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  • March release - General feedback in EVE Information Center

    Bemo wrote:
    *New annoying UI addition - CHECK
    *Forcing that **** new camera on us again - CHECK
    *New stupid annoying sound we cant turn off - CHECK

    *My patients with CCP as a whole running thin - CHECK

    Been a customer since early 2007. Its getting to the point of me saying screw it. You have SISI. A test server. You have a feedback thread and people post things and feedback yet you dont care to read or listen. Grow up CCP and LISTEN to feedback ffs.

    QFT - 2008 player here and have been paying multiple account from then till now. I've been patient, adapted to so much.... Had to refit my ships so many times, there still so many I just haven't touched cause I'd rather play than waste time reworking it yet again. I'm also coming to that point of saying "Screw it" and go spend my money else where. The main issue I have with CCP is the fact that they STILL don't listen, don't think, and it shows that they just really and truly don't care.

    Maybe if we ALL uncheck the Auto resub box in our accounts that feedback may actually wake people up there in Iceland. Dust514 was a failure and going offline.... Not like I cared but it shows how detatched CCP is from understanding what's important in a game and how to maintain it properly.

  • March release - General feedback in EVE Information Center

    Xerxes Fehrnah wrote:
    Please post a scope video showing some pirate faction ships attacking something and play that gong noise 3 times a second throughout the video. Then have some drifters come in and loot the corpses. Each corpse should go


    when looted with a giant blinky red circle.

    Also add the gong to every station undock and dock around Amarr and Jita. Each time a ship disappears or appears... GONG!!! Also the gong should play at your desks every time you stand up, shift in your chair, and oh yes, with each keypress for every line of code you write.


    Not sure that would still get the point across.... Them skull are pretty thick. Must be the cold.

  • March release - General feedback in EVE Information Center

    Just want to take a moment to explain to you CCP, how much you suck for the CPU increases! All those tight fit ship, especially frigates just got the major screw over. It's another big kick in the ass for us long timers who have tons of ships that now need to be refitted. You really do hate your clients sometimes don't you? And you wonder why numbers shrink. It's because of stupid Crap like this that is just irritating. Renaming of mods that jack EFT fits.

    Oh yeah, and the Buddy List now? Good grief, Do you guys even understand your own game and how people do stuff? What idiot thought of that idea!? so much for Hard Core Eve. Just another step in the wrong direction. And just more reasons to just finally walk.

  • We want your corp little things! in EVE Technology and Research Center

    An actual Filter system for Mail, by date recieved. A Filter system for Wars! Toggle for Date started, Date ended. Would be excellent if there was an Overall War History Filter : By Corp, By Alliance, so we can click on that Alliance/Corp and just see our Wars with said Alliance/Corp... Would also be nice to have Overall stats for all the Wars combined.

    Would be great to be able to Multi-select all/certain active War entities of said Corp/Alliance to either Export as a Contacts List, then Import Contact list to assign standings. Or, simply allow multi select war entities to assign as contact or standings. Please add many more Color tags for Standings... 5 is too limited.

    CEO and Director Roles are good, but, as those before said, would be nice if there were Position Roles with allowances that made sense for said Role. Pre-set allowances for that role, with the ability for CEO or Director to modify that role as needed. This would allow newer corps to get an idea behind it, yet allow flexibility for vets to more define it.

    Thank you!

  • Dev Blog: Exploring The Character Bazaar & Skill Trading in EVE Information Center



    And just incase you weren't listening, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

    Time for someone's Final Notice to be found at their desk just for entertaining this idea!

    It's truly that seriously bad. Cause now, if this were to go through, those same dudes that are Eve rich and have 50 alt accounts WILL UNDOUBTEDLY Skill up all their ALTs and have 50 (Insert Titan name here) on the field.

    So just to sum it up, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

  • The new map looks very cool, but... in EVE Communication Center

    Rook Mallard wrote:
    OMG! the new map sucks when you are scanning!

    - Inertia is killing me. The old map was crisp when zooming/panning. Not sure what's the gain with this...maybe it look cool. But then again, it makes using the map a PITA.
    - The cursor seems to always be a circle. I am not sure which part of it use to actually point to something.
    - The probes show always as an icon cluttering the display even when I am handling them all together as one.
    - There is no "you are here" label or pointer like in the old one. Good luck finding yourself in it. ... Oh Wait! The cross-hairs is your ship! Make it more obvious!! Change color/icon. The cross-hair is too similar to probes/planets/gates.
    - There's multiple display issues. You launch probes, the cube with the arrows shows up, but no bubbles for the probes so no indication of the range/size of them. No way to change the range/size from the map.
    - When the bubbles do show up resizing them is not as easy as before. It's hard to grab the edge to resize them.
    - You probe a sig, the "dot" is not displayed.
    - Sometimes the cube shows up in the middle of the system while the actual bubbles show up somewhere else.
    - Why is there no sun in WH space???
    - Lines connecting gates maybe cool (again) but they could be a lot more subtle. They really confuse and clutter things.
    - Open the map (I'm in a WH). Hit the "focus current location" control, everything disapears.

    I've worked in software for many years and I can tell when something has not even been used by the developer. C'mon CCP you can do better.

    Unfortunately this thing will stay off for now. Cry

    Yeah, as above... It looks cool, but functions poorly. I had to flat turn it off because It was slowing me down waay too much.

    It does look cool, but obviously was not Quality Checked/controled.

    Since this thing utilizes it's own window, If you guys actually got this to be smooth like the regular map, put better functionality on it, maybe added the Prob and Dscan Buttons and commands on it, AND allowed this window to be pulled outside the Client window (Like a CAD Program does) then it woild be awesome... Being able to drag it off the game screen entirely to say another monitor would be HUGE! Make all that happen and you have a winner! Cool

  • Dev blog: Back Into the Structure in EVE Information Center

    Absolutely Amazing! THIS needs to happen! Surprised you guys didn't propose a "Fleet" platform to act as defensive way points for fleets.

    Overall, looks awesome! Love to concept, can't wait to hear more details as they are developed!


  • New Trailer & A Second Call To Arms – This is EVE! in EVE Communication Center

    Yeah, this by far was the Best PR Trailer for Eve Online. I really wish I didn't miss the submission period. I will be looking to send in some Content.

    Good Job CCP, props to everyone on this! Cool

  • Update regarding Multiboxing and input automation in EVE Communication Center

    Brenner Freeman wrote:
    Hulky Boy wrote:
    It took me 2 weeks to learn how to use is-Boxer well, people like to have a cry because they don't have the initiative to learn how to use it them selves, why should some be punishing for pushing their limits in eve. If i wanted to play on one toon the X series is a much better game. Also CCP you just lost more subscriptions than you realise and once again added to the already rapid rise in the price of plex. I will soon ill be lucky to log on in the Australian time zone now and find more than 1000 people in tranquility. In all it was a fair playing field because every body could do it but only the brave and resourceful dared try.

    cool story bro

    QFT Signed

    I like how those cheating (ruining the game) get slapped in the face finally, and they try to equivocate their use of it.

  • Update regarding Multiboxing and input automation in EVE Communication Center

    I don't like swearing, but about F'ing time CCP! You just saved your game from ISO Boxer only gameplay.

    Thank you!

    So no more "Incursion Runner #1-20"
    Or "Ima ganker #1-50"
    Or "LOL EULA Miner#1-99"

    That's just pure awesome!

  • Work in progress: Ships being changed to PBR - wait with bug reports! in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Really liking a Lot of the new goodies! You guys are doing a great job keeping Eve on the cutting edge, with what you got.

    That said, My one Beef with you is that you are taking away my Color schemes with the new UI! What you have there, I like a couple, but it doesn't allow me to personalize it THE WAY I WANT, for each of my different characters! PLEASE, ALLOW a CUSTOM Color scheme! I love the new look, but give me my colors so I can quickly identify per color my characters that I have had them set to for years!

    The color schemes are well, not crimson enough, or dark enough for my tastes. sure have your presets, but let us also have our Custom sets too!!! X

  • Keyboard Flight Controls in EVE Technology and Research Center

    So yeah, none of the movement keys work after re-mapping and clearing out the defaults. BTW, that in itself, removing the defaults alone would make this transition suck. Arrow keys would make more sense... but, it's just not working for me. Some of my clients won't even show the ship.

    Tried clearing the Cache, and relogging on. No help.

    Reading the other posts, it's obvious that this option, which I think having this option is good, definitely needs more polish and testing BEFORE you just throw it out on TQ.

  • Dev blog: Quick, give me manual control! in EVE Information Center

    Woah, Manual flight will become a "thing?"

    Options are always good to have, as long as it doesn't jack up the normal playing experience.


  • Dev blog: U and I - Together we continue our little improvements in EVE Information Center

    Awesome, you guys listened about the Overview Filter being Jacked. Thank you!

    Cool on the D-scan selector.

    Yeah, that all looks good!

    Keep ip that kind of good work!

  • [Phoebe] Long Distance Travel Changes - updates! in EVE Technology and Research Center

    We're going to bump the max range of black ops ships up slightly to 8LY, and likewise give them a ~50% fatigue bonus.

    When is this going to be Live on SiSi? Check a couple days ago and the Jump Range was Worse not better. Fatigue was very quickly accumilative... Not sure on that effect being accurate though.

  • Dev blog: Rebalancing EVE, One Module At A Time in EVE Information Center

    SOB! I just fixed most of my ship fits on EFT, and reupdage the fitting manager from all the stupid name changes of mods and the ship rebalances... Now that's useless until you guys are all done redoing everything again! It's a frakin job just to keep updated ship fits with you guys when I have hundreds of ships everywhere. Bitter sweet CCP... Bitter sweet

  • [Oceanus] Interceptor Updates in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Shizoku Tian wrote:
    As someone who catches interceptor on a daily base i think the ships and there bonuses are not that much of a problem, of course a buff for the less used ones is good.

    The real problem in my opinion is that its impossible to catch interceptors when they do fleetwarps and are fitted for max agility.
    You can and will get them alone, but because of serverlag its impossible to catch them if they fleetwarp....CCP should not nerf maleditions. I like how they kill all the AFK-Ratters =P (and get all the loot when we catch them ;) )

    Don't confuse catching dumb pilots, with being able to catch instawarp interceptors. Even with 4000+ scan res, you can't catch a decent interceptor pilot on gate that just wants to blow through your camp. I've rolled through a number of camps in Null with an interceptor SOLO, with ZERO worry. I'm well into warp before cloak even begins to dissipate... Laughing all the way with my loot. CCP might as well name all interceptors "The Gingerbread Man."

  • [Oceanus] Interceptor Updates in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Falah Louvre wrote:
    Hey Fozzie,

    Heres a thought, how about you remove the immunity to interdiction bubbles from interceptors because it makes them nearly impossible to catch? Honestly, who thought that was a good idea? It's not like interceptors had a hard time burning out of bubbles before you added that. These changes are meaningless until you fix that mess.

    Verifying the Obvious. Not to mention that due to insane agility/align time, Interceptors enter Warp before the gate cloak comes off completely, giving Zero chance to lock them. But no, that can't possibly be OP. Leave the instawarps to Pods and ultra fast align->warp to shuttles. Give the Bubble Immunity to Interdictors, cause well, that should have been an obvious choice perk for that ship class verse the interceptor. Shocked

  • [Oceanus] Interceptor Updates in EVE Technology and Research Center

    You peeps at CCP seemed to have ignored the Giant Elephant in the Room! Is this really ALL that you're doing? Afterall you guys "Claim" to read the forums and "pay attention" to your clients, erm I mean player base... Right?

  • Oceanus inty/dictor rebal in EVE Technology and Research Center

    +1 I like your analysis of the ships and agree with the bubble immunity swap to Dictors... It lends to their Role perfectly.

    One of the other main problems I have with Interceptors (even T1 Frigs) is their insane Align time. You know it's broken when another Interceptor with a 4000+ scan Res can't even begin to start a locking cycle on an inty coming through a gate. FFS, CCP needs to adjust all ships Align time Increased. Leave the Instawarp to Pods... Make Shuttles the next fastest at say 4 seconds align, then Interceptors at around 6. Then so on and so forth. Of course tweak the numbers properly but it should be entirely possible for another interceptor with an insanely high scan res to catch another interceptor... Pure and simple.

    The other part of the problem is that you can't start locking someone until their cloak is dissolved, but for them, they can align and warp before that affect is gone, especially when fit right, so there's more to why they are unlockable.

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