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  • [Focus Group] Capital Ships Signup in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I'd like to be part of this group.

    My main experience with capitals is solo and in small/medium groups, often supported by subcaps. Most of the fights I have flown capitals in have occured in wormhole space. The fights have been similar to what I think the situation in a post-citadel world will be; applied dps, local tank, buffer and triage will determine which caps die, but without subcap support a group of capitals may well be sitting ducks.

    I use Slack on and off work, so my availability is good.

  • Patch notes for Aegis -> Bob has spoken.... in EVE Gameplay Center

    CPP giveth and CCP taketh away: https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=344290

    I honestly fail to see the positive impact of this change. Sure, it will limit the tools of the hunters, but is the impact of 100 potential cruisers appearing that unbalancing? Think of all the Thanatos builders that will go unemployed as a result.

  • [New structures] Mooring and docking features in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I can only echo the last poster on this. Without some sort of forcefield mechanic, there is no "staging in space". Nowhere to keep a titan, safe-align a fleet etc. What mechanism/structure will ensure that gameplay is kept?

  • Let's talk about Capitals and Supercapitals in EVE Technology and Research Center

    As Faren said, a carrier in triage is very interesting gameplay, a significant force-multiplier, but also has clear counters. It is fairly balanced. Dreadnaughts are useless out of siege, and have a fair amount of uses in siege. If CCP are serious about removing structure hp grinding completely, they lose some of their use.

    Regarding future use of carriers and supercarriers I would love to see them used as true "capital ships in a combined fleet". Imagine that a carrier gets a special role bonus while being squad commander in a fleet. All frigate and destroyer class ships in the squad gets bonuses to damage/sensor str/sig/resists etc. based on the carrier type and special capital boosting modules. This applies within a certain range 50-150km? of the carrier. They are also able to dock (5? seconds docking sequence) and have their structure/armor/shields repaired fully (over 60? seconds). While docked they warp and jump with the carrier.

    The supercarrier does the same, just for cruiser-sized hulls.

    This would then replace fighters and fighter-bombers and make the carrier's and supercarrier's damage depend on the presence of appropriate subcaps in their squads.

  • Statement in EVE Gameplay Center

    I have no doubt that Corbexx will continue to work hard with CCP on issues that matter the most to wormholers, and that will be touched upon in CSMX. (Tech3 rebalance, structures, capital escalations, capital rebalance etc).

    Will it make it harder to communicate with some/many of the community? Maybe, but that is up to him and us to work out.

    Is there a potential to get a 0.0 csm block (+ sugar) to get behind important issues for w-space; yes, but Corbexx has done an incredible amount of work on his own and when teamed up with another csm.

    Best of luck in the CSMX! (I will continue to suggest stuff on Skype)

  • corbexx as the wormhole CSM representative. in EVE Gameplay Center

    Congratulations Corbexx!

  • Corp roles feedback needed in EVE Gameplay Center

    I agree with Zara's points here, but also want to add some more.

    -The entire process around CEO vote is strange and with sketchy documentation. It needs to be revised and documented. Shares are part of that as well.
    -Sanctionable actions need a rework. Should be available to give out authority to at least parts of this
    -Roles tie in with POS Management. POS Access needs to be able to be given out individually or on configurable roles, not just the Alliance, Corp, Starbase Config and Fuel tech
    -Rework Roles, Grantable Roles and Titles. Unnecessary overlap and inflated
    -Configurable number of divisions and wallets.

  • [Notable Wormhole Corporations and Alliances] in EVE Gameplay Center

    Please change

    No Holes Barred [NOHO]
    Website: http://no-ho.com
    Killboard: http://no-ho.com/killboard
    Public Channel: No Players Barred
    Diplomatic Contact: Xtrah
    Largest Norwegian wspace alliance. Now accepting English speaking players as well.


    No Holes Barred [NOHO]
    Website: http://no-ho.com
    Killboard: http://no-ho.com/killboard
    Public Channel: No Players Barred
    Diplomatic Contact: Zara Arran
    C6 W-space alliance consisting of Aperture Harmonics, Exceed and NorCorp Enterprise

    Thank you

  • Summit input in EVE Gameplay Center

    1) An intuitive, modular POS system where you don't have to compromise as much on security/accessibility. I would also welcome something that isn't as 0/1 as the current POS Reinforce timer. Ex: Destructible modules that doesn't cripple the defender if lost, but gives some incentive to the attacker. Why? So that there is a less commiting response to blueballing than full-on invasion. "You can blueball us, but we'll raid your X, Y and Z."

    2) Focus on reworking the Corp/Alliance structure to make it intuitive, flexible and powerful. Roles, bookmarks, etc all are archaic.

    3) Shattered wormholes were interesting on paper, and they may still be, but apart from Ice and new ore sites they didn't offer much new. Lack of regular sites in your chain has never been the issue. For the Shattered wormholes to be coveted, they need to either have special sites with low-chance / high reward potential, like some item/ship BPC or something else I can't imagine now, but you get the idea.

    4) The tech3 rebalance. This is going to be tricky, and no matter the change, someone will be angry. I hope tech3s will be useful for us after the rebalance because in terms of how we use them, there is a fairly short step down to Ishtars/Sacrileges and upwards to Command ships. That would make fights less interesting since the interesting part about Tech3 brawls are all the facets of ewar. Personally, I would not shed a single tear if nullfied subsystems were removed.

  • Corbexx, CSM X in Council of Stellar Management

    All of No Holes Barred back Corbexx for CSM X! We are proud of him :)

  • Alliance Tournament Medals in EVE Communication Center

    Plejaden wrote:
    So my team got 20 rattlesnake victory edition BPOs which seems very generous, but we also sense a slight mistake here Roll

    As no one else mentioned that so far i assume we are either the only team that got gifted by an unlimited supply of skinned rattlesnake or everyone else is busy turning every rattlesnake in sight into a skined one and copy them like crazy.

    Not had a chance to check ours yet, but BPOs kind of breaks the purpose here.. CCP?

  • CSM 10 in EVE Gameplay Center

    Corbexx, you have done a great job! +5

  • The Research Race of YC116 in EVE Communication Center

    Great effort, support sent.

  • [Serious] Taking Back Wspace in EVE Gameplay Center

    (Everything expressed is my personal opinion)

    I think we need to look at the game as a whole, not just w-space in isolation.

    Fewer players log into the game now compared to the peak period with Retribution. This also affects w-space. At the same time, 0.0 is stagnant and offers vast amounts of "safe" areas to farm in. Even though the potential isk/hour is higher in w-space, 0.0 is considered more convenient and has less constraints on skillpoints required, group size etc. Lowsec has also seen some love recently.

    Hyperion brought some changes, most of them good, but none of them offered significant incentives for new groups to venture into W-space. There was no "fountain of youth" to lure the colonists to undock.

    The Corp and POS mechanics is a major barrier. Sure, it ensures that trust is extremely important for wormholers, creating tight bonds and friendships that last a long time. It also requires the player to make a greater leap than going from highsec -> Low/0.0. "How many do I have to trust?...."

    W-space can easily sustain 2x or even 3x the current inhabitants before living/farming space becomes an issue. Everyone that wants to, and can group up, has access to the best sites/anoms/"plex" in the game. Sure, most of the desireable effect/static combinations are occupied, but "we have grown out of our current system, and need to fight our way up" isn't really happening a lot.

    Higher numbers would create tension and conflict in itself. I don't see that happening unless wormholers organized a major effort to get pve+pvp corps to move in so that we eventually could fight them. Even doing that would most likely not have a noticable impact.

    Bottom line - suggestions:
    -Wait for a replacement for the current POS', help give feedback to ensure it is less player-hostile than it currently is
    -Ask/support efforts for actual new content in w-space, i.e. sites & loot you actually want to scout and fight for. The ghost sites offer too little of a total reward. Imagine instead a few sleeper home systems, only connectable by roaming wormholes. Moonless, so you stay in your ship or get out while you can.
    -Wait for Corp/alliance overhaul, so roles/security are improved
    -Ask that new K-space (New new Eden) is separate from existing K-space, only accessible through wormholes. Build stargates between the New new Eden systems.

  • I just doubled the Mimir's lock range in EVE Technology and Research Center

    What I wouldn't give to have admin-access to your Jira... Twisted

  • Re: Asayanami Dei (You didn't spell it right) in EVE Gameplay Center

    Glad to see another CSM from wormholes. Corbexx has done a great job so far, so even with just 1 representative, we have been informed and heard.

    Good luck Asayanami!

  • Best AT ever? in EVE Communication Center

    Awesome tournament, both from a competitive point of view and with the commentators. The evolving meta also made the last two weekends a lot more interesting to watch.

    Hopes for next year: More viewers, more AT ships being fielded.

  • [Hyperion] Nestor Tweaks in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I definately see potential

  • [Hyperion Feedback Thread] Bookmarks and Bookmark Copying in EVE Gameplay Center

    As others have pointed out. While waiting on alliance bookmarks, this is a Quality of Life improvement.

  • [Bug] Removal of Polarization timer in EVE Gameplay Center

    Good to hear. +1 to OP for testing wh-mechanics on SISI so a bug was found, and thanks Fozzie and Corbexx for responding