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  • Renters militia - LOL in EVE Gameplay Center

    Bl1SkR1N wrote:
    Well it sounds like this topic is realy "popular" :D Maybe im in wrong part of forums

    You are. CAOD is that way -->

  • working as intended? or bug? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Yes, drones are broken in a lot of ways. They will almost always ignore aggressive settings, they will not stay on target... off the top of my head.

  • CPP should do something for GalMil achievement in EVE Gameplay Center

    ALUCARD 1208 wrote:
    Super Chair wrote:
    /thread, now can we bicker about cats vs puppies?


    X Gallentius wrote:
    Super Chair wrote:
    /thread, now can we bicker about cats vs puppies?

    Blasphemy. And people wonder why Quantum Cats Syndicate left Gal Mil!


  • How do you choose which FW faction to join? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Bklyn 1 wrote:
    For a relatively low skilled alt (not this character) looking primarily for fun and good fights. What are the factors to look at? Does it even matter which is chosen? What sets the factions apart?

    Find the faction with the least players and join it. Also the one with the least systems is usually going to be more fun as well.

  • Low Sec FW Meetings in EVE Gameplay Center

    X Gallentius wrote:
    Back on topic: Militia level contracts will solve every problem with FW! (ok, not every problem, but most of them for me personally :) )

    You have violated rule #1 when evaluating a FW related change: "What would the PERVS do to exploit this mechanic".

    They would put alts in the militia and scoop up contracts.

    The best solution IMO is something more generic: Standings limited contracts, much like how fleets work. Contracts could be made to

    standings level

  • Caldari wiped out of FW? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Deen Wispa wrote:
    I've heard talks over the year about certain FCs or leaders wanting to switch over to Caldari for the sake of GFs and reclaiming that exhilaration of the game and of fighting outnumbered. But everyone talks themself out of it because

    A) They know it's more work than they want to put into it.
    B) And that one person's contributions will have no impact on CalMil.
    C) They're likely to get primaried right off the bat in any fight for being a turncoat

    Just thought I'd add in:

    D) It's almost impossible to switch a corp over to Caldari and we don't want to lose our awesome BC ranking by switching to another corp.

  • Caldari wiped out of FW? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Crosi Wesdo wrote:

    TL;DR, basically, join QCATS, play LOL, stop posting.

    It's Robocraft now!

    Crosi Wesdo wrote:

    It really is amazing how all the people who dont play eve any more seem to want input as though their opinion matters in the slightest.

    Some of us stopped playing for a reason, still follow the game from a distance and still know enough about the game to be able to form coherent opinions about what could make the game better.

    Not defending anyone in particular, but making the point that someone who doesn't play much can still have valid input.

  • Boosters, something I dont get in EVE Gameplay Center

    It's a chance thing.

  • All join gal mil? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Kimmy Blossom wrote:
    So as I said above, the reward are way too good for how little it takes. No one wants to join the losing side and these said players are only here for the ISK. They need to change the mentality from "join FW to afk farm billions" to "join FW for PVP regardless of the rewards". It can only be done by nerfing the rewards to the ground or giving lot of LPs for killing a FW target.

    I agree with most of your post, except for the "no one wants to join the losing side" part. If the system allowed us to, I would have probably moved QCATS over to the Caldari militia sometime after Gallente captured every single system. Being on the losing side in FW is the most fun this game has to offer IMO (up there with wardeccing brave newbies when they lived in lowsec).

    Having said that, I'm proud of what Gal mil has accomplished over the years (this isn't a pat on my back, the latter 3 years hasn't really involved me). We've held against a numerically superior force for many, many years and kept trucking even when things looked bleak.

    Just thought I'd toss in some congrats before my sub runs out in this game in a few months and I probably quit for good.

    PS: Robocraft is an amazing game for any eve bittervets like myself who really enjoyed the EFT/pvp side of this game. If only I could combine something as customizable as robocraft in a sandbox MMO like eve it'd be awesome. (Oh, and I'd ******* give plexs timer rollbacks so that fighting is actually more efficient for sov than running, but I'll resist filling this post with CCP raging).

    o/ Gallente

  • Ecm in EVE Gameplay Center

    Verlyn wrote:
    If you use it.

    You're a disgrace to pvp.

    You're a disgrace to gaming in general.

    And you should be ashamed of yourself.

    That is all.


  • Urpiken Constellation Renamed in EVE Gameplay Center

    Thanatos Marathon wrote:
    For the first time since I started playing the Gallente are no longer outnumbered by the Caldari:


    This may be the first time ever.

  • Am I a serviceable PvP'er? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Having a quick browse through your killboard, you suck, but not in a "don't know your ass from your hand" way, but from "You're a noob and making some noob mistakes".

    This is a realization I came to when I was a new player: If you are new, you can't go for tank and gank fits: other people with more SP will just destroy you. You need to be crafty, and that generally means using some kind of ewar, or making a ship that has a specific strength (like a dual web scram kiting rail ship for example).

    For example, back when the rifter was king of the frigates, I would put a tracking disruptor on it instead of a web. And I would either orbit tight with tracking speed, or kite with barrage and tracking range disruption depending on what I was fighting. And know when to apply heat!

    As a noob (and this still works as a vet with lots of SP) you need to design your solo pvp ships with a special, hidden advantage. A triple neuting tristan (and then fight things that need cap to fire). A scram kiter (something with railguns, and then pick fights with blaster ships). Armor tanked hookbills are especially mean at this with 5 midslots to grab scram, AB, 2x web and a td and you can scram kite like a boss.

    Basically - don't fit for good dps numbers and good tank numbers: Rather, fit for something that can exploit a weakness in a specific type of opponent, and then go try and fight that type of opponent (Looking up the opponent on battleclinic before fighting them to try and get an idea of what they might be fit like is a good tactic as well).

  • Role for Blackbird/Scorpion in small scale PvP in EVE Gameplay Center

    The role is the fun killer.

    /ecm should die


  • WTB Capital Components and Ship BPOs in EVE Marketplace

    Interested in anything here?


  • WTB - Cap Componets BPO in EVE Marketplace

    Interested in anything here?


  • Frustrated new pvp player looking for advice in EVE Gameplay Center

    Disclaimer: Almost falling asleep at keyboard, waiting for some stats to come in at work, thought I'd lend a primer.

    Lots of people are telling you to "go learn" but I thought I'd give a few real rough tips here for pvp for a noob.

    - Guns can only turn so fast, so if you orbit (or move tangentially to) someone they will have issues hitting you. The closer you are to them while you are moving, the greater the tangential velocity. Also, the smaller you are the more this "moving tangentially disrupts ability for guns to hit you" affect is applied.

    - Missiles do damage based on your signature radius and speed. Smaller sig, higher speed, less damage. Bewar of modules that increase your sig (like mwd's). Of course you can outrun missiles somewhat too.

    - warp scrams (as opposed to warp disruptors) turn off MWD's, but not afterburners.

    This should give you an idea why a small ship (like a comet) can be hard to hit in a rupture. Especially if the rupture had artillery fit (guns have different stats, tracking speed gives you an idea how fast a gun can traverse).

    This is by no means the be all and end all of pvp, in fact it barely scratches the surface, but hopefully it gives you an idea of why you lost so hard previously. And knowing why you lost is the key to future victories.

  • Burn Huola in EVE Gameplay Center

    Princess Nexxala wrote:
    Twisted, soon it will be cockbagdropoclock

    SmokinJs Arthie wrote:

    I still think Gal Mil needs a titan so we can hotdrop derptrons.

    "cockdropoclock" (TM)

  • Tired of Pointless Wars... in EVE Gameplay Center

    Just leave your corp, join an NPC corp and make a chat channel for your corp mates for the duration of the war. Rejoin when war is over.

    Never pay a ransom - it will just flag you as someone who will pay and you'll be decced again in short order.

  • Are Links Too Much? in EVE Gameplay Center

    IbanezLaney wrote:
    Val'Dore wrote:

    I actually hate killboards, I've said more than once that killmails only serve to kill off 'gudfights'.

    I have heard people say this and seen it posted on the forums numerous times.

    But not once has anyone but forward a valid reason as to why/how killboards effect fights.

    Killboards cause me to hide from my corpmates so I get more BC points.

    So they affect fights by reducing blobbing. Not that I consider this a bad thing.

  • Real War Gains/Consequences and Rebalance in EVE Gameplay Center

    Catherine Laartii wrote:
    there are no permanent consequences to winning or losing the war; it's an endless cycle whose only point is profit and destruction (and fun). What I would propose to fix this would be a promise from CCP for several things to occur once one side has achieved complete warzone domination:

    So you want to fix the permanent, endless profit and fun?