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  • Alpha and Omega from same public IP? in EVE Communication Center

    Captain Tardbar wrote:
    I'm not sure if using VPN is against the rules or not. I mean if you were living in mainland China you'd have to use one of you wanted to play on tranquility.

    You don't have to use a VPN, but the VPN *may* help if your internet is sucky. I played on TQ when I moved to Shanghai many years ago.

  • "So I forgot about the gate-guns" and other things leading to ??? in EVE Communication Center

    1. Stealth bombers are 'glass cannons' which are great at dealing damage to larger targets. The fit you used (with rockets) is a specialised fit designed to hunt other explorers IN SITES (which are typically not equipped with a decent tank and / or firepower), rather than at the gates themselves.

    2. You've learnt that specialised fits are specialised for a reason, they work well in their given situations but are less useful for general use. For example that fit you had would have been good for killing other explorers, but would have been relatively useless against battleships, which are in fact the main targets of stealth bombers.

    3. You've also learnt that more expensive doesn't mean automatic win against cheaper targets. Or well, winning without consequences etc. Congratulations!

    4. Station / gate mechanics in lowsec require a lot more reading up or knowledge from corpies. As a basic rule, if the ship you're shooting isn't a 'legitimate' target, then you will get gate/station gun aggro, every time you perform an aggressive action against them. For example, if you shoot something, warp away and shoot again, unless they returned fire the first time round (i.e. made themselves a legit target through starting an engagement timer), then you'll still incur the wrath of the guns.

    If you're worried about security status, blow ships up but not pods, as pods give you a massive security hit (unless legit target such as war target) while being treated as a different ship/engagement. This applies to high sec too, where if you have a limited timer against someone, it's NOT ok according to CONCORD if you munch on the pod as dessert.

    Good luck out there and fly dangerously!

  • @CCP, please fix the speeds ingame... in EVE Communication Center

    Lady Ayeipsia wrote:
    lollerwaffle wrote:
    Creating true deep safes is no longer possible. CCP moved all my 100AU-200AU bookmarks to within 20AU of the nearest celestial.

    Pre 2009/2010, they used to work like this: http://go-dl.eve-files.com/media/1003/Poseidon-Manual.pdf

    Then CCP nerfed the deep space BMs to require them to have to be no further than 20AU from the nearest celestial. IIRC this was part of the change to the scanning mechanics.

    But in theory, the OP could do this to reach 20AU from the outer most planet/celest.

    Nah. they changed e-warp mechanics too. Just found a write-up on why this no longer works:


  • @CCP, please fix the speeds ingame... in EVE Communication Center

    Creating true deep safes is no longer possible. CCP moved all my 100AU-200AU bookmarks to within 20AU of the nearest celestial.

    Pre 2009/2010, they used to work like this: http://go-dl.eve-files.com/media/1003/Poseidon-Manual.pdf

    Then CCP nerfed the deep space BMs to require them to have to be no further than 20AU from the nearest celestial. IIRC this was part of the change to the scanning mechanics.

  • Fixes to counter ECM, ideas so far. CCP, PLEASE ! in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Goe Rilla wrote:

    So basically on pretty much all gallente armor ships for ep, I'm screwed and have to sacrifice my capbooster and entire cap/tank just for one sebo as norm ? Or sacrifice a web ? On the offchance Im met with some jackass with ECM ?

    Yea, just terrific idea guys.

    Just face to the damn truth already, that ECM is just a plain **** game feature, a quickier, easier and no-effort way to e-warfare management than with Damps...

    And unlikely CCP will ever see to this and remove it entirely of course, and so yes, you can keep on mashing over the i-win button sitting 100k away and have the nerve to come here, wave your little space noodles, serve us your morale, leave the thread with that self-indulgent pat on the back and calling yourselves the proud Big Boys of Eve.


    Thanks for the laugh. You have to fit a counter for every type of ewar out there, but for some reason ECM is the exception? Ok. Brings me back to 2008, so there's that too.

  • My current struggle... in EVE Communication Center

    Barnabas Fresante wrote:
    I must be a real Eve pilot now ecause 35 days doesn't even seem that long to me anymore!

    That's the turning point :) The moment you think, 'oh sweet I have 35 days (or 35 years lol) of useful skills lined up, now I don't have to worry about changing skills or choosing what to train next'

  • This whole training alts thing... in EVE Communication Center

    Jotunhammer Al'Vargh wrote:
    this...just made my mind up and I cancelled my subscription
    thank you for being such a good representative of the EVE community.

    Good. Can I have your stuff?

  • Stealling Pocket, Combat Site's.... in EVE Communication Center

    Lucas Aiderone wrote:
    OP, I'm sorry to say this but tbh you should just forget about EVE, unsub and go someplace else. If you can't already tell by the community here, this game is packed with disgusting people with personalitydisorders who are thriving on making other people lifes miserable. I mean, just read the replies you've gotten in here... Says it all.

    If you still decide to stay among these scumbags, then atleast run as far away as possible from HS-space. The name is a good way of fooling new players but HS-space is the worst place in the game. All the shitlords from the entire world gather there to **** up your day and I can't see CCP fix the broken mechanics they thrive on, ever. As someone else mentioned they will probably let EVE die before fixing HS. People are allowed to make a living by earning a ****-ton of isk by simply suicideganking others. The guy at the reciving end will only be told to HTFU, you should've had an armed escort, recon, spend 2 months to move your stuff back and forth instead of carrying 100m in one transportship, and on and on it goes. It does not matter if you actually have constructive critisism, if you put it forth here, they will troll the **** out of the thread til it get closed and they will allways get away with it. This is a place for people who are sick tbh and can live out their sadistic ways without repercussions. Perhaps it's a good thing for the world, having all these ****** up people in one place where they can live out their fantasies instead of doing it IRL.

    What a disgusting and toxic post. Your post made me miserable. WTF is wrong with you? Some sort of personality disorder?

  • 8 Golden Rules for EVE Online in EVE Communication Center

    Zora Nightmare wrote:
    A noble post from CCP, however the punishment for some offenders of the law (CODE) is not equal to the harm and destruction they incur. Make them pay a more relevent price for the price to others they have caused and dont make these "8 Golden Rules" sounds so noble.



    What's next? What' the 'just one more nerf' this time?

    DISCLAIMER: I am not a ganker.

  • 8 Golden Rules for EVE Online in EVE Communication Center

    Min Wei wrote:
    I lost 10 potentially paying EVE subscribers out of 12 because CCP caters to PvP and Null Sec more than everyone else.

    Catering to PVP in a PVP game? Who woulda thought? If your friends don't like PVP, then EVE isn't the game for them. This isn't an insult, it's just fact. It's like saying boxing as a sport would have more participants if it didn't cater so much to punching people and instead had more non-punching elements.

    Min Wei wrote:
    WarDec in High Sec should be by mutual agreement. I almost quit soon after I started because of it. Then I learned to create ALTs and tons of corps to avoid the "bully wars". Nothing ends a war faster than just changing your corp name. I have no interest in fighting, EVER! I'll leave the game when avenues to avoid it are closed. I build the weapons for war, the dirtiest my hands get is counting the ISK from a big ship order.

    So the game should change one of its fundamental concepts, because some people playing don't like it? You already have lots of vets who are leaving because of the perception that CCP is catering to the "PVP in a PVP game is BAD" crowd (See: Tippia). Sure, CCP could make that change to attract more potential customers (if this were even true), but what about those that these mechanics cater to? Would they then leave in response?

    You found a bunch of ways to avoid unconsensual wardecs, and the knowledge you gained through experience and / or active seeking means that you are equipped to handle things you don't like. Working as intended, no? Just because you have no intention to PVP doesn't mean that those that want to should have their avenues restricted.

    Min Wei wrote:
    Why is Low Sec not Low Sec? It might as well be Null Sec. There are NO Concord security forces in Low Sec which in my opinion is crap. Just get rid of the name Low Sec altogether since it is a lie anyway.

    Lowsec has a whole bunch of different mechanics to null. These include, inter alia, station/gate guns, security loss, inability to use nullsec only things etc. This brings for a different type of playstyle. On one hand you propose that more playstyles should be viable, but say that one of them should be removed? What?

    Min Wei wrote:
    I'm here to play the game, not be a victim.


    I alone spend more monthly than 200 PvP pilots in Null Sec. Are you listening CCP? Follow the money! You LOST 10 of my deep pocket friends (that's guaranteed $15,000-$30,000 US dollars a month). How many more will you lose? That makes me upset because I wanted them to join me in this game. We just want to play without the war theatrics. Are we not worth at least listening to? If not, let me know before I buy another 4 (28) packs of PLEX to sell in a few days.

    Then don't be a victim. Don't have a victim mindset. Easy.

    Highsec war is part of EVE, just like nullsec conflicts, piracy etc. If your friends aren't prepared for those aspects of it, then either adapt or try something else that caters to their taste. Also, your boastful assumption of "I spend more monthly than 200 PVP pilots in nullsec" is pretty much unprovable by anyone apart from CCP, but I'm inclined to doubt your claim.

    Min Wei wrote:
    One last issue. Let me build my darn caps in 0.5 High Sec. I just want to build and sell without getting into some stupid fight every time I test a ship's fittings. Make the weapons disabled or something that makes them acceptable to test fly in 0.5 High Sec. Even better, add Low Security to Low Sec! What a concept!

    I too would like the ability to use bombs in highsec. Should CCP also cater to my individual needs if I don't want to play by the rules they set? Also, low sec already has a form of security, so no, your concept isn't new.

  • This game is filled with socipaths and I will fight them! in EVE Communication Center

    To get 5+ pages is some Garmon level trolling.

    11/10 read the 'serious responses' in here and had a good lol

  • Μολων λαβε – Shoot-a-Tippia in EVE Communication Center

    Logged at work just to say good luck, and I've always enjoyed your posts, even the obnoxious nitpicky ones schooling people with horribad attitudes!

    o7 fly safe and good bye!

    btw, you'll be back, I know it, you know it Twisted The only way to truly win EVE is to.. wait, there is no way to win EVE

  • Q: Bounty system in EVE Communication Center

    Memphis Baas wrote:
    1. You add the person to your contacts list so their ship is highlighted should they be in the same system. You can no longer tell whether they're online with the contacts system.

    Wow, learnt something new today.

  • Map in EVE Communication Center

    You have to do it manually, as I believe there is no way to combine filters (unless I'm mistaken).

  • Can we PLEASE get an option to turn off in-station billboards? in EVE Technology and Research Center

    TackyTachy1 wrote:

    Is tuppence actually money? I was crew on a USA Guided Missile Destroyer in the 60's, the last time I was in the UK. But I watch a lot of BBC stuff, that's probably where I got the tuppence thing from.

    Yes it is, but no one really says that anymore. Mostly just '2p'

    It's literally a coin worth two pennies, size is bigger than a penny. Can be used as legal tender up to a certain amount (I think). Have paid for smokes when I was a student, using only pennies and 2p coins.

  • Steam Account + Controller help in EVE Communication Center

    I'll give it a try tonight and see if I can get it to work.

    That said, I can't imagine playing EVE with the controller though.

  • PLEASE STOP IGNORING US !!! GHOST FITTING ! in EVE Communication Center



  • The future of solo/small gang pvp in EVE Communication Center


  • Can we PLEASE get an option to turn off in-station billboards? in EVE Technology and Research Center

    TackyTachy1 wrote:
    99% of the posters despise the in station videos, CCP apparently not listening and if they are then they are not caring. The videos are naught but in your face marketing and in future we'll probably see a ratcheting up of content and probably noise. And to all those who say turn your camera or undock or quit your whining well, you can all kiss (with respect, of course) probably something you wouldn't want to kiss.

    That puts me in the 1%!

    Leet as fk m8 1% top %

  • Anyone know of any Citadels in highsec yet? in EVE Communication Center

    Memphis Baas wrote:
    Click the = triple lines above your picture on the toolbar, for the full Start menu, and find the Structure Locator app that will tell you where all them citadels are. There are a few close to Jita, 2-3 jumps.

    Did not know you could do this. Thanks!