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    Reactivate please.

  • SPZ-3 "Torch" Laser Sight Combat Ocular Enhancer in EVE Communication Center

    Happily paid several billion isk for mine, knowing full well that they'd be introduced more widely at some point in the future.

    Deal with it, poors. Cool

  • CSM notes on faucets & sinks in EVE Gameplay Center

    This coat > a monocle. Sorry.

  • Public service announcement from Darius III in Council of Stellar Management

    Red coats are lame. It's all about the Silvershore Greatcoat. Cool

  • The 100b bond - 2%, secured by Chribba with 120% collateral - Filled and completed in EVE Gameplay Center

    You know what I'm puzzled about is the use of PLEX as collateral for the bond, supposedly on behalf of someone else.

    The whole thing seems odd, but whatever.

  • ♥♥♥ Alliance Creation ♥♥♥ Trusted 190+ for Over 9 Years . Max Members in EVE Marketplace

    Smooth setup, another satisfied customer. Pleasure doing business.

  • What is wealthy is EVE? in EVE Gameplay Center

    So the thread has devolved into people squabbling over whether you can or cannot back up your claims to wealth already. That didn't take long Roll

  • Direct and inverse correlation and hedging vs old, classic ISK faucets in EVE Gameplay Center

    hey guys I stopped running missions so everyone else did too.

  • CA-1 and CA-2 implants in EVE Gameplay Center

    "Got Owned" seems more appropriate here.

  • What is wealthy is EVE? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Then the OP is asking the wrong question.

    Well, no. Not quite true.

    If his purpose in Eve, if his end that the wealth is a means to, is simply accumulating enough wealth to be considered "wealthy", then his question is apt.

  • What is wealthy is EVE? in EVE Gameplay Center


    I guess I'm doing okay?

    Rengerel en Distel wrote:
    I think being wealthy in eve is being able to do what you want, when you want, without worrying about what you're doing. In those terms, there are plenty of wealthy people in eve.

    This guy has the right answer, though. Wealth in eve is a means to an end, and if you can achieve that end, you're wealthy in the only way that matters.

  • You CANT Nerf HighSec! in EVE Communication Center


    You CAN nerf highsec. And I will honestly be surprised if they do not do something like this when (if, heh) the POS revamp comes around. It Makes Sense™

  • PI Taxes - Need for a mass petition in EVE Gameplay Center

    Krixtal Icefluxor wrote:
    Derath Ellecon wrote:

    If you want lower taxes go to low/0.0/WH.

    Only in rare cases. Would help if you actually did PI there and knew, so you could actually post truths.

    Seeing as our planets offer a considerably higher extraction yield than highsec planets do, our members are happy to pay a 15% tax that goes towards reimbursements and other such things. They make good money regardless.

    By the way, when were you quitting the game again?

    Styth spiting wrote:
    Bongo Twister wrote:

    I was only referencing the export cost of T3 materials. Keep in mind I have to pay export and import costs on four separate T1 materials to make those T3 mats. So the final total is more likely closer to 20%. Obviously I am alone in this opinion which is ok.

    I would counter that Empire miners can conduct business that is eqaully low risk at a tax rate of 5% or less.

    With the PI markets stabilizing, it is not as lucrative as it was at the beginning. I still beleive the rates are excessive compared to other Empire isk making routes (mining, PvE, etc)

    Thanks for all the replies

    If they dropped the tax by 5% the value of PI items would drop 5%. Lowering the costs will not increase the isk you make, the market price would simply change the reflect the decrease in taxes.

    Yeah, this. The only reason PI was "as lucrative as it was at the beginning" was because it was new. The fact that it's less profitable now is because it's not new, because you empire dwellers have squeezed it down, just like everything else. This would have happened regardless of the tax rate.

  • Looking for economy related questions you want to ask CSM candidates! in EVE Gameplay Center

    Vaerah Vahrokha wrote:
    - An EvE markets quasi real time data feed should be made available through something like the EvE API.

    - The in game corporations shares mechanic should be deeply revamped.

    - Contracts should allow an item exchange based on a future date, through an escrow mechanism.

    - Markets charts should have an option to enable candle stick bars or at least HLC bars.

    - Markets should provide more open ended, sandbox tools to let players create markets based emergent content.

    Strongly agree on all counts. These suggestions all fall into "useful", "harmless", or "potentially and hilariously exploitable." Twisted

    Note: This should not be taken as an announcement of a run for CSM8.

  • What in the HECK is going on with Mineral Prices in EVE Gameplay Center

    Nick BlueStar wrote:
    Maybe I'm insane, but what if they doubled the mineral cost of cruisers/frigs (and possibly BC/BS's next) in order to bring the prices of those items in line with today's inflation. I mean, the price of trit/pyer/mex has barely gone up in the past 5 years, while the amount of isk pouring into the game through bounties/mission rewards/bonuses has sky rocketed in the same time.

    I mean, now a days, everyone's a billionaire! But the price of trit is STILL below 10isk/unit? Something's gotta give at some point...

    And like others have said, as long as you have your finger in the market DURING the inflation, you're wallet will rise with the market.

    Or it's that inflation in the classical sense of "a bad thing that happens when there is an excess of money in the economy" doesn't actually matter with regards to any player-built commodity in Eve, as infinite (or pseudo-infinite) resources with what is in most cases an extremely low barrier to entry to gather and use them causes raw materials and things built with them to hew purely to supply and demand.

    I mean, look at that last devblog from recurve. Specifically, look at this: http://cdn1.eveonline.com/www/newssystem/media/63999/1/Indices_2012-10.png

    That consumer price index? It's Doc Eyjo's favorite indicator of "inflation". Notice how it takes a massive dip around late 2006. Y'know what happened in late 2006? Two things. Invention was implemented, which broke the back of the Tech II cartels and massively increased supply of Tech II ships and equipment in Eve, decreasing their cost. And, the drone regions were introduced, which as they became more populated, grew into enormous mineral fountains, massively dropping the price of Tech 1 (and by extension, Tech II) goods thanks to an overabundance of minerals. And then whoops, they removed all that mineral supply early in the year and the CPI went back up, although you can see how the primary price index spiked and then dropped anyway - spiking mineral prices (and thus Tech I prices) were offset by a considerable margin by the falling price of Technetium (which meant a significant drop in Tech II prices)

    PLEX are pretty much the sole exception to the "inflation doesn't matter" thing.

  • What in the HECK is going on with Mineral Prices in EVE Gameplay Center

    MailDeadDrop wrote:

    corestwo wrote:
    Even at the peak (approx. 1 titan and two supercarriers a day) the combined consumption of tritanium by all supercap production was less than half of what's used for battleships and battlecruisers.

    If you're trying to soft peddle the amount of minerals consumed by supercapitals, saying that they amount to less than half of what's used by the largest consumer of minerals (BC/BS) is underwhelming. I wish the economy folks at CCP would publish a pie chart showing mineral consumption distribution. Or several pie charts, one per period for the last several quarters.


    Half at the peak. My point was actually that it's far more reasonable to expect that super production dropped because of their nerfs than it is to expect that they went up as he claimed. Data bears this out - when supercarriers were no longer "solo pwnmobiles", people stopped building them. The same assumption is fair for titans.

  • Anybody know whats going on with isogen? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Esan Vartesa wrote:
    I, too, can make undated predictions and then wait until it comes true at some point in the future so that I can whip out an "I told you so."

    That's funny, people fall all over themselves to tell VV how awesome he is for his purported ability to predict what direction prices will go without much of a specific timeframe. Lol

  • What in the HECK is going on with Mineral Prices in EVE Gameplay Center

    Dinsdale Pirannha wrote:
    One of the biggest demand drivers in the game that is pushing mineral prices up is supercap mfg.
    The null sec guys don't want to talk about it, and CCP stopped publishing numbers on supercaps May 29th of this year.

    But have a look at a Nyx BPO. You can make approx 1000 BC's for every Nyx out there.

    I did an analysis and posted it weeks ago based on the May 29th snapshot of supercaps in the game.
    I lowballed the mineral requirements, but based on the Jita sell prices that day, there was 134 Trillion in minerals tied up in the supercap hulls. That was just the hulls.
    And that was 6 months ago.

    Imagine how many more supercaps have been cranked out now that null is a blue fest and CSAA's are much safer than they wee 6 months ago.

    Supercaps, even at their peak (around October or November of last year, just before the supercarrier nerfs) were never more than about 10% of production. The supercarrier nerf dropped production of them by 80%, and it's probably safe to assume that titans dropped by a similarly drastic amount.

    Even at the peak (approx. 1 titan and two supercarriers a day) the combined consumption of tritanium by all supercap production was less than half of what's used for battleships and battlecruisers.

  • Anybody know whats going on with isogen? in EVE Gameplay Center

    corestwo wrote:
    That's getting really, really speculative though, so to be safe, we'll say 125-190 is where it lands, most likely the upper range.


    corestwo wrote:
    Either that or I'm spinning a huge line of bull****. You decide. Blink

    I guess I wasn't.

  • You CANT Nerf HighSec! in EVE Communication Center

    Dinsdale Pirannha wrote:
    Malcanis wrote:
    Dinsdale Pirannha wrote:
    (OK, more like Don Quixote attacking a windmill, because this fight is already lost, null sec has won).

    Wait what? Did something change this weekend? Did a Dev say something?

    I will email you.
    I still owe you that email.

    Right now, since the goon propagandist just does not seem willing to provide his source of 5% of all null sec mineral consumption goes into supercaps, I am going to go get my hair cut.

    Here's your source: https://twitter.com/CCP_Diagoras

    He wrote a few devblogs that were helpful too, such as http://community.eveonline.com/devblog.asp?a=blog&nbid=3407

    You're welcome to do the legwork yourself, and if you do, you get a more or less complete picture of mineral consumption in Eve around the beginning of this year. Have fun - it took me about six hours to put it all together.

    Malphilos wrote:

    But that's all in null, correct? The fact that you/yours don't control all the materials you want is something all together different. In short, you aren't forced to import them from higsec.

    I believe controlling resources is supposed to be one of the drivers of conflict in null. No?

    "guys guys you don't HAVE to import all your resources, all you need to do is just control space in literally every area of nullsec!"

    this is literally what you are saying. would you like to pause for a moment and reflect on how dumb it makes you sound?

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