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  • Server downs and you! in EVE Gameplay Center

    Nathan Jameson wrote:
    Ronix Aideron wrote:
    I am stuck in a C6 in a retriever.

    ....there are deeper problems here than simply being stuck.


  • [Odyssey] Unofficial Patchnotes // Massive Feature Write Up in EVE Communication Center

    I don't see it in there but SIsi has hot keys for tagging on overview, individual hot keys for specific tags, and the ultra awesome single hotkey that cycles through tags in order.

  • Try our new hacking/archaeology sites! in EVE Technology and Research Center

    CCP Soundwave wrote:
    Omnathious Deninard wrote:
    Forgive me if I am mistaken, but were all Data and Relic sites supposed to have no rats?
    Worm Hole Data and Relic Sites still seem to have sleepers.

    This should not be the case. Filed a quick bug report and added to the known problems in the OP.

    Surely you are kidding?

    Is the intent here to destroy the t3 market?

    Are you trying to remove all PVE combat locations in wh space that require probes to be found?

  • Captains Quarters... ideas, suggestions and enhancements in EVE Technology and Research Center

    The comment about flora reminded me that I want a miniature slaver hound.

  • [Odyssey] Ship Resistance Bonuses in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Carriers shouldn't be hit with this, or if so, due to mass packs of pantheon groups, Triage should get a resist bonus.

    As it is 2 dreads vs a carrier is pretty screwed already (thx dread dps upgrades!) for WH space this is already a sore point. Further reduction of archon/chimera tank will simply allow crap skill/fit dreads to work just as well.

  • Captains Quarters... ideas, suggestions and enhancements in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Yoga Pants.

    And the butt jiggle that goes with them.

  • The Future of W-space? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Wasn't there mention of the new pos's being able to be anchored anywhere? not just at a moon? is it possible they will allow multiple pos's on the same grid?

  • Destroyer and battlecruiser skill changes, Time frame? in EVE Gameplay Center

    I think the point of concern is will there be a specific date given or notice regarding the change due to a scenario such as :

    New player,

    Gets frig 4 for 1 race, gets cruiser (say to 4 for that race) then decides to train BC.

    If that new player is sitting there training BC V and is like 1 day away then bam skill change hits. they've lost 20ish days of training.

    Sure they were able to fly a BC at skill 4 for the race they selected, and they still can, but now they are set back the entire skill train of V, vs being at V the next day. That could be pretty discouraging to a player only a month or few old.


    of course I'm an alt

  • Name the next expansion..... in EVE Communication Center

    EvE Online : Should've trained BC V

  • Back to T3 ejections - so intended or not? in EVE Communication Center

    There is more impact to this then just the sp loss in T3's.

    For W-space, we don't have the convenience of simply getting podded and waking up in an ultra safe station 2 jumps away.

    Being able to eject and get your pod out of a conflict is pretty damn important.

    But no, no foresight was put into the implications this change would have on wspace. Given that we use T3's extensively, are the supplier of the materials to make T3's (which inevitably will be less popular now thus dropping in value) and have the most to lose of anyone by being podded.

    This was a direct nerf to Wormholes.

  • Capital reps and Armor Links (Confirmed Stealth Nerf) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    What the hell CCP.

    Shield cap mods were effected by boosters just as armor ones were.

    This is a significant nerf for many people, most of all for w-space, as a triage carrier is often the backbone. With mass limits it's not like we can just bring more..

  • Paid name Change and Corp history removal? in EVE Communication Center

    I totally disagree with allowing name changes, corp wipes, or anything that impacts the legacy of the char (including, contract histories etc). You are buying/selling the character, not parts of the character. everything is included, good and bad.

    If you named your Char l333t pewpew0mgawd then you are the dumb ass who did so. Own up to it Mr pewpew0mgawd.

    Changing name before selling it to increase it's attractiveness / value / attempt to hide should not be allowed. As for buyers who want the char but not the name, tough luck, packaged deal roll your own with the name you want then. You are stuck with the name it has just like you are stuck with the SP in things you don't want.

    On that note, I think CCP needs to look into releasing names, particularly trial accounts that have been inactive for 6+ months. I doubt very much that people who have rolled a trial, played for 2 days, and never logged in again are ever coming back to that account.

    I suppose you could refrain from deleting them, as there are already are processes to name chars yyyyCitizenxxxx arn't there? In those circumstances upon their return selecting a new name would be reasonable. In that case you would be looking at chars that have had no chance to make a significant history, have no significant sp, value etc.

  • CSM Minutes: Offgrid boosting. in EVE Gameplay Center

    On field boosting is pointless. Obviously, primaries, logistics of switching boosters around in fleet constantly even if multiples are brought and the idea of bringing decoy link ships just plain stupid.

    Just disable activation in a pos shield (aren't these shields going anyway in the pos revamp? why are you balancing for something you are about to remove?)

    Add activation of a gang link increases sig by 100%

    You can't run links while in warp, the more you activate the easier you are to scan, the more running around you'd have to do..

    This eliminates the being afk aspect. Add's a new aspect/roles to engagements..