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  • 2 gaps, eve free forever fills one in EVE Communication Center

    Personally i am excited at the introduction of the clones. At work i asked some younger guys who also game alot, i was excited and hoped they would finally start playing eve. Their answer was however they flet they where years behind too other players who fly way cooler stuff, a gap they would never close. For them, since they have a job it was not money. Grnated thye might get hooked like i did by the free account, but they where not gonna try. ( i might force them or threatehn to fire them lol)

    It seems to me there are 2 major distractions. One being the money, and the other the skilgap. This curent one is the easiest the fill, the least controversial, and gets mostly positive feedback. I am aplauding on the sideline hard. I hope its enough, and not to little to late. I dream of floods and hordes off new players breaking down all current structures and alliegiances.

    For example So what if you woudl take the concept further. Your omega clone straight away unlocks and fills too the minimum required level all racial skills for that toon of one race. This happens when you transfer your clone from alpha too omega. IN theory you could quickly fly a bs, or titan. You woudl lack support skills and higer levels , except the onces Needed, and weapons systems woudl still require time, as so crosstraining. You could consider stopping this at the capital level. Occasional adding titans and supers for marketing purpose, this month only, update your alpha and get titan skill unlocked.

    Ofc Current players would complain as they invested time, money and injectors to achieve the same. So they get thier sp and books isk back the new guy gets for free in their race, not crosstrained. They can apply them too other fields of expertiece, and through this also benefiting form this second big change too push eve into another decade and keep it there. I am sure a curretn titan player doesnt mind getting his titan book isk back.

    It has a additional spin off that players would see the benefit of mutiple accounts, as you could limit this feature too one toon per account. Or you open a second toon with the feature with a plex on same account, like training now on second toon.

    It would close the gap that would keep people away from quitting the alpha state, cause they would be years form flying with the big boys on thier opinion. The current player gets rewarded for his investments by alot of free sp, making it possible for him to unlock alot of ships, weapons and so on.

    Align both up, first alpha, then racial unlocked and filled omega's and i think the chance i can play in 10 years woudl incrrade, and the guys at my work woudl fly with me. Current players coudl easier get their frends in, at the same level, not as meat shield.

    Its a rought idea outline, a opinion of a further push, and with the return for current players it might be a midway to not **** people off and yet give new players a real chance, not a half ass one. Its a fact the sp gap also deters people from pikking up eve.
    And lets be honest, eve is so not about skills, i am sure any good corp or allaince can dunka new player in a titan. Its about experience, resiliance, organisation, building your network, and not giving a **** about your loss. So lets opne it up. There would be alot to train to make a difference, but give them a shot atleast.

  • Dev Blog: Bidding Farewell to the In-game Browser in EVE Information Center

    Bit confused, we use external sites with fleet doctrines, u can open the page igb, and click the fit. It will open ingame your fitting window. Whihs is amazing to then buy all, fit all. Seconds later you are flying. Which is what you like.

    As fc that feature lowered dramatically my fleet up times, and questions i got. There is no allaince fitting section. And this worked around that. Now 60 corps will need too work with mailing fits, saving, and any coorelation between them, to form a dctrine, is gone as well.

    Its possible i miss a feature, but a igb version that opens your ingame fitting with a saved fit, is now replaced by ?

  • [Citadels] Changing NPC taxes in EVE Technology and Research Center

    what does this mean for player owned stations

  • [Citadels] Changing NPC taxes in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I might have missed the answer and asked several times

    Where does this put current player owned stations. Will they get same tax changes and how will it affect the services offered. My fear is ccp will change the fees, else player owned structures will be able to compete with citadels. Or ccp plans to tranfrom them into citadels which is unacceptable. I would like a clear answer too that specific subject

  • [Citadels] Changing NPC taxes in EVE Technology and Research Center

    i was goign to build them, but i wont be forced nor liek to be pushed by nerfing. i am gona refrain from building them. i ll take the punch of 8,5 market fee versus a PL or goon bully ransom on my citadel and potential 10 % loss with 5 day inpound or so.

    refund me my player build station as u changed it aftehr i paid for it.

    plz come u pwith positive ways to promote something new, players dont respond well to push and punishment to try a new citadel. Else you can exspect the same in return. Big blocks will make a NIP or NAP on their XL hub, smaller ones will get bullied.

    and its not finsihed with contracting not in place.

  • [Citadels] Changing NPC taxes in EVE Technology and Research Center

    citadels should not be pushed by nerfing npc stations.

    the current proposal is a overall price rise and risk increase for null in total. a market tax of total 8,5 % !!!!!!! is a huge blow. so you pay basically a security tax since a NPC doesnt get blown up, versus a citadel with a 10 % loot drop fine to retreive ALL your items.

    Hitting someone with a stick is never wise. U force peopel now to use a citadel. Null sec hubs are stocked by players with high isk volume invested and work, i own 4 toons doign 1200 lines, updating it, stockign ,and keepign up is already hard work, volume isk varies 300-500 bill.

    8,5 % combined market for npc is huge, so **** stocking null in NPC. however noone in his right mind will put 300 bill market in a citadel, with a 30 bill risk too lose, and only marginal profits, else the whole allaince starts to moan.

    This is a big blow to null market hubs, which drive content. U wantto logon and start to play, not go pick up ship fits alll over since noone bothers to stock a region properly in volumes that sustain a doctrine. contracts cant take over this part, both on work, volume and even so cause its not launched with citadels atm. its a big nerf bat which will lower content even more.

    I understand the need to psh people from NPC too player owned. However, most stations are not NPC but player dropped. Does ccp see a difference too npc and current player dropped outposts ? i deployed the egg, hatched the fuckignthing invested 40-60 billion isk, and now the market fees are driven up, in a station i build and own ??? plz ccp how u see that ? how does my current player build station also gets a punishment for what i invested too build it. ? please answer:

    think positive things,remove 90 days max expiration on markets in citadel (big work for bulk traders), remove all cost of cloning. let a owner decide if fee is good or isk. I liek the minerals over isk, minerals i can build with, isk means i have too jump **** in and buy it. he move too isk fees is a nerf also.

    looking ar myself i am going too stop stockign null sec regions for others. liquidize 500 bill, buy of other poor souls , and have **** all fleets cause noone ever has the right ships and volumes too have a doctrine going.

    Null doesnt have many blocks left, btw, PL and goons will use the tools we all use too watch at the list of stations with most isk in market. and ransom them or blow them up. U are creating the biggest disatisfier EVER in null. NOONE can defend themselvesfrom pl or goon superblob, which will ransom or destroy any hub in citadel that builds something up worth destroying.

    its the virtual end and reverse achievemtn of current breakign up of null into smaller parts with fun pvp without everyone butting in. you are now breaking null. through logitic nerfing indireclty.

    keep npc as is, give citadels unique benefits and features.and if u don, then refund me my station, cause its not what it is anymore when i bought it, by law you need too buy it back.

  • ♛♛ Bobmon for CSM 11 ♛♛ in Council of Stellar Management

    i met bob for several years now, young, passionate and a lot of enthousiasm for the game we love. He was gutted when he didnt get in last year, but STV can be a ***** ;), i did 1,3 term:) and the second one got too me too quick, so i made way for soemone else, ratehr then too occupy someoen s seat.

    i wish it could have been bob, he has the energy to drive EVE for us into the next decade, put him somewhere on your allot , you wont regret it, i know he will be high on mine, and hopefully alot of provi residents too.

  • 90day market mechanism & RSI, auto refresh 90 days with sell or buy in EVE Technology and Research Center

    TigerXtrm wrote:
    If we're going to make an auto reset button why bother having a time limit in the first place. Think for a second before you post this non-sense.

    True, 90 days serve a purpose also most likely so markets dont get to big, or have endless lines too scroll 2 off **** that never sells. For me resetting it with a sale woudl make sense cause it shows your stack is contributing still too eve, asits being used. 90 days of total inactivity, no buys or sales i woudl agree it ends

  • 90day market mechanism & RSI, auto refresh 90 days with sell or buy in EVE Technology and Research Center

    TheSmokingHertog wrote:
    As someone who updates 1200 orders this way, I completely agree there should be some mechanism to get this working, I would even be willing to pay a tax for keeping them in the market.

    The smoking indeed, if the option would cost like a extra percent or whatever i wouldnt cáre either. Its a royal pain in the butt, aftehr it i usually log off for a break instead of playing for real

    Ccp did u see the post is it a option to look into the 90 days, ? Other solutions we ll take as well ofc

  • 90day market mechanism & RSI, auto refresh 90 days with sell or buy in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Lucas Kell wrote:
    How about a "reset times" button at the top of the orders screen which only affects order in range of your skills. Unsubbed players would have trouble clicking it.

    It does become a pain. Orders you work with all the timer are fine, but when you are just seeding stuff somewhere it's a nightmare to babysit it all.

    yes ofc any mechanism that helps here, its just a royal pain in the ass atm, and mayeb easy to accomodate

  • 90day market mechanism & RSI, auto refresh 90 days with sell or buy in EVE Technology and Research Center

    i just finished updating 400 + orders, and my wrist hurts. i update them +0.01 not to be the highest bidder or lowest seller but so the stack stays on market. (and yes i know i can use the scroll button)

    to avoid rsi and pointless hours change it so:

    - If you have a sale/buy of your order (sell or buy) it auto updates too 90 days again. if issues then add a check box, where you can uncheck the refresh 90 days with sale/buy.

  • client wont update in EVE Communication Center

    Mona Kasenumi wrote:

    Download this file, rename from .zip to .patch (had to do it so eve-files accept the file).
    Open the launcher and import this patch (under configs > download).

    worked for me 2

  • Galatea - General feedback in EVE Information Center

    stuck at 0 procent, rebooted, ran from bin, exe, all not working, windows 7, hury have a region to defend from the horrible goons

    event=downloadpremadepatch;process=4060;started=1440506420.88;ended=1440506420.95;duration=0.0720000267029;patch=C:\Program Files (x86)\CCP\EVE\EVE_Online_955767-957210_win.patch
    event=downloadpremadepatch;process=2808;started=1440506703.04;ended=1440506760.2;duration=57.1649999619;patch=C:\Program Files (x86)\CCP\EVE\EVE_Online_955767-957210_win.patch
    event=downloadpremadepatch;process=6612;started=1440507767.36;ended=1440507767.45;duration=0.0940001010895;patch=C:\Program Files (x86)\CCP\EVE\EVE_Online_955767-957210_win.patch
    event=downloadpremadepatch;process=4568;started=1440507993.81;ended=1440507993.9;duration=0.0900001525879;patch=C:\Program Files (x86)\CCP\EVE\EVE_Online_955767-957210_win.patch

  • client wont update in EVE Communication Center

    same, rebooted, ran from bin, exe, all not workign remains at 0 %

  • Character names next to ships since patch in EVE Communication Center

    Awsome thnx for the quick fix!

  • Collective petition about fozziesov in Council of Stellar Management

    Like i mentioned in other places i agree that fozzie sov lacks the deeper motivation and drivers behind them, why own and hold sov, why defend it ratehr then evade the fight. Thr meaningless of activity makes it turn into fw, or arranged fights, which isnt why we play eve. Feels like a test server battle.

    Purpose too null, unique opertunities and perks for holding sov, buidable sov over time with niche oppertunities, make those first, combine that with fozzie, fix bugs, and then u revive null and the game we love

  • Update regarding Multiboxing and input automation in EVE Communication Center

    I saw first hand how they detect it, and who they banned and at that point that where zero wrong banns or dectections in it. It falls under nda but was pretty awsome too see. Also the sharp drop when dcp chnaged rules from people who adjusted their gamestyle wihtout the detection and punishement, its hardly random or debatable detection, its pure math

  • Update regarding Multiboxing and input automation in EVE Communication Center

    Fact that the post goes on supported by the same people shows that there where advantages from using it, why bother else. It made eve better, leveled the field of oppertunity, and showed ccp stepping up.

    Debatting how many bombers, 40, boeh u cant use 40, even if it was 2.

    The longer the debate the more i feel justified and support ccp in this. The post is mere word picking and threathening. It shows for ccp they didnt block it as being obsolete and historic

  • ☜[2014] Simply Wild. [.ICE.]☞ is NOW Recruiting PVP Pilots and Corps! in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    triplleboy wrote:
    Haha corebloodbrothers, nice bs story!
    Thanx for shitting on my thread!

    I didnt **** on your post, you did.

  • ☜[2014] Simply Wild. [.ICE.]☞ is NOW Recruiting PVP Pilots and Corps! in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    years ago i invited triple into my allaince which was called fail. he had issues with getting PLEX so we donated several times isk too him. When we had to evac from null he loaded up his carrier with contracts and gear of alot of people, jumped out and never gave it back.

    thats ofcourse eve at its best, funny however, years later i get this mail :

    hey bro
    From: triplleboy
    Sent: 2015.07.01 10:21
    To: corebloodbrothers,

    Hey +1 my thread on the forums would apreciated!



    well here you go.