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  • Corbexx, CSM X in Council of Stellar Management

    +1. Corbexx has been excellent this year and I expect no less going forward.

    Also, I am slightly afraid to *not* endorse him after he picked me (90kg) up and threw me over his shoulder like I was a sack of flour at FF a couple years ago...

    Best of luck, my friend. You have my vote.

  • Thera - The true free republic in EVE Gameplay Center

    I should have guessed.

  • Probe scanning improvements in Odyssey 1.1 in EVE Information Center

    I like these changes, though the :rabble: about probing getting too easy does resonate with me.

    Snopzet wrote:

    Improvement suggestions:

    1. To switch the custom formations you have to do two clicks atm. Please make it so, if you click on a formation in the drop-down, the probes will be launched instantly.

    I had the same thought. I honestly thought it was broken when I couldn't click on it and get the launch to happen.

    Also, it is far too easy to delete custom formations by accidental mis-click. It would be really nice to add a confirmation box to the big red X button.

    Overall, +1 from this heavy user of probes. Thanks for the improvements.

  • [Rubicon] Marauder rebalancing in EVE Technology and Research Center

    My first impressions, with only 10-15 minutes of chatting with my spacebros... and I admit that most of my thinking is "how can I use this in small gang warfare" since I am a WH guy.

    I can only see a couple situations where this mini-siege thingy could see use:

    1. Missions/sites. They'll tank better than anything else and still put out very good dps.
    2. Sniper fleets with recon support, but they are expensive and invite hot dropping, and all you're using from this module is the range bonus; sniper ships don't really expect to have to tank much. You also need a lot of recons to prevent even a medium sized fleet from getting on top of it. Actually I have talked myself out of this option. It's a mission ship. I'll snipe in Tornados, thanks. They hit just as hard but cost 1/10 as much.

    These ships might work in groups, but how many fleets have the numbers to take that fight? My gut feeling is that marauders will have two kinds of engagements: they will either die horribly or not get fights most of the time.

    Without a damage bonus, I doubt many people will be willing to volunteer to be shiny sitting ducks*. Add a decent damage bonus, though, and folks might be willing to risk the isk. However, this won't make them more likely to get fights in solo/small gang work. As a second wave - you know, bring the pain after you establish control of the field - they would be pretty nasty I suppose. Pretty limited utility if that's all they are though.


    *Note: if you pronounce "shiny sitting ducks" a few times in a row, you may accidentally say a naughty word. You have been warned.

  • Windowed Eve, Teamspeak 3, and "stuck on" actions in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I run eve in windowed mode, often with multiple clients. I also run Teamspeak 3.

    When I click from Eve into Teamspeak, then back to Eve, I often get an action (seemingly random, like Dock/Jump/Activate, or Warp To, or Align To, or others that are hot-keyable) "stuck" on so that when I click on an item in space, Eve tries to execute whatever random action has been chosen on the thing I clicked on.

    When I click outside Eve in a browser, for example, this doesn't seem to happen.

    Anyone out there find a way to get this to stop? It's driving me nuts.

  • Round table at Fanfest 2013 in EVE Gameplay Center

    Incindir Mauser wrote:
    corbexx wrote:
    bah we just hint that all wh people will meet up at a certain bar at a certain time and maybe ccp devs turning up will get free beer.

    unoffical wh round table is a go and probably way more productive

    ^ This.

    WH's have a round table. CCPbros that show up get a round on W-space's tab?

    Sounds fair.

    +1. I'm in for my share of a round for CCPbros.

    Failing that, I'll see if I can't convince a pair of locally-grown sisters to come along while I'm scanning for the WH roundtable... 10% better scan strength, amirite?

  • Bane Nucleus for CSM8!!!!! in EVE Gameplay Center

    +1. Bane for CSM!

    Suggestion to add to your platform: allow clone swapping at a rorqual in w-space at the cost of one attribute remap.

  • AHARM failscade? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Daedaliza wrote:
    So Zarak1 Kenpach1 makes his post on dontshootx.blogspot.co.uk at... 09:55 17th Dec 2012

    He left AHARM at.... 21:20.15th Dec 2012

    So thats approximately 36 hours after Zarak was kicked/left AHARM that he posted this information on AHARM's official blog.

    Did AHARM simply forget to revoke his blog access when kicking him?

    Or did he quit by himself under the radar, able to make that blog post without anyone noticing he'd left AHARM until it was posted?
    And do you now have a PR disaster on your hands that you're attempting to exercise damage control over?

    Look forward to an explanation of this discrepancy.

    Normally I wouldn't bother responding to an alt in a noob corp, but this is worth explaining. TL;DR: we botched that one.

    Before Zarak1 went off the deep end, he had admin access on the blog, which he did a good job managing for some time. We didn't realize he was going to be this much of a problem, frankly. When this went down, he pulled access from everyone else.

    New official blog is up here. Anything else he posts on the other one is just more bitterness.

  • AHARM failscade? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Rythm wrote:

    Then, I had to leave because my wife was sick and left me with no time to play this game.

    Underage marriage is never a good thing.

    Sorry, that's not right and I gotta ask you to leave that subject be. His wife is actually very sick and we wish them both the best for her speedy recovery. This thread is all about in game stuff, and I hope we can all stay classy and keep it that way.


  • AHARM failscade? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Ha, no. Sour grapes from a guy we had to kick.

    He has been shitposting FHC for years, and now he is bitter over being kicked for continuing to do similar crap despite our repeated attempts to get him to knock it off. He is calling names, inventing convo logs, and generally being consistent with the reason we booted him. I am surprised he was passing intel to other corps, though. I didn't think even he would stoop so low as to betray our secrets.

    Anyone who follows the WH thread on FHC should know better than to believe anything he says; his identity there is E T and has been banned more times than I care to count. In any case, literally every accusation he makes is false. They're all guesses he has made over the years that he has managed to convince himself are true, and now he seems to be making up "evidence" to make the mud he's slinging stick.

    We'll post a more complete response on our blog soon, but no - no failcascade. AHARM is going strong, made all the better by losing him.


    EDIT: Hathrul denies getting any intel. Yet another lie from Zarak1? Probably.

  • Capital reps and Armor Links (Confirmed Stealth Nerf) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Thanks for prioritizing a reply to this, and for checking stuff before continuing to post replies. +1.

    Any idea how long this will stay live? "First available patch opportunity" doesn't tell us a whole lot.

  • Capital reps and Armor Links (Confirmed Stealth Nerf) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    RedShadow wrote:

    It's a shame how silent you guys again tried to sell us a major game-change as a minor-detail. Just unbelievable. Again.

    Stop that nerf!


    The fact that it doesn't hurt my local reps is a small consolation; those help me survive. My goal is not to survive, it's to be useful in a fight. This change drops my usefulness (measured in armor reps per second from my Archon) about 18%.

    Shame on you lot for not publicising this more in advance; you either knew about it and hid it, or you didn't anticipate how it would affect triage carriers and are now backpedaling and spinning. Either way, you've failed pretty hard with this one.

  • NATWO vs W-arsaw Pact in EVE Gameplay Center

    Pancake King wrote:
    Any reason for PvP is a good reason.

    This. We choose our reasons, others choose different ones. As long as there are fights, who cares?

  • NATWO vs W-arsaw Pact in EVE Gameplay Center

    I wasn't able to be at the fight, but I can say why I gave the go-ahead for AHARM to join this little kerfuffle. I was a little conflicted when it came up, because it's true - we don't generally want to evict PvP corps. We absolutely want lots of PvP focused groups in wormholes. There aren't enough of them as it is.

    So, then, why did we get involved? I've been meaning to post something like this for a while, but I generally stay away from public forums due to the huge amount of terrible posts I expect as replies to anything I might say. Throwing caution to the wind, here goes: some insight into Aperture Harmonics.

    Three Major Reasons AHARM Might Want To Evict You:
    1. Being a pure or nearly pure PvE corp in class 6 space
    2. Dishonoring agreements
    3. Excessive smack-talk and generally being dicks

    Our evictions pretty much fall into one of these three categories. We don't see ourselves as the wormhole police or anything, but we are always looking for reasons to deploy our caps to shoot things, and these are the "good reasons" we use. We try to be consistent and our corp policies are opposite to all those things. We focus on PvP, our members know to always honor agreements, and we come down hard on members who smack too much.

    As for yesterday's fight - the story we heard about why W-Space had its knickers in a twist fell into #3.

    Sorry I missed the fun, and gf to the defenders. Thanks to W-Space and NoHo for the opportunity to join a big fight.
    See you in space.

  • Dev blog: Stay on Target! in EVE Information Center

    Two step wrote:
    As I said elsewhere, maybe something like this:


    Blue = Shields
    Green = Armor
    Orange = Hull
    Black tick = speed (or something else?)

    Yeah, I like that a bit better. The current system shows, at a glance, the layered defenses ships have - outside to inside, top to bottom. I feel like that's been lost by putting them in a ring.

    I'm not sure what the black tick-mark will show, even if it's speed; I'd have to ask "relative to what - my target's max speed?" Since I can't reliably know that, I wonder about its value. At a quick glance, I can't imagine what other percentage-like value - that I am allowed to know about my target - I would want displayed.

    Unless CCP suddenly want to show me my target's cap level without making me fit a ship scanner..... (grin)

  • [Recording] Wormhole Townhall With CSM Two Step in EVE Gameplay Center

    Jack Miton wrote:
    Please post with your main.

    If people don't care enough about something to post on their main, why should Two Step care enough to respond on his main?


    If you want to be taken seriously outside our little fantasy world, do you call someone from a pay phone and disguise your voice? Saying it another way: act like an adult and you'll be treated like one.