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    Seems like a arrogant girl who have a stiff neck. 5/10

  • Orca - Dev plz respond :)! in EVE Gameplay Center

    Do Little wrote:
    Starting from scratch with no implants, you can sit in an Orca in 3 weeks, an Exhumer takes 7 weeks training and a Rorqual 3 months. This does not seem to be an unreasonable progression. Why would we need something in the middle? Excavator drones cost 1 billion ISK each - which is more than an Orca - so your intermediate ship is going to be very expensive regardless of hull cost - might as well simply fly the Rorqual.

    Well, that's the problem, either cap ship should be harder to obtain or we need biggers goals...i'm for the first option :p

  • Orca - Dev plz respond :)! in EVE Gameplay Center

    Well, I don't agree on making the Orca a mining ship more than a fleet support ship but I think EVE need more mining ship on the road to the Rorqual. It was a POS module before, now it's useful, that's great... now we need to imagine a new ship which could be between the exhumers and the Rorqual.

    Other possibility, create dedicated ship to fleet support and some dedicated to mining even in cap size. There can be brawback in order to reduce the impact on the mineral prices ! :)

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    You look like a cop in a flashy Gallente city with brand new scanning eyes technologies and happy about that.


  • Question Duo minage in Forum français

    Althalus Stenory wrote:

    Rendement : Hulk > Mackinaw = Skiff
    Tank: Skiff > Mackinaw > Hulk
    Cargo: Mackinaw > Skiff > Hulk

    Après c'est selon ton choix et tes préférences :)

    J'ajouterais que c'est aussi suivant le lieu de vos opérations, si vous êtes dans la région The Forge, il y aura plus de chance de se faire ganker donc tu pourrais préférer tanker. A l'inverse si tu veux te baser dans un îlot de high sec au milieu de plein de low sec (Solitude ou autre), il est moins probable de se faire gank et tu pourra préférer le rendement.

  • Concernant les spawns de PNJ dans les sites d'exploration ! in Forum français

    De manière générale pour les sites relics et data, à part en WH, seuls les ghost site et les Sleepers caches auront des dangers. Que ce soit par des npc directement ou par des echecs de hack, nuages de gaz, mauvaise manip' des items :)

  • Le fameux channel Aide et les kills reports in Forum français

    Ca y est Spipe, moi aussi j'en ai pris un. Et je n'ai pas non plus eu de réponses à mon tickets/mes questions.

  • [PC] Caldari Battleship Wreck in EVE Marketplace

    I just recieved an item from CCP, I think it may be a unique one but I'm not sure. It's a wreck, a caldari battleship wreck and I wonder how much ISK does this thing could cost.

    So if anyone has an idea about the price, just tell me !

    PS: This Minmatar rare blueprint is not available for reverse engineering.

  • [WTB] Wyvern Basic Pilot in EVE Marketplace

    Want to buy a basic wyvern pilot.

    Jump calibration 4 Minimum.

    Please make offers.