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  • I kill a rat and before I can loot/salvage somebody poaches my kill. in EVE Communication Center

    Sick some Hammerheads on 'em and see what happens.

  • ISD are not supposed to be fanbois in EVE Communication Center

    Nexus Day wrote:
    Not discussing specific moderation. Not ranting.

    As usual, however, you are not posting constructively.

  • alco82pl / KanonKongen in EVE Gameplay Center

    You are so terrible it's hilarious.

  • stop buying up all the recons lol in EVE Gameplay Center

    ggodhsup wrote:
    my alt is in (random combat recon) watching you....because you touch yourself at night.

    enjoy....very little privacy....with no d-scan.

    That's alright, I have a very itchy cloak finger and I know how to position my ships.

    Also confirming I touch myself. Cool

  • stop buying up all the recons lol in EVE Gameplay Center

    ggodhsup wrote:
    wh corps beware....we are watching you.


  • [Suggestion/Idea] Attribute Skillbooks? in EVE Technology and Research Center

    3/10, but only for the effort.

  • stop buying up all the recons lol in EVE Gameplay Center

    I may have foolishly knee-jerk bought a Curse.

  • Sleepers and Corpses in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Xerathul Muur wrote:
    Maybe it steals your identity, and starts buying things and spending money from your wallet.

    Ganking people would take on new heights in hilarity.

  • If the PLEX can only be traded one time. in EVE Communication Center

    Only people who shouldn't be playing EVE complain about the price of PLEX.

  • undocking in EVE Communication Center

    SeenButNotHeard wrote:
    A consistent undocking experience would be sensible.

    As it is there seems to be no consistency.

    The undock experience is consitent for every ship, player, and station: you always undock with the camera tacing the station. If you want to talk about changing the experience, that's fine, but don't sperg off about "consistency" when the "experience" is clearly consistent.

  • Message to James315 in EVE Gameplay Center


  • The Nature Of Eve in EVE Communication Center

    That sense of danger, no other PvP game comes close to that visceral feeling... Even doing PvE I get that feeling of competition. It's why I don't bother with high-sec anymore, even as a solo player, too boring.

    EVE spoiled any chance of me playing another MMO.

  • W-space is going to die in 2015 - Recon ships "PVE killers" in EVE Communication Center

    How is this different than someone with a covert ops cloak? Bearing in mind that if someone is really dedicated, they can sidestep decloak locking times now by using a stealth bomber for the initial point if they're so inclined, giving the rest of the gang time to uncloak, or by simply having a proper warp-in where you can sidestep lock times by decloaking before you hit grid. Plus, combat recons aren't going to magically have probes that can't be seen.

    Granted, the hull bonus is a pretty powerful ability that belongs on a module, IMO, but this isn't exactly game-breaking.

    Certainly not going to stop me from continuing to run WH exploration sites solo. There is a reason my entire setup is sub-40mil.

    Jenshae Chiroptera wrote:
    ... and here is something that will shock you. Did you know that most anomolies, including worm holes appear near the sun? Shocked

    I've heard, and confirmed from experience, that most, if not all, signatures appear within 4AU of a celestial. Not sure about how anomalies are generated since I don't run those...

  • W-space is going to die in 2015 - Recon ships "PVE killers" in EVE Communication Center

    It's not really going to be any different than cloaks right now, OP.

  • Counteract the cancer that gnaws Highsec in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Zephris wrote:
    Everyone's missing the point.
    Why don't NPC alliances dec corp / alliances that has low starting to them ?

    This already happens if your standings are too low to an empire, and thank your lucky stars it's based on individual standings and not corporation standings because those are an amalgam. I used to get attacked in every Amarr and Caldari system I entered, even before I had a negative sec status.

    Then, if your sec status is too low for the system you're in the faction navy will chase you around just for being a criminal. Same thing goes for the CONCORD constellation, only the faction navy is CONCORD.

  • [Proteus - January] Recon ships in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Antillie Sa'Kan wrote:
    All covert ops cloak ships have utility high for the cloak so they don't really sacrifice fitting something else.

    I don't buy that. Combat recons have an extra slot over force recons.

    Antillie Sa'Kan wrote:
    Recons do sacrifice something, DPS. All recons do terrible DPS. They are great force multipliers though. Which is the point. I feel this change will bring an interesting amount of unpredictability to EVE.

    Again, my only real gripe here is that they get it for free. I've already adjusted my exploration Cov Ops to handle an expanded probe launcher (probably something I should have done earlier anyway, tbh) and I realize that recons face the same limitations that everything else does when it comes to deciding whether to engage, especially when flying solo. It's not like this is a huge game changer in the grand game of Falcons, but it certainly does feel a bit overpowered.

  • Mining a planet in EVE Communication Center

    Sturmwolke wrote:
    You missed accounting for the tons of meteorites/debris that fall on a daily basis. Over 2,400,000,000 years, that's going to be quite a sum.
    So let's say 2,460,000,000 years give or take? Twisted

    Orca links and Hulks bruh.

  • [Proteus - January] Recon ships in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Antillie Sa'Kan wrote:
    Rhea Rankin Nolen wrote:
    No ship in EvE had that trait yet..and for a reason.
    Except for every one that can fit a covert ops cloak. The SoE ships come to mind here. As do the cloaky recons and stealth bombers.

    And they use a module for it and (generally) have lock time penalties (circumvented in certain cases). Non-covert cloaks are balanced in that you cannot warp with them on. The big problem with the proposed combat recons is that they sacrifice nothing for what is effectively a cloak; maybe it's not equivalent to a cov ops but it is certainly comparable to a normal cloaking device.

    Don't get me wrong, I'll probably buy a Curse or two post Proteus, but I still feel like this change is a bit much.

  • [Proteus - January] Recon ships in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Zappity wrote:
    I don't understand all the complaints about the d-scan thing. How is this different in principle to the covert ops cloak? It 'breaks' just as many things as d-scan immunity does. But then I've always thought that there should be a specific probe to detect (if not necessarily resolve) cloaked ships.

    My biggest misgiving about it is that Force Recons have to use a module whereas Combats get it for free. Granted, there is the whole combat probe disadvantage to the d-scan immunity over a Cov Ops Cloak, but I don't feel that's a good balancing point considering the benefits.

  • [Proteus - January] Recon ships in EVE Technology and Research Center

    CCP Rise wrote:
  • Combat Recons will now be permanently undetectable by directional scanners
Geeeeez... I'm by no means an authority, but this seems like an overly powerful ability.

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