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  • EVE University [E-UNI] - Welcoming Both New and Experienced Pilots in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    Eve University is still recruiting! If you are new to EVE and want to learn the game - PVP, PVE, WH ops - this is the place for it!

    Join up and we'll help you learn the ropes!

  • Project Reassembly from Eve University in EVE Gameplay Center

    Jack Hayson, I'll use your information in our wiki as well. Thanks.

  • Project Reassembly from Eve University in EVE Gameplay Center

    Jack Hayson wrote:

    Uhm... no offence dude, but did you even look at the google doc? Roll

    For most systems you can already tell from the "reported wormholes" column which of the holes are the statics*, however I'm waiting for a second report of a system before I write them into the "statics" column.
    *Every "normal" shattered class got an additional k-space static (->e.g shattered C4 has 2 w-space, 1 k-space static)

    I did. We will compare that data with the data already collected, and confirm the statics. Thanks!

    Some additional information we are collecting is the occupancy of the system - some of them seem to be occupied by Sansha - at least one that I have come across personally. The hole had no sleeper sites, but a bunch of null sansha sites (http://i.imgur.com/C0dANw0.png).

    Maybe we can pool our information together?

    Jack Milton wrote:
    Statics are constellation based, you should be able to deduce them from that sheet pretty easily (even though the wh data there IS a horrible mess).

    What Jack Hayson and Jayze Severasse said. The statics are quite non-standard and constellation independent, as far as I have seen.

  • Project Reassembly from Eve University in EVE Gameplay Center

    Astinga wrote:

    Yea, not compiling systems - mostly what's in the systems (statics, mainly)

  • Project Reassembly from Eve University in EVE Gameplay Center

    Jack Miton wrote:
    Werent these all posted like, a week after the new holes came out?
    Pretty sure they were...

    Just the system names and types. The statics weren't.

  • Project Reassembly from Eve University in EVE Gameplay Center

    On 2014.12.10, Eve University announced Project Resassembly to record the statics of the new wormhole systems.

    We've made great strides; but there are still some wormholes for which we do not have complete information. I'd like to repost Titus Tallang, Teaching Director at Eve University's opening post here:


    After the release of the recent Rhea content update and the opening of the mysterious Thera system to capsuleers, explorers all over New Eden have suddenly reported mysterious locations being accessible through seemingly-usual wormhole focii.
    These solar systems, quickly termed "shattered wormholes", are quite unusual in appearance, as all their planets do not appear to have any moons - or, at the least, no moons that would be detectable by conventional scanner systems. Also reported in these systems are immensely valuable ice clusters, something formerly unheard of in Anoikis space.

    Thus, in an effort to further communication and sharing of information between the brave souls venturing into these uncharted systems, EVE University - acting as a reputable, neutral entity with a history of supporting public exchange of information - would like to announce:

    Project: Reassembly

    What is the aim of Project: Reassembly?
    To publicly catalogue all 100 shattered wormhole systems with their J-signature, system effect, class and static connections.

    How do I access already-compiled data?
    All currently-compiled data can be found on this wiki page

    I've encountered a shattered wormhole! How do I contribute?
    Please fill out this form with information about the system. If possible, include proof (screenshots) of your claims. You can blur out any sensitive data where necessary.

    I'm in this system, and the information you have is incorrect! What do I do?
    Let us know! Fill out the form linked above and we'll look into it!

    Project Reassembly Wormhole Reporting Form: http://goo.gl/forms/RYplbEk0iY

    Project Reassembly current information web page: http://eveuni.org/reassembly

  • [Phoebe] Value increase for low-end blue loot in EVE Gameplay Center

    TheMercenaryKing wrote:
    Don't wormholers make enough already? I thought they pulled in like a billion per person per hour.

    Honestly, I would like to see the sleeper components be used to build T3s rather then NPC sell orders.

    Edit: So this is mainly for the smaller wormholes? I don't know enough of wormhole life - only that I have been told we could make billions daily with fairly low risk.

    Wait, someone said "low risk" and "wormholes" in the same sentence... LolLolLolLolLolLol

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