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  • Courier contracts are a joke in EVE Communication Center

    You are under no obligation to accept the contract. How does it affect you?

    I often list very low reward contracts near Jita. They are usually accepted quickly. I think people who are planning on running the route anyway snap them up.

  • Dev Blog: Keepstar Destroyed in M-OEE8 in the Largest Battle in EVE On in EVE Information Center

    Just to inject a hit of reality: I was there. The tidi was utterly awful. I won't be going to the next one.

  • Question about getting Industry items out of Low Sec in EVE Gameplay Center

    If you don't want to pay then wait for a highsec wormhole to appear in your system. Once the stuff is in highsec the transport costs will be much lower.

  • Finding ECs with appropriate bonuses in EVE Gameplay Center

    Blueprint ECs are the last ones anybody who wanted loot would hit. The BPOs don't drop.

  • Quick Thoughts On M-OEE8: in EVE Communication Center

    Next time try turning visual settings down and turn audio off. You don't have to show all brackets either - be selective.

  • [December] Ending the deployment of new outposts and upgrades in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Tom Stonehoof wrote:
    I don't even know...

    New structures are so much better than POS or outposts. What are you talking about? We just need the bugs ironed out and basic stuff like insurance added. (Seriously, add insurance please.)

    I don't think player sentiment is on your side here.

  • [December] Excavator Mining Drone yield rebalance in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Why? Everyone has already priced in a high end mineral crash. Just let it be. Abundant minerals are essential to local production if you ever want to nerf jump freighters. Just fix T2 supply chain and we're good to go.

  • WTS Part researched Raitaru BPO below cost in EVE Marketplace

    Yes, I have a few left.

  • WTS Part researched Raitaru BPO below cost in EVE Marketplace

    TE8, 3.75B. I have a few

  • Corp assets in citadel API in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Yes, that is the solution. Steve wrote on Reddit:


    if you do the pull, and pass flat=1 along in the url


    then it'll return it in flat form.

    Just means that everything has a location id, rather than the XML being nested.

  • Corp assets in citadel API in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I checked and the corporation AssetList does not pull citadel office assets. This is really bad. CCP, I want to move my production to ECs but cannot track what is happening by API. Please fix!

  • Help me become a Titan of Industry in EVE Communication Center

    Compressed ore is amazing. It is your friend. And you do not even have to mine it yourself.

  • Rorqual Massacre in EVE Communication Center

    Moac Tor wrote:
    Alea wrote:
    Ocean Ormand wrote:
    Nearly double the Rorqual kills this month (november) over last month (Oct). *Snip* No Kill Mails. *Snip* Opp success CCP?

    That's exactly why I retired my boosting fleet before this expansion went live and reprocessed the ships into ones that are useful as I will never put a Rorq or command ship on grid.

    You reprocessed your ships..... Haha. Do you not realise how inefficient that is. You probably lost a bil and a half just on the Rorqual alone. You would have done better just insuring them and going out in a blaze of glory.

    Or selling it for a good profit. I had built 12 in anticipation of the dev blog - they all sold within the hour.


    Personally, I play an internet spaceship game for the internet spaceships.

  • Question regarding refining Ore in a citadel in EVE Gameplay Center

    Careby wrote:
    Kane Adestur wrote:
    ...All citadels with a Reprocessing Service have at least 52% efficiency...

    Zappity wrote:
    ...60% base in an Astrahus in null. I get 87.5% with max skills and 4% implant.

    Unless I am mistaken, an unrigged citadel with reprocessing service gives 50% reprocessing regardless of location. The 52%/54% (in highsec) comes from T1/T2 materials reclamation rigs. Lowsec and nullsec get additional bonuses on the rigs.

    To get 60% base in null I think would require T2 rigs (50% unrigged, 58.24% T1, 60.48% T2). Please correct me if I am wrong.

    Tbh I don't know. The mouse-over just says 60% plus all the skill and implant stacks. You are probably right.

  • Question regarding refining Ore in a citadel in EVE Gameplay Center

    Kane Adestur wrote:
    Some citadels also have 54% efficiency or even higher in Lowsec (not sure) / Nullsec.

    60% base in an Astrahus in null. I get 87.5% with max skills and 4% implant.

  • Corp assets in citadel API in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Can we pull corp assets (in offices or deliveries) in citadels from the API? I seem to remember it was broken.

    Edit: can be done, see below.

  • [December] Defender Missiles in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I'd love to see new bomb types. Tracking Disruption or Missile Disruption AoE effects would be interesting.

  • Zappity's Adventures in EVE Gameplay Center

    Things were quiet and I was bored, sitting in a plex while writing up the story of the epic Slicer fight. Suddenly, I noticed I was no longer alone in my plex. A wild Comet had appeared and very rudely scrammed me. Didn’t he know I was busy? I hastily locked him up and set my drones on him. Alas, it was a mirrored fight and I had simply begun too late. So here you go, a Comet loss just for you:

    Comet: https://zkillboard.com/kill/57060691/

    A couple of hours later I was sitting in a borrowed Rapier on an entosis node somewhere in Tribute. The theory behind using Rapiers for entosis is great: they have long webs and can use an Entosis Link II well beyond 200 km. You are meant to sit there, orbiting the node at this sort of range and entose away. If a flight of angry interceptors appears to defend their space, you are meant to use your cunning and webs to evade them until the entosis link cycles down and you are able to warp away. Such is the theory.

    I was halfway through the entosis cycle when they appeared, at least a dozen interceptors landing on the node at zero. They did not look very pleased to see me to be honest. They began burning toward me at a most alarming pace. I gently aligned away to a random corp bookmark that was somewhat close to the direction I was already heading in order to avoid losing too much speed. I then swapped my sensor booster script to scan resolution, wanting the ability to lock them quickly.

    The ships covered the distance quickly, and before long the leader was within 50 km. I slapped an overheated web on him and he rapidly fell away! Well that worked really well. If only he was the only one. Because the second interceptor was now also under 50 km away, requiring a web of his own. At this point, I recognised the limitations of a fit with only two webs. A third interceptor was in range, so I quickly switched targets and webbed him back, too. One of them landed an overheated point on me! I webbed him, too, just as my entosis link cycled down. I warped!

    I didn’t accomplish anything but it was a hell of a rush.

  • Sick of being a FC's Drone in EVE Communication Center

    You can choose to fill roles other than the F1 'drone', as you call it, in large fleets. Many simply prefer the damage role but you should look at these:

    1. Logistics. For some reason this is what the healing class is called in EVE. (Confusingly, actual logistics (moving stuff about) is also very important.) Fleet logi is very important and can be very challenging to do well.

    2. Scouting. Be one of the people who scouts ahead of the fleet either looking for targets or making sure there is nothing nasty waiting for the main fleet.

    3. Interdiction. Fly interdictors in nullsec to bubble enemy fleets and strategically bubble gates, warp-ins etc.

    4. Fast tackle. Self explanatory.

    5. Utility. Fly a long-range webbing ship, or long-range tackle.

    6. Boosting. Fly a Command Destroyer with the links your fleet needs. This is now an active role.

    It is your choice. If you don't have the flexibility to fly these sorts of roles in your corp then leave it and find a better one.

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