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Vayna Miychovich

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  • NED-Clan - More than a corp! /\\ NL / PvP / 0.0 in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    Thanks LaraJade!

    Recruitment is open again.

  • NED-Clan - More than a corp! /\\ NL / PvP / 0.0 in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    Even active in late EUTZ . . . . . Blink

  • NED-Clan - More than a corp! /\\ NL / PvP / 0.0 in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    NED-Clan [NED-]

    In-game channel: ned-clan

    WE ARE:

    Currently deployed in Delve as part of Goonswarm Federation, NED-Clan is a longstanding Dutch language based PvP corp which dates back to the early years of EVE. We are content driven and have always been participated in the great conflicts of this universe. We respect the fact that EVE is a game and for most members a hobby and as such not a second job.

    NED as a corp is part of a multigaming community that is also active in World of Tanks, CS:GO, ArmA and League of Legends amongst others.


    * Dutch language based corp;
    * 0.0 Roaming/ Fleet;
    * PVP oriƫnted, with complete industrial support;
    * No SkillPoint requirement (no trial accounts);
    * Teamplay;
    * Website/Forum/Killboard en Voice Comms;
    * Reimbursement on PVP losses;
    * Logistics support;
    * 50+ RL Members.


    New members that enjoy:
    * Teamplay:
    * PvP;
    * Mature gaming environment;
    * Stable corporation;
    * Voice comms during Ops;
    * Gaming as a hobby - No requirements on kills, ops or time online.

    Join our public channel for more information, checkout the website or contact directly.

    Vayna Miychovich /\\ Nob Regent //\ Boroth Kindeze

  • POSes: I am a small portion of the community in Council of Stellar Management

    mynnna wrote:
    CCP should feel like we're simply voicing our support for a feature we deeply care about, not that we're a riotous crowd trying to ransom them into developing a feature we care about. Thus, being rude or mean is not the way to go.

    Logging in 'cause we care.

  • The Mittani, CSM7 Chairman: Our work is not yet done. in Council of Stellar Management

    Donau wrote:
    My Chairman
    My Vote

  • CSM Statement regarding CCP refocusing in EVE Communication Center


  • CSM Member Blog - Reality Check in Council of Stellar Management

    +1 for the blog

  • CSM - Do you think? (... continued) in Council of Stellar Management

    Sheol Duncan wrote:
    Neither CCP nor the CSM is trying to nerf hisec, they are simply working on the principle that "taking risks should be rewarded." I think almost everyone in the game would agree that that is one of the guiding principles of EVE and should continue to be. It currently applies across the entire game, whether its taking the risk of undocking you officer fit mission running ship, and risking a suicide gank, speculating on the price of minerals, transporting goods through low sec, or bringing out your kickass pvp ship. The more you risk the bigger the reward is. Your officer fit mission ship rakes in more cash than a T2 fit would, the more money you dump into a commodity mean you stand to lose more or gain more, taking that shorter route through low sec means you can do more trips and make more money, but it puts your ship at risk. This principle exists both in hisec, lowsec and nullsec. But obviously it tends to place the rewards slanted towards nullsec because nullsec is where the risks are.

    Goons and the other 0.0 alliances gain nothing by forcing you into nullsec, we need you in hisec to fuel our economies. But, I don't think it follows the above mentioned principle if hisec residents can make as much or more isk/hour than nullsec residents can with a vastly increased amount of risk.

    This. The whole deal is about the broken end-game of EVE, which for a majority of senior players takes place in 0.0. Without a proper end-game, which will still be challenging and keep you interested, EVE will loose seasoned players faster then it can attract newbies.