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  • Testing a major revision to CREST in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Nice - the fleet stuff is epic. Thanks ff Big smile

  • Dev blog: Unboxing the new Camera in EVE Online in EVE Information Center


    * Orbit / 3rd person gives a nice perspective and scale to the ships

    * Despite not seeing a direct purpose I do like 1st person camera view


    * Please re-enable the right click to look around. I had to disable new camera controls because I'm so used to using right click to look around and both buttons to then zoom

    * Camera pan / ship rotation feels sluggish in 3rd person / orbit

  • Dev blog: Saving ship fittings from outside the EVE Online client in EVE Information Center


    Fleet-Up will be updated in the next 24 hours to support this.

  • Dev blog: Reworking Capital Ships: And thus it begins! in EVE Information Center

    I like the concept of 20-50 warp strength for super caps instead of immunity.

    Would you ever consider trickling down that concept to Battle Ships ? Just idly wondering if a base warp strength above 1 might be an interesting dynamic.

  • Devsite Blog: Read/Write of saved fits now on Sisi! in EVE Technology and Research Center


  • GD Presents: Eve Glasgow [Dec 28th] in EVE Gameplay Center

    Should be at the next one :)

  • EVE London & Veto Corp Joint 10th Birthday Party!! Sat 21st November in EVE Gameplay Center

    x - Should be able to make it this year.

  • Dev blog: EVE Euro Tour 2015 - CCP Does Europe in EVE Information Center

    Please please please could we have an option to buy those t shirts at #EVE_NT?

  • Eve in Fulldome? in EVE Communication Center

    Please take some photos of how it goes? Would be interested to see.

  • Apparently it is OK to reuse skins of unique ships in EVE Communication Center

    Throwing in my support for Entity here.

    Unique sips (including their skin) are an important trophy to many players and hold great value both in ISK and in bragging rights.

    Taking that away for a cheap buck devalues those items and the purpose of having unique items in general.

  • Playing on limited time/ Older gamers. How do you play?? in EVE Communication Center

    Find people similar to yourself who understand and can work with your game play style?

    In your corp or alliance, Introduce a structure that supports people only playing in small bursts. Things such as pre-planned ops and encouragement to turn up and train for a short period of time can help.

    In general I see many people who fall out of the be-on-all-night-every-night category and into the can-play-for-two-hours-twice-a-week pool.

  • What license is Eve's font "Eve Sans Neue" under? in EVE Communication Center

    The Developer License Agreement section 1.10 states:

    "Game Data" means (a) the data from or related to EVE that CCP, in its sole discretion, makes available for Developer for utilization in an Application; and (b) any associated charts, tables, graphs , images, graphics, videos, or CCP Marks made available to Developer for use in connection with an Application. Game Data shall include, but is not limited to, all current, future, registered and unregistered copyrights, trade names, trademarks, service marks, registrations, and applications for registration related to such data and its format.

    It does not specifically mention the game font, however, it does mention graphics. The font is not in the SDE or on the CDN so is not technically supplied to the developer via the common methods.

    Edit: If the font is available as a thing for third party developers it would be cool to have a mention in that agreement or the font in the SDE.

  • So, new battleships eh? in EVE Communication Center

    baltec1 wrote:
    Andreus Ixiris wrote:

    Nerfing T3 will not accomplish a revitalisation of battleships, it'll just make T3 cruisers a wasted skill investment. What would make battleships a reasonable choice in combat is some sort of scale-based damage modifier system for larger ships, such that smaller weapon systems simply don't do quite as much damage regardless of resistances.

    You mean like my blaster mega that will overpower a thorax in DPS?

    Sorry but T3 are way overpowered and always have been. They should not have the firepower and maneuvering of a t2 cruiser with the tank of a battleship coupled with a low sig and be cap stable while doing it. They need to be dragged down to the level of cruisers with t2 cruisers being better than t3s in their specialized roles.

    True... I got back into an old Proteus fit the other day, looked at half-a-million EHP and though "yeah, this ain't right".

  • Last time you rage quit? in EVE Communication Center

    Funnily enough, every time something bad happens it kind of reinforces why I play the game. No glory without death.

  • Confessor - I think I broke it in EVE Communication Center

    Quiggle Queue wrote:
    I must have rammed into an asteroid or something, because of one of the arms won't go all the way in, when in defensive mode.


    Left arm, wont go in all the way. Is there a body shop I can take it to?

    Take it back to the dealer. Should still be under warranty unless you used for combat.

  • Walking in stations in EVE Communication Center

    The dichotomy of WIS:

    - Vets don't want it because they get the game, enjoy it as-is and associate only pain with WIS.

    - Perception is that new players expect it because the game feels one-dimensional without a serious human avatar experience.

    You are never going to get these two points of view to line up. WIS had it's shot and there's really no point dragging back over the past. EVE is a much better game now than it ever was.

    Personally I would have really liked to so WIS become what the prototypes suggested. It would have added depth to the game. But we don't have it so... yeah.

  • Found: Gaming Harassment Comes From Losers: Official in EVE Communication Center

    La Rynx wrote:
    Without further ado (click)

    The results complies to my own online experience.

    The lower the skills, the more aggressive to other, seemingly weaker players...

    This thread lacks content. All you have done is link an article, referenced your own experience without detailing what that is, and summarise a minor point (general aggression) whilst missing the major one; behavioural differences regarding gender.

    Edit: Scipio Artelius beat me to it :( And I double-posted :( What shiptoasting on my part :(

  • Where are our PermaDeath 20mill SP toons? Any updates/info? in EVE Communication Center

    I want to dislike this idea but part of me likes the thought of new players rolling some toons to practice things and throw away.

    People say "you can fly tackle and be effective in week 1" - and it's true - but I'm not sure new players always see it that way. Perhaps if they could yolo into the action with some serious skillpoints, even if the result is to die in a fire they would care less about dying and more about playing.

    I can see the obvious abuse cases of rolling toons to gank with, throw away, rinse repeat - that would need to be handled in some way.

    Perhaps.... perhaps this is The Thing New Player Experience Needs.

  • Rooks And Kings in EVE Communication Center

    Lord Maldoror wrote:
    Angelica Dreamstar wrote:
    I need to re-watch a few of these!

    Feel free to enjoy some previously unreleased adventures: The Little House on the Prairie

    (and one serious Wookiee Call).

    Nice - wiki looks good.


    I was in that fleet and remember flinching as the allied FC initiated gate-to-gate fleet-warp across about 100AUs of space. It was a simple decision but one that highlights something wonderful about EVE Online that one simple choice can result in the death of your fleet.

  • Rooks And Kings in EVE Communication Center

    I heard rumours of a Rooks and Kings parody / cover act called Kooks and Rings. Roll

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