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  • Nullification and Interdiction in EVE Technology and Research Center

    i got no issuie if they give a kill mail.
    Would be awesome if they did

  • Nullification and Interdiction in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Pandemic Legion is crying from what I am seeing and gathering from various folks. You got an Industrial Corp who has little PVP experience staring down the perverbial barrel of a 45 with PL holding it. Large alliance that has many PVP pilots looking for cheap easy kills and expect those in smaller groups to roll over and bare their throats so that PL and its people would be able to enjoy easy kills.

    Now that a Industrial corp stood up with a defense trying to protect its assets and be able to produce ships and what nots for the alliance they are part of barely able to stand up to capital fleet.

    MOA & Brave 258 Ferox and a few battleships facing off 128 PL, PH, Circle of Two Battle ship dreads, carriers, and faxes.

    Pretty obvious the odds were not in favor of the home team but instead got beaten. All that PL and company wanted was to kill the Sotiyo and wanted it to be easy. Instead the home team made it challenging. Resulting with an unkown side affect of older less power PCs lagging. I showed up in the system to watch and wondered why people were crying about the lag since i had none.

    If the bubbles are hit with a "re-Balance" I hope that all combat ships lose their interdiction nullify ability except for the interceptors and that ALL non combative ships gain the immunity to warp nullification.

    These bubbles have been around for a decade and a few years. deal with it and get a MWD.

  • Nullification and Interdiction in EVE Technology and Research Center


    I feel the bubbles are just fine as they are. they are many options within the game to get around them or to hot drop some corp hiding behind the wall of bubbles.

    remember that Covert Cyno hot drop. and i Seen the T3 cloaky nullified fitted to do just that.

    all i know from the stories running about is that PL is a little butt hurt having to face the wall of bubbles 3 times. and from the looks of it the defense was set up. Now if there is a limit of the number of bubbles I do not remember seeing that specificly NAMED within the ToS or the EULA. Was there ever a number laid down for this? If there was a number of bubbles to be permitted on grid then why was it not included as a special note for the description or coded in for the bubbles?

    I do like the idea of giving them a life span of 48 hours or 92 hours once anchored. This would improve the value of the bubbles on the market.

  • The hidden Belts in EVE Technology and Research Center

    So the rorqual being forced into the advance mining belts. I like this idea and what it brings. I feel the need that we need to change things up a little since this makes it way to easy for the hard core PVPers to find the precious golden egg and pop it like it is prom night.

    I feel that the current set up does not make it a challenge in locating the precious golden egg. I think going back to the when the advance mining belts were hidden and everyone needed to scan them down to locate them. this forces the PVP guy to actually do some work in locating the Golden Goose. This also forces the mining corp to find the golden goose as well back when you had to actually scan down the hidden belts.

    just a thought running amok in the head.

  • [Ascension] Command Ship skill requirement changes in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I am just sad that with all the command ship changes the faction warfare links are rather useless. oh well i just put those clones in a dark corner and figure out a new set of clones to play with till those implant become worth wild to play with again some time in the future

  • [sold] WTS Sotiyo bpc, ME3/TE3 in EVE Marketplace


  • Repetive PC build advice in EVE Communication Center

    not sure what you intend to use for a windows OS or a linux set up.
    If you plan on using windows 10 you may want to consider a slightly newer video card. some of the older have issues or no driver updates.

    as seen Newegg.com has a lot of options and refurbished computers that meet the system requirements and your budget

  • Jump Fatigue Feedback in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Been a long time since i was in a capital ship. felt kind of nice sitting in a carrier seat once again and I begin my jump route plan and go WTF?!?!?! 5ly jump. and I got Jump cal 5?!?!?

    Jump Fatigue from what i remember was introduced to keep the huge capital battles down and force alliances to consider when to commit them and when not too.

    The Jump Range Nerf was enough to cripple people from considering in moving to null if they already got a carrier hiding in a low sec pocket collecting dust.

    and training Jump Cal 5 was a horrendous training time and does basicaly nothing for us now.

    How about replacing the skill with something more USEFUL "Jump Stamina" reduce jump fatigue

    please reconsider and bring back the normal Carriers jump range or bumping it up to 8ly.

  • CCP karkur - you're our only hope - new Little Things in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Been playing for a long time now and there is still one thing i wish that would be added to the game since the radial menu was added.

    the delay option was great but sometimes it seems to flake out and brings up the radial menu right away as it it is set for long delay. This does get a little annoying at times but I also understand that many people are able to use it with great ease

    I wondering if it is possible to add an option to turn off the radial menu.

  • AFK Cloaking™: Ideas, Discussion, and Proposals in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Time to be annoying in a GOON renters space and cloak up cause i got my ceptor or what there and head off to work.

    What I gather is folks are tired of the AFK cloakers. Why punish just them? Why not affect all those who have been AGl for like 20 minutes.

    Imagine what would happen if this is ever implemented.
    1> AFK in NullSec leaves system cause user is not there to do things.
    2> AFK OGB will no longer be around ALL day LONG!!! ALL DAY!!!
    3> Incursion runners will also have to poke their OGBs every now an then...Imagine the tears when an HQ fleet dies due to owner of the OGB has not been poked in that 20 minute time frame.

    This is something that would solve many iissues that I have seen over the years of playing and actually force people to "PLAY" the game and not be AFK all the time. I remember the time when there was the AFKers in mission sites that ran all day long with drones out and super passive tank that cannot be killed. This still happens but not to the extent that it once did.

    Now if CCP did an inactivity timer of 20 to 30 minutes would make me giggle. just because the amount of chaos it wouldbring.

    go with it have fun.

  • Galatea - General feedback in EVE Information Center

    Interesting patch. been away for a long time thought i come and check the new toys out and wonder why everyone is having issues with the patch.

    do not forget to update your drivers

  • Tactical Shield Manipulation: Modify it? in EVE Technology and Research Center

    damn. you kids do nto remember the old days when there was such a thing about bleed damage. and someone cried and more cried and caldari cried. this was at the time of the when all the guns got broken...most of the hybrid guns to fix the issue of bleed damage as in removing it.

    i would love it back but them shield puppies will start crying again.

  • [Balance Pass] Revisiting gang links, strategic cruisers and probing in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I see we are back to this again. Do not get me wrong I have invested a year into training a command ship pilot who can fly all of them now. And when CCP announced that there will be changes to boosting I was over joyed with what I saw. I felt the strat cruisers were way too powerful compared tot he command ship pilot who spent months upon months of training.

    And now the Strat Cruisers are still unscanable as the Op so pointed out. I made a suggestion when CCP first introduced this idea. I see no problem with the Strat Cruisers unscanable set up. But there is a solution to offset this.

    I am going to take a little bit out of the Science Fiction world for this. In every SciFi movie I seen when trying to track down a command center that was actively sending out information always used lots of power or was semi easy to find. The Boosting ships are like GIANT radio stations easily found when you hit the auto tune button on your car radio. CCP could do one of two things:
    1> Active boosting can be found in system and able to warp to if you open your scanner window.
    2> Active boosting shows on overview.

    Passive boosting should give no information since anyone in fleet is only getting passive boosting with no links running.

  • Transport Ships in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Pashino wrote:
    There is already a thread discussing changes to the BR and DST class transports.


    General concensus is that the Blockade Runner is already in a sweet spot, being nearly uncatchable when operated correctly, but the DST's desparately need a rework to be viable for the intended task.

    The most suggested changes include bubble immunity, greater resists, and larger cargo capacity to bridge the gap between T1 indies and Orca/JF.

    Would be helpful if some Dev like CCP Rise would create/sticky a thread on the subject - would certainly save him trouble later when he's sitting down to evaluate the class.

    For that matter, Rise would be well advised to reach out to the Pro outfits, like Red Frog, and ask them what changes would encourage them to use DST's.

    I must have missed that thread. Thank you i will check it out.

  • Transport Ships in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Rowells wrote:
    That would make it way too easy to move things through dangerous space. A T3 with cloak and interdiction Nullifier even fitted with cargo expanders can only carry so much safely. Even interceptors had their cargo hold nerfed once they got interdiction nullification.

    Even more dangerous with the transport ship Blockade runners. they already have a slow align and spin up for warp speed. Still Easily catchable when they jump, but with a change like this it would change how they are fitted and flown. which could also bring about some interesting Killmails on these things still.

    I can see the cargo being nerfed if this is added to it. This is a suggestion/idea i know that many PVPers will not like it cause it would force them to work harder, the players who also view industrial types as the scourge and worthless. Combat in its many forms has been buffed, broken, nerfed, rebalanced, tweeked, buffed, nerfed, rebalanced and tweeked. where as industrial gets little other then the big Exhumer changes.

  • Transport Ships in EVE Technology and Research Center

    When the strategic cruisers were introduced they got this fun little module called the interdiction nullifier which made nullsec traveling a bit easier. Now we recently had the interceptors get that same ability making their role in combat much more valuable and now you see many ceptors out in groups roaming null sec.

    There is a ship class under transports nicknamed Blockade Runners. Does it not merit the interdiction Nullifier ability?

  • Thoughts on Expanding Coalition in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Rowells wrote:
    Your idea has merit, and it serves a purpose. However I am strongly against making it any easier to organize and run groups larger than alliances. It just encourages already large groups to become even bigger.

    That is a good point there. There are many things CCP can do just from addional taxing or fees in maintaining it to easier war decs with higher cost.

    This after all is just a silly idea see what happens with it.

  • Thoughts on Expanding Coalition in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Over the years Eve has changed on many levels. The biggest thing seen that has remained a constant is coalition groups. I was thinking a new skill something called Conglomeration that allows so many alliance groups in. this could also incorporate what was mentioned in another thread to put ship browser fitting for alliance and it could also include a conglomerate level for ship fittings.

    Just an idea to make the DEVs consider more sillyness.

  • [Rubicon 1.3] Drone Assist change in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Been reading thought his and considering the change they plan. After visiting Soul Crushing Lag a few times due to all the activity in system I can see the mad reasoning why CCP is doing a cap on drone assist. I like this idea very much.

    Yes it will change Strategy of the slow cats, how incursion runners run fleets, and so on. Everyone should be happy they are not making it skill based for the drone bunny. If it was Me I would have done said that for each class of drone till you got to 50 or 100.

    Hell I even thought that maybe CCP should put a drone assist bandwidth type thingy for ships.

    Overall I like what they are planning it changes strategy and work on fleets will operate. Good luck

  • Crazy Idea about TiDi + Lag in EVE Technology and Research Center

    after seeing what happened in HED-GP with the huge battle from North v South. Many pilots joining into the fight spent hours in warp tunnels, an hour for guns to cycle 1 to 3 times and warp off or die. i am no programmer but i do work in the IT field. Learn about some interesting things here an there.

    Something that CCP may consider is upping the system requirements by .2GHz giving that .2 to aid in server for reinforcing nodes.
    Otherwise I foresee another Server upgrade in the very near future.

    There are some nonprofit groups out there that people allow a small portion of their computers to be used to aid in their development.

    it is after all an idea. Some will howl over it others will not.