EVE Information Center

    The lawyers fees must be building up if they're still working on this.

    Not a great time to be incurring such costs, eh ccp?

    Maybe you could, you know, just quickly use the standard agreements everyone else uses?

  • A message regarding reported layoffs at CCP in EVE Communication Center

    It seems to me that CCPs problem - besides a couple of Mr Psssshhh clueless higher ups making decisions - is that they're being extremely scatterbrained. They get an idea, start pursuing it, but don't give it the time, effort and resources it really needs. If they want to try and make another cool game and not just be solely devoted to EVE, that's great, they should totally try and do that. But they need to do it smart.

    Plan on making one new game, not two, or three, simultaneously. Put a lot of attention and resources and effort into this Other Game, and focus. Even now, after all these repeat failures, all the layoffs, etc, they're still splitting themselves in many other directions - valkyrie AND legion, as well the obvious continued EVE development. And it's going to end in tears. They simply don't have the resources, or the experience, to work on both those projects (and continue EVE) simultaneously and have them both be as good as they could be. One, or both of them, will flop, because the same mistakes are clearly being made yet again - pulling themselves in many different directions at once.

    I'm concerned that other mistakes, which they've made in the past and are mentioned in the article, are likely going to be repeated too, such as chopping and changing teams, abruptly reducing the teams by pulling them back onto eve things, or in other directions, or Mr Pssshhhs standing there making it impossible for those new projects to even know what they're supposed to be doing.

    Will any of us be surprised if valkyrie AND legion both end up as failures in one way or another? Will CCP, and will they learn from it?

  • A message regarding reported layoffs at CCP in EVE Communication Center

    Naomi Hale wrote:
    Reading the Gurdian article, not really sure you can think of CCP as the black sheep of game developement.

    I used to share an office with a guy, he was designing the lead character for a game. He'd done dozens of facial concepts at the behest of the game's director, change the jaw line, different eyebrows, that sort of thing. One day, after weeks of work, the director comes in looks at the concepts and says "Make him look more edgy!" The guy ask what he meant by "edgy" to which the director simply replied "you know, Edgy!" and walked off.

    This director had one other game under his belt (a poorly received one), dozens of complaints against him and people had left the company over having to work with him yet management kept him on, I never found out why. Company went bust about four years later.

    My point (if there is one) is that management in games companies never seems to explain themselves to the rank and file, which leads to resentment over how thngs are run. It's not just CCP.

    Anyone in any part of the tech industry will know someone like Mr Psssshhh or Mr "you know, Edgy!". They're always non-tech-y people, whether they're higher levels of management, or sales people, or whatever. They throw around and demand the vaguest of buzzwords and then vanish or go silent when someone asks for some specifics or clarity.

    Then when it hits the fan, they're kept on while the techies are booted, because vague buzzwords and platitudes sound more impressive to the big bosses than the tech people asking for specifics, clarifications, etc.

    This short sketch is all too real http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BKorP55Aqvg

  • A message regarding reported layoffs at CCP in EVE Communication Center

    Solecist Project wrote:
    Wow, people are surprised by the fact that higher uppers have writers?

    People probably think politicians speak freely too, hu?

    Common sense. What? Never heard of it?

    It's common for a PR person or team to help shape a statement for someone, it's incredibly unusual to pull lore/ingame-text/fiction writers off their work to come up with that kind of thing though.

  • A message regarding reported layoffs at CCP in EVE Communication Center

    James Amril-Kesh wrote:
    I mean what ******* company praises one of their most valuable and loyal employees in publicly and NOT ONE MONTH LATER lays him off with 48 others and pretends this has no impact on said employee's area of focus?

    All of my previous posts in this thread are just denial. I didn't want to believe that things were as bad as they are.
    But CCP Xhagen, for ****'s sake.

    Better to lay off the talented people who can actually do things of value than to get rid of the people who mismanaged everything and caused the issues. Managers are pssshhhh as heck. Can't get rid of that psssshhh, son

  • A message regarding reported layoffs at CCP in EVE Communication Center

    This thread needs more ..... pssshhhhh

    and CCP needs better management, but that's not exactly surprising to most of us.

  • A message regarding vandalism of the EVE Universe Monument in EVE Communication Center

    Sequester Risalo wrote:
    BeBopAReBop RhubarbPie wrote:
    Are you really comparing a scam that combined some possibly questionable tear milking with real world vandalism that had financial and legal ramifications?

    Although I do have an opinion on both incidents and I do indeed value the integrity and well being of persons and their privacy higher than the integrity and well-being of things that was not the point I was trying to make.

    I was simply calling out Erotica1 apologists as hypocrites. They raised their arguments in one case and are silent in another. Seems like they don't stick to their own beliefs.

    If their arguments, which I simply restated, seem weak to you in this case, guess what they are in the other.

    Did you miss the part of the erotica1 ordeal where the "victim" himself came out and said he wasn't bothered by it at all - he just lost his temper, but that it wasn't a big deal to him?

    Either you're unfortunately uninformed about this issue, or you're deliberately misrepresenting it, or just merely parroting what riptard said

    Edit to bring it back on topic: And again, there's a big difference between someone getting irritated or annoyed by events in a video game they're playing, and willfully damaging or destroying other peoples real world property. There's no hypocrisy because the two situations are so wildly different that only a fool would compare them.

  • Dev Blog: Alliance Logos & You - Clarification on submissions in EVE Information Center

    Whats the bet that this thread eventually quietly gets locked without any updates or resolutions.

    Extremely poor show, ccp

  • A message regarding vandalism of the EVE Universe Monument in EVE Communication Center

    Sequester Risalo wrote:
    I read the entire thread and find it highly interesting that all or most players consider permabanning the offenders a fitting response or even too lenient. Especially if I compare it to the banning of Erotica1. Let`s recap some of the arguments of Erotica's defenders:

    - It's not against the EULA.
    - The game is marketed as "be the villain", so let him be as evil as he likes.
    - The incident was out of game (on a TS server). You cannot react ingame to out of game actions.
    - Publicly deriding others is acceptable metagame and should be supported.
    - I lol'd, so let him go free.
    - You just want to impose your questionable moral standards on others.
    - This is a slippery slope towards banning everyone for no apparent reason.

    All these arguments could be applied to this incident as well. Where are all the defenders of the sandbox now?

    Personally I couldn't care less if a monument in a remote country is defaced or not. I am also not affected by someone being humilated in the internet. But I know I would rather be and play with people who commit very light cases of vandalism than people who enjoy humiliating others.

    So let me understand, you're fine with people vandalizing other peoples property, ruining a piece of work for the community, and causing real monetary damage

    but if you ask someone to sing a song on teamspeak, thats unacceptable!

    Priorities are a bit backwards there, mate

  • Dev Blog: Alliance Logos & You - Clarification on submissions in EVE Information Center

    Another week of silence, on top of the previous three months.

    Either they are deliberately doing nothing in hopes of making us forget their idiotic policies - which simply aren't legal in a number of countries - or the lawyers are taking CCP for a ride. Imagine 3 months of lawyer bills over something so simple, and which has had a known solution for decades and which is widely employed by countless other similar companies.

  • [Kronos] Freighters and Jump Freighters Rebalance [Updated] in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Carebear industrialists have been demanding more tank and speed in their big spacetrucks for god knows how long - now that they're giving the option of that (but with a tradeoff, of course) they poop their spacepants and rage and rage and rage.

    Good changes, and delicious tears. Great job Fozzie, more of this sort of thing.

  • Motivation for HS war decs in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Haven't read the whole thread, but agree with OP that there definitely needs to be something to promote actual conflict when wars are started, or if you're very set on not giving the enemy the fights they deserve there should be an actual trade off for achieving that, rather than the zero cost/effort there currently is in just staying docked or corp hopping

  • An Announcement Regarding Real Life Harassment in EVE Communication Center

    Some of you guys are happy for CSM members to wage personal crusades against individual members and have CCP act on it in fear of bad publicity, whether or not the individual actually broke any rules, and even when the "victim" himself says it isn't an issue and no one should be banned

    We get it. We understand that you want themepark hello kitty online. We understand that you use underhanded scummy tactics like evoking ****, murder, racism, and all that other jazz in order to try and bolster your hopelessly weak arguments, and try and threaten CCP with bad publicity if your little temper tantrums don't have the desired effect.

    We understand. It's ok.

    Now biomass and sod off back to another game. EVE isn't for you.

  • Dev Blog: Alliance Logos & You - Clarification on submissions in EVE Information Center

    Why is this taking so long? Your lawyer bros came up with ridiculous terms that aren't legally enforceable in many countries because ips - to borrow a line from futurama - "do not work that way".

    For those countries, you simply do not and will never own the IP no matter what weasely legalese you come up with.

    And to top it off, there is just no conceivable reason as to why you need to OWN the IP. The kinds of uses/reasons you state are all satisfied by the kind of lincence that every other company employs when it comes to users uploading their IP to that companies games/services/systems/whatever.

    I know CCP's standard practice is to stall and stall until people forget an issue, but that doesn't work here because even if all us mere users forget the issue, the laws wont magically change to do what CCP want.

  • An Announcement Regarding Real Life Harassment in EVE Communication Center

    It's very clearly a player with a privileged csm position doing his own personal axe-grinding, and nothing else.

    I mean, nothing actually happened two months ago when this incident went down, it was only after ripard raising it to ccp, them rebuffing him, and then his little media blitz that anything happened

  • Is it safe to play the Bad Guy in Eve still? Bans? in EVE Communication Center

    Sadly, some members of the community, including Ripard, want the zero risk, zero drama themepark. Thats what all this drama is about at the end of the day: A campaign to reduce how big of a d-bag you can be to other players. That's his shtick.

    I mean Ripard honestly believes in the concept of isk tanking, and that if his ship cost X, then it should cost you greater than X to kill it.

    And players who don't abide by that concept, and use a cheap fit catalysts to kill 250m exhumers, well he'll compare those players to rapists and the like in order to try and make people hate them.

    He's the scummiest blogger/csm/whatever I know about, even worse now that he's actively using his visibility to CCP and the wider games media to pressure CCP directly.