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  • Trebor Daehdoow for CSM8 - The Proven Performer - http://bit.ly/vote-trebor in Council of Stellar Management

    Friggz wrote:
    I'm not a political wizard but I think one change of the new system is that as far as strategy goes, there is little reason for a candidate to go negative. For example Trebor and Mal don't have to fight over votes, they can just encourage their own voters to put eachother somewhere on a ballet. Essentially they are no longer in competition because no one has to pick one or the other. Voters can vote for both, just like I did.

    Given that, it makes a lot more sense for the two of them to get along and have their supporters vote for each other.

    Of course, I think Mal has a good point too that the biggest issues with EvE right now are fairly obvious.

    Not necessarily. The STV system makes it easier to collaborate, but it by no means takes competitive campaigning out. For example, candidates definitely compete to be ranked #1 on peoples ballots, as this gives them safety from elimination in the earlier rounds when votes have not yet transferred to them from other eliminations or qualifications. In my simulations, a lot of candidates got eliminated before they could receive votes from other similar candidates eliminations and qualifications. Should these candidates had acquired more ballots ranking them as #1, they would have been able to stave off elimination until they received the much needed transfer votes to pull them up.

    Similar candidates are still fighting to be put higher on the ballot than their counter-part. In case both can't make it in, the weaker one will get eliminated and their votes will go to the stronger one. That presents a good reason to "go negative" strategically, if you can do it without being removed from your counter-parts supporters ballot while still being put higher on it.

    Of course, the best reason to "go negative" is in the non-strategic interest of the community when one candidate has ideas that are not representative of the playerbase.

  • PSA - Sundering recruitment scam in EVE Gameplay Center

    I agree with you OP, you shouldn't trust anything at face value in this game. Which means I don't entirely trust your side of the story either. We haven't heard the Sundering side of the story, maybe you are leaving out some crucial details. Now, it's a well known fact that goons have run recruitment scams, but in your case, perhaps you did exhibit "spy like behavior" and therefore forfeited the ISK under terms you agreed upon? I mean you did refuse to kill the person the recruiter ordered you to, that would be enough to mark you a spy in my corporation. Alternatively, you may be someone upset at goons (HBC alt?), sullying their good name.

    Until we have more information, I don't think there is enough reason to write off the usefulness of security deposits in weeding out spies, or the good repute of Sundering and other GSF corporations.

  • Trebor Daehdoow for CSM8 - The Proven Performer - http://bit.ly/vote-trebor in Council of Stellar Management

    Snow Axe wrote:
    I dunno, I would think going scorched-earth with **** like "remove non-consensual wardecs so CCP can make more money" and "let's literally throw goon votes in the trash so more people like me and my pals can get elected" is pretty much the definition of aggressive :v

    He's a very aggressive devils advocate. A proven performer in that field. Still waiting on his true opinions though, all I got was "I'll make up my mind when I get there."

  • Trebor Daehdoow for CSM8 - The Proven Performer - http://bit.ly/vote-trebor in Council of Stellar Management

    To be honest, I'm glad Trebor doesn't take an aggressive approach with getting things done, God forbid we have a carebear crusader CSM on our hands.

  • Bot hunting: A series of polite questions in EVE Gameplay Center

    Sorrowsong Stenier-Tian wrote:
    Make your list public so it can be examined.

    Just out of curiosity, what would a public examination yield?

  • Trebor Daehdoow for CSM8 - The Proven Performer - http://bit.ly/vote-trebor in Council of Stellar Management

    Trebor Daehdoow wrote:
    12. Roc Wieler will either be a decent CSM, or he'll be able to role-play a decent CSM. Either works for me.

    13. Mike Azariah wants to represent the casual player, and has shown he can work hard on community-related projects.

    14. To Be Determined. I am really undecided about who to put in my final slot, and I want to sleep on it. Think you know who it should be? If so, post in this thread and tell me why.

    Struggling with those last three blurbs, it seems.

    Also, when you say,
    Trebor Daehdoow wrote:
    My major criteria is "do I think this person will do a good job if they are elected?"
    it gets me thinking, and this is an important question,

    What is the CSMs job in your opinion?

  • Who stole my shirt? in EVE Communication Center

    Oh it got "fixed"? There goes the only reason I would have bought the stream.

  • Pre-election Predictions in Council of Stellar Management

    James Arget wrote:
    You. I like you. It's no fun winning when everyone predicted you will. Got my email same time as Chitsa.Cool

    Nice, congratulations. That's the best kind of winning. =)

    I thought the 200 vote hurdle would be harder to cross but I guess the electorate is excited.

  • Pre-election Predictions in Council of Stellar Management

    Chitsa Jason wrote:
    Well looks like prediction about me did not pan out. I was the first one to make beyond 200 votes from wormhole candidates as far as I am aware.

    Lets see how the final election goes :)

    Congratulations! I guess I read too much into the alliance break up and wormhole competition. Good luck in the general.

  • Pre-election Predictions in Council of Stellar Management

    While it's entirely possible that all 35 candidates contesting in the pre-election will advance to the general election, considering the late entry of some candidates and the hidden vote tallies, it's also likely that some candidates will be eliminated this round. As many as 7 candidates may get eliminated.

    Particularly at risk are candidates competing on similar platforms who risk splitting the votes to everyone else's advantage (wormhole candidates), those without bloc backing from a sizable alliance/coalition and those who were banking on being everyone's number 2 pick in the general.

    The following candidates are the ones I predict will face the longest odds getting into the general, and I'd love to hear your thoughts. Why put the spotlight on potential losers rather than potential winners, you ask? Well, part of me hopes this will give them exposure and visibility, and perhaps help their odds a bit. They definitely need all the help they can get!

    • Sgurd Battersea - Suprise ticket. No thread in Jita Park, and all of two posts on the forums. His entire alliance has 157 members, and even if they were all unique, active, 1 month or older accounts, they still wouldn't carry him through. He is the easiest candidate to write off, unless a miracle happens between now and April.

    • Grand Admiral Simo-Hayha - Marginally better than Squrd, Simo-Hayha had a campaign thread in Jita Park, though it had a lukewarm reception. He is also the only candidate that is in an NPC corp. He, like, Squrd and some others should be hoping for a high voter turn out to carry them to the general.

    • Fon Revedhort - Fon put out an...interesting manifesto. If anyone's bothered to read the whole thing, they might be inclined to vote for Fon Revedhort. For all others, he might not be a strong enough candidate to trump his competition.

    • Ayeson - Of all the wormhole candidates, Ayeson is the weakest. His un-allianced corp boasts an impressive 250+ members, but those ares still lower than his competitors' for the wormhole vote. He also doesn't have the diverse appeal of Chitsa Jason and Cipreh, both of whom also appeal to the merc vote.

    • Jame Arget - Like Ayeson, he cant expect to be carried into the general with his alliance alone, so he will have to rely on independent wormhole voters who are heavily contested over and therefore difficult to court in large numbers.

    • Chitsa Jason - With James Arget and Ayeson, he makes up the weaker portion of the wormhole gang, all of which is collectively at risk. His alliance recently lost the bulk of its membership (80%) though it is claimed no drama happened. On his debate on the Declarations of War podcast, voters picked his opponent, Cipreh, as the winner. While the straw poll on included a paltry 12 votes, it's cements all the other reasons Chitsa Jason should be upping his game.

    These candidates are at the greatest risk of being eliminated in my opinion. That's not to say that others aren't at risk, but since only a maximum of 7 out of 35 can be eliminated this round, even weaker candidates can breathe easy. What are the communities opinions on this? Candidates particularly should pay attention, as this thread is a barometer of public sentiement about them, and it should help them plan their best strategy going forward.

  • Trebor Daehdoow for CSM8 - The Proven Performer - http://bit.ly/vote-trebor in Council of Stellar Management

    What's the difference between 10/10, big ticket and core crucial items/elements/features?

  • Pre-election for CSM8 are sadly delayed in Council of Stellar Management

    Better to do it right, than to rush it. Take your time CCP.

  • How to prevent - as a miner - to be ganked? in EVE Gameplay Center

    One more thing, if I move to a 0.8 system to mine, how much isk would he loose if he tries to shoot my retriever down, before he gets concorded? I guess if he wasn't able to shoot me down in a 7.5m ship in 0.5 it would cost more in a 0.8 system?

    In a 0.8 system, an untanked retriever would take around 1000 dps to kill. Two highly skilled Thrashers/Catalysts can pull it off, so around 20m to 30m. If they bring several pilots in t1 or meta fit destroyers, about 3 or 4, they can do the same gank in as little as 10m. The more people the ganker can bring, the cheaper the gank becomes. Solo ganking is quite expensive.

  • How to prevent - as a miner - to be ganked? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Hi Mynutor,

    You are doing the right thing trying to learn more about the game. It's rare to see that nowadays, most you get is complaints about griefing and what not. I espcially like how you were at the keyboard, responded intelligently, and beat the gankers. Well done!

    01. How did he not manage to shoot me down? It was a 0.5 system.

    You said you managed to warp out, and I don't see a warp scrambler on the fit you linked. Perhaps if he had gotten more shots on you, you would not have survived. I don't know your fit, but if you had some tanking modules, then that could be the reason. Maybe his skills weren't high enough, as he is using meta4 guns instead of t2. Maybe he didn't pre-spawn Concord. It also seems like you weren't afk, and managed to get out. That's really the biggest reason in my opinion.

    02. He had a sec status of -0.1. When do you start to see the red/yellow pirate sign in local chat?

    You see it if he has a criminal or suspect flag. In other words, if he shoots someone illegally or steals from their can/assists suspect etc. To my knowledge, local doesn't highlight people simply for having low sec status.

    03. I've got a message saying something about a warp disabler or something, I didn't read it, I was in panic mode. What was that all about?

    When someone tries to warp scramble you, there is a message on the screen for all nearby players alerting them that someone is attempting to warp scramble someone. In this case, he didn't have a warp scrambler, so the message you saw were the faction police scrambling your attacker.

    04. I returned to the belt and saw that his wreck was blue and empty. Shouldn't he have dropped something?

    Not necessarily, wrecks may or may not drop any of the modules or items in his cargo. It's also possible that he had a neutral scout alt scoop his loot.

    05. I didn't retrieve my drones when I was fleeing, and once I jumped back they weren't there, what happened to them?
    Did he have a partner, who collected them?

    Yes, he probably had a partner or an alt account to pick up loot. Or, someone else in the belt or in the area could have opportunistically made away with anything left on the scene.

    06. How could I prevent an attack like that?

    You can't prevent an attack, but what you can do is make it much less likely to succeed. First, don't mine in 0.5. That's like a gankers playground. Always be aware of your EHP, and how many people it will take to kill you in a given situation. In 0.5 with 8000 EHP, it takes 1 highly skilled catalyst to kill you. In 0.8 with 50,000 EHP, it will take about 10.

    The most immediate things you can do are improve your EHP by fitting Damage Control, Medium Core Defense Field Extenders, and tank against Kinetic and Thermal damage types. Fly a Procurer/Skiff for ridiculous amounts of free EHP. And finally, stick to 0.7 and above.

    07. How could I prepare myself for an attack like that? What skills, modules etc would have been nice?

    The modules are listed above. What you can do is keep an eye on local, be aware of your surroundings and get a feel for the people there. If local suddenly spikes, then that's a red flag. If a ship parks itself really close to you, 9 times out of 10 that is a warp in for a ganker/gankfleet.

    08. How would you equip a procurer or skiff if you know there are pirates/gankers out there and you still would like to go out mining?

    A skiff with Damage Control Unit, Shield Extending Rigs and mid modules, and Thermal and Kinetic hardeners would be too much trouble for the average ganker to attack. If they have that kind of dps, they'd much rather hit anti-tanked Orcas.

    09. Where can I find my offline killmail? I tried battleclinic, and searched for his name, my name and for the system in which this happened but couldn't find anything.

    You would need to add your API to battleclinic or eve-kill for your kills to go there.

    10. Was his ship good equipped? What could he have done better?

    He could have used t2 guns, dps rigs and a warp scrambler. Other than that it's not a bad fit, but obviously doesn't get the job done every time. Seeing as he is -0.1, he's probably new to this.

    11. I've got killrights on him. I turned it on for everyone, and added a bounty of 1m on his head. Does this change anything in the overview tab, or local chat?

    The bounty doesn't change local, but it can change the overview tab for people who have it set up to highlight people with bounties. Bounties are everywhere now, so it's not an effective warning.

    Public killrights also show up on the overview for people who have it set up that way. I don't think they appear in local.

    12. Concord stayed with me in the belt after the incident, do they respond quicker if they are so close?
    - After the attack, hour later two other pirates/ganker came into the belt, but they had no bookmarks, I managed to warp out without a problem. They eventually ganked someone else, luring concord out of my belt, does this change the response time of concord?

    Yes, if Concord is present on grid, and within 150km of you, they will instantly shut down any attacker. However, Concord operates in "squads," so if there is one squad in belt, but two gankers show up, only one will be stopped immediately by Concord, the other one will get more time as Concord either spawns or warps from wherever they are in the system.

  • Trebor's Allegedly Unbiased Guide to the CSM 8 Elections in Council of Stellar Management

    Friggz, that's quite a post, I especially like the titles you've given Poe to further your point.

    Poetic Stanziel isn't running for CSM. You are falling into the same routine as Ripard now. Let's keep the conversation centered on the candidates, not their critics.

    I don't think all perspectives are created equal. Considering that high sec war decs are already voluntary, ie you can drop corp to escape them and re-form the same one for only 3% of cost it took for the aggressor to go to war, for someone to sincerely argue to make them even more toothless is simply asking to scrape them altogether.

    Thankfully, when Trebor took up that cause, he claims that was only devils advocacy. He sure had us fooled thinking he was a real carebear!

    My only concern now is that Trebor is the most persistent devils advocate in the world. He hardly devotes any time to his real opinions, instead focusing on all the bad ideas that don't get enough attention! Do I really want someone like that on the CSM, while there are so, so many good ideas that get sidetracked?

  • Collective front launched against the New Order, James315 and miner bumping. in EVE Gameplay Center

    Celly Smunt wrote:
    Minerva Arbosa wrote:
    Also I think it follows on with the fact that they HAVE to charge 10mill otherwise it's just harassment.

    I have to call BS on that, unless you're trying to say that hulkageddon and all those who have participated it in for the previous years it's been around have in fact been in violation of the EULA for harassment and should all be banned from the game forever?

    Hulkageddon was about ganking miners, not bumping them. Unlike ganking, bumping is difficult to connect to a profit motive of any sort, which is why James 315 was taking heat for his bumping of miners.

    Celly Smunt wrote:

    let's face it, the 10m "permit fee", the "isks", that's what it's all about and anyone who believes differently is deluding themselves and anyone who tells you differently is pulling your leg even if they happen to believe it themselves.

    the stated "interaction" is just a side effect; albeit a good one of the main goal of getting isks and having a seemingly valid excuse for padding a killboard...

    If you've read James' Manifesto, he's been anti high sec miner for over a year now. For more than half that period, there was little role playing or extortion. He just went around defecating (forum rules cant help it) in miners cereal and gave good, non-roleplaying, non-profit reasons for killing miners.

    Then this happened . Basically, he got told that he was breaking rules by bumping, since he didn't have a valid reason for doing so other than griefing. So he more or less invented a profit motive to continue his actions.

    How many people do you know in EVE that can give enough good reasons and entertainment to convince people do give tham 60b+ ISK to do something they had already been doing for months for free? James 315 did.

    Ironically, the things the miners most vehemently complain about, the roleplaying and the extortion, only came into existence because they first complained there was no reason and no profit-motive for what James was doing.

  • The Internet, Unrealiability, Eve Online, The Cost in EVE Gameplay Center

    In the future maybe invest in a back up logi? Sometimes these things work in your favor and you win. No one asks to take their killmails or loot away when they win because of a disconnect.

    The only way you are getting reimbursed for it is if it was a bug in the client or on CCP's servers. Having a bad connection, while unfortunate, isn't going to cut it.

  • Xarhus III <---contract out for suicide gank/wardec kill mail in EVE Gameplay Center

    I'm sensing a story here. Rest assured this man is as good as dead now that I have a mild interest in this case, but to really put my mind at ease as I pull the trigger, can you share his crimes so that my conscious may remain pure?

  • James315 isnt going far enough in EVE Gameplay Center

    Alekseyev Karrde wrote:
    OP title should now be "James315 isn't going anywhere at all"

    Go CSM or go home!!!

  • Psychotic Monk for CSM in Council of Stellar Management

    Monk, what do you think of James 315 criticism of the CSM that he presented when withdrawing from the race, specifically as it applies to your campaign. For example, you may be constrained by the NDA such that you would no longer be able to write your immensely popular and influential guides on running safaris. You are known among the belligerents undesirable community as an innovator and a mentor, both roles which stand to be "nerfed" by an NDA.

    Also, we know that CCP employees are not allowed to suicide gank. It is not hard to imagine there being bans on CCP employees committing generally villainous activity, perhaps for reasons of propriety. Since CCP picks the "Iceland 5," do you think perhaps this misplaced notion of propriety could see you kept out of the process?