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  • Skill Loss. in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I did not get any skill points today but I am waiting on the blood raider accelerator fix. Hope it shows up soon.

  • EVE Online: Ascension - Issues (PC) in EVE Information Center

    Character render in Character sheet not rendering.

  • EVE Online: Ascension Deployment Updates in EVE Communication Center

    App still down for the count

  • EVE Online: Ascension Deployment Updates in EVE Communication Center

    What are happening to accounts that expired yesterday at midnight. I expected a email stating that but have not received one. Where you waiting for the patch for that to happen?

    Great testing opportunity but other wise bad luck Twisted

  • Ascension features on Singularity in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Looking over the info windows for the citadels and I realize all the deployment stats and location restrictions plus skill requirements to deploy, online and fit them are missing.

  • Dev Blog: Bidding Farewell to the In-game Browser in EVE Information Center

    Now if we could just get a favorites drop down in either the map or the "A" accessed routes menu. Who wants to open the notepad all the timeSmile. Plus multi tabs in the station inventory when added to there so items traded don't go straight to the bottom. Both long term items on the Little things listCool
    Good job Steve keep it up.

  • Inception - NPE is now available for testing on Singularity in EVE Technology and Research Center

    /alpha /omega codes working again correctly. but only after /alpha activates omega mode the first time you use it.

    Note might need to be added that to do industrial jobs on sisi that you must be in the omega state.

    Great add to highlight the home station on warp out from the first site.

    Issues still outstanding.

    Mini injector activation by double click before the NPC asks for it still does not have an out for a pilot stuck at that stage.

    On the first site after logging out and waiting over down time. There was not a warp to site option in the info panel. The option showed up but only after I closed Aura. When the drop down opened, the option was there. The option menu needs to be open in that situation.
    /alpha clone 90% client

    Minmitar NPE pirate Den issues.
    -Battery did not damage my ship when I flew past
    -Resource crate looting did not get recognized by Aura

  • Inception - NPE is now available for testing on Singularity in EVE Technology and Research Center

    The fix for the warp bubble death at the first site works( allowing the pod to warp out) but it plays the fleet commanders message for after the first warp bubble destroyed in the station before you undock. When you warp back to the site you have to kill the warp bubble again which would not be smooth for a pilot who just lost their first ship.

    Issues with the industry window with alpha turned on still happening, But with attachments broke in the bug reporting system its hard to show proof to the bug hunters. CCP Habakuk found something in the logs so I hope that it gets fixed soon.

    Still loosing the scientist and or taking her on my pirate raid still might make some one pause.

    Redeeming the updated ship early now works cleanly but using the mini skill injector early still locks up the NPE.

  • Attaching screen shots in and out of game to bug reports is not workin in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Attaching screen shots in and out of game to bug reports is currently not working for me. Any one else having this issue?

  • Inception - NPE is now available for testing on Singularity in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Started a new character. not sure what happened sense my last runthru but the window titles got corrupted and on a new character the first call out by the fleet commander is missing and goes straght to aura's first mission.

  • [November] Rorqual Changes in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Is everyone else getting a repair cost of 239,999,760 ISK to repair a PANIC module?

  • Inception - NPE is now available for testing on Singularity in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Doing a Minmatar pilot this time. Alpha clone and 90% scale client.

    New window close is need but some windows are not working perfectly.

    The Aura manual piloting window has text over lap inside the window.

    When opening the text box for the mentor speech before exploring the wreckage there is text out the bottom of the box. It shows unlike one earlier that seemed truncated.

    Aura messages have the text overlapping the symbols a lot from here on out. There was no issues with this before the last two patches.

    Professor Tannen also has text outside the window when opened.

    Fleet commander Vadari also has this issue a lot.

    If I get killed by the drifter battle ships. The lost ship sequence is nice might want to wait to give the full fit until the tutorial gives you the items.

    After fitting the new ship the tutrial restarted the escape to HQ Station ( Should be training school to match the name of the station) HQ in a training academy seems wrong.

    Had to undock and redock to clear the step.

    Good job bringing up the fact it is a training academy.

    The delay on clicking use blue print to putting the blue print in the industry window still causes me to do a double take.

    If I die with professor Tannen in my cargo hold why is she talking to me later Question

    Still having issues doing the industry task if I leave the window open. And still can't produce 2 analyzers with the items provided in the can. Fitting the analyzer got the industry window unstuck.

    Lock target on the info shard balloon indicator was directly over the info shard graphic had to use the overview to lock.

    Aura finishes twice one before the career agents and then a final turn off after the first mission is accepted. Could be cleaner.

  • Inception - NPE is now available for testing on Singularity in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Currently if the player does get killed in the first site before the warp bubbles get destroyed the player has to make the journey in their pod to the edge of the warp bubble with aura not commenting on the warp bubble or telling the player a way to make it happen faster.
    Got 375 km from the center of the bubble and still could not warp to the station. Bug report submitted.

    Will have to start with a new character. Sad

    New character still can get locked if you don't close the industry window and deliver the job. Aura says you can build a second data analyzer but I am missing 80 Trit and 116 Pyrite.

    At least If I fit the analyzer it clears the block but that is not clear to a new player.

    using the alpha clone setting injecting the frigete skill was telling me in was an omega only skill even though the UI was saying I could train level 4.

    Aura started the travel operation when I arrived at the gate to the final fight. The step before said to warp to the mark. Had to dock in station to clear it.

    No weapons on the Ninazu RNS Liberty

    Location that the drifter hive shows as the target needs work.

    Circling the center and shooting 40 km out of range does not make sense.

    Trying to put the mining upgrades skill in I get the omega skill level required pop up.

    A message before you leave about bringing your stuff in your new ship might be a good add.

    Set destination to career agents still not working smoothly.

    Smooth change over to standard Aura is in place.Big smile

  • Inception - NPE is now available for testing on Singularity in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Time Sisi takes to auto load the blueprint took for ever, any way to speed that up would be helpful.

    Had a weird "have to be in system to do" that pop up happen right after I docked in station. Its hard message that required a hard okay toggle kept me from doing a bug report on it.

    Industry is still to easy to lock up on if you leave the industry window open because you see the flashing jobs tab and see the short amount of time left and leave it open.

  • Inception - NPE is now available for testing on Singularity in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Fixes over the last two patches work well but because I filled my Skill queue before "leaving my corvette" it locked up the client I was doing the NPE on. Putting it in a not responding state. 3 other clients not effected.

    Closing it in the task manager did not close the client. Two TQ clients could close. The two clients on Sisi locked up.

    Will have to restart my computer to clear.

    Had to do a hard restart as what ever happened locked up the restart of windows.

    Clients restarted fine.

    The last mission is not smooth yet. Had issues getting both the events to complete and getting to the right station.

    Operations did not close after completing missions.

    Submitted bug report for a industry window issue in Couster. Station had industry window but would not accept either of the blue prints I had.

  • Inception - NPE is now available for testing on Singularity in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Warping back to HQ on auto pilot started a infinite warp.

    Had to restart the client. NPE remembered where it was so easy to continue on. Using the operations dock command feels wrong.

    Fitting the ship was smooth but the undock command make the fitting window transparent if still open something that does not happen to normal pilots a lot.

    At the final site if you lock non overview battle ships the lack of damage to the shields might be focusing to new pilots.

    Damage to the force auxiliary did not match the info that was showing when it was locked.

    Even after being destroyed the the first 3 highlighted ones it did not complete and the high lights stayed up even though the ships where destroyed.
    Stasis webifier did not want to lock every item with in its range.
    Killing the rest of the seekers did not complete that step of the attack.
    Respon of seekers could not be targeted.
    Overview said the force auxiliary was back but did not render.
    Shooting the drifter Hive some how completed the task and moved on to the end of the battle sequence.
    Killed the hive before the fleet could warp out. Intended?

    Setting a destination for starting your career did not complete.

    A word from Aura the first time you open the industry window and try to use it. About mining, salvaging, and reprocessing would make a cleaner start.

    After fitting my miner I undocked and got a black screen again.

    Will do this again after the next build.

    Hope this is helpful.

  • Inception - NPE is now available for testing on Singularity in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Logged in with the character that was trapped.

    Restarted at the Roque cloning site instruction to warp in. Secure the site completed after killing 3 rats and locking the there 3 was difficult even if they where right beside me.

    Looting the container worked

    Second set of 6 rats appeared that I could not target. and stayed on the overview even when 5 AU away.

    Return to HQ still has not context and you have to use the dock command in the operations drop down if you have no context.

    Second the need to repeat the name of the module after the the instructions for using the market or add it to the "Purchase the blueprint" step name.

    Opening the Industry window cuts off and removes from view the instructions for how to use it.

    Right clicking again and clicking use blue print again does not work which is what most new players will do.
    Dragging and dropping also did not work.

    Closing the industry window and then clicking the show info use blueprint did install the blue print and move the tutorial on to the next set of info dumps filling the 90 seconds to build the analyzer.

    Leaving the industry window open and inventory open created a very confusing scene.
    Fitted the analyzer and undocking black screened with only the travel to system blue box on screen pressing esc did not clear it and I had to relog in could not make a bug report.
    Re-logging in worked and the in space render started correctly

    A mention that you can warp to the gate manually would be nice.

    The first two messages when warping in to the site are disjointed and don't tell a smooth story.
    If they where suppose to fill the time before getting to the gate they are timed wrong, ie play to soon.
    Warp in warning message played to soon.
    If you click the info shard and try to approach it before the NPE says so you have to do it again.

    Long distance with the "warp to location" bug still in this version.

    Hacking was straight forward. Can you fail hacking it? It did not look like you could fail.

    Fleet Commanders speech about the fleet started to soon are needs to be rewritten to make sense that it plays at the start of the warp.

    Will continue on next post

  • NPC Mining Operations have now begun on Singularity in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Does the feature have a phase out function as server usage creeps up. Would be bad if it contributed to server lag.

  • Inception - NPE is now available for testing on Singularity in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Random thought because the server is rebooting.

    The first add skill task does not include the message that as a vet is the most important. "Keep your skill queue full." If it did I filled it up out of reflex not because of the text. Saying that later in the NPE is a good repeate but needs to be said the first time a skill is added.

  • Inception - NPE is now available for testing on Singularity in EVE Technology and Research Center

    continuing from before.

    Market worked. bought blue print but NPe locked up after not recognizing that fact that the item inventory was opened.

    Noticed the current tutorial moves the passengers after the raid, still.

    Having a mouse over that would allow the communication window to change shape but does not does not look good.

    Started a caldari character.

    Drifter highlight should have been linked to the previous window.

    Station not highlighted as it was stated in the text.

    Avatar off the undock before the travel to roque cloning site was inside a planet.

    Getting a armor repairer without an explanation that you will need that spot for the analyzer and that you will need it only after your shields are all the way gone leaves a lot of questions for the player.

    Cloud damage worked this time and did enough to get into hull so the repairer was needed.

    Message that there are a lot more pirates was stated with out a second pirate warping in.

    I have the tactical overview on with out it I think a new player would be lost and miss a lot of information. Might be a good 3rd message from the commander. "Rookie turn on your tactical"

    "Securing the location" did not complete when the last belter hoodlum died. Looting the 6 wrecks before I killed them all might have broke it.
    Looting the resource crate did not unlock it neither did waiting for the first skill to complete.
    Resetting the event went back to the station undock which means Iot to warp back to the station to complete the step.
    No damage from the gas cloud on second pass thru.
    Destroying the wrecks did not work either.

    Logging that client out and logging back in reset the rats.

    Just killing them with out looting did not do the trick.

    Will try again after the next patch.

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