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  • Do people here WANT connection with Dust? in EVE Communication Center

    well to start i was all for anything that might help CCP prosper and grow, even if in the interim available funds to develop EVE dropped a bit, so i was ok with it, i was in as an early beta tester from the start.

    many constructive comments were posted by beta testers, the most telling however were the complaints regarding game-play, weapon aiming and vehicle dynamics. despite a hoard of beta testers reporting that these things were major problems CCP just ignored them and with blinkers firmly fastened carried on.

    it seems that no one on the dev team actually played BF/COD/MW etc, and if they did why didn't they realize that in comparison dust combat mechanics and game play were frankly below par.

    then we come to the connection between Dust-EVE, i don't even want to re-iterate how meaningless this is, Dust is fluff as far as eve players are concerned, the hope that millions of Dust players would sign up an eve char were too optimistic especially given that the connection between the games is pointless, also the eve NPE is still not really helpful in retaining new players.

    i would love dust to be a success, if only that that the success of dust means deeper pockets for eve.

    but looking at the reviews and numbers it seems that the popularity of dust is already on the slide downward, had ccp listened to the many voices who saw problems during beta then things might have been much better, but this is the new corporate ccp who seem to have fingers pressed into ears so hard that the voices of players are a distant murmur.

  • FanFest Impressions in EVE Communication Center

    well so much for the "special 10th aniverary" fanfest,

    worse than most that have been before,

    as you say way too much Dust, way too much ccp slapping itself on the back,

    a few interesting things for sure, but not a lot,

    ofc if you wanna line ccp's pockets some more for the special edition be my guest.

  • [CSM8] Ripard Teg for CSM8 in Council of Stellar Management

    and about bloody time !

    you have my support.

  • EvE Blob in Manchester UK 9 - 12 November 2012 Are you joing the fleet ? IMPORTANT CHANGE in EVE Gameplay Center

    well as im only 30min away i may come along for a cpl of hours and drag a few fellow SDOGS with me.

  • WTS 5x60 day GTC 1.1b online now in EVE Marketplace

    sorry pet u just missed out

    5 done

    tiger roze
    Ted Stinger
    jay johnes


  • WTS 5x60 day GTC 1.1b online now in EVE Marketplace

    for a limited time only 1.1b buys you 60days of game time.

    usual rules apply,
    first come first served.

    names below plz.

  • Veto Corp Presents - Eve London - Saturday, September 29th, 2012 in EVE Gameplay Center

    count me in,

    SDOGS will be here in force

    confirmed are myself ofc and

    S Tein
    Bad Kharma
    Lord Mercury

    yet to confirm but probably another 6

  • No Eve Player Should Miss This Article in EVE Communication Center

    My question is, though, if the new players are showing up because of "carebear buffs", should we expect that these players venture beyond high sec with the same frequency as those of us who play now?

    i would guess that a whole bunch of these "supposed" new carebear subs would stay in the safe environs of hisec but some will venture out further afield and bolster the population of lo and null sec, and any increase in these populations has to be a good thing for null and lo pvp not to mention increased sub numbers for ccp (we know how hilmar likes to monitor subs before investing in new devs)

    so whats the downside ?

    lack of non consensual pvp in hisec
    no more ganking

    cant see that being a big issue, if the gankers wanna gank then go to losec or null and try see how you get on there,
    there will still be noobs to pick on only thing is your gonna have to do it outside of hisec,

    the possible benefits IMO however outweigh the tears of players who like to pick on hisec players,

    there is room in eve for both playstyles and adapting game mechanics in hisec doesnt really upset anyone bar goonie pubbies

  • No Eve Player Should Miss This Article in EVE Communication Center

    if having a safer hisec increases the amount of players in eve, and that increase has a trickle down to null, then i cant see the problem, a healthy increase in subscriber numbers benifits us all, so meh

  • Is CrimeWatch vaporware? in EVE Communication Center

    …except that that's not really what he said. He said that, if you rep someone who's fighting a suspect, their 1v1 flag will not be transferred to you.

    Repping someone with a GCC “felon” status is a completely different matter and will most likely earn you a felon status of your own. It's not a matter of flag transfer, but of committing a crime and getting flagged for it all on your own.

    What he's suggesting is a good idea because it means they don't have to keep track of the mess of interlinked person-to-person aggression flags that clogs up the current Crime-watch system, and instead replace it with two generic flags — suspect and felon — and a single, non-transitive “defensive” flag so those suspects and felons have a chance of shooting back when someone comes gunning for them.

    thanks for that Tippia, it sort of clears things up, but seems like the confusion is driven as much by greyscale either not being clear on this or in fact saying 2 very different things, hopefully an upcoming devblog will either clear things up or maybe not.

  • Is CrimeWatch vaporware? in EVE Communication Center

    the overhaul to GCC has been long overdue, CCP have come up with some good ideas and seem to be working on solving the many issues that plague GCC as it has been.

    then Greyscale tell us that neut RR wont inherit a flag, ShockedShocked

    in what logical world is this a good idea ?

    if you RR someone who is under GCC and get to do this with no penalty i mean WTF !!

    apart from the fact that this is going to be abused to hell n back, by people flying around in the company of a neut logi ship,

    by taking part in any confrontation you should inherit the same risk as the parties involved in that conflict, whether that be 1v1 or 5v1 any other solution does not seem to make any sense whatsoever,

    so i'd like to hear someone at CCP explain why this is a good idea, other than "meh"

  • flash based stream iz fail in EVE Communication Center

    You know what's fail? Devices that don't support flash like iPhones or iPads. Use a device that's actually worth something and not a really expensive paperweight.

    lack of flash compatibility is fail, cant deny that,

    but tbh i'd have trouble using a paperweight as a phone/mail client iphone/ipad manage that just fine. you might judge it expensive but then perhaps as i'm the buyer maybe i can judge for myself whether its expensive or not.

  • flash based stream iz fail in EVE Communication Center

    HTML 5 based video requires CCP make a large investment in time and money to setup streaming that can go world wide. They won't be able to find a semi reliable and gaming oriented streaming host like own3d that does html 5

    tbh i am wondering how you came to that conclusion,

    you saying that you know it requires a huge investment ?
    you know how much time is req beyond the amount they spent on the current own3d.tv partner
    and your know for a fact that no one offers html5 based stream (not that gaming orientated has anything to do with it, as a stream is a stream)

    all this is odd as there are a bunch of well placed vendors with the backend and access who do in fact offer HTML5/flash cross platform broadcast.

    perhaps speak from experience rather than renta-quote as it makes you look stupid, unless that was your intention.

  • flash based stream iz fail in EVE Communication Center

    it was flash based for as long as i remember,

    and they internet used to be text only, and guess what all browsers were spry with TCP/IP stack and mosaic as far as i remember at the time.

    guess what in a year or 2 it will be "flash who?"

    get with the times Roll

  • flash based stream iz fail in EVE Communication Center

    apple products are unjustified expensive and suck

    i guess by that then you didnt actually buy an apple product, and as such your "suck" comment is just somthing you adopted and ran with the herd, or if you did buy one and discovered that they "suck" i question your "unjustified and expensive" comment.

    not that i am defending apple's product line, but i generally comment based on experience rather than on hearsay.

  • hilmar can you pause your torrents please in EVE Communication Center

    that last match was the first one i could actually watch

    not perfect but much improved

  • hilmar can you pause your torrents please in EVE Communication Center

    seems to be improving

  • flash based stream iz fail in EVE Communication Center

    So what kind of technology do you propose that is uniform across all operating systems for desktops be used? Without the need to install additional software which most people cannot be bothered to do.

    odd i thought flash was a bit of software that had to be installed Lol

    dont mean to pop your bubble but in case you havnt been keeping up to date flash's days are numbered.

    of course the adobe/apple bullcrap started the ball rolling, but HTML5 also kicks flash into a dark corner and will be defacto std in ie/chrome/firefox

    cross platform solutions are available and flash isnt it.

  • hilmar can you pause your torrents please in EVE Communication Center

    dont you hate it when you look forward to somthing and it turns out to be bad,

    last year was great, SD stream for free HD stream if u wanted it.

    now yesterday was fine, apart from gripes re layout etc

    today unwatchable.

    cpl of my buddies who dont play came up to watch and they are now lol'ing Roll

  • hilmar can you pause your torrents please in EVE Communication Center

    still more choppy than than a lumberjack