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  • [Recording] Wormhole Townhall With CSM Two Step in EVE Gameplay Center

    As someone who has lived in wormholes from the very beginning I think it would be an enormous error to weaken posses in the lower class wormholes. Firstly this is not a problem screaming for a solution. Who finds it difficult to evict or attack posses in the lower category wormholes? Why would anyone want to weaken the situation for dwellers in, say, a class 2 or 3 which is likely to have easier access to high or lowsec? Pos takedowns can usually be finished with bombers when the guns and ewar are taken out. I would suggest the mechanics are totally different in the larger wormholes where cap access is possible through the wormhole statics. Changing the pos dynamics for cat 2 and 3 wormholes would damage the finely balanced pvp dynamics existing across wormholes.

    What worries me about the wormhole pos discussion is the focus on change driven by people who don't spend a lot of time in wormholes. I love living in wormholes. Its the only reason I play the game. I don't want local. I don't want cap ships jumping into lower cat worholes. I dont want to have to scan for posses when I can find them easily without dropping probes at the moment. Many, many wormhole dwellers have found a new lease of life through wormhole pvp and I consider it the highest form of eve pvp currently available. It ain't broke. Please don't try to 'fix' it.

  • Post if you are unsubing over the new inventory, as thats the only way CCP listens in EVE Communication Center

    Which genius decided it was time to remove the corp hangar/ market deliveries buttons in station? Can this be an attempt to force people to use the new interface? So if you set out to annoy people unnecessarily you have achieved your aims. I am not suspending my accounts because I've seen this kind of thing before and I predict ccp will have to backtrack on this very quickly. But can we at least suggest a user panel for practical issues instead of/ alongside the csm talking shop? Such interface disasters wouldn't happen if you tested them with people who actually play the game.

  • Ended in EVE Marketplace

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