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  • [March] Warp Disruptor and Scrambler Tiericide in EVE Technology and Research Center

    This is a pretty big nerf to all of the sub-T2 scrams.

    The ranges should really be ~8300 for the Initiated and the J5B and ~8700 for the Faint

  • [February] Force Auxiliary Skills in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Crosi Wesdo wrote:
    Cearain wrote:
    It seems to me that ccp has not really thought this through very well on many levels.

    I still do not understand why I need to have Tactical Logistics Reconfiguration in order to get my carrier sp refunded.

    I think they were given an objective to encourage use of skill injectors.

    Unfortunately, that requires ignoring the only two fit for purpose solutions of;

    - Use existing racial carrier skill and support skills, since no new role was being created, rather just separated.

    - Refunding all cap related skills to be reallocated.

    Im sure the devs would have gone with one of the reasonable options if the boot from higher up was not on their necks.

    I personally blame this on the EA director they hired.

  • My Response to Force Auxiliary and Fighter Skillbooks in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I don't understand how you (CCP) think that adding an entire year of training for a player to maintain current abilities is a good game design decision.

    Capri Sun KraftFoods' suggestion is the best way to handle this (and is also how I had assumed that this would be handled from the start)

    My position was always that FAXes should just use the Carrier skill and I was kinda surprised when they announced that wouldn't be the case. This seems like so much simpler of an option, rework the Carrier prereqs so you need Carrier 1 + Fighters 1, and Faxes so you need Carrier 1 + Tactical Logistics Reconfig 1 (the Triage mod skill). Everyone can fly the day after the patch what they can already fly today, and newbros today won't need to train any more or less SP for that role that the people that can currently fly them. No free SP or skillbooks given out.

  • New camera now in opt-in Beta on TQ in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Here is my current list of problems with the new camera after being forced to use it:

    • Ship is now off center, makes flying feel extremely weird
    • Camera zooms way to fast
    • Can't look at things whilst in warp (meaning no dscanning while in warp) (This one feels like the biggest loss of functionality)
    • Tracking camera isn't on by default. (I want to track to everything I click on automatically)
    • When using the tactical camera jumping from system to system turns the overlay back on (I've turned it off, I don't want the game overriding my choice)

    I'm sure I will find more things to hate about it as time goes on.

    It's great that you've added some features to the camera, but it's come at the cost of basically all of the practicality of it.

  • [February] Force Auxiliary Skills in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Luscius Uta wrote:
    I noticed that the skills for Light Fighter Squadrons and Support Fighter Squadrons have the same multiplier as the Fighter and Fighter Bomber skills. I fail to see much sense in it, since light drone skill has lower multiplier than heavy drone skill.

    From a game design point of view you are correct. But it makes sense when you remember that CCP are trying to milk us for our RL ISK, and hope that people will use skill extractors to speed up the training time.

    As has been said by several people, there should be no new skill added, and the carrier skill should be the prerequisite for both

  • [March] Heavy Stasis Grapplers in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Gigiarc wrote:
    Theon Severasse wrote:
    How will this work in conjunction with Vindi bonuses? I assume that it will still be stronger than normal, but I assume that it isn't going to go all the way up to 100% strength

    Have you tried reading the post first?

    It's seperate from existing Stasis Webs, and doesn't get bonuses from any web-specific bonuses (so no range bonus on Bhaalgorns or strength bonus from Vindicators, and no benefit from gang links).

    Did you try reading the other two comments saying the exact same thing? No, because reading is hard, and it's easier for someone else to point out obvious **** to you.

  • [March] Heavy Stasis Grapplers in EVE Technology and Research Center

    How will this work in conjunction with Vindi bonuses? I assume that it will still be stronger than normal, but I assume that it isn't going to go all the way up to 100% strength

  • [Vanguard] - Your ship bracket now on all the time: it's vexing in EVE Technology and Research Center

    +1 for an off switch, very distracting

  • My friend needs clothes... in EVE Technology and Research Center

    This thread is a gift that just keeps giving.

  • AT and EVE Bet in EVE Communication Center

    EVE Bet won't change the outcome of the betting (regardless of the outcome of the allegations), because they simply cannot. People have already taken the isk out from their EVE bet accounts, and there is no way to force them to put that back in so that it can be redistributed.

  • Launcher not working 26/08/2015 - Workaround in EVE Technology and Research Center

    CCP Claymore wrote:
    Basya wrote:
    CCP Claymore wrote:
    Basya wrote:
    launcher.exe is not responding after i got added "/forceVersion:2.2.950061" to end of command line

    Left bottom corner: Initializing...


    Create a shortcut of your Singularity eve.exe and use this.

    "C:\Program Files (x86)\CCP\EVE Singularity\eve.exe" /server:Singularity /forceVersion:2.2.950061


    "C:\Program Files (x86)\CCP\EVE Singularity\bin\exefile.exe" /server:Singularity /forceVersion:2.2.950061


    i tried both and have no result :(

    The first one
    "C:\Program Files (x86)\CCP\[location]\eve.exe" /server:Singularity /forceVersion:2.2.950061

    This is how my shortcut is set and it isn't working

  • Launcher not working 26/08/2015 - Workaround in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Same as everyone else, launcher is stuck on "Initializing"

    RIP tourney training two days days before the final weekend

  • Alliance Tournament Ships in EVE Communication Center

    Jandice Ymladris wrote:
    Hm With all this talk of AT ships being fielded. they do seem limited in which ships are being used. Only the Malice was fielded multiple times & the Etana once (if I checked good) No other AT prize ships right? So what's the reason for this? If I missed out an AT prize ship being fielded let me know Shocked

    Some of it's down to meta, for example the Utu has been fielded (and lost) by PL in a previous tournament, but with drones being limited to T1 I highly doubt that we will see one fielded in this tournament. Some of it is down to the actual strength of an AT hull, for example the Mimir is pretty much unanimously known to be ****, and doesn't fill any role that can be outperformed by anything else. And then of course there is the fact that teams may not have access to other AT ships, or be willing to risk the ones that they do have.

  • Nulli Secunda vs That Escalated Quickly - Flagship Modules in EVE Communication Center

    Should be kicked from the tournament

  • The Guy that won 250 Bil betting last year in EVE Communication Center

    DHB WildCat wrote:
    Destoya wrote:
    DHB WildCat wrote:
    hmmmmm I had heard of this guy. I however doubt that he would share any picks since it would ruin the match odds and result in less money......... unless

    1) He makes the bet before divulging the information

    2) People pay for the information making the loss in odds worth it.


    eve-bet is fixed odds ;)

    seems to change odds every time I place a few billion on someone.... for example I have 5.16 odds on SS beating Exodus, after my bet it dropped to 3.89, and now its back up to 4.30........... 4.30 uh.............. one sec 8)

    oh look its back to 3.46.

    so I beg to disagree sir

    As Buzz said, the odds on your bet are always fixed, but the odds change after every bet that is placed.

  • Oh no my implants were destroyed in EVE Communication Center

    The audio isn't you're content, that's from a 2012 PrankVsPrank video|.

  • RAGE RAGE - No Duality, No SiSi in EVE Communication Center

    That's great and all, but implementing it on a Saturday, and having the servers down for the EU/US crossover time seems very short sighted.

  • [Rebalance] The Wrecks in EVE Technology and Research Center


    When soloing, being able to pop wrecks to prevent a fleet warping on top of you is very important, and will become even more so with the fleet warps.

  • Probing with beta map in EVE Technology and Research Center

    The new map is also a lot worse for DScanning a system quickly IMO.

  • Fitting Screen CPU/PWG allocation backwards? in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I saw someone link a picture of this, and we both agreed that it was a terrible change, and feels very counter-intuitive.

    For those that have not yet been on Sisi, this is a picture of it