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  • Am I playing the wrong game? in EVE Communication Center

    It's the eye patch. Everyone is just scared of you.

    (Honestly, I've never had a problem either. I think I caught a single Machariel bump once but the freighter was nearly empty and no gank came of it. That's the worst I've seen.)

  • burst and effect duration synchronized in EVE Technology and Research Center

    The shorter duration allows you to switch scripts more quickly while still providing a burst. It's advantageous, and if you do manual activation you can still get the savings on scripts.

    This has definitely come up before and is working as intended.

  • moved in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Did you mean to put this in F&I?

  • A way to gather Scattered Items in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Wolfino wrote:
    you obviously lack the understanding of how those servers work. That information is already being tracked because every action in eve is tracked in a database and the change is time stamped. they wouldn't need to add extra tracking.

    The irony in this juxtaposition is amazing. What makes you think inventory items have time stamps for all changes?

    Also, while I see the argument about returning players, I just can't get behind this in any form. We have wonderful freight services that will do this for you: black frog, red frog, pushx, whatever. And that's if you don't want to suck it up and do it yourself.

  • Hauling service in EVE Gameplay Center

    Pushx and Red Frog. If those aren't enough, ask around in hauler's channel.

  • Gallente Epic Arc: Why choose drone link augmentor? in EVE Gameplay Center

    I believe the Syndicate cloak is also linked to Syndicate standings, not Gallente, so if you're in it to raise empire standings you end up with the DLA.

  • Are Heat Sinks supposed to use cap? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Not quite. Heat sinks increase rate of fire, which increases cap drain indirectly (because the lasers drain more often). That's the effect you're seeing and no, there is no way around it. It's one argument for using a damage rig rather than a RoF rig even though the latter increases DPS more than the former.

  • Does Scan deviation effect initial signiture position? in EVE Gameplay Center

    My impression over time has been that the initial positions are correct and deviation only comes into play when you start to scan. I have no energy to verify this, though the methodology is pretty clear -- midwarp bookmarks until you're nearly on top of the position of the unscanned sig and then drop probes and see how close you were. Sounds like a pita but it would be interesting.

  • Hi Sec T2 Hauler Help ... in EVE Gameplay Center

    Freighters are slow as ****. Just... so slow. Only commit to one if you really need to haul 400k m^3 or more. Having said that, they do the job wonderfully.

    Yes, you can use GSCs to squeeze out more space on larger ships. The marginal benefit begins to diminish simply because of the amount of time/energy involved with multiple containers, but it works.

    BRs are a step down in cargo but a huge step up in speed. DSTs are a step up in speed and tank.

    BRs may be a better target, but if you fly them right you'll never be locked. So learn to fly them right.

  • Hi Sec T2 Hauler Help ... in EVE Gameplay Center

    I use a Prorator for trips into low, an Impel for lowish 60k m^3 cargo trips, and of course a Providence when things are serious. I've never really seen the haul that made me think "man, I wish I had an Orca for this" so I've never bothered. I build them and sell them, but don't own one for my own use.

    Of course that's just the Amarr character. I actually prefer a Viator/Occator combo but for ~reasons~ I still seem to find myself using the Amarr ships more frequently.

    Right now, I'm sure Providence is overkill for you (and it's really not *that* much more expensive than an Orca at the moment). I'd look hard one or two Impels (one fit for agility and tank, perhaps one for cargo) and a Prorator to get you through until you can justify a freighter.

  • Tengu lv3 blitz fit in EVE Gameplay Center

    Downgrade the magstabs if they're too much:

    [Tengu, L3 blitz]

    Power Diagnostic System II
    Magnetic Field Stabilizer II
    Federation Navy Magnetic Field Stabilizer
    Federation Navy Magnetic Field Stabilizer

    10MN Afterburner II
    Large Shield Extender II
    Large Shield Extender II
    Tracking Computer II
    Tracking Computer II, Optimal Range Script
    Adaptive Invulnerability Field II

    250mm Railgun II, Caldari Navy Antimatter Charge M
    250mm Railgun II, Caldari Navy Antimatter Charge M
    250mm Railgun II, Caldari Navy Antimatter Charge M
    250mm Railgun II, Caldari Navy Antimatter Charge M
    250mm Railgun II, Caldari Navy Antimatter Charge M
    250mm Railgun II, Caldari Navy Antimatter Charge M

    Medium Hyperspatial Velocity Optimizer II
    Medium Hyperspatial Velocity Optimizer II
    Medium Hyperspatial Velocity Optimizer II

    Tengu Offensive - Magnetic Infusion Basin
    Tengu Propulsion - Gravitational Capacitor
    Tengu Engineering - Power Core Multiplier
    Tengu Electronics - Dissolution Sequencer
    Tengu Defensive - Supplemental Screening

  • Why is there no armor compensation skill in EVE Gameplay Center

    Matthias Ancaladron wrote:

    How do these ancillary things work? I've seen them but never used one.

    Hah. Depends whether you're talking about armor or shield.

    Armor consumes nanite paste as ammo but also uses cap. When loaded, their boost is much larger.

    Shield consumes cap boosters but don't require cap. Well, they can run without cap boosters, but if you try it they'll basically kill your cap in a single cycle.

    Both have long reloads during which the module is of course inactive.

    Good discussion here.

  • Module online cost? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Hate to say it, but right now you're better off with a small POS and a reprocessing array unless you T2 rig that thing.

    And yes, you have to pay the online cost each time you online it. No way around that. The other option is to leave it running and possibly open it up to the public; maybe you'll get some taxes and recoup some of the operating cost.

    As far as who is allowed to fuel things... that's all down to access lists. There's no simple way I've found how to do it properly, but don't **** it up, especially if you do allow public access.

  • Question about remore repair falloff range in EVE Gameplay Center

    Unlike EWAR (most) with falloff, it's a reduction to effect and not a chance-based binary effect in falloff. Grapplers work the same way: whatever your hit chance reduction would be for guns becomes an amount transfered reduction on these modules. Note that this isn't true for, e.g., ECM and target painters where a falloff miss is a straight up fail rather than reduced effect.

  • Capital Ships restricted to Large Citadels? in EVE Communication Center

    I'm pretty sure CCP didn't set out to make new structures in the image of "like POS, only less buggy". Rather, they wanted a) feature parity and b) a system that actually makes sense in their vision of the game. That drove costs up for some common activities (basic manufacturing, capital asset storage) but also introduced new risk mitigation and benefits at the same time. So... they're different, but the one that more closely aligns with CCP's long term goals is the one that is going to stick around.

  • First DED fit in EVE Gameplay Center

    elitatwo wrote:
    Serpentis are a little weaker against kinetic damage, so I would suggest Caldari Navy Vespas.

    This is true, but if you're out looking for 4/10s you might want to keep the thermal damage around; the Phi Overseer is twice as vulnerable to thermal as he is kinetic. And yes, that breaks standard Serpentis patterns.

  • 3 best feature additions to Eve since you started playing? in EVE Communication Center

    Lothros Andastar wrote:
    Edit: Wait, it has to be Warp to Zero. CCP didn't have to let us keep our insta bookmarks. They could have easily just deleted them and banned any bookmarks within 200km of gates. They didn't. Imagine the game where every single ship, from Interceptor to Rorqual to Freighters had to slowboat 15km whenever they wanted to use a gate or dock.

    Came here to say this. Easily the best change introduced while I was playing.

  • Enemies Abound Level 4 (2 of 5) - A Ship to Get In and Out of Low Sec? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Insta-warp Hecate is built for this. It's just a bit expensive when done right.

    BRs are just incredibly useful for other things and quite fast in general.

    Travelceptors are cheap but tend to die to smartbombs.

    Yachts.... are overkill, but will easily get the job done.

    Covops are a little slower than the other options but easily do the trick.

    Yeah. Lots of options.

  • Damage type lock VS NPC resist hole in EVE Gameplay Center

    Frostys Virpio wrote:
    DeMichael Crimson wrote:
    Zhilia Mann wrote:
    Anyhow, I made a chart some time ago that details all this. Click the tab corresponding to your kinetic bonus and see what's best. Hint: BR/Sansha always get EM. Kinetic takes over at 50% bonuses for everything else. Except drones, which I need to look at again because it seems suspect...

    Nice chart, bookmarked for future reference.

    Please excuse me, my brain just isn't working correctly right now. Could you please explain the 2 columns for each damage type ?



    Colum 1 seem to be the resist % the target ship has. column 2 seems to be the applied damage you will get after applying the resist and damage bonus if present.

    (Base damage with bonus applied ( 1- resist %)) = applied damage

    Or maybe I have my foot completely in my mouth...

    Yup. This exactly.

    I never claimed it was pretty, just functional. You should see the monstrosities that I don't make public....

  • Skill requirement changes and ship use in EVE Gameplay Center

    If you have Amarr Freighter trained to any level, congratulations, you can fly a Providence. No need to train the new prereqs.