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  • Have Multiboxers and Botting ruined Eve Online? in EVE Communication Center

    Mina Sebiestar wrote:
    there is not

    If mining wasn't possible to do while in coma than i hazard to guess seeing 20 alts sucking belt away wouldn't be that much of an issue.

    you don't see 20 alts running l4 mission

    That's why I said "as long as it's practical". Not to mention the majority of these f*cksticks still use ISBoxer anyway, no matter how illegal it is. Commanding 20 accounts manually, even if it's just mining, is no easy task and I refuse to believe people do that entirely by hand. That's also where some of the frustration comes from. Even after the hurf blurf against ISBoxer by CCP, it's still basically cheating.

  • Have Multiboxers and Botting ruined Eve Online? in EVE Communication Center

    There's two ways to look at this, and sadly they are connected.

    1. Without the introduction of PLEX, this game would have probably died off a long time ago due to RMT running rampant. The economy would have been wrecked, players would have quit and CCP could not afford to keep developing the game.

    2. PLEX facilitates large scale multi boxing on a scale never seen before PLEX was introduced. It rakes in the cash for CCP so we can keep enjoying the game, but multi boxing is absolutely one of the worst things in EVE at the moment. Sadly it is the lesser of two evils and there is no way CCP will ever limit anyone to x number of accounts when it creates this much revenue.

    I agree though, seeing a single guy vacuuming up an asteroid belt with 20 accounts is pretty frustrating. And I wish there was something that could be done about it. But alas, there is not. As long as it is profitable and practical to PLEX 20 accounts in one way or another, people will be doing it.

  • Excavator drones randomly going idle in EVE Technology and Research Center

    This is getting increasingly frustrating. I've already submitted a bug report but this issue is still around since the last patch (March).

    Issue: Excavator drones (ice in particular) randomly stop mining and go idle. Not only that, when sent to mine they will complete their cycle, but then return empty and idle again. This can happen multiple times in a row. This issue is incredibly frustrating and actually hurts the Rorqual's yield a lot.

    This issue actually popped up a while ago when Excavators were initially introduced into the game. This was later fixed somehow, alongside the Rorqual's ore belts (on the ship model). Ever since the last March patch both these issues have somehow returned. The drone issue is back, but the Rorqual's ore belts have also stopped moving again. This makes me suspect that some part of the code applied to the Rorqual before this patch was not carried over into the current patch. If so, it should also be easy to fix it again.

    CCPlease fix this ASAP. Using the Rorqual in this fashion is a downright nightmare.

  • Dev blog: Introducing Upwell Refineries in EVE Information Center

    CCP Fozzie wrote:

    Q: Will the new moon ore require new types of mining lasers and drones to mine?
    A: Our current plan is to use the same mining lasers, strip miners and mining drones that currently mine the existing types of ore. We are interested in hearing what the community thinks about this however, and are keeping our options open.

    Since moon mining, especially the R64 side of things, is pretty much the highest tier of mining available, I think it should have at least some specialization. Doesn't need different skills for every single ore type (that would be a long long list). But maybe split it up according to the moon's quality (R4, R8, R16, R32 and R64). The five tiers would fit perfectly in a single skill.

    • Moon Harvesting - Ability to harvest resources from moon deposits. Level 1 unlocks a moon mining laser and the crystal for R4 moons. Each subsequent level unlocks an additional crystal for each type of moon goo, with level 5 being required for R64.
    • Advanced Material Reprocessing - Ability to reprocess mined moon ore, similar to existing reprocessing skills.
    • Moon Mining Drone Operation - Ability to use special moon mining drones, similar to existing drones.
    • Moon Mining Drone Specialization - Unlocks Moon Mining Excavator drones, similar to existing excavators.

    And of course all the skills related to reactions and stuff.
    Having a separate set of modules for moon mining keeps it nice and clean, and gives it a natural progression. Not to mention it will be easier to balance the T2 economy from a development point of view, should that become necessary.

  • Dev blog: Introducing Upwell Refineries in EVE Information Center

    Oh, not entirely unimportant.

    Please tell me that Rorquals will be able to dock in the large refinery? Even if its the only capital ship that is able to dock there, surely a capital ship that is designed for resource gathering should be able to dock at a refinery. CCPlease.

  • Dev blog: Introducing Upwell Refineries in EVE Information Center

    SonofSilence wrote:
    Since you took down my first post, I will repost.

    CCP and Dev Team....QUIT GAYING UP EVE PLEASE. Thanks!

    Get rid of plex and free to play.

    EVE is supposed to be hard.

    If you want easy, go play World of Warcraft.

    EVE is still the hardest game I know, and if you had any notion of business whatsoever you'd know that PLEX and Free to Play are what kept this game alive and will keep it alive for the coming years.

  • Dev blog: Introducing Upwell Refineries in EVE Information Center

    Dark Lord Trump wrote:
    So CCP: What stops me from anchoring, say, 5 refineries around a moon I want to keep? If you want it, you have to bash all 5 refineries, otherwise if you just bash the one with the drill I online my drill from another refinery before you get yours up. Oh, and their vuln hours are 1 hour apart to annoy you. It's going to be a huge pain to take that moon. Once I have it, if it's outside of my space there's not much I can do with it since I need people who will be willing to mine without backup. Mining ore worth twice as much isn't any good to me if I can't sell it because I die mining it. So I gain very little trying to push into someone else's space to get their moons. If you work really hard for little gain, you're going to be disincentivized to fight over moons. Why should we bother trying to take INIT moons if we get pretty much nothing out of it? Then we don't have epic battles with INIT, and that's bad.

    This is honestly a valid concern that CCP needs to address.

    It may limit the freedom we've had with these structures so far, but only one refinery should be allowed within drilling range at any given time (like POSes are now). Not doing so will create the above scenario with 500% accuracy. Because people WILL spam 10 refineries on a single R64 moon just to bore the enemy to death.

  • Dev blog: Introducing Upwell Refineries in EVE Information Center

    Exciting stuff. Maybe a few rough edges that I haven't caught on to yet, but the overall plans look very promising. I'm especially surprised at the amount of 'logging' features you're putting in from the start. Very nicely thought out and no doubt useful for the large empires who control the majority of the moons.

    Couple of questions though:

    1. Will Rorquals be able to mine moon fields? If so, will they get new types of Excavators?

    2. Will barges and exhumers receive new laser modules/crystals for these new ores?

  • We Welcome Our New Microtransaction Overlords in EVE Communication Center

    Drake Aihaken wrote:
    With the proposed PLEX changes, it looks like we'll soon be getting more microtransactions. Instead of debating whether not this is a good idea (fairly certain these are here to stay), let's discuss what additions and ideas might be expanded with microtransactions.

    * More ship SKINs (obviously), but also new Alliance SKINs
    * Attribute remaps (take effect immediately)
    * Name changes (not sure if this is practicle or not)
    * Vanity items: Hats, capes and beards (including neck variant) just to name a few

    Some ideas that are bound to be more controversial:

    * Skill training accelerators (24-hours).
    * Crime immunity (triggers a 30-second invulnerability/warp core bonus when the victim of a criminal attack; not applicable in null-sec or wormhole space). Can only be used once every 72 hours.
    * Premium Empire ships (the specs for these would fall somewhere between AT and Pirate Faction hulls).
    * Drifter characters and ships.

    1. Obviously.
    2. Attributes need to be removed completely. They serve little to no purpose other than to confuse players.
    3. No.
    4. Yes.

    5. Already exists in a way, could be interesting to expand upon.
    6. Hell f*cking no.
    7. Hell f*cking no.
    8. Hell f*cking no.

    No modules, ships or character types should ever be restricted to micro transactions. Ever.

  • EVE is Not Dying, but... in EVE Communication Center

    When are you people going to realize that risk free PLEX transport has been a thing ever since PLEX was introduced? The only people you caught were the idiots and I can guarantee you that will not change.

  • Dev blog: PLEX Changes On The Way! in EVE Information Center

    Two questions for whichever dev reads this:

    1. I assume the PLEX rewards in the recruitment system will get an equal conversion and will give out 500 PLEX in the future?

    2. Why go with the PLEX name and not the Aurum name? Aurum makes much more sense as a name for microtransaction currency. PLEX is just... meh.

  • Dev blog: PLEX Changes On The Way! in EVE Information Center

    Will somebody answer that goddamn phone?! Because I ******* called it.

    About time, too, CCP. Took your sweet time on that one.

  • Carrier Ratting is DEAD q.q / how to earn money? in EVE Communication Center

    xOmGx wrote:
    So... New patch kill Carrier ratting

    No it didn't.

  • 119.3 - Issues (PC) in EVE Information Center

    Also dunno how you did it. But Excavators are, once again, randomly stopping at stupid intervals. Almost after every single cycle. It's incredibly annoying.

  • 119.3 - Issues (PC) in EVE Information Center

    The Rorqual's ore belts are jammed again :(

  • [March] Rorqual and Mining changes in EVE Technology and Research Center

    CCP Fozzie wrote:
    Initial activation of the PANIC module would require the Rorqual to have an active target lock on an asteroid.

    Please don't. This would make the PANIC module essentially useless. Figure out some other way, this is just a duct tape style solution that limits ways to use the PANIC. With this change you're essentially forcing Rorqual pilots to activate it as soon as hostiles land on grid, and that is rarely ever preferable.

    If you need to tie it to mining so badly, only allow activation if the Rorqual is within 100KM of an asteroid.

    The PANIC module is what allows Rorquals to be in belts in the first place. If any douche muffin frigate with ECM can prevent you from using it, the entire purpose of that module is gone. Period.

  • [March] Structure, Drone & Fighter improvements from Team Five 0 in EVE Technology and Research Center

    - Expanded the “Engage Drones” shortcut to also give the “Mine Repeatedly” command to any mining drones.

    As much as I love this change, why did this take almost 3 months to implement? We've been telling you this needed to be added before the Rorqual changes even went live.

  • Do we need Real Money to build Titan and Citadel? in EVE Communication Center

    Akali Mid wrote:
    Yes, this game is 100% pay2 win.

    Buy plex with irl money, sell plex for isk, buy citadel, buy titan.

    What else is there to talk about.

    A Titan or a Citadel won't make you win the game. In f act, it will probably make you lose much faster.

  • So much for null sec not being dominated by large alliances in EVE Communication Center

    To this day I really don't understand why Citadels aren't vulnerable during their anchoring period. As it stands right now you could driveby drop a Citadel in a system with 500 reds and only have to worry about the 15 minute window while it onlines. It makes absolutely no sense.

    This same weird mechanic made it possible for PL to attack a Keepstar from 1000km away by anchoring a citadel on top of it that the defender couldn't counter in any way.

    Seriously, dropping Citadels should be a serious commitment. Something that can/should only be done in places where you can actively defend it while it anchors. If you're not committed to defending your big ass space station for at least a couple of hours then you have no business putting one up IMO. Not saying it should be vulnerable for the full 24 hours, but 15 minutes is just laughable. Make it at least 3 hours, though I'd be more inclined to make it 6 or even 12. If Citadels are going to be used offensively the defenders should at least have a reasonable timeframe to blow it up while it anchors. The mechanics right now make offensive structure dropping WAY too powerful.

  • New Depot sizes in EVE Technology and Research Center

    These also allow for other spy or traitor shenegains as your spy can restock your depot in hostile territory or you could access your spy's depot for ships/fuel/etc.

    This would pretty much be the only interesting reason to have something like this. Little covert caches, though I don't like them being invulnerable for so long. Maybe a thing similar to a mobile depot. A covert mobile depot that doesn't show who it belongs to, requires fuel to run and can only store 7 days worth at once. No docking, only refitting and storing a select amount of cargo. Anything more would just get too powerful.

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