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  • CSM Guest Blog: "Reasonable Things" Voting Phase in EVE Information Center

    Wescro, 49, 29, 15, 84, 65, 36, 28, 80, 72, 79, 54, 33, 16, 43, 40, 35, 13, 2, 21

  • New Order of dumb miner head killings no help new player in EVE Communication Center

    Should have used google translate. It creates more authentic "foreign speak" or "engrish." Bad grammar with good punctuation and spelling...c'mon gurl...

  • The Life of a Spy - How do I get started? in EVE Gameplay Center


    wait alts? ffuuu wheres that edit button....

  • Luminaire - Fleeting up! in EVE Communication Center

    It's commendable stuff from CCP, I'm curious to see if they can precipitate massive events this way. Usually it's the player organizations that do this.

    Without much information, you can't really prepare the right ship or the right fleet, or the right plan to participate in whatever is happening, so I'll be sitting out. It'll still be interesting to watch on Twitch.

  • Empty C5 wormhole with C6 static, no effects, and good PI for sale. in EVE Marketplace

    The system is J145313.

    Radius (measured from the sun to the outermost planet) is about 20 AU.

    It has the following planets

    3 x Barren
    2 x Temperate
    2 x Gas
    2 x Oceanic
    1 x Plasma

    So all the PI materials for fuel blocks can be acquired inside the wormhole system.

    I've checked all the moons, there are no towers, except mine. I will be taking mine down and moving out.

    I'm new to the wormhole market and I'm not sure what price this will fetch, if any. Feel free to make bids. I'll take the highest one I get.

  • WTB C5 with static C4 without bonuses in EVE Marketplace

    I have one with a radius of 20 AU, no effects, no posses, no activity in the last 24 hours. It has a C6 statc. I'm not gonna stay in it very long, maybe an hour or two. If you want it I'll take 50m for it I guess.

  • Highsec Miners United - Miners fight back against james 315 and new order agents! in EVE Gameplay Center

    Perhaps try another sub-forum that actually gets traffic? You'd get more like minded people on New Order forums of all places than here.

  • [CSM8] Ripard Teg for CSM8 in Council of Stellar Management

    Really sorry about your loss, Ripard. Thankfully I've never had to experience losing a loved one yet, so I can't really say how that feels.

    When you're feeling up to it, we'll be here to debate imaginary internet spaceships.

  • Burning hisec to build something better from the ashes in EVE Gameplay Center

    Bjron, incomes are relativistic. If you give null more income, their share of the wealth increases, and high sec residents become poorer in relation.

    I wouldn't mind keeping the level of income in high sec the same, if the underlying safety was reduced a notch. Conversely, if the excessive safety is maintained, then the income has to be lowered. When 80% or so of the population favors high-sec, it's in part because the risk-reward is not in balance.

  • [CSM8] Ripard Teg for CSM8 in Council of Stellar Management

    Ripard Teg wrote:
    I do appreciate all the bumps on my thread, though

    From the slavery/rapists/nazism saga, we already know you are an ardent believer of "any publicity is good publicity." Smile

    Ripard Teg wrote:
    Given your manifest and unyielding dislike of me

    Let me stop you right there. I have nothing against you personally, it's your platform that I dislike, and the occasional insensitivity to rl attrocities for blog traffic. There are many great people with terrible ideas, and vice versa.

    Ripard Teg wrote:
    In your case, you questioned my knowledge of ganking tactics. I in turn questioned your knowledge, specifically of fitting ships without a guide to do so.

    I could be the worst ship fitter in the galaxy, (and I probably am), but how is that in any way a valid defense for your ignorance about ganking? Straight

    By pivoting to me, you are essentially saying, "my critics suck, therefore I must be right." If we were brawling in a schoolyard, you would probably get points for that nice comeback. Running for CSM involves a slightly more professional form of discourse than some of us might be accustomed to in Local chat.

    It's all the more confusing in light of your sales pitch in the OP, where you claim to be a professional negotiator. Tell me how many negotiations you have been a part of where you highlight a completely unrelated weakness of your critic to defend your viewpoint. Is that what we can expect of Ripard the CSM? "Anyone who sucks in my eyes has no right to question me!" X

    Ultimately, you seem to be missing the necessarily defensive nature of this relationship. You are the (prospective) representative, I am the constituent. I don't have to defend any of my (unrelated) views or lack of skills, since I am not claiming to be your representative, or your advocate, or anyone's advocate but my own. You on the other hand are and must defend your positions, clarify them, present justifications, etc.

    Ripard Teg wrote:
    The other differences between Wescro and myself is that I'm trying to learn about this perspective on the game, and I respect what the New Order is doing for the reasons I've stated many times.

    Uh, not sure where you're going with that, but don't let anyone say I don't respect that green "elite-non-gank-pvp" killboard of yours. And if you'll read past the critique of your assertions about ganking, I have tried at least three times to get you to clarify your support for ISK tanking, so when you are done guffawing at my terribad fittings, feel free to drop some of your perspective on that.

  • Mynnna for CSM8 in Council of Stellar Management

    Leonardo Esil wrote:
    It seems to me, that the best way to allow the taxation of miners would be to track mining volume through the API, and let alliances tax it that way. (i.e. you mined 500m of ore? hand over tax or be kicked/killed. Tax shake-downs in eve, oh baby)

    I like the way you think. The day nullsec alliances start doing tax audits on their pubbie miners, is the day I join a nullsec alliance. All I ask of CCP is to introduce an in game "tea" commodity which I can jettison in to space in protest of the exorbitant taxes levied by alliance tyrants/bosses.

    But unfortunately, it's unlikely. Under the current API, alliances can audit their members income and charge and income tax, but they don't. Who wants to be a space accountant anyway? Most players would prefer a text box where they can type a tax rate and let the backend figure out who gets what when where and how much of.

  • High sec, get ready to be represented! James 315 announced his candidacy for CSM 8 in Brapelille!!! in Council of Stellar Management

    What's funny is, a lot of people who balk at nerfing high sec happily sign on for buffing low/null. The end result is the same, high sec becomes unattractive relative to low/null, so why all the pussyfooting about nerfing high sec? It really shows the entitlement mentality of the high sec player. "What ever you do, don't take away our easy ISK! We need that or we will unsub!" Meanwhile, the easy access to oodles of ISK playing in super safe solo play-style is stifling player interaction and miner ganking is at record lows.

    You want to earn bazillions. God bless. But your gonna have to take risks, and in high sec those risks just aren't there. Earn your moolah where I can shoot you damnit. I didn't sub to a cuthroat spaceship war game to spin my damn ship in the hangar.

  • agression timers and ganking. in EVE Gameplay Center

    Froggy Storm wrote:
    Does salvaging that victim's wreck flags you as well? Im fairly sure ot does but what about tractor beams? And is it flag as soon as salv cycle starts or only when complete? Im just wondering if a super V trained noctus could snag that shiney wreck and whisk it 80km away while running MWD? Then salvage and scoop from extreme distance.

    No, salvaging yellow wrecks does not make you suspect. Salvage away.

  • Trebor Daehdoow for CSM8 - The Proven Performer - http://bit.ly/vote-trebor in Council of Stellar Management

    Malcanis wrote:
    So in your eyes unless the CSM literally has more power than the CEO of EVE, it's a talking shop?

    I don't know that there is any CEO of EVE, I suppose you mean the CEO of CCP. In either case, the CEOs power over the development process is near absolute, that's quite an extreme from the humble analogy of junior game designer which I echoed.

    It's a talking shop because it has no executive or legislative power at any level of the development process. Even a junior game designer (far from the CEO) gets to have some control over the actual design, while the best CSM can do is urge and plead, which they do sincerely, diligently, yada yada.

    Whatever influence the CSM is able to wield is limited by how inclined CCP is to hear their advocacy, which is the same for any one of us not on CSM. Our influence too is limited by how inclined CCP is to listen to us, on the forums or the blogs, etc.

    Like I said it's a matter of opinion. To some simply being able to advocate to CCP directly with inside information amounts to earth shattering influence and responsibility. To my knowledge all that we've ever gotten in-game out of such advocacy are implants on pod killmails. If there are any massive achievements that are protected under the NDA, I apologize.

  • High sec, get ready to be represented! James 315 announced his candidacy for CSM 8 in Brapelille!!! in Council of Stellar Management

    dark heartt wrote:

    I'm going to stop you right there. His plan is to have people leave highsec, where the scammers, ninjalooters and gankers do most of their work and remove those targets. How does that help that portion of the community. He was pretty clear in the crossing zebras interview that he wants people to go to null, where having that sort of thing happen is rare owing to the fact that the alliances and coalitions tend to protect their miners/mission runners.

    I realise that he is coming at this from the point of view that player interaction is key, but it seems that he really hasn't thought it through for the gankers, ninja looters and scammers. He seems to think that the PVP 'food chain' relies on those people being in low or null, but I beg to differ. I have never had issues finding fights if I really want to.

    If the base of the pvp food chain, aka the miners and mission runners respond to a loss of their income and move to low/null, so will their predators. This is like Ecology 101. If the prey move to a new habitat, the predators will either die out or follow them. We are smarter than your garden variety sloth, so I think the predators will put 2 and 2 together and follow their prey.

  • Psychotic Monk for CSM in Council of Stellar Management

    Sabriz Adoudel wrote:
    Torn between voting for you or James 315.

    Why not both? You get to make a list this time of your top 14. You can rank them in the order that you want them too.

  • agression timers and ganking. in EVE Gameplay Center

    Lady Areola Fappington wrote:
    Even quicker if you didn't notice, Wescro....the "loot all" button down at the bottom.

    Ah, you're right. I never use that though since miner wrecks have ore and I don't want to loot that (doesn't fit in my scouting merlin). So I highlight everything but. Still, speed is of the essence for this trick and that is an excellent addition.

  • Trebor Daehdoow for CSM8 - The Proven Performer - http://bit.ly/vote-trebor in Council of Stellar Management

    Malcanis wrote:
    Who, in a large company is a "legislative or executive body"?

    The board of directors. The CEO.

    Malcanis wrote:
    Saying that the "CSM does very little" because it's not the God-Emperor of CCP is simply naive. All the outgoing CSMs agree that there's a hell of a lot that the CSM does, that there's a lot of work, and that they add value. CCP have increasingly supported that assertion, especially Unifex.

    That's decidedly vague language. "Adds value" "does a lot." Those are great to put on a motivational poster and pat yourself on the back over on Casual Fridays, but when it comes to passing your vision in to the game, CSM can do diddly squat. Several CSM, in fact, ones I bitterly disagree with, agree that the CSMs are not junior game developers. Ex-CSM Chairman Mittani explained eloquently at Fanfest 2012 how the CSMs power comes from access and it is basically an advocacy panel. As such the CSM are just a group of players the rest of us decide that get to be privy to super secret information.

    So the CSM members get to advocate for their ideas just like all of us, but unlike us they have a little bit more information. I'll concede it's my own opinion that that constitutes "very little" power.

    Malcanis wrote:
    EDIT: You can be very sure that I woudn't bother wasting my time on all this if I didn't think the above was true. Indeed, if I am proved wrong and it turns out that the CSM is a worthless talking shop, I'll be the first to say so, loudly and clearly and right here where you can all read it.

    But by all means, prove me wrong and make CCP implement your vision if you can. I'm certainly no fan of this pansy CSM talkfest. Make things happen, get stuff done. But the way CCP has set CSM up, it is designed in way that they retain all the power while handing over an illusion of representative democracy.


    Malcanis wrote:
    All the outgoing CSMs agree that there's a hell of a lot that the CSM does, that there's a lot of work, and that they add value.

    The outgoing CSM gave the outgoing CSM credit for working hard and adding value? Now that changes everything. Roll

  • [CSM8] Ripard Teg for CSM8 in Council of Stellar Management

    I'm surprised by how Ripard is taking this thread. You would think a "professional negotiator" would stick to the point instead of ad-hominem attacks. Does being held to account on your ideas really upset you that much that you have to resort to insults here and on your blog ("remarkbly terrible, sperg, f'n moron"), linking killmails against forum rules to shift the focus on me to avoid talking about your platform?

    I was hoping for straight answers but I guess I'm not going to get any from a guy who has admitted to using insensitive and incendiary analogies for blog traffic. More elite communication skills I guess.Roll

    If you ever feel like using any of the "professional negotiation" Roll skills you mention in your OP, I'm still waiting on answer as to how you justify your support for the concept of ISK tanking.

  • High sec, get ready to be represented! James 315 announced his candidacy for CSM 8 in Brapelille!!! in Council of Stellar Management

    Vortexo VonBrenner wrote:
    Solutions = buff, buff not nerf

    I can agree with that sentiment. At least it recognizes the imbalance. The problem is it's been done before with FW rewards. If you reduce the risk for someone to near zero, then their risk-reward ratio becomes nearly infinite, no amount of high reward / high risk game play can beat low reward at NO RISK. And with the way things are going we are heading in that no risk isk machine direction.

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