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  • Pakkonen Low Industry Citadels (4 jumps to Jita) in EVE Gameplay Center

    I'm producing with just the 15% TE bonus and 10 lines atm, and with my skills it's enough to squeeze most of the stuff into the 24h cycle I prefer. Also the real bottleneck is the time it needs to sell, and the time I'm able or want to play the 0.01 ISK game. Sometimes I'm supplying 25% of the market that day, so doubling the output would be tricky. Hence a better per unit profit would suite me more than another time bonus with my current setup.

  • [March] Rorqual and Mining changes in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Interesting proposal, looks a bit artificial to me ... but the only question I have is, will it lead to more Rorquals used and die or not?

  • Anzahl Runs (BPCS) in der detaillierten Ansicht anzeigen in Deutsches Forum

    Jup, das wäre für mich auch ein "Jesus-Feature". Big smile

  • Quickest way to get PLEX? in EVE Communication Center

    Cargo scanning does not trigger Concord but it's tedious. The best option is to fit a battleship with lots of highslots, like the Rokh with smartbombs, switch your safety to red, undock from Jita 4-4, wait 5s, and start the smart bombs. So you will eventually hit someone with PLEX in the cargo. Twisted

    (I know it's NCQ&A, but sometimes ...)

  • When, *exactly*, do broker's fees go through? in EVE Gameplay Center

    No idea, but I played this new broker fee minigame Lol with "Planet X" a while this evening ... and whatever was displayed before I confirmed, was the amount charged to my wallet.

  • Pakkonen Low Industry Citadels (4 jumps to Jita) in EVE Gameplay Center

    Difficult topic, maybe you should do a survey. Some stuff benefit from high volumes, some (low volume) from high material savings. Also depends on skills and number of alts to multi-task.

  • Solo play does it exists anymore? in EVE Communication Center

    Not sure what we are talking here about ... sure, you can play solo, and a lot of stuff is easier solo (where you don't need to share, sync online times), most is reasonable with small restrictions, but some things do need other players in the party to get the maximum fun.

  • Mining Drones intelligenter gestalten in Deutsches Forum

    Noch mehr AFK Miner ... *seufz*

  • [March] Mobile Warp Disruptor changes in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Very good changes. The times are too long imo, but you can tweak at any time.

  • Question about travelling to Null in EVE Communication Center

    If you are only travelling from A to B, use an insta-warp (fitted fo <2s align time) interceptor with some tank against smartbombs. Ares is a good pick. For exploration I recommend using the citadel clone swap and wormholes (Thera) to travel.

  • Kurzinfo: Schlacht in NIDJ-K am 16. Februar in Deutsches Forum

    Super Sache, aber ich denke auch, in-game wäre die Wirkung noch größer. Mit Forum, Reddit, Twitter erreicht ihr nur die Hardcore-Fans, die sich sowieso außerhalb des Client mit EvE beschäftigen. Mit einem Nachrichten-(Push)-kanal in EvE, würde man mMn auch die stille Masse erreichen und zeigen, wie lebendig EvE ist und was es da draußen noch so gibt außer Bergbau im Highsec ... Interesse, Neugier wecken, Motivation sich umzuschauen, sehen, dass EvE lebt, trägt alles zu stabileren Spielerzahlen bei.

  • Exploration / Sights kein nachspringen mehr in zukunft im high sek. in Deutsches Forum

    CowQueen MMXII wrote:

    Am sichersten bist du nämlich dort, wo du am meisten Kontrolle und Übersicht hast. Oftmals ist das dort der Fall, wo - Achtung kontraintuitiv - die wenigsten Regeln gelten: im tiefsten Sov-Nullsec, im eigenen WH-System mit geschlossenen Verbindungen...
    Die angeblich höchste Sicherheit bezieht sich nämlich nur auf offene Auseinandersetzungen und gilt in beide Richtungen.

    Wichtiger Punkt. Sicherheit in EvE ist gleichbedeutend mit: Kontrolle.

    Kontrolle über die Leute meiner Umgebung, die Situation, die Schiffe, die Reiserouten, den Kampf, den Markt. Wenn Du die Kontrolle verlierst oder nicht hast, setzt Du Dich einem Risiko aus. Das kann akzeptabel sein (ich gewinne mehr als ich verliere) oder unkalkuklierbar (wenn das Schiff geganked wird, bin ich pleite).

    Deshalb ist der Highsec so tückisch, da Du hier nur sehr wenig Kontrolle über Deine Umgebung hast. Im Lowsec zum Beispiel ist das Agieren viel einfacher, erstens viel weniger los und denen ich begegne wollen mir alle ans Leder, wenn sie können. Einfache Regeln. Wenn mich im Highsec einer aufschaltet oder verfolgt, weiß ich nicht, will er mich nur ärgern, meinen Cargo scannen, mich ganken?? An jedem Gate stehen "suspekte" Schiffe rum, in 99% der Fälle wollen sie nix von mir, aber ...

  • Command center upgrades 5 vs. mass production with factories-Worth it? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Lvl5 is a long train for 1 additional command center. If you want to go hardcore PI I think it's better to train lvl4 on 3 chars, this gives you 15 planets and a clickfest Blink

    EDIT: Now realized your title, command center upgrade lvl5 is totally worth it - some profitable setups especially in nullsec / WH are not possible without.

  • Pakkonen Low Industry Citadels (4 jumps to Jita) in EVE Gameplay Center

    ST8 ACTOR wrote:
    There's no time manufacturing rig for advanced components, so that's an excuse to still not equip the ECs.

    What about this one? https://market.fuzzwork.co.uk/type/43869/

    EDIT: If you are talking about "there is none for sale" ... anyway I would buy the BPC and build yourself, it's cheaper that way.

  • How to obtain carbon in EVE Gameplay Center

    Salvage, relic loot, market ...

    ... Tritanium?

  • PI - launchpad is not seen by POCO? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Just to be sure, you are looking at the right custom office? I have multiple farms doing the same in one system and it happens that I forget to change the custom office between warps and then are wondering why I can't transfer stuff when on grid. Blink

  • CSM 11 Summit 2 Minutes Have Been Released in Council of Stellar Management

    We don't know what resources are consumed by "NDA stuff" or other CCP projects, but I also get the impression that EvE development atm lacks of skilled resources, in both areas, creativity and coding.

  • POS Newbro in EVE Gameplay Center

    POSs are corp structures.

  • Exploration / Sights kein nachspringen mehr in zukunft im high sek. in Deutsches Forum

    Nun, weitgehend Frieden und Harmonie gibt's schon in EvE ... nur halt nicht im Highsec. Blink

  • Gas Cloud Harvester blueprint in EVE Gameplay Center

    I have one pre-Crius researched in K-QWHE ... lol, totally forgot about this one. Lol

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