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  • Upwell structures should consume "base" amounts of fuel or ISK in Council of Stellar Management

    Heres my 2 cents, i think they should use a consumable but not nessicarlily fuel blocks.

    I think all citadels in 0.5 or higher should require a NPC seeded good. POS's had charters for example.

    So my idea is this, make all citadels in 0.5 or higher require the "Upwell Reinforcement & Invulerabilty Core"

    its an NPC seeded good, there will be no blueprint released. It will be seeded in all 4 Empires as well as concord / DED stations.

    Id like it to cost about 100 to 150 mill a month(atleast for medium structures, i would like 250-300 for large ones), Citadels consume units 24 per day

    Citadels with it in the fuel bay and being actively consumed will work exactly like they do now, they have vulnerability windows, Reinforcement works and a war dec is required to attack the structure.

    But if you don't have them in the bay the following happens:

    1. Citadel becomes permanently vulnerable
    2. People attacking your citadel only get the suspect timer, allowing anyone to attack your citadel without the use of a war dec.
    3. Reinforcement systems are offline.

    If the citadel gets attacked while in this state the fuel bay is locked until the citadels self repair system completes its 15 minute timer (this stops people from waiting until they are attacked before putting the goods in it)

    This change does a few things
    1. Allows the destruction of abandoned citadels without taking a week to do so and gives other people the ability to attack the Aggressors, creating content.
    2. Makes corporations and players have upkeep on the structure if they wish to have the structure be around long.
    3. Put's a decent sized isk sink back into the game.

    I think these structures are fine currently in low sec as they are not spammed anywhere near as much and are killed very regularly.

    Now in 0.0 i feel some changes could be made, not from the fuel or the commodities side but from the Reinforcement timer and vulerability window side.

    Heres what i propose. Citadels controlled by the alliance who holds the IHUB work and function like they do now. If an IHUB where to die, they should still function like they do now.

    Say your taking a region and the enemy as citadels placed all over, you kill off all the IHUBs and TCU's and put your own down and you start holding the space and living in it.

    I think that Vulnerability timers should be increased and Reinforcement timers Decreased as the Strategic level of the system increases. So at Strategic level 0, nothing has changed. Strategic levels 1 - 5 increase the vulnerability timers of all hostile citadels by 4 hours per level. This would mean that by level 5 pretty much every structure would be vulnerable 24/7.

    Same for RF timers, each level of Strategic would decrease that. Say 1.2 days per level with armor, shield remains 24 hours.

    Meaning that in a level 5 system a hostile citadel would have no armor timer and just the 24 hour shield timer.

  • [June] Fighter Damage Reduction in EVE Technology and Research Center

    ok so im starting to see a pattern here, you dont want pirate battleships used in fleets and now it would seem you don't want people to effectively make money in carriers or supers either.

  • [Summer] Pirate Battleship Cost Intervention in EVE Technology and Research Center

    honestly i disagree with this approach.

    I think a much better way would be to make pirate battleships use their faction components found in 0.0 data sites to build.

    CCP can then control the drop rate of these components to increase or decrease the price as needed. This also removes the need to screw with any escalation or drop rate as the bottleneck to production will no longer be the amount of blueprints on the market, the bottleneck will be these components.

    This would also finally make data sites worth doing as 99.9% of them are trash.

  • Strategic Cruiser Focus Group Working Thread in EVE Technology and Research Center

    one big issue that i see here is the tengu missile kinetic damage bonus still remains.

    I think this should just be a straight 5% damage, you have gotten rid of the specific damage bonus on many other caldari ships and this one should be no different.

  • An old song *Whine Alert* - The **** happened to carriers..?? in EVE Technology and Research Center

    sounds like you have no idea how to use your carrier to rat with

    If im having a bad day i might lose 2-3 fighters over the course of 8+ hours of ratting.

    if your losing fighters it means you are probably using tech 1's and you don't have the rig that increase there HP to insane levels..

    You also don't know how to do the sites correctly.

    Get t2 fighters, get the rig, kill frigs and cruisers first then battleships.

    Gotta keep your fighters moving too, if you let them stop while there being attacked they will take loads of damage.

  • Let me buy less than 30d gametime in EVE Technology and Research Center

    nope, people would abuse cyno alts and people like NC/PL would abuse that with super alts like crazy.

    Use 3 day of plex > move super > log off super in keepstar / on fortizar in deployment

    A month later we need them for a fight > use 24 hours of plex > have fight > log off.

    Rinse and repeat..

    30 days is fine and it shouldn't go lower then this.

  • [Winter] Mobile Siphon Unit Idea in EVE Technology and Research Center

    no need for this, siphons can go away.

    You will need to have a mining operation atleast one a week maybe once every 2 weeks and CCP is making it easy for people who want to steal it to be able to do that by giving plenty of information as to when the field will appear.

    You can bring your gang down and kill the people mining and take the loot.

    Siphons are AFK game play that is used to counter AFK game play.. it silly.

  • Capital Ship Logistics Afterthought. in EVE Technology and Research Center

    no, but i do feel that when they make a pass to the jump bridges after they remove pos's.. jump bridges should have a 90% reduction in fatigue.... if not 90 atleast the same as a black ops... 75%.

    or make it so that you can take 4 jump bridges within a time period before fatigue starts to go up.

    This allows alliances to better defend there home but also punishes the creation of "highways" like the CFC had running from Dek all the way down to the bottom of fountain.

  • What eve really needs in EVE Technology and Research Center

    no, only 1 doomsday requires a target lock and the rest are aimed.

    And jamming titans or supers would be just stupid its the reason they have huge resistance and sensor strength.

  • Ceos + Directors rights to mute on corp chat in EVE Technology and Research Center

    honestly the whole corporate role and interface needs a complete overhaul and rework.

    But yes i agree i want full control over everything in my corp.

    If i want to mute people from alliance/local/corp chat then i should be able to.. but again the whole thing needs a rework ccp promised one 2 or 3 years ago at fanfest but it never came to be.

  • Idea: Purchasables (Attribute Remap, Character Rename) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    i would be ok with remaps being buyable but it should be limited to 2 a year max

    And each one should cost 20$

    That way sure you can get a bit of an advantage but you can't just spam remaps all year long and its cost prohibitive

  • [May] CONCORD Aerospace Promotional Ships in EVE Technology and Research Center

    so assuming this isn't an april fools troll post, then what is the jump range of the battleship?

    If it gets a 75% reduction and can fit the portal gen, then it must have a jump drive... so what is its base range?

  • [Summer] RLML and HML balance pass in EVE Technology and Research Center

    this is a good step in the right direction, but i think one of the bigger changes that needs to happen is all missiles ships that have a damage bonus to only one type of damage.. needs to get changed to all damage types

    Tengu's a good example, just remove the kinetic only damage bonus and replace it with a normal damage bonus that effects all types.

    Also at fanfest you guys said that faction launches and turrets were going to be able to use t2 ammo.. you did it with the capital ship weapons but haven't got around to doing it with subcap weapons.. i think you guys really need to make this happen ASAP!

  • S0utherN Comfort is looking for active pvpers to join its ranks! in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    up to the front

  • [March] Balance Tweaks: Fighters, Supercarriers & Burst Projectors in EVE Technology and Research Center

    this is the first post in a long time from someone at CCP talking about shield slaves

    So my question is when will we see these implant sets ? its been quiet a long time and we don't have them yet.

    Also if sansha's are now a shield tanking group and it looks like its going be that way for the future.. are you guys planning on changing how the NPC's work? right now they armor tank.

    And if they are going to be shield tanked.. you should also switch all of the centus armor mods to shield mods.. have sansha start dropping shield loot instead of armor.

  • [March] Rorqual and Mining changes in EVE Technology and Research Center

    i think that rorqual nerf is getting close to to much.

    Im fine with more back and forth because good rorqual pilots are going to be sitting on top of whatever they are going to be mining anyway.

    but halfing the base is to much and since they are going to be doing more trips they are already going to be mining less just by that fact alone.

    So i would say up it to 125-130m3 and keep the 60 seconds time...that would be a nerf to the m3 and that coupled with the increased trips back and forth should be more then enough of a nerf.

    And you increasing the distance between roids so your also increasing the time it takes to set back up on another roid.

    All these changes together is bigger then a simple 20% nerf here.

    Your boost to the material drop rates for these drones haven't pushed the drone cost down much either, so i suggest you guys think about boosting that drop rate atleast 300% more then it currently is.. i wouldn't care as much about nerfs if these drones were 500 million each instead of 3 times that amount.

    as far as the panic mod goes i don't understand why this is so hard.

    Having to target roids is silly... better fix.

    When you enter panic mode your lock is broken, and just like the triage mod has or use to have.. the panic mod will get a +999999% cap usage for all Ewar mods... so you can't tackle/web/jam anyone.... and give it the same penality to entosis mods aswell.

    SO now you can't heavy entosis, you can't heavy tackle.. so the only thing the panic mod is useful for now is to become invulerable until help arrives.

  • New jump gate system in EVE Technology and Research Center

    No, ccp already gave you ways around gate camps... interceptors and nullified t3's

    and bubbles in high sec would be completely aids.. you would have thousands of people getting dragged hundreds of KM off gates and perma bubbled by idiots like code.

    bubbles stay in 0.0.

    Also running a fleet in 0.0 would be completely aids aswell.. because instead of your entire fleet being in the same spot after going through a gate.. your entire fleet including capitals and all is spread out in random spots across the entire system

    And that would be an enemies dream.. get to the system first.. get a hold bunch of probers and cepters and the moment the enemy fleet jumps in start the probes

    Capitals take forever to warp so it wouldn't be to hard to catch a few of them

    Its just a bad idea all around.

  • Allow repackaging of BPOs and crystals in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Nevyn Auscent wrote:
    The crystals idea more goes into some way to repair/merge damaged crystals so that you can smush all your 99% damaged crystals together into 1 useful crystal somehow. But that comes up every 6 months here and CCP have never made any ground on it, so I've given up on that ever happening.

    its because years ago when crystals first came out they were able to be refined and not like the 50% refine we have on mods today.. but as good as the old system allowed.

    People were able to reprocess almost dead crystals and get almost the same amount as it took to build them.

    This was abused of course and it didn't take long for CCP to put a stop to it.

  • Mobile Tractor Unit - Lunch for Corp/Fleet in EVE Technology and Research Center

    launch for fleet? no

    But i personally don't have a problem with them being corp anchorable.

    This allows alts to come behind and scoop them up, makes it a bit easier.

  • please delete in EVE Technology and Research Center

    never mine