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  • World record for the most wormholes present in one system in EVE Gameplay Center

    Faye Fantastic wrote:
    Seraph Essael wrote:
    Xtrah wrote:

    Not to mention one of the best Triage pilots No Holes Barred had...

    Oh boy, there is a reason Rapiers gets renamed to RIPiers when Xtrah is triaging. also RIP Zara's Loki

    Can we leave my poor loki out of it? The memory of Xtrah choosing fraps over repping me is just.. too painful...

  • How do we increase PvP in C5 and C6? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Erica Dusette wrote:

    Recently Iso5 ganked a farming fleet of 5 capitals. We did it alone and were quite chuffed about it. Now this is a 100+ character corporation. You need to keep in mind the general rule that you 1/3 (or 1/2 at best) corp membership numbers to get a rough estimate of the actual humans in it.

    Fittingly, we managed to put together a fleet of 25 for that gank, and had the locals responded with even a fleet of 10 T3s to support their caps (which was quite possible) we would have been in big trouble. Luckily for us that didn't happen.

    Now ... had we been sure these guys were going to respond with a T3 fleet to defend their caps damn right I'm sure we would have asked for backup. We'd have needed it to hold the field.

    You also need to keep timezones in mind. I've been online numerous times when 'friendly' corps have phoned us and asked for extra pilots, and I've literally been the only one online lol. Why were they asking? Because their situation at that time of day wasn't much better.

    Just food for thought overall.

    I get that.. really.. But timezone's, the normal variation of activity, etc works both ways. Just like Noho was always thought to be a 50 man fleet... believe me, we didn't always have that...You often see people reminding others when their group has less members than normal due to tz/activity/whatevd but forget that your oponents can have the same thing when you don't have eyes on the enemy fleet.

    People however are risk-aversed and will assume the worst. This is where reputation comes in. If you sometimes batphone, people will assume even when you haven't that you can or will and therefore will either not fight or try to bring even more. That is your own doing, don't blame your oponents for that assumption.

    TL;DR: Batphoning is bad.

  • How do we increase PvP in C5 and C6? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Jack Miton wrote:
    it's really easy. you take all the 300man groups, make them into 50-100 man groups and remove all their blues.

    First of all: http://i.imgur.com/ygK4XFZ.jpg Get it right!
    Second of all: Jack, might want to start with your own corp.

    In all seriousness, the teaming up (even against what some people are calling "farmers") is the biggest problem. And this is something you guys control yourselves... If they are really farmers, you should be able to fight them with on your own anyway. A lot of these groups that team up are 300+ char-groups, and then they find it weird that smaller starting pvp groups don't want to move to C5/C6's.... Or that when they finally don't team up (correct term again is purple guys!), people don't trust them to be alone..

    Come on.

  • Corp roles feedback needed in EVE Gameplay Center

    I have made a thread on the general eve-o forums ( https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&m=5384853#post5384853 ) with general corp management related stuff, but here some more ideas in more details, though some might be double. Keep in mind, in my opinion, corp management, POS management needs to be removed and completely re-done.

    - ability to link characters, so leadership can link alts. Would be amazing if you could also in one go give or remove roles from that person's alts in one go
    - ability to pick and choose your own set of roles, link this to a title or function of some sort and give these out to members.
    - when a member leaves the corp, sent a notification to not only the CEO, but also directors and perhaps someone with the "recruiter" role or something alike.
    - be able to give someone roels with a timer: for instance a one hour "config starbase" role, and preferably also the ability to tie that to a specific location (system/station/Planet and moon etc).
    - ability to attach notes to people for only directors and CEOs and perhaps a "recruiter" or HR role to see to discuss members
    - ability to see the history of roles: who gave a role or took it away?
    - ability to see a person's last killboard activity (last loss, last kill)
    - we need alliance roles as well.. similar in structure as corporation roles

    (perhaps more to come but this is at least a start)

  • We want your corp little things! in EVE Technology and Research Center

    A few (small) things:
    - that directors also get the notification of someone leaving corporation (and not just the CEO)
    - when changing standings for a corp or alliance, the ability to click a box that sends notifications to the other party's leadership
    (for instance, I am a diplomat, and sometimes I want those corporations to know the standings have been reset/changed, but not always)
    - ability to monitor all POSes from corp menu (fuel, stront, modules, who lives there, assets, etc per location)
    - obviously we want alliance roles (and bookmarks)
    - Roles, Titles, Grantable roles etc need to be redone.. it is a mess...
    - having tabs in SMAs like we have in CHAs
    - ability to attach a note to a hanger/tabs/modules/ships in stead of using bookmarks
    - transferrable POSes (just like Poco's are)
    - ability to give roles with a timer.. for instance: giving someone config starbase for 2 hours and it automatically is removed after 2 hours
    - give someone a role only at a specific location
    - ability to link characters, so that alts are grouped, and can be handled simultaneously when giving/removing roles, etc
    - have a history of events that happened in the POS that saves info on the API key..

    Some general stuff:
    - BCC (and perhaps CC) in emails.. this is such a basic thing and would really help
    - make email inox searchable
    - ability to save broadcast settings, and perhaps even link the settings to ships (dps, vs logi)
    - when you align, let it say above your capacitor whereto it aligns
    - when you warp, show above capacitor that you warped at 0 or at whatever distance
    - please please please fix the chat channels.. i have 25+ channels easily and it covers too much of my damn monitor, and i can only read the first few letters of the tab.
    - a button for million or billion when transferring money (the counting 0's is annoying)
    - ability to see fittings from assets and SMAs as a normal fitting window
    - ability to change fittings in the fitting window, or add stuff to cargohold..
    - include worth of modules of a ship in the SMA

  • POS Sounding Board on December 18th in Council of Stellar Management

    I'd love to be there (and was forced by corbexx to post).

  • Update regarding Multiboxing and input automation in EVE Communication Center


  • CSM 10 in EVE Gameplay Center

    Very happy to see you run again Corbexx. You got my 100% support. Think you have done an amazing job so far, keep it up!

  • Wormhole town hall. in EVE Gameplay Center

    Ill be there for the c5/c6 (if not full)! Looking forward to it!

  • Thera - The true free republic in EVE Gameplay Center

    Not another WH community channel. Seriously, i got 30+ channels I am in already, I am running out of space.

  • Bye Bye No Holes Barred in EVE Gameplay Center

    That was exciting. A good fight! Unfortunately not allowed to post battlereports ;)

    Regardless, NOHO is looking forward to round 2!

  • W-Space residents: What exactly do you do all day? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Some things of what I do is more administrative stuff, talking to people (comms or chat), or just busy on an alt.

    For instance, back when I was a recruiter, I was talking to potential recruits, checking API keys, forum moderating, etc etc. There are people who love to theory craft, so they use EFT to build and check fits. EVE is a game where you need a lot of out of game software (evemon, EFT, spreadsheets, whatnot), meaning... all the while seeming like you are AFK sitting at your POS ;)

    The majority is probably AFK, playing another game, playing on another char, doing RL stuff or just waiting for someone else to do something though.

  • What's this about cloaked ships decloaking each other again? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Same, I don't mind going back to how it was before. I see this as a minor change really. And change is not always bad people ;)

  • Operation Report: The Poutine Harvest in EVE Gameplay Center

    Sith1s Spectre wrote:

    Ironic coming from NOHO who did the whole NATO bullshit against BU/QEX/LZHX when they invaded Whale Girth (and a group of us counter invaded QEX) and stopped a whole campaign of conflict against multiple sides.

    First of all.. I do have an opinion myself as well which might not always be the same as that of my corp or alliance...
    Second, look at my employment history.. I wasnt in NOHO when that went down.

    But as I say in my post.. I am not against invasions or for them. I am saying to let everyone play their game their way and stop complaining out of game about their "reason" for invading. If you don't like it, act upon it in game, not on the forums or in chat channels.

    If we put all the time we spend on reading or posting on forums, reddit etc actually playing Eve, WHs might be a lot busier :)

  • Operation Report: The Poutine Harvest in EVE Gameplay Center


    we are living in what is supposedly the most "dangerous" part of New Eden, yet we have more rules than the EULA (don't moderate this out, i still love CCP). What is up with all these guidelines of what you are and are not allowed to do? I don't understand why. ISK is coming out of every pore of WHs so if you are invaded you should be able to recover. If you are evicted, put a POS up somewhere else, build up and come back with a vengence. This non-eviction-rule is making WHs stale imho.

    In a game that is supposed to be a sandbox where scamming, stealing and spying is allowed or even encouraged. In a part of Eve where you should be the "least safe".. Why do you get a get-out-of-jail card as long as you have the "pvp-entity" tag?

    Let everybody play their game the way they want it. Want to evict null bears? Go for it. Want to invade a pvp entity in hopes of a fight (or just because they looked at you funny)? Go for it. Want to be that white knight to save all that pvp entity. Go for it. But please, stop complaining...

    Anyways, I think we need more conflict drivers, more fueds like these, more danger, and less rules. Don't get me wrong. I don't want QUL to leave WHs, I just hope they come back and plan their revenge.


  • Asayanami Dei(I totally spelled it right...) in EVE Gameplay Center

    calaretu wrote:
    Really? We get another wormholerep on csm and this is the direction you guys take it? Shame on you. Have you already forgotten how every single csm candidate that didnt get elected or ended their term has done the same? The csm election and office is a very taxing process and you are better than throwing this at him.

    Asayanami. I look forward to see your contribution to the csm and what you and corbexx can accomplish togeather.

    Your space or playstyle being well represented in the CSM is more than just the number of reps. In fact, someone in that position unable to see the right consequences or unable to reason and argue cases can actually hurt w-space more than help. This is also the reason why I would never vote for someone quite new to WHs to represent the W-space community. Having said that, the fact he got quiet(er) on forums is very understandable, so I agree with Calaretu there.

    That Asay has a different opinion to Corbexx or some people in W-space is not per se a bad thing: more opinions, more insights for CCP. Corbexx has gone out of his way to represent the different playstyles and WH inhabitants. If Asay does the same and puts in half the time Corbexx is doing, I am happy.

    I hope our two reps will work well together (and not against one another).

  • [Hyperion Feedback Thread] Mass-Based Spawn Distance After WH Jumps in EVE Gameplay Center

    Enthropic wrote:
    I was the WH roundtable on Fanfest.
    I cant speak for Twostep (and I apologize if I understand you wrong, mate), but Im pretty sure with 'new stuff' he meant CONTENT, as in, working POSes, working corp mechanics, new stuff to toy around with, maybe new kinds of sleepers, new sites, I dont know.. something that would WH space exiting again, dedicated PVP WH systems where people would want to go out and WILLINGLY fight, something new to discover.

    Personally, I don't think fixing POSes and making corp or even alliance roles work better is not new content. Its fixing stuff or making them less tideous. don't get me wrong, it is a good thing and really needs to happen... New content imho was when they brought out wormholes, the introduction of bounty-system, etc. But I do agree that I would love to see some new stuff.

    Winthorp wrote:
    They would have clearly discussed this at length in private and i am sure Corbexx has had a lot of time and effort putting the views forward to CCP Fozzie and other CSM's that we will never know about.

    Although I do believe you are right, that Corbexx does all he can to show CCP the impact and implications of certain changes. This does not mean that CCP always listens and copies the CSMs beliefs. Why not? All CSM reps play the game, are part of a group and possibily care more about their groups interest or just don't see the flip side for other type of groups. I think Corbexx tries to represent the entire W-space community, from low to high class wormholers, but this is hard for CCP to judge. Especially because the former CSM rep actually suggested this change as a good idea in the "WH little things"-thread and mybe even during his CSM time... and now apparently a large percentage of W-space is against?! This must be confusing for CCP... also, this is why choosing the correct CSM rep is important: someone with knowledge, with experience, with the time and willingness, someone who is able to look past their own group's needs and view what is best for the game.

    TL;DR: eventhough Corbexx represents our views (imo fairly) to CCP in a more direct line of communication, we still should post our views independently. This gives Corbexx the means and backup to show he is not alone in this....

  • [Hyperion Feedback Thread] Wormhole Effect Rebalance in EVE Gameplay Center

    Laura Agathon wrote:
    Gotta say, I'm a bit disappointed there has not been a dev reply in nigh on a week.

    I rather have devs developing and improving the game than responding to forums. I am rather content with the increase in dev appearances on the WH subforum lately. Don't get me wrong, getting updates and responses from CCP devs would be nice, but think we have to understand it's not their primary job.

    On another note:
    In the dev blog there was a graph on the relative activity per wormhole effect type. I was missing the 'no effect' whs. I am not sure whether I am reading the graph correctly: were no effect systems used as the control (normalized to 0%), or were no effect WHs forgotten?

  • Wormhole town hall 16th August 22.00 UTC in EVE Gameplay Center

    progodlegend wrote:
    I should be able to attend to help with mediating and to lend a theorycrafting hand.

    I know I'm not the CSM wormhole rep, but I'm a 2nd year CSMer who's been locking horns with CCP on changes like this for over a year now, so I'll pitch in where I can and help guide the conversation towards constructive feed back if need be.

    As a second year CSM representative, and appearantly interested in WHs (assumption), you might have known for a longer time about (or have been involved with..) some of these changes to WHs. Curious about your opinion. What do you think about for instance the mass-based spawn distance when jumping into a WH change?

  • [IDEA] Vertical Channel Tabs in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I suggested the same thing three years in a row to CSM candidates. Hoping this thread will get more luck. I really hope this will be implemented! Maybe make some channels groupable so it takes even less space.

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