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  • Bounty on my head, how does it works? in EVE Communication Center

    It doesn't. Next!

  • Received a mail from CCP. in EVE Communication Center

    Khelladan wrote:

    just received a mail with the following:

    You are part of New Eden's history


    Greetings Khelladan,

    Enjoy EVE Online for free! You can access many popular ships, skills and modules. Take part in fleet battles, player-run corporations or just explore New Eden.

    Join in the celebrations for Capsuleer Day and claim your free pod skin gift in the process.

    SKIN giveaway ends 21 May

    Fly safe and free!

    - The EVE Online Dev Team

    i know that the words "on the house" and "forever" are pretty strong and imply that you get something for free. which eve now is to some extent. but does this mail mean that i just am able to play EVE like every other f2p player? if so.. well, i got mails for that and information, too.

    somehow i thought that this would mean some lifelong omega sub, which would be crazy tbh.

    anyway. i am curious. this thing just came out of nowhere. please help me understand the context. :)

    I had the same thought when I read it. Very unfortunate (and probably purposefully) choice of words.

  • [119.6] Fleet QoL improvements and more little things from Five 0 in EVE Technology and Research Center

    As for structures, would it be possible to somehow show what structure generated a certain wallet entry? For example I operate two refineries, I'd like to be able to see which one is being used more by other players. Maybe show this in the tooltip?

  • New pod skin doesn't apply to the Gold Pod in EVE Communication Center

    Thank you CCP for this completely useless gift. It's like you're just making a point rubbing our noses in the fact that pod skins are completely and utterly useless in any scenario and that NO ONE can use them.

    I'm not usually one to be ungrateful about free stuff. But if you're gonna gift us something, make sure it f*cking works. It's not like this is a new thing either. We've been telling you about this since the Palantine pod skin.

  • What is the general "health" of this game? Subs? New players, etc? in EVE Communication Center

    Slick Executioner wrote:
    I am LOVING this game, although three days in I realize I barely u der stand it all.

    With that said, what is the overall status of the game? Are more people playing now than ever before (with the f2p option now)?

    Are there a ton of new players joining?

    Just curious.


    EVE has been dying for exactly 5072 days and will continue to die well into the future.

  • Rotate anchored structures in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Cade Windstalker wrote:
    Would probably be easier/less abusable for it to change during downtime.

    I think it would be fine so long as it's fairly heavily restricted so you can't just swap it around on a whim.

    The one probably that occurs to me is messing up bookmarks, bubbles, ect and potentially ending up with something inside the structure or creating other problems in that way.

    Not sure how it would mess with any of those things, really. What I'm talking about is just rotating the structure on its own axis, not moving it to a different location or up or down or anything like that. It would stay anchored, the only thing you'd be able to change is what way the undock is pointing.

  • Rotate anchored structures in EVE Technology and Research Center

    One of those small things, but so insanely useful if it were possible. Sometimes you just make a mistake while anchoring, or things change in a way that you want the undock of a structure to point elsewhere. Please let us change the rotation of a structure every X days (maybe for a fee, I dunno). And gradually change the rotation over the course of 24/48/whatever hours. Or, if that's too large of a technological hurdle, have it changed after downtime.

    Either way, would be a real quality of life thing to have :)

  • here is an idea in EVE Communication Center

    Cybertherion wrote:
    TigerXtrm wrote:
    So there is, in fact, a bigger change the QC will be removed all together instead of it being rolled out to structures.

    Really? Assuming by "change" you mean "chance" that's kinda awful. I'm not a betting person, but I would actually wager that if the avatar thingo hadn't been canned there would be a LOT more players. For all their clever marketing CCP really shot themselves in the foot with that one. I never even worked out why the decision was ever made. Was it server strain or sumfin?

    The player base at the time was heavily opposed to the whole walking avatar idea because it took development time away from things that were much more important (balance, new space content, bugs, etc). It met so much opposition that CCP decided to reconsider the idea and here we are. Ultimately any form of walking in stations would be a fun little bonus thing, but nothing that would influence other parts of the game. There would never be any combat or PVE activities of any sort without a complete rethink of what EVE is. Just the notion of heading in that direction seriously pissed people off, so yeah.

  • here is an idea in EVE Communication Center

    Danome wrote:
    here is an idea for citadels and Complexes and that is to put the captain's Quarters. the stations already have them i do like Captains Quarters . Put them in the Citadels and Complexes

    The new structures purposefully don't have them because they are a relic from an abandoned project. Back then the idea CCP had for new players was "give them a human avatar so it's more relateable when they start the game". With the new NPE CCP actively wants to teach new players that "their ship is their avatar".

    So there is, in fact, a bigger change the QC will be removed all together instead of it being rolled out to structures.


    CCP Falcon wrote:
    The regular hardcover is still out there and available for pre-order, but limited editions are now few and far between Smile

    I'm actually amazed I got my hands on one.

  • Simple Citadel Bug Really Still Exists? in EVE Communication Center

    How do you dock in a Citadel that doesn't exist in the first place?

  • Why is CCP spending so much time on rehashing content? in EVE Communication Center

    manus wrote:
    TigerXtrm wrote:
    You realize we're playing a 14 year old game? Without 'rehashing' content, we'd still be stuck in the EVE of 2003. And that is not a pretty picture, let me tell you.

    Allright lemme make a new skins for you. thats just what the game needs. maybe i will make a new map browser, just because. maybe i will change the models of the ships because **** it why not. maybe i will implement walking in stations! oh and i know, i will change the icons of the UI because why not! This is really helping the game push forward. Not.

    All those things help the game. You must be the new kid here if you don't realize the community has been screaming for ship skins for over 10 years. The more skins the better. Skins generate revenue for CCP. If you don't see how that benefits the game you might want to go back to school.

  • Why is CCP spending so much time on rehashing content? in EVE Communication Center

    You realize we're playing a 14 year old game? Without 'rehashing' content, we'd still be stuck in the EVE of 2003. And that is not a pretty picture, let me tell you.

  • [Mini-blog] The Next Steps in Structure Transition in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Cherri Minoa wrote:

    Do you really want it said that you can't create your own content, and you have to get CCP to create it for you?

    Plenty of content to go around. This just creates more of it.

  • [Mini-blog] The Next Steps in Structure Transition in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Cherri Minoa wrote:
    And then one day along come CCP and wave a magic wand and Provi becomes valuable. The balance is shattered - deliberately shattered. Adapt or die? We have spent more than 10 years adapting to our environment and the political landscape. But you can't adapt to a change that is just dumped on you from above, that suddenly turns a craphole into a gold mine. That is deliberate content engineering by CCP, and it has no place in a sandbox game.

    I see what you're saying, but accusing CCP of having a grudge against Providence in particular is kind of silly. There is no clean way to do this transition. Phasing out a 10+ year old system is going to be messy no matter how you do it.

    The alternative here, of course, would have been to do the transition silently. Not involve the player base at all so no-one is the wiser until patch day. But CCP has had its share of backlash for doing this sort of thing and not talking to the players about it. So can you really blame them?

    The way we should probably look at this is as follows. At the end of the day there were probably two options on the table. 1. Remove outposts all together without any sort of replacement and be done with it. 2. The current Citadel replacement.

    Providence would have been f*cked over either way. And I don't think this option was ever meant to be a 'fair and just reimbursement' type deal. Doing it this way creates obvious content for null-sec. Not just in Providence, but everywhere. New things to fight over that, once they blow up, are never coming back. What CCP essentially created is a limited time 'king of the hill' event. Who ever can keep hold of their limited faction Citadel the longest wins. In a couple of years time there will only be one faction Citadel left and then the event will be over and laughs can be had.

  • [Mini-blog] The Next Steps in Structure Transition in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Sgt Ocker wrote:
    Says a representative of the once largest blob in the game who simply packed up and ran when they finally got the war they had been asking for.

    If we learned nothing else from WWB, it is that no matter how big you are a determined group will beat you down - take what is yours - and in Goons case, with little fuss.

    Provi has always been the place others go when they want good fights or to just stomp on others. The thing Provi residents had going for them was that no matter how badly they got stomped the main infrastructure to rebuild (the many outposts they have built over the years) was always there.

    TigerXtrm - If you can be bothered, take a look at DotLan and you might just notice Provi has the highest concentration of outposts of any region in the game.

    -- - -- - -- - --
    A couple of weeks or even months of preparation to end up with an item that (you can't really put a price on) can never be replaced, who isn't planning for that already??

    Again, yours aren't the only outposts at stake. Every outpost, of every group, big and small, is being changed to a Citadel. The game has changed, infrastructure is now much more vulnerable. That's part of the game design changes CCP set out to make. And what is essentially happening with Providence is that the groups living there have only been 'allowed' to grow to their current size because no-one had an interest in evicting them. No-one wanted to bother taking over the region because no-one wants to own the region. It's really that simple. If your only viable defense of these outposts used to be "we'll take them back when the bullies leave" then you don't deserve to have them, period. Adapt or die.

    In other words, if you can't defend your outposts now, you couldn't have defended them before. And the only reason you've made it this long is because other groups let you. Say what you want about the Casino War, but any entity is welcome to try and steal our outposts in Delve and I will guarantee it won't be worth the trouble for anyone. Stealing the outposts in Provi is relatively easy and can be done with minimal losses. That's the difference. Is that fair? No. But EVE isn't a fair game. See it as paying the price for being left to prosper for so long with relatively little opposition.

  • [Mini-blog] The Next Steps in Structure Transition in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Valkorsia wrote:

    What we don't like is being 'setup' by a dev who clearly has an ax to grind with Providence and has lost touch with the very player base he seeks to attract.

    Setup? Oh please. It's not like Providence is the only region with a lot of outposts. There's outposts everywhere. The only reason you have a target on your back now is because a region that is normally useless to anyone suddenly became useful for something. If you can't defend your own outposts please tell me why you should even be allowed to keep them? Are we playing the same game here?

  • ETA on Chimera model rollback in EVE Communication Center

    First people complain that it's taking forever for the new model to get here. Now it's here and people say it's ugly and want it rolled back.

    F*ck you, EVE community. F*ck you all.

  • [Mini-blog] The Next Steps in Structure Transition in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Pandora Deninard wrote:
    Andraea Sarstae wrote:
    As a director of a small Alliance that owns three outposts, and has for the past 6 years, I am looking at this with sadness.

    I get what you're trying to do, but really it just feels ****** to know that our 6 years of building and maintaining our stations together, and occasionally having to fight to get them back, is just going to be tossed out the window for some new owner that might have it for as little as a few hours.

    I think CCP has made it very clear just what they think of provi with this proposed change.

    The alternative was just removing them all together. Be glad you're getting something in return.

  • If Outposts become faction citadels... in EVE Communication Center

    Matthias Ancaladron wrote:
    Would they redesign them tho?
    I wouldn't mind having a curvy gold amarr citadel.
    Upwells are ugly.

    They said they would rescale them, but I kinda hope for a more elaborate makeover.

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