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  • Research Services in EVE Gameplay Center

    Send me a mail in game listing what BPO's you want researched, to what levels, and what kind of collateral we are talking about.

  • Planetary Interaction in EVE Gameplay Center

    I guess it really depends on your cycles and PI setup and how often you need to visit your planets. I only tend to mine once a week, but it caters to my setup. I use cloaked blockade runners to do my business.

  • Tech 2 BPO... in EVE Gameplay Center

    Your answer is no, you cannot get a T2 BPO from an NPC. The T2 lottery ended in 2005/2006 if I remember correctly and that was the only way to do it. Or if you were a member of BOB you could have one delivered to your hanger by CCP.

  • how many of you industrialists engage im ship-to-ship pvp? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Zero, I don't do any type of ship combat PvP, at least not in the last 3 years. I used to be part of a really big alliance, and it's all blob on blob warfare in null, and structure grinding. Break out the Dread, go blow up some undefended POSes, rinse repeat. Low sec is also blob on blob, gate camping, and very few fun fights and stupid station games. It's all boring as hell and a long waiting game that often culminates in nothing.

    I prefer doing manufacturing, PI, other ventures and selling items while playing the market. My goal? To make and horde as much isk as possible simply for the sake of making isk. Sounds nuts right? Well it is, but it's what I like to do.

  • 'Squirrel Fishing' needs to be banned! in EVE Communication Center

    Hmmm this sounds like a fun idea really. I can see hundreds of POS's going up right now just for lulz.

  • Why do people do missions in hisec? in EVE Communication Center

    DrunkenNinja wrote:
    Whitehound wrote:
    You need to include the cost of a ship loss when in low-/null-sec, which can occur far more often. You also cannot just do complexes or go ratting whenever you want when in low-/null-sec, but have to make yourself available for corp and alliance duties, which cuts into your available time.

    Of course, if you are currently living in a blue zone ... *cough* ... then it might appear like a peaceful haven and you'd be probably right.

    But the constant safety is no fun at all. Doing hisec missions, nothing interesting ever happens. AND the isk/hour is lower.
    I guess what im trying to ask is: "In a game like EVE Online, why do people so covet a ridiculous level of safety?"

    Why do some people prefer chocolate ice cream to vanilla? Why do some people like beets? Why do some people like to ride their bike to work? Why do some people prefer the company of the opposite sex and other the company of the same sex?

    I'm sure once you have come to a resolution on these questions it will answer your original question.

  • How viable invention without owning PoS? in EVE Gameplay Center

    One little note I guess I didn't mention but took for granted. This would be a Hi-Sec POS I'm talking about, and in a system with a station so that you can leave your BPO's in the station. The only thing you have to worry about is fuel and getting war dec. Most people won't bother to war dec a small corp, let alone find your POS in the thousands of hi sec systems out there with dozens of moons per system (unless of course you try to put something near Jita). If you do get a war dec, you have 24 hours to take down your stuff to save it. Most of the time though no one is going to spend hours in a BS blowing up your POS anyway, but you never know.

  • How viable invention without owning PoS? in EVE Gameplay Center

    You can do it, but it is not nearly as profitable as owning your own POS, so less viable. Can you still make money? Sure in the right system, but it's not 100% reliable. With a POS you gain the following;

    1. You never have to wait for slots to open up.

    2. You can build a POS in such a manner you pretty much never run out of slots to use, but rather run out of slots you can manage due to skills.

    3. You don't have to pay for slots to use them. Yes you have to pay for fuel, but this is essentially a fixed cost. So the more slots you use the cheaper it gets per slot when allocated across the board thus cheaper copies/ME/PE/Invention

    4. You will never be able to produce as fast in a station environment as one will in a POS and time = money. The mobile labs work much faster than station slots due to their bonuses.

  • Why does CCP hate armor tanking? in EVE Communication Center

    So from what I got out of this thread ASBs are better than AAR's. I'm just glad they aren't messing with my LAC's or MRG's, cause then I'd be like all mad and sh**.

  • I wanted to try mining in high sec but I've got a few questions in EVE Gameplay Center

    Well you can always do what I like to do if I'm having issues with can theives (though it hasn't happened in a long time). I like to mine 1 pull on a roid and then leave a jet can in the belt, and fly away. Then fly a cloak tackler in the belt and group another toon in my fleet. I then wait for the theif to come make their move and blow them to pieces.

    Seriously though, Ore is very heavy unless someone is running around in an industrial warping to random belts hoping to steel unattended cans of ore, it's not much of a concern. If it becomes a concern, see above.

  • Manufacturing profit best item in EVE Gameplay Center

    Gijs Peerlings wrote:
    well thanks everyone! I found myself a nice item with 800K profit an hour!!!!!!!!!Shocked with only 18 ME.

    The only thing is that it is rather expensive, but for that profit I will do a little more mining to get started :P

    There are lots of things that Eve Isk per hour will say will make that much isk, but you still have to sell the item. Remember certain items sell high because the volume is low.

  • Nice Things in EVE Communication Center

    Sounds like someone filtering isk sold for RLM.

  • How does Supply Chain Management Work? in EVE Gameplay Center


  • Invention skills in EVE Gameplay Center

    I would train them all to level 4, and that should pretty well make your inventions viable. You can go level 5, but the % chance increase is minimal. The main reason I went to Level 5's on any skill was to increase the amount of RP I got from agents for datacores, and I only have a few of them to 5.

  • POS for copy and invent in EVE Gameplay Center

    If you have at least two characters that can do invention and production, I would not waste my time on a small POS. Get a medium Caldari POS. You can anchor and online 5 labs, 2 equip arrays, 2 drone arrays, 1 ammo array, and 1 component array and go to town with invention and production. You can anchor guns and shields and if you get war dec, just offline the other components and online the defenses, take down anything valuable and let the greifers come to an empty POS with guns, ewar, and hardeneres.

    If you only have 1 character for this a small will be all the slots you can handle.

  • Industry needs fixes and improvements in EVE Communication Center

    TheBlueMonkey wrote:

    Doesn't it also take the same time to copy a T2BPO as it does to produce from it too? Meaning copying is actually pointless.

    Actually it takes longer (which is why I don't do it anymore), which I found out the hard way when I first got it thinking I would just make a bunch of copies and mass produce. Either way, the T2 BPO's I have I only use when the price is right, sometimes it's just not worth firing them up if the market is down.

  • Industry needs fixes and improvements in EVE Communication Center

    Hemp Invader wrote:
    RubyPorto wrote:
    Altessa Post wrote:
    I approve. T2 BPOs should go. They do give an unfair advantage to old time players.

    As a T2 producer, I am well aware of the cost contribution of invention. And just repeating that having a well researched T2 BPO does not help you is either ignorance or just bluntly lying.

    And yes, there are several items on the market which cannot be produced competitively even with top skills. This does not appear fair to me.

    Do you understand the concept of opportunity cost?

    The opportunity cost of using a T2BPO is roughly its sale price. So are you really saying that paying 200b for a 20b/year income is overpowered (or even worthwhile)?

    Do you understand the ratio of Reward / (Effort * Risk)?

    Making money when using a tech 2 BPO is something like this:
    1) Buy stuff from Jita/Rens whatever
    2) Haul said stuff 3 jumps to the nearest station
    3) Click once
    4) Haul tech 2 item, insta sell or whatever
    6) Profit

    This kind of income is manly passive income because it involves roughly 2 hours per year. Yes...2 hours of playtime per year. Tell me another activity that can yield you 10 bil per hour in complete safety and no other person can fight back.

    Quick question: How many tech2 BPOs do you have if you protect them so dearly?

    You clearly are either an idiot or you have never done T2 production if you think you can reliably build T2 items in a station 3 jumps from Jita that will have enough manufacturing slots open to make all of the components and build the T2 items without interruption to make a profit. I have 2 T20 BPO's an old corp mate gave me when he left the game. Even at researched levels, and building my own components, there is virtually no way to 1. keep up with demand of the product with just the BPO (even when making copies) and 2. to make enough of these items to undercut the market in such a fashion that T2 inventors will get shut out, namely because you can only build so fast.

    Are there a handful of ships out there that get built for little or no profit when compared to invention, absolutely, but that isn't any differentl than the idiots that make Drakes and Hurricanes for no profit all of the time because they mined the minerals.

  • Industry needs fixes and improvements in EVE Communication Center

    RichtPaul wrote:
    Kalle Demos wrote:
    1. T2 BPO make very little difference to the market, if you ever did T2 manufacturing you would know this

    You should check the prices and profits of inventing Claymores mate.

    Woopty dooo. So there is one ship out there that supposidly a T2 BPO owner is seeding the entire market for these ships? More likely its several idiots doing T2 invention and selling the ship for near current market price because he mined the minerals for free. That and claymores just don't get used that much so demand is scarce. Invention is by far the more superior in T2 production in all aspects as you can create more T2 BPC's and run multiple jobs much quicker than making copies of a T2 BPO, as the T1 variant copies faster (and cheaper) and you can run invention jobs very quickly to mass produce 10 run T2 BPC's running multiple manufacturing slots at the same time.

    As to the OP's list. I only agree with Number 3, the rest of your arguments are just horse**** and lack of knowledge of the game and tools available (EVE isk per hour will generate a shopping list for you, so quit crying someone already did the coding work for you). While it is true that big alliance/corps will be smart and user trader alts, you can still choose not to sell/buy to specific people, which I think is a good thing.

  • Fanfest health hazard in EVE Communication Center

    Dewa Cinta wrote:
    How hard is it to take a shower and put deodorant on?

    Just once.

    Apparently very very difficult. The same problem exists as most cons. The last few I have attended they had a few booths there with soap and doeoderant and a sign that says gamers don't let gamers game dirty.

  • Just want to Share Multiboxing gone mad. in EVE Communication Center

    Awesome. I mean seriously if the guy wants to use 100 accounts to mine, then whatever man.