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  • eve launcher can't connect in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Surprise surprise. After retrying the launcher after the above post it has now begun to auto-patch. Looks like CCP forgot to do something during downtime.

  • eve launcher can't connect in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Also just tried to connect.

    The launcher appears to recognise 20k people online, but doesn't even begin the auto-patch it probably requires (last login was a week or two ago).

    Tried the old EveExe, and that loaded the old-style, new login screen, but said could not connect to [IP address of server on port 24000 (or some large number) ].

    The "debug" file appears to have lots of crap about Steam references in, and am wondering if you now need a steam client (I dont have one) to run Eve?

  • CSM FW- Community Representative Discussion in EVE Gameplay Center

    The CSM are not representative of anywhere near a decent proportion of the players and FW representatives in the past have contributed to a lot of wasted design effort and time from CCP. I'd also point out CCP make their own design plans (ignoring what the CSM suggest) and only use the CSM as a focus group - to the detriment of every other opinionated player/forum user.

    I would encourage people to not vote at all for the CSM.

  • Dev Blog: Rebalancing Modules in EVE Online, Round Two in EVE Information Center

    I'm very confused. 8 years playing and now feeling like I don't know a thing. Thanks.

  • DPRK in EVE Communication Center




    Coincidence or I am just drunk? Orr both? Erm... *hic*

  • DPRK in EVE Communication Center

    Begun, the cyber-wars have...

  • Survey for Structures in EVE - Your opinion matters! in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Not a fan of the "Does your alliance own or operate an outpost" or "participate in Sov War" questtion - Yes or no?

    Clicking 'no' means you skip feedback.... Disappointing especially if you have participated in those activities in the past and would have valuable feedback.

    The outpost thing - only a tiny subset of players in a group operating outposts will have ever even seen the outpost maintenance screen, so alliance 'line members' feedback on that is likely heresay.

    I'd also suggest many players are turned off by Sov War because of the poor mechanics (structure grinding) and same stale groups occupying the "best" space since Eve began - you're missing the opportunity to also get feedback from players who perhaps would play the Sov game (again) if it was freshened up and probably only getting the 'line member' veiwpoint (which is arguably only their leaders viewpoint regurgitated) again.

    Looking forward to seeing changes to these fundamentals of Eve though. Risk-tanking development is good stuff.

    Edit: Ah you're already rewording it according to above post - good - can ignore my disappointment now! Hehe

  • We want your corp little things! in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Years worth of crowd sourcing should be available from the CSM. Not sure why you'd also need random stuff from GD too? But anyway....

    Something strange is that "lock/unlocked blueprint votes" still exist/persist in my corporation when closed about 7 to 8 years ago. Undeletable and taking up space if you want to ever see current votes (in fact votes system just needs scrapping and replacing with a "securing" ).

    Corp tax rates have needed more granularity and wider coverage (than just NPC bounties) since inception. Lots of good suggestions already exist on this - in particular a common method to purchase minerals from miners or some possible tax to mining income.

    Roles obviously need simplifying and I'd argue a preset group of roles should be given to all corps.

    A secure "salesman" role would be very handy for industrial corps - allowing corp sell orders to be set up by a member, but not allowing them to go ( x% settable by director/CEO) under/above market value, allow them to modify the order, or cancel the order, but not grant them access to "deliveries" or the original hangar to steal the item if the order is cancelled.

    This would mean corp members could actually "purchase" ship replacements and fittings too from the corp hanger independently (provided the hanger is stocked sufficiently). It would also enable corps to "outsource" a lot of their selling of products

    Corp wallet *view only* access so members can see the finances and scrutinise why their CEO & directors are robbing them blind.

    I'd also argue for a free "API check" or even just view access of other characters and accounts belonging to any player who applies to your corp. A CEO or recruiters life should be made as easy as possible in terms of automating the necessary security checks and keeping things secure - not the current minefield of security holes/checks and people providing full APIs, drug tests, and blood/urine/semen samples required for joining some corps.

    I'd argue some fun statistics and graphs should be added to provide CEOs and members (and potential recruits) a LOT more information.
    Things like:
    peak numbers online, online durations, top corp salesman/miner/NPC killer/PVP killer/top earner daily/weekly/monthly...
    Bar charts. Pie charts, and allsorts of data gathering tools for CEOs to actually work out who is doing what in their corporation, what thier POCOs are earning them on a monthly basis, How much (moon goo or otherwise) was mined this month etc, - or just fun charts for members to study to find out what the corp actually does, what areas they can work on or boast about etc...

    Even tools like a corporate moon mineral map of scanned moons (or other corp manufacturing tools for example ) so the exterior reliance on excel spreadsheets can be made redundant and that information is brought in game.

    In short, a full rework of the corp interface to make it more simplified, automated and useful for people at all levels.

    Thanks. ♥ Punk.

  • The technetium mistake: The 6 dark years of EVE in EVE Communication Center

    I followed moon minerals since pretty much they started.

    Greyscale did make a total mess - I mean rarity was kind of sensible to begin with as in the most rare (64) was most valuable. They let him stuff that up and replace it with another arbitrary most rare of his choice. They also let him stuff up several other features.

    I would say though that it was more CCPs failure of oversight and management of his work that was the issue.... I mean at that Technetium change time CCP had a University Professor of economics on staff - how did he not notice the "blockage" being shifted from a rarity 64 like Dysprosium to Technetium? How did the producer (Unifex?) let the changes go live without realising the impact.

    Worse still was not fixing the issue in a timely manner once apparent (alchemy? trololol). You can tinfoil hat all you like, but it probably simply comes down to poor product knowledge from the upper echelons at CCP at that time rather than some concerted effort to help favourites as you suggest.

    At the end of the day anyway its just a game - don't get your knickers in a twist now about some poor changes some dev once made just because he's gone. That's ironically stupid.

  • Thera in EVE Gameplay Center

    Congrats... now please escort my 5 freighters of stuff in. thanks! :-)

  • No Yule Lads this year? in EVE Communication Center

    CCP Explorer wrote:
    We can neither confirm nor deny the existence of the information requested but, hypothetically, if such data were to exist, the subject matter would be classified until the appropriate time, and could not be disclosed now.

    "Of course it's company policy never to, imply ownership in the event of a dildo... always use the indefinite article a dildo, never your dildo."

  • "Polarized" - a small naming convention derp (Yo CCP!) in EVE Gameplay Center

    Search on "polarized" and you find it also brings up a bunch of remote armour and structure repairs.

    Would have thought CCP might have tried to add more consistency with naming rather than introduce another inconsistency.

    Now if you're planning to update these repairers giving them the same treatment then... terrific! Rock on.

  • Plex Prices in EVE Gameplay Center

    I'd quite like to see PLEX have an expiry time after their first market transaction to stop people stockpiling them for trading and reselling later.

    I'd also like to see Mila Kunis naked in my bed waiting for me later, however I know that won't happen either all because CCP is so greedy for people's real money and know higher PLEX prices means more in game stuff for people's money.... and less chance for Mila in my bed.


  • Hurricane vs Stratios in EVE Gameplay Center

    If he's using cap warfare that puts him at 14km -16km.

    At that range it should be fairly easy to overheat a MWD and scram him if you use a shield buffer fit nano-cane. The issue is he probably would do more DPS (about 800 compared to your 600) and could potentially have more tank (active with booster) than you - not to mention he is more likely to pick the engagement range to start with than you.

    To win solo you'd more or less be reliant on him making an error. Definately worth a try though.

  • CCP Alliance closed, Eve Dead? in EVE Communication Center

    Serious issue:

    The alliance "autopay" bill seems to have vanished from corp account/bill settings...

    Is this intended?

  • Thera - The true free republic in EVE Gameplay Center

    Hi Marmite!

    I only know of you by killboard reputation and forum tears but I look forward to seeing you in Thera soon! xxx

    Incidentally I'm looking for a new corp based there or some fun new folks to fly with - I'll be basing in Thera when we get access because I like a hard life repeatedly killing myself at the coalface of what is new an exciting.

    170m SP and looking forward to cheaper clones - fly it all, pvp quite badly because I fight with lots of space e-honour (one arm tied behind the back) etc etc.

    Drop me a mail if you're looking for a space gentleman friend like Biggles to fly with.

    Toodle-pip o/

  • [THERA] - Looking to join a (new) corporation that will live in Thera in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    Howdy folks,

    I've been playing Eve since Red Moon Rising and have done most things in game, most recently been in Gallente FW for years. I want to try something new and fresh though so would like to join (preferably) an exciting new corporation that wants to base out of the new special wormhole system THERA.

    I've 170 Mil Skillpoints, mostly PVP and can fly it all up to Supers (No Titan skill book). I really enjoy industry too - I can FC (but not very good so prefer armchair FCing! Hehe), and have quite a bit in assets that I'm slowly liquidating (just a PLEX a month). Could probably buy a Nyx but whats the point? Done plenty of Null, Lowsec, FW and enough PVE to get nausea from seeing red crosses - but never really tried wormholes. I'm pretty much a 1 character player, though I do have an inactive cyno alt account.

    As the title says, I'll be looking to try out living in the new wormhole system Thera when it first opens to us and would like to get in early with any new groups that like the sound of living there too. I'm hoping for daily frigate roams (now my clone's cost won't penalise my fun), a little bit of group PVE for in between, and some fun laid back chatter on comms in an EU Timezone.

    I guess I'm not alone in wanting to try this new place out, and hopefully someone out there with some drive and ambition for a new or new(ish) corporation is looking for a loyal helper to get their project off the ground in this exciting new locale! I'd actually prefer people new and enthusiastic for the game to play with - so character age is no barrier here. Your enthusiasm is what will win me over.

    I've not been too active recently due to a new job, but I do consistently play when I have the time. I have done my grinding over the years though so not interested in a solely PVE grind and "titan fund" targets etc.

    Drop me a mail in game if you're starting something in THERA. I'll probably move my 1 man alliance there too anyway, but would be better to have some buddies to join/fly with and be part of something.


  • Era of Triage now dead? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Thanatos Marathon wrote:

    Thanatos Marathon....

    You were ahead of your time naming your character - I demand you run a Thanatos Marathon event running 26 lowsec gates in Thanatoses!

    I'll even donate a cyno jammer to the winner.

  • Cloak + Microwarpdrive Trick. Is it an exploit? Should it be? in EVE Gameplay Center

    You already have a mechanic that works very effectively against this "trick" in lowsec.

    Smart bombing the out gates, but you find it easier coming to the forum to whine.


  • Dev blog: Multisell all the things with Phoebe in EVE Information Center

    I hate the recently (unannounced!) changed market filters - the new "cog" drop down menu to access location functionality that was always 1 click is now multiple clicks and mouse moves and a mess of drop downs, radial buttons and unintuitive layouts.

    I haven't seen this multi-sell feature yet, so I can't comment, but I think with this game "simplifying" the interface at the expense of changing how quickly it is to access certain functions, without making the interface optional at least at first, is rather annoying if you've been playing a long time and are used to how everything works.

    Change is fine, but repeatedly changing things that are not broken in order to simplify things is pushing me away from Eve.

    That said clicking a 'buy all' and 'fit all' button link on a kill mail for example for a quick reship/refit would be good. Thanks.