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  • Eve Windowed mode Auto-Maximize script-o-tweak in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Slick setup, thanks for the evemail about it. Much appreciated.

  • Dev blog: Sensor Overlay 2.0: Bigger, Better, Bookmarks in Spacier! in EVE Information Center



    THANK YOUUU for this! It's beautiful.

  • Dev blog: Researching, the Future in EVE Information Center

    I'm only on page 20, but I've been reading several posts saying "But my ME6 BP is already perfect, why do I have to research 4 more levels post patch to get it perfect again?" and the like. The amount of stupid in these posts whining about ME is staggering and it makes me angry. I have not seen a post yet that quashes these misconceptions. This is that post. It is not nice.

    Here's the Idiot's Guide to how ME Will (not) Change on Patch Day:

    Take a BP, any BP. Let's say it has perfect ME at ME 7. After the patch, your ME will have changed to ME10 (10% reduction in waste). No effective change in how much waste you have, and you even get a bigger number!

    Take that same BP, and some silly person has researched it to something silly like ME200. Silly person thinks that because his number went from ME200 to ME10 he should get something back or that it is somehow worse. No. Wrong. You researched poorly and far past the perfection breakpoint. The cap of ME10 is to prevent people like you from wasting research, although I would love to see Greyscale remove the cap so that you guys can go chasing the Bigger Better Number again while the rest of us who actually know what the hell we're doing point and laugh.

    Now, Let's take a BP that's perfect at ME20 pre-patch. If you have ME20 (or greater, for you "bigger is better" over-researching silly persons), your BP will have ME10 after the patch. Fear not though! While the smarter beings in this thread have already figured this out, just because your ME number got smaller does not mean you have more waste. HOWEVER (silly persons, read carefully), if you have this BP, and it's only ME4 (remember, the perfect ME for this BP is 20 pre-patch), and you research it to ME10, you're not getting any sort of shortcut to perfect ME because of the patch. Whatever wastage ME10 gets you pre-patch (let's say it gives you 7% wastage) is going to directly translate to what ME you get post-patch (pre-patch wastage of 7% = post-patch ME7)

    TL;DR the current ME on your blueprints has absolutely nothing to do with what the ME will be after the patch. Go back and read that sentence a few more times until it has replaced whatever other silly notion you had. Wastage pre-patch=Wastage post-patch. The ME number prepatch is irrelevant. CCP has even kindly offered generous rounding so that if you have, say, 5.4% wastage pre-patch, they'll give you 6% post-patch due to the less granular 10-step ME progression.

    Nobody who has one of these over-researched BPs should get any of their wasted research points back. You screwed yourself over, deal with it. Be glad that after this patch you can't do this stupid thing again. I am sad that you will inevitably find some other way to screw it up.

    I hope I've repeated myself enough to make it stick and cut down on the amount of chaff-postage in this thread, simply for the benefit of the devs/not-idiots so they don't have to read so much drivel and whining.

    Back to your regularly scheduled devblog thread.

  • New EVE Ship Models Discussion in EVE Communication Center

    The two I would buy no questions asked: Rifter, Sabre (THE OLD GOLDEN SKIN THANKS IN ADVANCE)

    More that I might buy if I ever get my library/office worked out (I need to get rid of a renter): Merlin, Tornado, Machariel, Cynabal, Megathron, Daredevil, Dramiel, Stratios

    I may add to this later.

  • POS Storage Module Fixes in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Goddammit Lyris

    We're sorry he escapes from his pen on occasion when we don't have him munching on a region.

  • GM clarification on rewording of the Terms of Service in EVE Communication Center

    Goonwaffe is impersonating Goonfleet.

    Do we have to disband now?

  • The most stupid question on EVE GD in EVE Communication Center

    Yaturi wrote:
    Lady Spank wrote:
    You can easily write a macro to automate ship spinning so it's a moot point as it always is with such things.
    For repeat offenders measures should not exclude possible disablement of the spinning feature as well as permanent restriction to captain's quarters.

    Shocked This is actually a rather horrifying thought.

  • EVE Online: Odyssey 1.1 Deployment Downtime Extended in EVE Communication Center

    40 minute patch, hahahaha

    Come now CCP, we've been friends long enough for you to be honest with us. No hard feelings, as long as you keep nicking off those 1000 little things we've been bothering you about for the last 5 years.

    You're still not forgiven for Dominion sov, though. Evil

  • Introduce "Stasis Webify Probe" (Ammunition/Charge) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Lyris Nairn wrote:
    Hello Space Friends!

    My name is Lyris Nairn and I have been playing EVE Online since 2008. I think that I have something to say that is relevant to many of you.

    As you all know, there exist charges called "Warp Disrupt Probe" which mimic the effect of a Warp Disruptor within an area of effect around themselves. These are the ammunition used by Interdictors, commonly called "bubbles." These charges allow the Interdictor to "tackle" things in a large area by disrupting their warp drives. But there is no tool by which an Interdictor, or any other ship, can prevent those "tackled" guys from getting away! After all, every PVP pilot knows that someone is not truly "tackled" unless they are also webbed.

    I think that CCP should introduce a Stasis Webify Probe which exactly mimics the Warp Disrupt Probe in its deployment (i.e., it deploys its effect in a sphere centered on the deployed charge), but which applies the Stasis Webification effect to targets caught in its area of effect. This new ammunition would be used in exactly the same way as the Warp Disrupt Probe, being fired from an Interdiction Sphere Launcher module fitted to an Interdictor-class ship.

    I think this is a great idea that would change the game in a positive way. Let me know what you think in the comments!

    I think he's finally cracked. Which one of the Illuminati get to collect on the pot?

  • Peace is Boring in EVE Communication Center

    Spergie Scrublord wrote:
    The OP, a member of the most powerful alliance in the game - the one that openly and proudly scams, schemes, backstabs and does whatever it can at any opportunity - should truly go down in the history books as the best example ever of the worst case of EVE Online's First World Problems. S/he is no doubt here on the forums presenting her case to subtly prepare us for TheMittani's next big declaration of whatever he has planned. Just a hunch, because this overblown piece of ridiculous writing smells of -- something.

    If not, nay I suggest to the OP that making an alt and sending it to Syndicate, where it is constant war with no reasons needed, might relieve her boredom.

    Hell, for a serious reality check, drop out of Goonswarm and play the game like the pubbies do. ***gaaaaaaasp***

    How do you go on living every day? That level of cognitive dissonance must be excruciating.

  • CSM Guest Blog: "Reasonable Things" Voting Phase in EVE Information Center

    Treyan Argund, 22, 76, 15, 70, 46, 42, 19, 25, 66, 74, 53, 65, 85, 05, 01, 29, 50, 99, 80, 41, 16, 75, 13, 14, 08, 02, 07, 12, 21, 10, 11, 61, 28, 26, 20, 38, 95, 79, 39, 36, 35, 51, 54, 37, 32, 45, 40, 43, 34, 55, 58, 59, 23, 64, 24, 33, 78, 91, 44, 83, 81, 86, 88, 89, 72

    Yeah I spent a little too much time on this.

  • CCP - Closing Jita on busy days is not acceptable. in EVE Communication Center

    baltec1 wrote:
    BoodaBooda down

    Our wonderful mascot, bringing us tidings from the front. Big smile Never not Megathron, unless Sabre

  • Happy Birthday Hilmar in EVE Communication Center

    Happy Birthday Hilmar!

    Love, Goonswarm (We hope you like the cake)

  • Command Ship 45+ days training?! in EVE Communication Center

    Treyan Argund wrote:
    I think every post for the rest of this thread should be

    Tippia wrote:
    Now, back to the problem you believe you're having. Could you provide a screenshot of the skill page of the CS in question, and a screenshot of the error message when you try to increase your CS skill?

    (Not Empty Quoting)

    Why are there posts that are not this post what are you doing you badposters get in line so we can get this thread closed for lack of content and/or spam.

  • Command Ship 45+ days training?! in EVE Communication Center

    I think every post for the rest of this thread should be

    Tippia wrote:
    Now, back to the problem you believe you're having. Could you provide a screenshot of the skill page of the CS in question, and a screenshot of the error message when you try to increase your CS skill?

    (Not Empty Quoting)

  • Make EVE Client remember window mode maximized in EVE Technology and Research Center

    +eleventy billion tia CCP

  • Local Channel Audio Alert in EVE Technology and Research Center

    James Amril-Kesh wrote:
    I want lasers that fire dubstep.

    Thread is now for the promotion of DubStep Lazers to bring back Amarr supremacy.

    Enemy fleets will leave the field just to save their ears. Also playing EVE without sound after this patch crashes the game and deletes boot.ini

  • Separators on the ingame calculator for large numbers in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Yolo wrote:
    while they are at it, they could add local decimal sign.
    dot or comma, depending on local machine language.

    Dammit, how did I forget that :doh: Sorry

  • Separators on the ingame calculator for large numbers in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Pretty please?

  • Fix bloody NPC aggro switching in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Having to worry about losing a Cynabal or a tackling bomber or an Arazu to rats that immediately go "REAAAAAAAAARRRRGH ELECTRONIC WARFARE" is really a severe handicap on those of us who make our fun by destroying ratting ships. Why not just remove cloaked ships and warp jammers and oh let's just remove PVP entirely as a mechanic. We can PVP by fighting over who gets to kill what rats! It'll be glorious fun!

    Even WoW has a decent, predictable aggro system. Cmon, CCP.