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  • Aryth for CSM 12 in Council of Stellar Management

    I like Aryth, he is really good with numbers.

  • Vote Xenuria for CSM 12 in Council of Stellar Management

    Tarek Raimo wrote:
    Will you be endorsed by Those Bee Guys again this year or are you running as an independent candidate?

    Fair Question.
    Due to the math behind ballots and the total amount of seats being reduced to 10, I will likely only have a symbolic place on the official goon ballot. It's important for them to get their people back in so that slots on the ballot that matter are 1-3 and those slots are going to be reserved for directors and what goons call "operators". My position on the goon ballot if I am on it at all will not really contribute to my re-election because run-off is much lower with only 10 seats.

  • Vote Xenuria for CSM 12 in Council of Stellar Management

    Capqu wrote:
    good luck xenuria

    i believe in you

    Thanks. Blink

  • Vote Xenuria for CSM 12 in Council of Stellar Management

    Brynden Egen wrote:
    I'll vote for you to continue to represent our SNOOOmepracy in the CSM

    Thanks for your show of support.

  • Killah Bee for CSM XII in Council of Stellar Management

    Hi, I am Xenuria.
    I was in PL once, it was ok.

    What experience do you have interacting with people in an in-person setting?

  • ☼ Sullen Decimus for CSM XII ☼ in Council of Stellar Management

    I have worked with this human, this is a good human.

  • Vote Xenuria for CSM 12 in Council of Stellar Management

    Allison Kado wrote:
    What needs reformed that you couldn't do this year?

    Reform is a constant process, like growth.

  • Vote Xenuria for CSM 12 in Council of Stellar Management



    Mr Hyde113 wrote:
    I had to share car rides with Xenuria to and from the airport at both summits. He did not murder me.

  • Vote Xenuria for CSM 12 in Council of Stellar Management

    Hi, I am Xenuria. I have arms. I also have an extensive education in psychology and behavioral analysis. While on CSM 11 I used my diverse subject matter expertise to help CCP on their NPE, branding and even some aspects of community development. I am running for re-election and would appreciate your vote.

    Last season I had some really nice endorsements from people like MinerBumping, /r/eve and several other communities. I was even placed on the Imperium Ballot.

    This season there are only 10 CSM spots up for grabs and this is going to change the math of how many votes an outsider like me needs to be elected. I won't lie to you, there is a very real chance I do not get re-elected. Many people voted for me because they were told that I was some horrible monstrous person that would end up being a cumbersome pest to CCP. I didn't end up communicating in CSM sessions through interpretive dance like reddits suggested I would and I didn't run around CCP offices naked like certain other websites proclaimed with certainty. They voted for me to troll CCP and Instead I put serious effort into a position that I care deeply about. My autism helps me see things differently, examine them without bias and motivates me to push myself. For somebody who has trouble with social interaction, I think I did a pretty good job this term.

    If you vote for me again and I am elected, I will continue my efforts to reform the CSM and advocate for a increasingly better New Player Experience. If you don't trust me or don't think you should vote for me, or vote at all; ask somebody you trust what they think. There is a surface to all this, a thin nebulous thing that obscures deeper insights. I am actually a orb.

  • ROSADA DAWN PINK SKINS for Combat ships wanted - Please X up in EVE Communication Center

    Hi, I am Xenuria.
    I have been pushing for pink skins for some time now. The best thing you can do to bring about MORE pink skins is to buy a bunch of the current ones. I have been pleading with CCP's Art team, especially their new director. No matter how many times I bring up popular genre defining sci-fi films and books that incorporate pink as a regular color in their pallet I am still met with push-back. It's as if the past century of sci-fi never happened and if it did certaintly didn't have pink in it, no sir.

    Getting more pink skins into EvE Online is not something that can be won in the way an argument or debate is won. The only way eve will get more pink skins is if the current ones sell with such insane and rapacious hunger that CCP has no choice but to stop leaving money on the table.

  • Dev Blog: Introducing Clone States & the Future of Access to EVE in EVE Information Center

    This is going to change everything.

  • 8 Golden Rules for EVE Online in EVE Communication Center

    Hi, I am Xenuria.
    These are good rules to live by.

  • @CSM Xenuria + CCP Design Team in Council of Stellar Management

    I think if you made a name based on information present at the time, and that information had no expectation of changing but did anyway; you should be able to have your name changed to accommodate that.

    I would file a petition and explain the situation to a GM.

  • How to contact CSM XI members in Council of Stellar Management

    Hi, I am Xenuria.

  • Distribution System Issues - 2016/06/29 in EVE Communication Center


    Clearly this is a coordinated attack by the drifters to disrupt our progress towards acquiring new technology.

  • Morrowind Vs Oblivion: Image Space Asthetic in EVE Communication Center

    Gimme Sake wrote:
    Suddenly, the orc said to the elf wizzard: "Oi! M8, c'mere!!! Your shoes are kinda pixelated!"

    The pungent irony is that Morrowind with mods looks nicer than whatever nonsense is running in the end-of-screen image space for oblivion.

    I refuse to play oblivion with all that watered down color and fussy blur.

  • Morrowind Vs Oblivion: Image Space Asthetic in EVE Communication Center


    I figured I would start here since eve players tend to be smarter than the average bear.

    I want to somehow mod oblivion to have an image-space that is more like the sterile, crisp one of Morrowind.
    I have taken 2 images, both in the exact same location but obviously in different games/engines.

    Both images are the same resolution and aspect ratio.

  • Dev Blog: CSM 11 Election Results in EVE Information Center

    Ix Method wrote:
    Congratulations Xenuria, hope it was worth the wait Smile


  • Pod Skins in EVE Communication Center

    Admiral Dubar wrote:
    For anyone with a pod skin like the one they gave out for the Eve anniversary I've noticed something that bugs me. Like a ship every time you enter the ship you have to select or equip the skin. For a ship that's not really an issue. But when is someone going to see your pod?... Yea right after you blow up. You wont have any skin at all on, and it's not like your going to sit around the battlefield to equip it before warping off. lol And the point of the skins is to show off.. I'm mean otherwise whats the point.

    So what I'd like to see is a default selection for at least the pods (not a bad idea for ships either) so when you get in a selected ship or pod from ejection, your default skin is selected. This seems like a great idea and a simple one to implement by ccp. Anybody that agree's with this please post with comments and maybe ccp will take notice of this thread.

    I highly recommend you bug report this. This is not how it should function, reporting the bug is step 1 to bringing attention to the issue.

    I agree that the point of vanity pod skins is moot if they don't appear functional when you eject or are blown up.

  • I wear EVE Spectacles, AMA in EVE Communication Center

    My character lacks facial hair options that would make raybands looke good.

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