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  • Duality is open for ATXII teams in EVE Communication Center

    My corp is hoping to get some testing done today, but I cant come helpt since I only re-uped my subscribtion last wednesday
    And logging into Duality shows my account as inactive, any help greatly apreciated.

  • Concerned about scanning changes in Odyssey: Better speak up now in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Eitak Utrigas wrote:
    Would it totally break the system if you had scanner probes that were tailored to the signature (Grav, Ladar, Mag etc). They could provide a significant boost over generic ones (which will still be available) and assist the scanner in filtering out the crap sites that they are not interested in?

    Might be said already, but that's what the signature filters do.

  • Asset Details API in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Think I heard somewhere that it's possible to grab ME\PL values for a blueprint when it is in use (I,e in production) and you could grab and store it from there.

    Granted never tried it myself.

  • New PC in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Now the GTX 560 is a great card, but a generation old already so if you are looking to upgrade I would wait just a bit more for either the 660 line or go for the Gtx 670 that got released in the wild last week (in norway, and we aren't normaly first to get these)

    (googles what 3500$ would be,Hmm, I'm not getting 3400 usd for 1500 GBP, but 2500 usd, nit-picking I know)
    Honestly with that big a budget I would consider the GTX 680 (if not two), and the more GPU RAM you have, the more clients you can run :)

    I put together a personal shopping list for fun last month and think it had something like an i7, 12 gig RAM, 120Gig SSD, 4TB storage, GTX 680 (only single card), etc etc for about 2500 USD.

  • igb help in EVE Technology and Research Center

    The trick above I believe is that alliances are just constructs around a group of corporations and can't realy own anything.

    The contracts in question might be available to alliance but probably still owned by either a character or a corporation.

  • New dev blog: Nine glorious years of EVE Online on May 6th in EVE Information Center

    Im not saying we deserve free stuff but this seriously feel like we are being handed a bunch of rubish.

    Can we get we get a 'opt out' button cause the last thing I need is more crap.

    or maybe something useful like a dozen shuttles we can get when needed through item redemption.

    Seriously this feels as wierd as when grandma was giving me duplos on my 25th birthday.

  • New dev blog: NVIDIA Video Card for PLEX Offer in EVE Information Center

    Bienator II wrote:
    ITSaSPY wrote:
    Bienator II wrote:
    ITSaSPY wrote:
    Let me just look at these numbers.

    Currently the average price for these kinds of graphics cards (average GTX 560, EVGA version: 10 euro more than average) is about 150 euro at the closest store to my house.

    20 plex is about (15x20) 300 euro.

    So basicly if I use plex I would pay twice the money I would need when I'd pay using ... well, money.

    I don't like the deal.

    the problem with this calculation is that nobody will buy 20 plex to purchase a graphics card. They have them already and you can' make them to money anyway... so this is a quite good offer actually.

    That's not a problem with the calculation. The calculation just shows the difference between the value of the thing you trade in vs. the thing you get. Basicly its a horrible deal. No matter if you have 2.000 plex laying around, that doesn't change the value of either the card or your plex. It's still a bad deal, no matter if you can afford it or not.

    You could spend the plex on extending your EVE account for a long time, or multiple accounts even.

    sure you could. If you have that already you can now request a graphics card.

    Im sure this deal makes perfect sense to all the small time manufacturers who's convinced trit and pyerite is free since they mine it themselves.

  • New dev blog: NVIDIA Video Card for PLEX Offer in EVE Information Center

    1. This card although a great card, is mere weeks from being replaced by the gtx 660.
    2. The higher end 680 card has been in the wild for a month already and the midrange series won't be far behind.

    3. Even if you have the ISK in your wallet the math still doesn't favor this deal, you are better off just paying your sub and saving your real money, honestly the only crowd where this deal makes sense are for RMT botters. (CCP\nvidia facepalm moment)

    4. Finally some deuche bag politician is going to see the PR for this and start some new push about the various governments should tax our ingame currency since we can convert into a real-word item.

  • Dual Monitor Dual Client in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I set my three clients up with this way
    As mentioned this give the benefit of both methods, uses no more space than a single install but also let's you keep settings between clients

    This way I have 3 clients setup with their own shortcut on the desktop that launches a client on their own screen.
    The last thing you want is having to fiddle with your settings and overview positions every time you login, especially if' there is something going on.

    Now after the launcher patch I have the launcher set to only show if there is one, if I then see it I let it finish patching and since all the files are linked I don't need to patch the other clients.Big smile

    You can take this even further, setting up a cloned client just for massive fleet battles where effects\brackets etc etc are set for max performance.

  • Petition system not working! in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Since last night I have been trying to file a petition via the support website but I keep getting this


    Something really bad happened and we are really sorry.

    The server was unable to process your request.

    Support personel has been notified, no further action is needed

    I know it's easter but seriously...

    Filed it from in game but this being a API result related. it was more natural for me to try sending it via the browser.

  • New dev blog: In search of Unity in EVE Information Center

    Abdiel Kavash wrote:
    CCP Shiny wrote:
    Well - since several have mentioned asset search, let's talk about that: What is it lacking currently from your point of view?

    - Search for items which are inside containers, inside ship cargoholds, or fitted to a ship.
    - Allow me to search through all of my alts' assets (yes I can wish).

    that is technically possible now, although not easily since it involves pulling assets through the API for all parties and store it in a database and then query that...

    OK not a practical solution for most people but this how I figure out where our pos fuel is.

    But yeah at least corporate assets search is quite simply broken.
    haven't been using the personal one much lately so can't really say on that one.
    but the corporate assets search is as broken as everything else pertaining to corporation management.

  • Norcorp Enterprise : Rekrutering åpnet for Nordmenn,Svensker og Daner in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    Lunch hour bump.

  • New dev blog: EVE Launcher Issues in EVE Information Center

    Rubinia Valeska wrote:
    It would be nice if the launcher could show us patch notes of the patch it downloads or at least a link to it.
    Otherwise I agree with GeoffWICE the settings need to be made more obvious.

    Other than that keep up the good work.

    But clicking a link in the launcher while its downloading a patch is one of the many ways to have it break your client..

    Ps. Why are the links I click on in the launcher firing up firefox when this is not my standard browser ?

  • New dev blog: EVE Launcher Issues in EVE Information Center

    For multi account users this launcher is atrocious.

    To launch my three clients I used to just click my three shortcuts (so each clients starts with their own settings)
    and login.

    Now I have to start my first client wait for patching, wich is slower than ever before, click the play button wait 30 seconds
    And repeat two times but since thankfully symlinked folders aren't broken and work as intended Im spared having to patch up again.

    And this is the best case scenario where the launcher doesn't break itself.

    Seriously was this thing written by a group of highschool kids on a work program or something?

  • Bring back Manual Patch Option in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Signed, the launcher so far only accomplishes one goal thats not even on the wanted achievments lists, and that is to ANNOY ME !

    I have now gone from launching my client with 3 clicks to 12 thank you ccp not to mention it's slow AND IT BREAKS THE GAME!

  • Ok. You changed item names again. No patch notes that I can see. in EVE Technology and Research Center

    malaire wrote:
    Gary Hagon wrote:
    Although I do agree that the failure to update us on whats being changed is BS, you can easily find out for yourself.

    Dig through the static data dump like the rest of the developers. Use a script to compare it to a older version if your lazy.

    So do you have link to new static data dump?

    Is there a new datadump ?

  • New dev blog: U and I - Our Little Improvements Together in EVE Information Center

    Archare wrote:
    Woo nice changes overall, two little things i was wondering if it could be possible to squeeze in...

    could we get the date back on our clocks?

    and make the minimum size of the science and industry window smaller so i can use it and shrink it down and resize it so it doesn't end up taking1/4 of my screen real estate.

    There should be no minimum window size, If I want to I should be able to make the window 4 pixels

  • Norcorp Enterprise : Rekrutering åpnet for Nordmenn,Svensker og Daner in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    Kvelds bump.

    Livet er ikke ille så lenge man har øl i skapet :D

  • Norcorp Enterprise : Rekrutering åpnet for Nordmenn,Svensker og Daner in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center


  • Norcorp Enterprise : Rekrutering åpnet for Nordmenn,Svensker og Daner in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    Ettermiddags bump.