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  • Moving ships around (miner and frigate) in EVE Gameplay Center

    Soel Reit wrote:
    freighter / Jump freighter
    Deep space transport
    t1 industrial

    ^ those are the industrial ships that you can use to move your ships, listed from more space to less space at disposition.
    pls notice that ships packaged occupy less space than ships unpackaged and fitted with mods.

    you can always package up your ship, in the process you will lose the rigs fitted.
    that's for how highsec is concerned.

    people can use even carrier, dreads, supers and titans to move stuff. but that is elite mov op! literally 1337
    o7 and welcome to eve

    Worth mentioning the Bowhead on its own here for moving assembled ships as well. Sure it's a freighter but it's also rather different from the others.

    As for Red Frog, or PushX which is basically the same service, if you set collateral high enough you don't risk losing anything. If you need something moved and don't have a large enough ship they're both great services.

    If you do want to move an assembled ship yourself then things get complicated. You can't put an assembled ship directly into the cargo of another ship yourself (though you can put one in a ship maintenance bay, but that limits you in high sec to an Orca or a Bowhead). Your options are either to repackage the ship, losing all rigs, or trade it to an alt and make a courier contract. It's a bit of a pain but it does work.

    Or, you know, fly the ship wherever yourself. I've always liked that option for most purposes even when it involves multiple trips.

  • Probably been discussed a million times, but Large Transports please in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Orcas are already cheaper than T2 battleships and that's the sort of thing you're asking for, right? Just get an Orca. Or a freighter. Or a JF. There are options in the range you're asking.

  • [119.6] Standup Hyasyoda Research Lab in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Gotta admit, this is slightly underwhelming. Personally I'd like to see one of the following:

    1. Simply increase the fuel reduction. As is it's saving less than a block an hour on an EC. At least make it a full block? Maybe even go crazy with two?
    2. Allow invention and research from the Hyasoda. Increase fuel use to something like 75% of the combined modules (or more; that may be too generous). At least it would be interesting and open a slot for another service module (not that I know what you'd do with it under most circumstances but it would at least make the Hyasoda unique).
    3. Keep a small fuel reduction and/or scrap it entirely but introduce a small (maybe 3-5%?) time reduction. Less than a rig but enough to make the Hyasoda unique. If you wanted to go all out, combine this with (2) above.

    As is, I'm going to have trouble justifying installing a Hyasoda on an existing EC simply from the hassle of finding a time when there are no jobs running. On a busy public structure that becomes very nearly impossible.

  • Transferring ownership of an engineering complex in EVE Gameplay Center

    If the owner is in system he can right click the EC and select transfer assuming neither corp is at war.

  • Salvage Conversion in EVE Technology and Research Center

    There is not. At this point I think it's safe to assume that we're not seeing this feature added.

  • Alpha Exploring Questions in EVE Gameplay Center

    erg has given advice specific to ghost sites which... isn't really your question?

    It looks like max alpha skills with an exploration frig, sisters launcher, sisters probes, and two grav caps gives a sensor strength of 91 and change. I believe with those stats you can pin anything except sleeper caches (and you can probably get limited sleeper caches with some jiggling). You *might* not be able to pin 10/10 band sites but honestly you're not missing enough there to worry about it.

    Also worth noting: null sites are not harder to scan than high or low sites. So there's that. If you can pin everything in high, you can pin everything in null.

  • Tracking speed and vicinity. in EVE Gameplay Center

    Hrm. Radial velocity is circumferential velocity, isn't it. I supposed I should edit that. At some point.

    I strongly considered giving an explanation in terms of a dot product of the velocity vectors but while it's precise it doesn't shed a whole lot of light unless you know dot products already.

  • [Proposal] Landmarks exploration, for new players in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I dunno, I kinda like it. The Sanctuary picture event from... 2013?... was kind of neat and I could see building on that to include a permanent, low-end reward. Probably don't include the flaming pod though.

  • Tracking speed and vicinity. in EVE Gameplay Center

    Effectively yes. Radial speed, assuming worst case scenarios where the target's linear speed is exactly tangential, is given by linear speed over radius. Increasing tracking (radial) speed of turrets thus allows the same hit chance at a lower radius (distance to target).

    The other thing you can do is shift the target velocity away from tangential, usually by approaching or moving away from the target. Coming from missiles it takes a touch to get used to but it's not hard to put into practice.

  • POS BP's and POS stuff in EVE Communication Center

    Chaos scrape has this on Hyasoda labs and Thukker arrays, but nothing official has been announced about them or any other POS component.

  • Need Blockade Runner Help in EVE Gameplay Center

    How much cargo do you need? Or rather, why do you want a BR in the first place?

    My current preferred low barrier to entry general purpose fit looks like this:

    [Viator, basic]

    Expanded Cargohold II
    Expanded Cargohold II
    Expanded Cargohold II

    50MN Y-T8 Compact Microwarpdrive
    EM Ward Amplifier II
    EM Ward Amplifier II

    Covert Ops Cloaking Device II
    [Empty High slot]

    Medium Cargohold Optimization II
    Medium Hyperspatial Velocity Optimizer II

    Note that this is for high/low and not so much null or wormholes.

    Features 10k EHP. EM hole is plugged to survive a lucky Tornado or a smartbomb camp in low. Has to be passive since I'll be warping cloaked .

    Also gets 10k m^3 so I can move packaged cruisers or enough PI to make a difference. Obviously I swap out expanders (for a suitcase and nanos) when I don't need the cargo.

    MWD is there to get back to gates. You don't want to have to use it, but you'll regret not having it if you do need it.

    Rigs... well, one cargo rig puts me comfortably over the 10k m^3 mark so I don't see a need for two. I'm not taking this into space with bubbles but if I were I'd look closely at Engine Thermal Shielding. As is, this thing is built to move cargo quickly, so an HVO seems like a great choice. Warping at 9.4 AU/s (yes, my main was Transport Ships 5) with that much cargo is pretty nice.

    So what DON'T I use this for?

    Anything that fits in a yacht gets moved by yacht. Aligns in under 2 seconds AND cloaks AND has bubble immunity? Just don't whelp it into smartbombs and you're good. No better way to move blueprints.

    If I need *slightly* more space and don't really want to pay attention to the trip (i.e., hit cloak after every jump) I use a travel Hecate. Again, high/low, no null on his one.

    Obviously if you need more space there are better options: DSTs, Orca, freighters, etc.

    How do other BRs stack up in similar configurations?

    Crane aligns more slowly, has slighly less cargo, and has more EHP. Trading a mid for a low is kinda meh.

    Prowler fits identically to the Viator and does pretty much everything just slightly worse.

    Prorator has interesting tradeoffs. In order to get the 10k m^3 capacity you have to use 5(!) slots, but at that point it has the largest cargo. If you use the sixth, it definitely has the largest. But at that point it's made of paper. I do use one, but mostly because that character isn't trained to Gallente Industrial 5 yet. No regrets; I'd take the Impel over the Occator any day, but the Prorator is niche at best.

  • Holy friggin nerf batman in EVE Gameplay Center

    Daemun Khanid wrote:
    [Jackdaw, new]

    Ballistic Control System II
    Ballistic Control System II
    Damage Control II

    5MN Y-T8 Compact Microwarpdrive
    Initiated Compact Warp Disruptor
    Adaptive Invulnerability Field II
    Medium Ancillary Shield Booster
    Sensor Booster II, Scan Resolution Script

    Light Missile Launcher II
    Light Missile Launcher II
    Light Missile Launcher II
    Light Missile Launcher II
    Light Missile Launcher II
    [Empty High slot]

    Small Core Defense Field Extender I
    Small Warhead Calefaction Catalyst II
    Small Anti-EM Screen Reinforcer I

    Even with the compact mwd and long point and using geno's thats still 15 cpu over.

    If you want the suitcase, drop the calefaction for an overclock II. At that point you can go for a T2 MWD as well.

    If you drop the suitcase you can fit a nano or whatever and it fits.

  • Holy friggin nerf batman in EVE Gameplay Center

    Seriously, what are you trying to fit on this thing? I'm not seeing any issues. Yes, you might need some fitting mods to get everything on but there's more than enough space, even for a 2-BCU 10MN fit with a meta MSE.

  • EVE IPH Industry Calculator Version 3.3 - Now with Live Market data! in EVE Gameplay Center

    Is there by chance any way to save more than one set of parameters on the manufacturing list page? I have different characters that can build different things and sometimes want to find, for instance, only items and rigs but not ships.

  • 119.5 - General Feedback in EVE Information Center

    Orion Kerensky wrote:
    Looks like the conversion from old plex codes is borked as well, netting you considerably less then expected plex.

    Yeah, I'm far short and a little concerned about it.

  • New Heavy Bomber? in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Danika Princip wrote:
    Ruckus Snow wrote:
    The current bombers are very limited in their capacity and delivery. It would be nice to have a cruiser sized dedicated Heavy Bomber that launches unique bomb types as role bonus. As a heavy bomber, it should be able to release at least a dozen bombs simultaneously in a given direction, and they would spread out like fireworks. (pretty much a circle of bombs heading your way). Skills can decrease the dud rate, so all bombs successfully explode at Level 5 compared to Level 1.

    Perhaps the current stealth bomber could be limited to kinetic, thermal, EM and explosive single release bombs; and the heavy bomber would have exclusive use of ALL bomb types. Real life Carpet Bombers can select a specific bomb or release them all. Perhaps it could even be designed as the Tech 3 Battleship.

    Let me know what you think..

    Ruckus Snow

    Please explain how one guy in one ship being able to delete two hundred other ships in a single volley is good for the game.

    Admit it. You kinda miss AoE doomsdays on some perverse level.

  • EC rig build costs are absurd - lower material requirements in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I have 5 T2 and 3 T1 medium rigs in space. It's not an ideal setup; one of the T2s is redundant. I'll probably end up seeing about selling one of the structures off. But do I consider the whole thing worthwhile? Clearly, yes. If you don't, don't drop a damn structure, or at least don't rig it. I'd say the cost is actually a reasonable deterrent to the proliferation of redundant structures.

  • Afterburner in EVE Gameplay Center

    Mizhir wrote:
    Initially the skill increased the duration but that was problematic for dualprop and oversized AB ships as it is often needed to switch the AB on and off.

    So the skill got changed to benefit both fits that benefit from pulsing the AB and the fits that permaruns it


  • To: The Developers (Advertisment Page For Things To Sell) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    As already mentioned, you can always use sell orders on the forums to sell high value or interesting items. Likewise, you can use the bulk trade and wholesale trade mailing lists to sell lots of stuff at once.

    If you just want to sell small amounts of low value items? Just throw them on the market. The fees are tiny in such an instance.

  • Implants and implant sets for rorqual pilots? in EVE Gameplay Center

    When slaves become amulets (this summer) slaves I suppose. Until then, Tau is right.