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  • Don't try this at home! in EVE Communication Center

    The very fact that you felt obligated to post this seems to indicate your anti-rmt operations are not working as well as you'd like.

    Or are people finally realizing that CCP is full of grandiose dreams and empty promises and have stopped buying plex at a sustainable level....What?

  • A dangerous new direction for CCP in EVE Communication Center

    Markus45 wrote:
    What is the intention - motivation even - in making this post?

    Tom is a professional troll, you need more motivation?

  • WiS pledge fundrising in EVE Communication Center

    raven666wings wrote:
    Ramona McCandless wrote:

    Buying a Capital Ship and a toon to fly it without knowing what you are doing is like buying an aircraft in real life and saying you are win even thoguh you cant eve take off because youve never flown in your life.

    Further, I fail to see how you equate owning a ship you can barely use thats lock-docked in Null and unable to launch because it will get trailed to "winning".

    How do you figure that one, sportsfan?

    The ability (or lack of there of) of certain players to play the game is not related to the advantage offered to them within the game's business model.

    Clueless much?

    Two equally skilled players, one doesn't buy plex, the other does. You're saying the person buying plex does not gain an advantage? Shocked

    Perhaps you should stop playing this game and go back to school....

  • Survey for Science & Industry - Your opinion matters! in EVE Communication Center

    Only 5 years too late......

  • Petition for an Off Button for the new Tool Tips. in EVE Communication Center

    CCP are idiots, choices just aren't possible......

  • Like podside? fundraisers and isk? READ THIS! in EVE Communication Center

    When did GD become solicitation central?

  • Encounter Surveillance System - Fix the anomaly... in EVE Communication Center

    Saisin wrote:
    I really liked the concept of the encounter surveillance system when it was added to the game, as it was designed to encourage more PvP interactions and fun raiding action, but because of some unforeseen uses (and the test of the players' minds) it kind of fell short of providing the extra interactions intended in most cases.

    I believe a possible fix would be that an encounter surveillance system should be considered as an hostile object if installed inside an anomaly, and should be attacked and destroyed quickly by the red NPCs there, much like they destroy left behind drones.

    The trick to hide it in an anomaly is a nice trick found by players, but it defeats the purpose of having players having to defend it. Kuddos to the players that have found this oversight, but it needs to be fixed so that it retains its original purpose and truly generates interactions.

    Wah? Fly a ship that can handle it? Bring friends?

  • Repairing security status is tons of fun in EVE Communication Center

    Audrey UntzUntz wrote:
    Taken my first dive into piracy this month and finally have fallen below -5.0. I am now sitting AFK in a belt with drones deployed. I could have sworn I got into this piracy thing specifically to get away from mind-numbingly boring grinding. Of course, I should have known better!

    EVE, you are nothing but one giant grind with a blanket of pretty lights and spreadsheets layed on top.

    Grrrr someone.

    Simple problem, simple solution.

    Literally most of EvE has figured out this solution, have you?

  • What is the point of eve? in EVE Communication Center

    This is EvE.

    "To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women."

  • How long will be Collector's Edition for sale? in EVE Communication Center

    Until all the suckers have been found? Lol

  • Mystery code from the CE box.. Are we actually getting anything? in EVE Communication Center

    They didn't sucker enough people in to be worth coding anything for it.....Lol

  • Fanfest has come and gone, no vet stations as of yet :( in EVE Communication Center

    Kaidu Kahn wrote:
    CCP had promised to have vet stations in place before fanfest this year. Then I believe they said it would be delayed for a while. Fanfest has come and gone and no announcement about an ETA or any additional news for them.

    Is this something we can look forward to in the Kronos release this summer? Or is it due about the same time we will get the key to unlock our captain's quarters.

    Seriously, if that's your biggest concern about this game, you really should leave the station.....

  • Summary of Concerns (Let's consolidate) in EVE Communication Center

    Did he really say two MAJOR Releases a year? Shocked

  • so anything will be distroyable? in EVE Communication Center

    Solecist Project's Alt wrote:
    Prt Scr wrote:
    Eve Keynote states that everything will become distroyable so does this mean that Burn Jita 4 will actualy be Burn Jita 4/4
    Destroyable. actually.

    And again... you fail at Like whoring.

    How many alts is this?


  • Seriously CCP, Thank You in EVE Communication Center

    It's a troll post if you actually believe what you said....

  • Burn Jita Pics in EVE Communication Center

    Is Eve-kill broken? I see lots of gank cats dying, but nothing else....

    Or is Burn Jita as big a success as the last couple expansions?

  • How do you think CCP is approaching the next expansion? in EVE Communication Center

    Kellin Bauer wrote:
    How do you think CCP is approaching the next expansion? Given the death of one project the lukewarm reception of another and a resurgence in space combat sims competing with whatever Valkyrie will amount to. You think in an effort to entice new players and flesh out the world they might actually move away from methodically tuning the "core game" in favor of something more appealing to a general audience of gamers? Maybe announce some interesting integration with Valkyrie to set it apart from the competition?

    Considering CCP hasn't put out and "Expansion" in 3 years, I seriously doubt they remember how to put one out at all...What?

  • Traitors to EVE in EVE Communication Center


    Does the ISD even know what a troll is?

  • Don't forget to buy your Burn Jita whitelist pass! in EVE Marketplace

    *Snip* Please refrain from discussions in a WTS/WTB thread. ISD Ezwal.

  • Burn Jita haz a date!! in EVE Communication Center

    Andski wrote:
    March rabbit wrote:
    Do you remember thread "Let me to Jita"? When it was last time you have seen one? I haven't seen Jita closed for like 2-3 months already.
    Another sign: forums. GD is almost dead lately. Warfare&Tactics has like 1-2 active threads.... Other forums not much different...

    Some say this is normal and people just went to vacations. It can be. But overall activity is very low currently.

    Because you and so many other players don't understand that this game's activity is cyclical and has always been highest after content releases, and that the current PCU record was set just a year ago and, surprise surprise, shortly after Burn Jita 2

    Spinning the honey are we?
    Does even the lowliest drone believe this propaganda?

    Online numbers are approaching the terrible down spike in 2011, When CCP decided to admit they didn't give a crap about their subscribers....
    But you just keep spinning it son, I'm sure you'll enjoy the peace and quiet. Big smile

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