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  • Yukiko Kami for CSM XII in Council of Stellar Management

    Hey Cochise,

    an interesting topic. Pretty hard to strike a balance here. I personally don't like high-sec ganking, but I accept it as part of the experience and as a play style that some people seem to enjoy. It also underlines that the capsuleer life is never perfectly save, even in high-sec. I generally like the mechanics of CONCORD, but would indeed happily look into the details and support possible adaptions to criminal flagging and similar, provided the result is not too prohibitive for gankers. An alternate looting mechanic sounds interesting, did Thomas write an article about the topic that I could check out?

  • Yukiko Kami for CSM XII in Council of Stellar Management

    From alliance tournament, exploration to capital fights I always like to get into new parts of this game.

    And yes I have done these things and many more in my time. Also have lived in all 3, high, low and null.

    Additionally the meta and political game around EVE is a whole additional level to get into. Which is even more fun with this strongly rooted and impressive community. It's a challenging game, a place to explore things, to make friends and fight wars. But that makes it also hard to get into. I think we need to make sure that the community can evolve with new players getting into it and staying for longer.

    As an alliance Brave Collective has the goal to help new players and that is what attracted me to them.
    I stand behind that but also behind the idea of players evolving and doing their own thing. For that all sides of the game must be preserved and improved.

    For that I stand. I specifically choose not to have a platform, but come as an all-round player with different experiences who wants to improve the experience for all and not bump one specific topic. As much as the NDA will allow me, I want to include YOU into my feedback to CCP.

    Reddit AMA:

    Candidate page:

    And also here, if you have any last minute questions, please contact me here or in game.