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  • So, new battleships eh? in EVE Communication Center

    CCP Falcon wrote:
    Not that I want to destroy the thread or anything, but the Amarr Empire announcing that they're going to build a new flagship based on a pre-existing hull doesn't mean that we're going to introduce a whole new line of battleships to the game.

    Just heading that off at the pass, before people get too excited.


    Well of course it wouldn't be a whole line of battleships. Why would you need a whole line of battleships when "a new flagship" is actually a cover story for warship engineered specifically to fight the Drifters, designed in cooperation with and with contribution from all four empires as well as independents such as the SoE and SoCT?


  • [CLOSED] in EVE Marketplace

    I ran PBLRD in its first iteration. While I'm not directly involved managing it this go around, dropping in to confirm that yes, this is legit.

  • Dev blog: Summer 2015 Nullsec and Sov Status Report in EVE Information Center

    Xttz's fingerprints on the timezone mechanics, mine all over the mineral changes, sov is just goons all the way down.

  • ♛♛ Bobmon, CSM 10 ♛♛ in Council of Stellar Management

    "Hey guys, we want people to be actually out and using their space, so let's punish them for being out and using their space."

    This idea isn't anything new and has never actually been good.

    So throw out the bad idea and step back. What's the goal, what's the reasoning? People should be rewarded for being out and using their space, but there should be "content". What's "content" mean here? PvP, of course. That's what it always means in this context, right?

    So movement is good, because movement means taking gates, and you're never quite sure what's on the other side of the gate. Or you are, because your pals are out, flying around, skirmishing with intruders and providing you with intel. Either way, movement good. But degrading the quality of a system to induce movement, that's bad. So what to do? Implement missions, perhaps. Simple answer, boring answer, but it gets the job done.

    No reason it has to be exactly missions of course. Residents install an Alliance Command Hub in each system which, among other things, directs pilots to newly discovered pirate incursions. "Sorry pilot, the Serpentis have withdrawn from the system to lick their wounds, but they've launched a new incursion two systems away. I've added a bookmark to your journal; good luck." Get there, wipe out your very own incursion - two Serpentis Forsaken Hub and a Serpentis Haven - and you've beaten them back, have to go somewhere else.

    Of course because this is a game and because we want to maintain a fairly high population density (as people with friends nearby are more likely to group up and fight back instead of just hide) the fact that the system is depleted for you doesn't necessarily mean it's depleted for a corpmate. He shows up twenty minutes later and has two or three sites to himself, as does the next fellow ten minutes after that and so on. Thus infinite PvE content for an arbitrary number of people to be able to live in an area, yet content that obliges those people to move around and be content.

    And this is part of the function of the CSM. We're not game designers, no, but when CCP comes to you and goes "What do you think of _______, it's supposed to accomplish _______" tackle it objectively, think like the player you are, and imagine how it might be broken, might fail because we players do the damndest things.

  • Conflict. Opportunity. Destruction. Excitement.... Sabriz for CSM10 in Council of Stellar Management

    Sabriz Adoudel wrote:

    For example, the Tiamat anti-AWOXing changes will result in increased safety for (the more careless) highsec miners. This will lead to an increased Mexallon supply gamewide, and hence an increase in supercapital proliferation. A change aimed at highsec that has only tangential direct impact on lowsec will end up having significant indirect impacts on sovereign nullsec.

    Um. Ugh okay, while it's nice to see CODE actually taking something that isn't ganking seriously for once, this sort of offends me.

    So firsties, I've taken to importing minerals to Deklein, because someone's gotta do it. I have zero issues getting huge quantities of compressed mexallon bearing ores, and my largest buyers are our supercap producers. The ones that supply themselves also have no trouble. Just an anecdote.

    Second, some hard data?


    Plagioclase & Pyroxeres are the main mexallon bearing ores in highsec. The volume of Plagioclase mined in those top nine or ten regions would yield about 442 billion units of mex minimum (if all refined in nullsec), and the Pyroxeres is good for another 240 billion units minimum.

    By comparison, a supercarrier uses about 93 million units (tops, that's no research on the hull BPO or component BPOs). A Titan uses ~330m units, same caveat. So, 7350 supercarriers, or a little over two thousand titans worth.

    Of course, plenty of other stuff gets built too and supercap construction in EVE only uses, believe it or not, about ten percent of the mineral supply at most.

    Y'know? I think that whatever you no longer can kill due to awoxing is a drop in the bucket, and that most of them you'll probably just gank conventionally anyway. So, I think we'll be okay.

  • How high to sell Recons... in EVE Gameplay Center

    I haven't checked that closely but there was no actual material change to recons and a demand based spike should be temporary. There is more than enough capacity to meet whatever increased usage may occur, especially since much of that usage will drop off after people have tried them out for novelty and gotten bored.

    In other words, sell ASAP.

  • Dev Blog: CSM 9 - The Year In Review in EVE Information Center

    CCP Falcon wrote:
    Marlona Sky wrote:
    @Sion -

    The reason why CCP is hesitant in having the CSM in the loop on major changes is because it has become very apparent to them and even the player base - there is some loose lips on the CSM. it is no secret that some CSM members are there to gain insight on upcoming changes so they and their constituents can gain an advantage. We need CSM members who are there for the entire player base and the health of the game. Not just them and theirs.

    Until this changes, don't be surprised with the short notices on upcoming changes.

    Have something you want to tell us?

    If so, be a responsible adult and send us an email to internalaffairs@ccpgames.com instead of crowing about it on the forums.

    If not, feel free to take your completely unsubstantiated rumors somewhere else, most likely to a third party bittervet forum for further discussion and conspiracy theory-crafting.

    We have rules against rumor mongering and ranting here, fyi.

    This post is why we need multi-likes.

    Freelancer117 wrote:
    CCP Leeloo wrote:
    Mike Azariah wrote:
    I liked it. I also think that you should ask Leeloo why only seven of the fourteen members wrote.

    I hope nobody thought that some parts of the blog were deleted here Smile

    This was not an obligatory task for all 14 members of the council. Not everybody is a writer on the CSM as well. I think I am not the right person to ask why only seven wrote, my crystal ball is in repair Sad

    Since neither of you want to give any information about this subject maybe we should ask another Cool

    Dear DJ Funkybacon, do you know why only seven of the fourteen members wrote in the devblog ?

    For my part, I burned out about halfway through this term due to real life and realistically if I wrote anything it'd just be "What Sion said." While being engaged is ultimately on me, the issues Sion speaks to have made it a struggle to want to.

  • My intent to run for CSM X in Council of Stellar Management

    Y'know what the great thing about re-running for CSM is?

    You can make claims about what you did or did not do on your term. Since it's all under NDA anyway, you don't have to prove it... and no one else can present evidence to the contrary~


  • Slave buy orders in Jita? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Slaves are used in outposts and outpost upgrades. Not many, but they're there.

  • Sion Kumitomo: CSM X in Council of Stellar Management

    Caleb Seremshur wrote:
    You're running for CSM 10, but I haven't seen Mynnnas declaration yet. Any other goon candidates this year?

    As Sion noted, Endie is running in my place this year. I burned out pretty hard, largely courtesy of real life.

  • compressed ore prices in EVE Gameplay Center

    An upgraded nullsec refinery gets a 20% bonus on refines done there, which means someone buying it (like me) can buy well above Jita refine value and still get minerals at what comes out to be the equivalent of Jita price or even lower, so that tends to drive a premium.

    In reality, the prices tend to fluctuate. They'll rise up well above Jita refine values, and then get crushed by some large miner or whatever - rinse and repeat. The 5% and 10% varieties will usually though not always command a bit of a premium just because they're less well supplied, but generally speaking, only the Mexallon bearing ores consistently demand a premium due to the scarcity of Mex in nullsec.

  • Improving the Fitting Experience in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Scrap the idea and give us multifit & ability to include an arbitrary set of modules in cargo instead. Blink

    (I'm actually serious here despite the winking...)

  • Imperial Investments: Watch your ISK grow with New Eden's safest bank. in EVE Gameplay Center

    Aerarium Stabulum wrote:
    Makhpella wrote:
    mynnna wrote:

    I'm turning 15% (or so) a month on 300b, it's not that hard. What?

    (note: guy in op is not me so he won't be able to)

    well not everyone can sell overpriced shi*s to goon botters

    This isn't a place to fire cheap insults at respected members of the MD community.

    Please take this elsewhere. Imperial Investments fully supports Mynnna and all market pioneers in EVE Online.

    Sucking up doesn't make you less of a scammer. P

  • Imperial Investments: Watch your ISK grow with New Eden's safest bank. in EVE Gameplay Center

    Herdo wrote:
    Regnar Avastum wrote:
    The mere fact that you ask why 15% is not sustainable raises questions. You shouldn't ask us why not but tell us why so. If you truly already profit from your activities you should know why 15% is not sustainable long term.

    Offering 10% to my corpies when I ran a mini bank with a "mind blowing" cash reserve of 300M allowed me to get enough on the side and pay interest. But what will you do with 3B or better yet 30B, how will you still turn that around to pay us 15%?

    There is a point where a 15% monthly return is no longer possible, but it's by no means 3B or 30B or even close to it. Sure, at 300B you're going to have a bit more trouble with a 15% return, but 30B? 1% a day on 30B is 300M. At 30B capital, if I was netting 300M a day trading I would have quit.

    With that being said, I'll be contacting you shortly about purchasing one of your spreadsheets. Lol

    I'm turning 15% (or so) a month on 300b, it's not that hard. What?

    (note: guy in op is not me so he won't be able to)

  • December investments...and why the Market forum sucks... in EVE Gameplay Center

    I'm happy to share my investment opportunities.

    Step one: Ship 200b worth of compressed ore to Deklein...

  • #spacerich o.O -810 billion worth of isk dumped on market in EVE Gameplay Center

    Ria Nieyli wrote:
    flakeys wrote:
    Vyktor Abyss wrote:
    That's a lot of tax paid.

    It's allways funny how people can see that in a game yet when in reall life they forget to see how much more tax a rich man pays compared to a poor guy and as such how much more his contribution is to the sociall security.Unless you're american , then hell yeah **** the rich as there is no social securityBlink .

    It's easier to relate to being spacerich, virtually everyone here is a millionaire at the very least.

    As for social security, if that thing works properly in your country, consider yourself fortunate.

    A millionaire in EVE isn't actually space rich though.

  • #spacerich o.O -810 billion worth of isk dumped on market in EVE Gameplay Center

    The part of this thread where y'all are attributing some master trading nonsense to Kwark is p. funny. P

  • Dev Blog: Long-Distance Travel Changes Inbound in EVE Information Center

    Alavaria Fera wrote:
    mynnna wrote:
    Ranamar wrote:

    I was sorta scratching my head at what people meant by "it reduces fatigue!" while driving home, since X ^ Y is always >1 for any X > 1 and Y > 0. But I see what you mean, especially having fiddled with my spreadsheet.

    I maintain that the general objective is worthwhile, just "find a less exploitable equation" is necessary. P

    So basically you just CCPed that.

    Happens to the best of us. P

  • Dev Blog: Long-Distance Travel Changes Inbound in EVE Information Center

    Ranamar wrote:

    I was sorta scratching my head at what people meant by "it reduces fatigue!" while driving home, since X ^ Y is always >1 for any X > 1 and Y > 0. But I see what you mean, especially having fiddled with my spreadsheet.

    I maintain that the general objective is worthwhile, just "find a less exploitable equation" is necessary. P

  • Dev Blog: Long-Distance Travel Changes Inbound in EVE Information Center

    Retar Aveymone wrote:

    So, it would then depend on B. But as long as B is not zero then no, you don't zero out your fatigue by jumping back to orgin.

    Actually since X^0 = 1, you never zero fatigue. Practically speaking B isn't necessary at all, but without it the formula was a little TOO generous to near home travel, and it's a useful tuning factor.

    As far as caches go...why is everyone so obsessed with the idea? You still have to get to them the hard way, where you can operate is limited by them, and once you start depleting them you've got to restock them the hard way. That's trouble in an extended conflict.

    Besides, caches are theoretically a possibility with CCP's system.

    Gwailar wrote:

    Still reducing fatigue without the passage of time, which breaks the whole thing.
    But not quite to 1.

    Uh...I'll have to wait till I'm home to show this, but no. A jump never causes your fatigue to drop.

    Veskrashen wrote:
    Regardless of the value of B you choose, you're still giving an arbitrary advantage to movement around or near a central point of your own choosing. Why the hell would you do that? Why would it be advantageous from a game design standpoint to make short range teleportation less costly for a defender than an attacker? What possible reason would you want that?

    Attacker gates across eve and parks in his staging system. As they didn't jump on the way there, their origin is set to their staging system, and attacker & defender are now on very close to equal footing. It's not like origin is set once and never changes.

    What the attacker can't do anymore is cyno across eve in 20 minutes.

    I'll catch more replies once I'm home.

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